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  1. "This is your captain speaking. We appear to have a bit of an emergency. Please remain in your seats as we execute emergency runway protocol."

    "This is your captain speaking, we appear to have some minor delays..."

    "This is your captain speaking..."

    "This is your captain speaking..."

    Every airplane flying above Southquartz International Airport was experiencing delays, it seemed. Someone was waiting for this plane to arrive on the runway before letting off that explosion.

    Joanne jarred in her seat when the explosion rocked the plane, banging her head and her knees and knocking her tray back down. The tall girl fidgeted in her seat, readjusting her glasses and checking to see if her Poké Balls were still on her person. Joanne noted the fine layer of frost that had iced over the plane's windows. She noted the sudden drop in temperature.

    The passengers around her chattered, panicking and wondering if it were a terrorist attack. It probably was, but thankfully, there had been no fiery explosions of infernal death... yet. Joanne glanced worriedly out the window again; through the frost, she could barely see the frozen elevators, the turbines slowly straining to a halt. She heard the engine cut, and saw that not only had the shaft and blades frozen over, but also the entire length of wing.

    She looked into the red cap of one of her Poké Balls. Piper, her Klink, looked back with a worried expression. The agitated minigears clicked slowly together, their eyes darting to the window and back at Joanne.

    "This is your captain speaking. We will release the emergency slides momentarily; please remain in your seats until told to leave."

    Joanne looked up at the brown-haired woman standing (now sitting) in the front. She wore a simple down coat and snow pants. "Alright, folks, remain calm, I don't think we're in too much trouble here. We can still get you to safely to the terminal and to Southquartz's Sveri League center to register you for the League."

    "Great," said another girl across the aisle. She was shorter than Joanne, with a steely glare. "No exploding runway's keeping me from the arse of all Sveri's Gym Leaders."

    "You gonna sweep 'em with the Diggers-D?" shot a tan-skinned, skinny-in-general boy with an impish gaze. "I thought you didn't have one! I've got a lot of Huge Power in my own, if you want to borrow it!"

    The other girl glowered at the skinny kid, who sat next to her. "Shut it, Marco. It's bad enough that I had to deal with a loser like you during the entire plane ride."

    The boy, Marco, simply laughed it off and kicked back in his seat. "Lighten up, Lucy, or you'll never reach the sky with diamonds!"

    Joanne decided that she liked Marco better than she did Lucy.
  2. Devin looked around, astonished by what had just happened. He scanned the room, making sure everyone on board was okay. This was his nature, Devin never wanted to see anyone hurt. As he peered out the window in an attempt to see what was going on, he could just barely see multiple objects icing over. He checked his body to make sure everything he had had survived the jostling. His two pokemon were safe in their pokeballs. As he scanned to make sure everyone was okay one last time, his eyes met with Joannes for a moment. He realized what he was doing and quickly pulled away, lowering himself in his seat. "I just need to wait till I can get off...We'll be fine."
  3. Hannah pulled her bag close to her chest making sure that her poke balls didn't move around to much she new how much her pokemon liked to sleep. She glanced around with a worried expression scanning each person with worried eyes making sure everyone was okay. Once she had decided that everyone was safe she pulled out her poke balls and checked them for any damage before putting them back into her bag. She over heard a man talking to himself and in a comforting jester she rested her hand on his shoulder and said to him "hey things will be okay just relax and calm down nothing to worry about like the captain said." She had poked her head around the side of the chair and gave him a reassuring smile. She was able to keep her emotions in check but some people weren't as controlled as she was. She gave him another reassuring smile before withdrawing her hand from his shoulder and lowering her hand down to her lap.

    Sida squeezed her eyes closed and curled up in a tight ball when she felt the plane shake she wasn't used to being in the air and she definitely wasn't used to being surrounded by strangers. With a reassuring hand squeeze Ryan looked down at his twin sister he knew exactly how she felt but knew he couldn't do anything at the time. He saw a girl reassuring a man but knew that he couldn't say much to calm his sister down. Sida opened her bag and took out her poke-balls thinking about letting out bubbles for reassurance but decided against it and put the poke-balls back into her bag. She took deep breaths and calmed down ever so slowly. Ryan narrowed his eyes and looked out the window making sure that nothing ells would possibly ever happen to them. Ryan smiled at Sida and squeezed her hand hard and he whispered in her ear "it's okay sida don't worry about it its okay."
  4. Marco's eyes shifted left and right. He gently tapped the button on one of his capsules. It popped open and with a brief flash, a small brown larva with a spike on its head lay curled on the tray. "Hola, Marquito," Marco said to his Weedle. The worm shivered a little bit. "Oh, don't worry, pequeño, we'll be fine. Just fine."

    Marquito's bulbous nose twitched. The Weedle squeezed its eyes shut and sneezed, shifting backwards a little bit.

