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  1. Basically, this is a remake of a roleplay made by a friend on another forum. It never took off, so I'm trying to rocket it into existence here.

    Depending on the situation, I might add my own twists to it. I will make both Libertine and regular versions of the Roleplay.

    How do you feel about it? Below is taken directly from the now dead roleplay. It is subject to modification by me.

    The Darkness will take form in the guise of millions. Bodies derived from legend and mystery shall become tangible and twisted. The blight will blanket the land, and it will be then that the cry of help will be heard. But it will be too late. By then the tribes will be divided. The cry will fall upon deaf ears...that is...until the tribes offer up a---

    [Salvaged and translated from the remains of the final page of The Book of Arceus]

    While yes this is a Pokemon RP, it will not be the kind of Pokemon RP that this website is used to. Instead of Gym Battles and Pokeballs, this non-canon Pokemon World consists more of Pokemon Shamanism and tribal conflict. This RP will be taking place on an island region known as Koden. Due to the lack of sailing expertise and general fear of the ocean, the peoples of Koden have not traveled far into its waters. A few off shore islands have been discovered, but outside of that, the Pokemon World has been left largely unexplored. Koden is conveniently populated with every species of wild Pokemon. Its terrain consists mostly of forest, but its large size does allow for some other bio-spheres to be prevalent. There are many ancient ruins scattered throughout Koden, as well as some not-so ancient temples that are places of worship to Legendary Pokemon. The era of this world has yet to be touched by technology. There is no electricity, aside from that used in electric attacks, there is no indoor plumbing...heck, there is barely an 'indoors'. The population of this world is largely focused on individual tribes of people that are just fighting to survive.

    As is to be expected in a Pokemon RP, there is going to be Pokemon. However, you will not control a team of Pokemon larger than three. Pokemon are no longer contained in Pokeballs and are no longer brainwashed by glorified bottle caps. Bonds must be forged with your new companions, and a level of trust must exist between human and creature that not even Ash could comprehend. Pokemon are no longer just tools for battle, or friends for adventure, they are now essentials for survival. In a nearly prehistoric world, wild Pokemon are a danger for most anyone. Their massive population and savage disposition make them infinitely more powerful than we have witnessed through the eyes of Ash and his constantly shifting companions. Not only has Pokemon Training changed, but so has the Pokemon Trainer.

    Any normal person can be a Pokemon Trainer. They just need to establish a bond with a Pokemon, and the two become mutualistic organisms. But, there is a level that transcends the level of just a mere Pokemon Trainer. In this world, the title of Gym Leaders, Elite Four members, and Pokemon Champions have been replaced by Pokemon Shamans.

    Pokemon Shamans are trainers that have reached a new level of bonding and understanding of their Pokemon. They are able to harness and channel the powers of their most trusted friends, using them as a sort of familiar to practice a form of magic that is representative of their Pokemon friend. Most Pokemon Shamans are only able to form this kind of connection with one of their Pokemon, but it is not unheard of for a Shaman to have more than one PokeFamiliar. That being said, I would carefully monitor just how powerful you make your characters.

    There is one more thing that has to be addressed here and it has to do with the thing that has been running through your mind since you opened up the thread for a Pokemon RP. Legendaries. Let me start off by saying that no you cannot own any Legendaries. Go ahead, take a moment pout. Done? Good, because I've got some news that you should like. You will be allowed to make a form of character known as a High Shaman.

    A High Shaman is a Pokemon Shaman that has formed a connection to a Legendary Pokemon, usually through meditation or study, and is able to harness their divine power. Now of course, there are limitations to how much power you can draw from your Legendary PokeFamiliar, but I will leave that limit unmarked for now. I trust that you'll be able to see the line when you come to it.
  2. You sure do love starting Pokemon RP's don't you Crow?
  3. They feel kind of simple, really. You got a fandom-based set of rules, everyone and their mom hears about it all the time, they're squishy little babies...

    ... yeah they do kind of attract me as long as they deviate from the usual route of beating gyms and the Elite 4...

    ... but really though, I revived this RP not because it was a Pokemon RP, but because it died before taking off despite its potential. I could've just as easily revived one of the ten gazillion Duel Academy RPs on that site but this site ain't really into TCG Roleplays that go all 私のターンドロー on us all.

    But yeah, you're right. I might be overdoing them so I limit Pokemon RPs to rereremakes. And I've got tonnes and tonnes of those lining up. Which beats the purpose of limiting myself. I've partially given up on reviving Pokemon Insurgence. Partially.
  5. I must question though, without the advent of technology there are some pokemon who can't or don't exist in this world, isn't that right? Porygon would be nonexistent, pokemon requiring trades to evolve may be nonexistent, mewtwo would be nonexistent... that is of course unless you have an explanation handy as to why some of these technology-requiring pokemon exist? And also, considering this world is prehistoric, does that mean fossil pokemon are actually still around naturally?
  6. Synthetic Pokemon don't exist.

    Trade-dependent Pokemon definitely do exist.
  7. How do trade dependents evolve?
  8. I'd join, but it looks like a very detailed roleplay, and everyone who knows me knows that I can't write more than a few sentences. It loses quality after that (unless, of course, there's something that really needs describing).
  9. Via regular evolution methods, generally with the conditions for Trade.
  10. I'm still confused'
  11. Don't look too deep into it. They can evolve through other simpler methods.
  12. O.o Yugioh Card Maker has a roleplay section? Wait, Yugioh Card Maker has a forum?

    It's got to the point where I think there's something wrong with you if you haven't posted a Pokemon RP in any given week :D

    So basically, pokemon plus being magicians? Sounds neat.
  13. Yes. Yes it does. The primary forums include 'Custom Cards', where you show off your Custom cards.
  14. It's been a long, LONG LONG while since I have done a Pokemon RP, and I say it's time to change that.

    I like the idea of having a small number of Pokes to join you. That being said my only question is this: The three we choose, do they start at their basic form?
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  15. Excited af for season 2?
  16. Oh god yes!!! I need more Hawk and Meliodas in my life.
    The manga has done well to keep me satisfied but the wait is killing me!
  17. They can start at first or second evolved forms, no third forms.
  18. And if they only have a second form?
    Starting out with a Volcarona would be really unfair of me :P

    Starting out with a Vespique would be a lot less unfair though, so, obvious flaw in that system.
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