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  1. (Credit for artwork here)
    PokéPirates: Keepers of the Sea
    (A mini Pokemon Diversity roleplay)


    Somewhere upon the waves of the Aquias ocean channel, a bottle floats with the map of forgotten riches. The map was placed there, because of a broken family tie. Siblings were gifted the map to use together, but one wanted the undiscovered wealth for selfish reasons.Because of this, the map was thrown away and mentally memorized for the sake of shared prosperity. With the map lost at sea, only one living being knows where the treasure might be near.. An Ex-captain, Vadette Amelie, joins a new crew in order for them all to secure the treasure for the greater good of Aquias. Serving under a new captain, Vadette and crew undergo missions in order to discover the treasure's exact location. Meanwhile: Vadette's berzerk brother, Maxton of the WaveWrecker, is trailing her in order to force out the maps directions. With the help of the crew aboard the SeaKeeper, Aquias could become just as fortunate or even exceed the success of it's big sister region, Epica.

    Important Info

    - Players may start with 3 non-legendary pokemon at any stage of evolution. (Besides mega)
    - 3 switchable pokemon will make up a team per trainer aboard a ship (Pirate's code)

    (Pokemon I'll partially control: Any included in the Special GM-NPC section)

    - Players will be given missions by a captain of a ship throughout the RP
    - Therefore, players will (of course) be Crew members

    (New characters can be related to your current PD Reloaded character)

    - Battles will be NPC focused and not between players (Pm battles are optional) This is for pacing purposes.
    - Plot will be to find and preserve the treasure while helping to mend a broken family tie.

    - Resolution/Failure to conflicts will be determined within 2-4 posts (Preventing drag-on battles)

    Special GM-NPC's

    Vadette (Appearance) As Vice-captain of the SeaKeeper, Vadette provides the missions concerning the Aquias treasure. She's a generous, flirtatious spirit with a tough edge. With her team of three pokemon, her duties are to help guard the ship (when docked) and to guide the crew to their ultimate goal. If she's not found conversing with Laszlo or managing the ship, Vadette usually spends time with her pokemon at the edge of the man-made pokemon pool on deck. After the fallout with her brother, Maxton, Vadette joined the Privateer Laszlo so that her intentions for the treasure are rightfully met. Interestingly, she is the only crew member who knows of Laszlo's first name.

    Pokemon Team


    Captain Laszlo (Appearance) Hired privateer and decisive leader of the SeaKeeper crew. With the number of pirate ships on the rise, Captain Laszlo was authorized by naval officers to attack and help rid the sea of pirates. Experimental in his tactics, Laszlo tries new ways of handling situations often and embraces the outcomes. Naturally authoritative yet humble, he can also be unknowingly attractive with his behavior. As captain, he primarily sails the ship and lets his crew deal with any enemies. This is his way of evaluating his crew and letting them take the spot light in glory. When absolutely necessary, he steps in to help without a pause.

    Pokemon Team


    Maxton (Appearance) An impulsive, hostile boy with a temper like a blazing wild fire. Aside from his coarse behavior, Maxton can be skillfully innovative and he use to keep a sketch book full of useful inventions when he was younger. His latest design, is his flame proof suit with fire expelling claws inspired by a Heatmor of untold significance. Driven by selfish desire, Maxton hunts for his sister who knows the whereabouts of the forgotten treasure that he wishes to claim for himself. Vadette's manic younger brother has been labled a pirate by the Navy, because of his attack on naval vessels. With his emotions spiraling out of control, Maxton chooses to devastate anything in the way of his plans.

    Pokemon Team



    Guardian of the Treasure


    Golden Lugia - A sacred legendary of assumed myth that's nature is to hoard precious treasures and relish the lost memories left behind on the valuables by way of psychic ability.

    Rogue Pokemon
    Opposing Pirates

    *The setting will be focused around the main Port and the Eight isles*
    Included in the OOC: Port & Island info, NPC's, and ship descriptions.

    This is not a Gjinka RP - Imagine Vadette's hair as normal or that she's wearing an elaborate headdress ;P
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  2. Golden Lugia huh? Makes me wonder if there's a Silver Ho-oh.

    I'll bring out my best boys for the job.
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  3. Great an interest :bananaman:
    Now I must catch the zzz's
  4. I guess ill join this.
  5. I see that you got this up, fun fun ouo
    I will join you!~
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  6. Awesome sauce! Glad to see you're on board :P @Nano
    @LoveandHate91 You seem on the fence, is there something you're unsure about?
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  7. Alright then! A few more interests, and I'll get the OOC up :)
  8. Are we allowed to have mega evolved pokemon?
  9. Players will need to buy the stones from a specific NPC in order to Mega evolve. To collect money, you can go on side quests for the NPCs. After about the third or fourth island, each player can get a mega stone for free once having completed a given task.
  10. So say I want a pokemon like Bee drill or Onyx would I have to start at the first form for them?
  11. Nah, they can be at any stage of evolution (besides mega of course)
  12. Ok I guess I got a few that I will plan on having for my guy.
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  13. I decided that the four of us will be enough, until more show up :P
    Here's the OOC, CS templates are included in the Overview.
  14. I'm interested if there's space still
  15. Yep, there sure is! Submit a Cs and I'll take a look :)
  16. Sure, I'll drop my interest here!

    *drops giant concrete slab with the word "Interest" carved into it*
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  17. Good to have you aboard sir Maxim!
    We'll begin once everyone completes their CS
  18. Eh, don't we need a CS format for that sort of thing, or are we supposed to wing it?

    Anyways, I'm sure with me aboard we'll have a 100% disaster free expedition!

    *Notices that the "interest" concrete slab has put a hole in the boat*

    Uh...*covers hole* yeah I'm sure nothing will go wrong!
  19. Oh right, I figured you saw the OOC link in the PM - Here's the OOC
    A CS template is in the Overview
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