    "Hey, watch where your worm sneezes," Lucy grumbled, wiping off her sleeve with a napkin. Marco honestly couldn't say that he was sorry.

    He needed some non-whiny-snob company for a while until they rolled down the emergency slides, so he had sent out his Weedle to keep him entertained. Marco pulled out a laser pointer and pointed at the tray. Marquito's eyes widened and seemed to glisten. The Weedle inched towards the red light, squinching in a circle as Marco slowly moved the light around the tray. Marco stopped the light, and Marquito slowly caught up to it, placing a purple foot on the red dot. Marco moved, and Marquito moved with the dot, slowly turning to the left where Marco had shifted the laser.

    "You'll never win the league with a weak Pokémon like that," Lucy remarked, watching the worm follow the laser.

    "Ah, league, schmeague. All I want to do is travel the region and learn about people other than mis amigos en Ruta 4," Marco replied, shutting off the laser. Marquito seemed distressed; the Weedle twisted its head back and forth, looking for the dot. Marco shone the laser again. "Peek-a-boo, mijo." The Weedle joyously wiggled its bum and tackled the laser.

    Meanwhile, Joanne heard a couple of siblings talking to each other behind her, and looked over her shoulder towards them. Glancing at Sida, she made a quick grin, and said "Hey, don't worry about it, the captain has everything under control. Besides, I don't see any reason there'll be another explosion." She winked before turning her head back and examining her other Poké Ball. Inside, her Corphish, Jeff, scuttled about the floor of the capsule, fuming. Jeff wanted no less than to pop out of his Poké Ball and be the brave crustacean protector of justice, whooping the booty of whoever set off that big ka-boom. Instead, everybody had to wait inside the airplane. On top of that, the cold chilled Jeff's copper-blue blood; the hardy crawfish Pokémon could hardly stand it. The beady pupils of his bulbous white eyes stared right at Joanne as he waved his big round pincers. "Look, I know you want out, Jeff, but we can't go yet; they haven't let down the slides! You'd be a Corphish pancake if you tried to jump out the plane," she protested. Jeff's pincers lowered, and the crawdad shivered once.

    Once again, Joanne looked around the plane, noting the various concerned people and Trainers sitting agitated in their seats. Her eyes, for a brief second, met with those of a boy who had a cross-shaped necklace and navy-blue hair. He shied away. Joanne, flustered at the thought of offending someone, broke her usual content smile into an expression of concern. "Hey, hey!" she called after him. "I don't bite! My Corphish, maybe, but me, not at all."
  5. Devin was sitting in his seat when he felt someone touch his shoulder and talk to him. All he could realy do was sit in his seat and blush, being that his voice and toungue had fled him. "I....Uhh." He then heard a voice call out, it sounded like it was coming from where he had seen that girl before. He peeked up and over the edge. When he saw she was the one talking, he became even more flustered and became beet red. He quickly hid beneath the edge of the seat again. Thinking to himself, "What do I do? What do I say?!" If one were watching him where he sat they would see the boy with his eyes closed and his face red as ever.
  6. Joanne cocked her head. "Bro, you alright?" she asked. "You look like a Drifloon about to go boom; take a breath or something. What's your name?" she continued. "Mine's Joanne." She gave a kind smile to the boy, hoping that he would open up a bit (for some air, at least).

    Lucy watched the exchange take place. The tall, dark-skinned girl with the glasses and the braid didn't seem quite as serious as she should be, and the boy looked too shy to do much in general. She sat back in her chair. She could smack them both down easily like a Gigalith throwing a rock at a Skarmory to close in for the Earthquake kill.

    The kid on her right... There was something quite reckless about him. His team of two (Lucy thought, taking a glance at Marco's Phantump's Poké Ball) consisted of misfits. She was sure that skinny little Marco would get swept, slammed, and skewered by even the first Gym Leader, but from his demeanor, Lucy thought that he might not care about that.

    Whatever. Regardless of who she's competing against in terms of the League, Lucy knew she would still have to train her own Pokémon to come out on top.
  7. Hannah looked down at her poke-balls when they started to shake in her bag and she pulled them out and a snotty flareon came out of her poke-ball and he looked at his master. Hannah smiled at him and she pulled out a stack of paper and set it on her tray and watched as tourch set each one on fire and watched the flames. Hannah rubbed flareons back as he burnt the papers turning them into pictures. Her bag started to shake and a leafeon hopped out of hannahs bag and climbed up her shoulder and wrapped her tail around hannahs neck and laid there. Hannah rubbed trees head and then she watched as the eevee siblings started to hiss at each other in a threatening way and she rolled her eyes "chill out drama queens theirs no reason to get mad at each other." The two eevee evolution turned away from each other and went back to doing what they were doing.

