Pokemon: Of Mystery & Mayhem (Dia & Advanced)

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  1. Unabara looked emptier than one would expect a city to look. There weren't many people walking or driving around, and even the ones that were looked extremely nervous. Quite a few buildings looked run-down, damaged, or abandoned altogether. Here and there wild pokemon of all kinds could be seen roaming around, many taking shelter in the abandoned buildings.

    "Wow!" Memphis breathed as he stepped off the ferry that he and Crystal had ridden on to get to the city. He hadn't known what he had expected to see, but this certainly wasn't it. He could see that the appearance of this monster had made quite an impact on the city. Though of course this didn't tell him anything about what it was, which was what he came to figure out. And perhaps another reason was because he needed to take a vacation. Being one of the Elite Four, he had to deal with countless trainers challenging him. And it got very exhausting and annoying very quickly.

    "Leave it to you to get us in trouble." a slightly squeaky voice muttered in his ear. Memphis turned his head to look at the emolga perched on his shoulder. "Who says we're getting into trouble? It's not like we're gonna fight this thing, whatever it is." he answered in slight annoyance. At least if they couldn't help it, he finished silently. He wasn't sure how vicious it was. "Yeah, but you'll get too close or something! I know it!" This time Memphis rolled his eyes to the shaymin on his other shoulder. "I do not."

    "Yeah you--AH!!" Leaf cried out suddenly, making Memphis pause in his walk. "Look!" Strike cried, pointing to a particular building. It was apparently one of the stores the monster had ravaged. The roof had been torn off, and it lay at a crazy angle against the remains of the rest of the building. Gaping holes were torn in the walls, many of the windows were broken, and debris lay in almost every direction. "Woah..." Memphis breathed, brushing long black locks from his face. That thing really had to be big to do that kind of damage. "We are gonna die!" Leaf and Strike groaned at the same time. Memphis turned and glared first at one, then the other. The drama kings...
  2. Crystal had none of her pokemon out for the ferry ride as she knew her Lucario hated water and was squemish around the liquid at times. As they stepped off she smiles and allowed her Lucario and mewtwo to come out, shard grunted looking around speakin english perfectlly "Mistress its strange here something...has come from...you know" he said to her slowly as her Lucario looked at everything. Crystal just smiles.

    "calm down Shard" she said patted his shoulder as her bracelet shines brightly as mewtwo flew up and started fixing the building with its pyshic abilties as well. it repaired a large gapping hole in the building and landed near its trainer. it snarled at all the other pokemon to stay away from it as it didn't wish to be friendly with them. She patted the mewTwo shoulder comfortingly as she looked at them slowly "well whatever is here its not a friendly one" she said looking at them all slowly.
  3. "You've got that right." Memphis answered, nodding. He watched as Crystal's mewtwo began repairing the building. From what he could see, it had used to be a rather nice storefront. But not anymore. Even with the mewtwo's repairs, the place still looked to be in a rather sad state.

    "I'm going in." he announced, heading towards what was left of the door. "No wait! wait!" Strike exclaimed, jumping off his trainer's shoulders and taking flight. "What if it collapses on us?" Memphis rolled his eyes. "It's been fixed up. Besides, it's stood for this long. I'm sure it will stay up for a bit longer. Besides, when did you get so jumpy? You're never like this back home!"

    "That's because home is not being ravaged by a bloodthirsty monster!" Strike replied huffily. But when he saw Memphis going inside anyways, he sighed and flew in with him. The inside looked even more wrecked than the outside, if that was possible. Shelves were knocked over and torn into, broken merchandize lay everywhere, and everything edible was gone. Only a few slashed snack bags indicated that food had been sold in here. "Wow...this this has a real appetite." Memphis murmured, picking up a ripped bag. "And I bet it will eat us alive if we anger it!" Leaf gulped.
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