Pokemon: Primal Origins

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  1. START YOUR POKEMON ADVENTURE NOW Embark on the adventure of a lifetime in the Hoenn region! Challenge Gym Leaders and take on the Pokemon League, become a world-famous Coordinator, or do anything in this Intermediate and up roleplay!

    As stated in the into (and the title, and the title of the intro, etc...) this is a Pokemon roleplay, and it's going to take place in the Hoenn region. There's really not much to explain here that isn't already explained, actually.​

    • Don't be a jerk.
    • This roleplay is for Intermediate and higher Roleplayers.
    • You cannot have a Legendary unless it's an event started by one of the people running the roleplay. We'll be fair about it, don't worry.
    • I mean it, please don't be a jerk. Don't have perfect characters, Pokemon unsuited to your character's level of experience that they can control perfectly, and so on.
    • Language, guys. I'll accept swearing, but please keep in mind that this will not be an 18+ roleplay, and the source material. That's all I'm asking.
    • As I mentioned above, please give a little context behind your Pokemon, if they wouldn't normally make sense. Little Youngster Joey isn't going to have a level 70 Lucario if he's never ventured outside of Littleroot, unless there's a plausible backstory behind this. Even then, LYJ better not be able to control these powerful Pokemon right off the bat, because he won't have any Gym badges.
    • Yes, we're playing by the game and level of control's rules. Your Pokemon can always get stronger, but your capability in controlling them depends on the badges your character has.
    • Again, please make sense. I don't think I can stress this enough. Aforementioned LYJ isn't going to be the League Champion at his age. People on Iwaku are smart, but if this actually happens, you can't say I didn't warn you.
    • We play by the honor system here, folks. If a bunch of good things happen to your character, you'd better make sure some bad happens too. If you don't, I'll exercise my GM'ly powers and make something happen. Harsh, yes, but it's only fair, and you've been warned.
    • Sorry about all the rules. I just feel if I don't make myself clear, then when something wrong happens, it's my fault.

    Username: [Your Screenname]
    Preferred Nicknames:
    Character Name:
    Gender: [Character's]
    Experience Level: [Character's]
    Team: [Six battle Pokemon and a Companion Pokemon. Companions do not fight.]
    Skills: [Remember the honor system!]
    Weaknesses: [See above]

    With that, I'll leave you all to your own devices! If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I'll answer them to the best of my abilities! The list of E4 members (Closed) and Gym Leaders (Questionable) will be on the actual rp page, but if you join as a Gym Leader, I expect you to be on your game!
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  2. Looks like it could become something fun. Just need enough people.
  3. WIP

    Username: Hipster Rin
    Preferred Nicknames: Honestly I don't care, various people call me various things. Just add to the list.
    Character Name: Lily
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Experience Level: Advanced
    Occupation: Gym Leader of Mauville (Dynamo Badge)
    Looks: Standing at 5'7", Lily is a moderately tall young woman with an average build and figure and fair skin. Her hair is a pale blonde that reaches down to her waist and is held back by a black headband with a lightning bolt pattern going across it. Her clothes can vary, but they're usually more durable clothes, and she wears a pair of black insulated gloves all the time because of her choice of Pokemon.
    ~ Lopunny (Monique)
    - Flaaffy (lv. 30)
    - Manetric (lv. 29)
    - Electabuzz (lv. 35
    - Lanturn (lv. 28)
    - Pikachu (lv. 27)
    - Voltorb (lv. 29)
    Physically Fit: With Monique as her companion, Lily has to play and train with her to keep her healthy. This gives Lily a stronger body than average, but she has to keep training with it.
    Gym Leader: Lily is a Gym Leader, so she's no slouch in battle. While she isn't one of the oldest and most experienced Gym leaders, she's not exactly new to this, either.

    Short Tempered: Lily can easily lose her cool in battles, and throw strategy out the window if the going gets tough.
    All Electric: Apart from Monique, who is retired from official battles, Lily's team is entirely composed of Electric types, giving her a distinct disadvantage against Ground Type, excluding Voltorb (Levitate Ability).

    Username: Still Hipster Rin
    Preferred Nicknames: ^
    Character Name: Tristan
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Experience Level: Expert
    Occupation: Elite Four (#3)
    Looks: Tall and skinny, Tristan stands around 5'11", with darker tan skin and messy dark hair that stays spiked up. While his clothing can vary, he normally sticks with dark colors, and usually wears a pair of sunglasses unless it's dark.
    ~ Crobat (Ozzy)
    - Mightyena (lv. 70)
    - Absol (lv. 68)
    - Houndoom (lv. 71)
    - Honchkrow (lv. 66)
    - Sableye (lv. 70)
    - Weavile (lv. 65)

    Experienced: Tristan isn't the third member of the Elite Four for no reason. His Pokemon are high-leveled, and they obey him.
    Intelligent: Tristan is skilled when it comes to strategy and problem solving.
    Shady: Most of his Pokemon are Dark types, which have various weaknesses, not considering the dual typing immunities and weaknesses.
    Introvert: While a reasonably nice guy, Tristan rarely talks, if not a word or two at a time unless he needs to explain something. His social skill dips toward the negative. This can cause simple failures in communication.

    Username: *noodle arms*
    Preferred Nicknames: *makes goat noises*
    Character Name: Luka
    Age: Not mentioned, appears late twenties, early thirties
    Gender: Female
    Experience Level: Advanced
    Occupation: Aqua Leader
    ~ Octillery (Kai)
    Skills: [Remember the honor system!]
    Weaknesses: [See above]
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  4. WIP

    Username: Jerem_Co
    Preferred Nicknames: Jerem
    Character Name: Lucas
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Experience Level: Average, he just started on his adventure.
    Occupation: Youngster/Starting trainer
    Looks: Small boy with brown hair and dark green/grayish eyes. Has a white shirt with a squirtle on it
    ~ Squirtle
    - Butterfree
    - Poliwag
    Skills: Lucas is very confident, always wanting to win a battle. Lucas is a bit cocky however, so strategy isnt very common in his battles.
    Weaknesses: Because of his cockyness, he makes mistakes. He often chooses the wrong moves in a battle.
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  5. Interested, need more info on how battle works, pokemon mortality, and if their is an over all plot to this RP.
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  6. I am interested in this, as well.
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  7. I'm interested like the others before me. Hoenn is my favorite region and nothing will ever change my nostalgia-goggled mind.
    This is also a question I have.
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  8. My computer is being an ass, so I'll just quote Rajin, but I read all of them, guys. Thank you so much for being interested.~

    Battle Works: It's kind of complicated, I think, so we're taking a vote on a.) rolling for damage and crits and whatnot, or b.) just using logic to assess how devastating an attack would be in context. Which one would you guys rather do?

    Mortality: Manga/Nuzlocke-ish rules. Pokemon and trainers can die in this roleplay. It's not going to be a main issue, but it's totally likely in many aspects.

    Plot: For now, not really, if I'm being totally honest. A loose following of OR/AS will probably be followed, with the appearance of Team Aqua and Team Magma, but we'll come up with a more original plot as soon as possible, I promise. Feel free to pitch in about anything you'd think would be interesting!

    Also, sorry for the slow-ish response. I just woke up. ^^'
  9. I'm interested, Hoenn is the best!
  10. Honestly, Hoenn has to be my favorite region. The original GBA Ruby and Sapphire were my first ever Pokemon games, so it's kind of nostalgia-goggle for me.
  11. I would like to join!
  12. Awesome! Just fill out the form, everyone!
  13. Well, mine is done.
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  14. You're good, Jerem! I'm going to make the roleplaying page just as soon as I get my forms up, and I herd all the other rp Mods and stuff on over here. XD
  15. Okay, so due to a clerical error, I totally didn't notice there were sign up threads on this site. Bear with me, I'm still figuring these forums out. XD I'll make the sign ups real quick, and you guys can sign up over there. Jerem, you're still accepted of course. Once again, I'm so sorry, everyone. I'll post the link promptly. ^^'
  16. Haha, its alright! Soon you will be a Iwaku master! ;)
  17. Oh... Crud.
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