    Sida blinked a few times when the girl talked to her and she looked out her window she pulled her pokeballs out of her bag and set them on her lap knowing that her pokemon would like to come out since there were other pokemon. The first pokeball that started to shake and squirtle came out and was still in his shell. Hannah pulled out of her bag a small bottle of water and she grabbed a town and got the towl wet and rested it on bubbles shell to try and cool him of. Bubbles stayed in his shell but slowly moved his head out and watched the other pokemon all around him. He closed his eyes and fell asleep. Sida new that her marill wouldn't want to come out unless she had to.

    Ryan leaned back in his seat when his pokeball opened and a pikachu sat on his lap and he started to bounce his knee which bounced his pikachu. He smiled and looked over at Sida "you know this place doesn't seem that bad all the pokemon around seem to enjoy it so I bet there owners will to." Sida nodded her head "yea I bet they will to I would just be worried about a ground pokemon in this area since it seems really cold and they cant burrow so well."
  8. Mitchell sat back in his seat with his khaki covered legs crossed over one another with his obsidian black eyes fixed on to the pages of the book he was reading. The small black pupils scanned across the endless amount of words printed across the pages and didn't seem to stray away from the book. His eyelids were droopy and gave him a rather bored and emotionless facial expression. He didn't speak to anyone, especially since the seat next to him was empty, and had a pair of earphones on that blasted the juicy and thick beats of sound waves into his head. Music was one of his most favorite things and he carried his small music player wear ever he went. Although they blocked out most things, like the voices of the people around him, they couldn't block out the sound of the running turbine outside of his window. It wasn't bad or extremely loud and the man got used to it.


    A sudden loud bang echoed in his head as something hit the wing right next to his window. Ice instantly covered several parts of the plane and caused his window to crack open. Luckily the ice froze over the glass that none of the pieces cut him. The wall around his window had small dents, but none of which busted open. Panic shoot into him for a moment as he stared at the ice and glass and his heart best beat faster than the music playing. However, after seeing and understanding what had just happened, Mitchell calm down and let out a sign. He read a few more pages of his book to calm himself even more, but had to stop when one of the plane assistants told him to move to away from the cracked window for his safety. Without saying a word, he nodded his head, closed his book, and walked over to an empty seat. He glanced around at the people he was near, taking quick note of how some people where letting their Pokémon out, and went back to listening to his music and reading.

    "Great way to start the damn trip," he thought to himself, "At least it didn't hurt me."

    ||Hope that this post isn't extremely bad! >w<
  9. "This is your captain speaking, please do not light things on fire inside the cabin," the intercom blared. Marco looked over at Hannah's Flareon, who was searing pictures into a bunch of papers. The "NO SMOKING" sign at the front of the cabin flashed and an alarm began to buzz. People turned to find the source of the beeping, then the source of the fire, gaping at the Flareon. Marco leaned over to Hannah. "Hey, amiga, I think people are pretty agitated from the explosion and want to disembark quickly; I'm not sure if they want to hear a fire alarm blaring in the airplane while they wait for the captain to release the blasted rubber slides," he whispered, glancing at some of the rather miffed expressions on other people's faces.

    Marco shivered. The plane just seemed to be getting colder and colder. Was the explosion connected to this sudden temperature drop? If so, then no doubt it was a powerful Explosion boosted by Glaciate, probably by someone's Mega Glalie. That much Marco knew, but that didn't really help with the current situation of waiting in this FREAKING DANG BLASTED AIRPLANE sitting next to a whiny [BCOLOR=#000000]bitch.[/BCOLOR]

    Marco slipped on his headphones and stroked his Weedle, listening to pop music. "Because you know I'm all about that bass, 'bout that bass, no treble..."
  10. Hannah blushed when the captain went over the intercom and she put the papers out and rubbed her flareons head "I'm sorry I forgot about that he gets agitated easily when he doesn't have something to do." She thought about it for a moment and she rubbed touches head trying to get him to go to sleep. Her idea worked and the flareon fell asleep and its flames winded down to barley anything while he slept. Hannah smiled and she looked at the weedle "aww hes so cute my older brother had a weedle when he was younger."
  11. Marco tugged at his right headphone. "Huh? Oh, yeah, Marquito. I love the little bugger," he replied to Hannah as the beeping died down. "He might not be the strongest worm, or the fastest worm, but what matters to me is that he's my worm, and my favorite worm." He twisted his finger around Marquito's horn. He placed his finger near his tongue and pretended to lick it, before bugging his eyes out and sticking his tongue to the side and slumping over, pretending to die. Marco got up and said, "Joking, joking. Everybody knows that Weedles only secrete their poison from the tip of their barb, especially when threatened." Marco looked up at Hannah. "So, does your Flareon have a nickname?"
  12. Hannah smiled "yes he does he goes by tourch because when I was younger I was scared of the dark and he was my tourch especially when I started to draw he would try to steal my paint brush but ended up catching everything on fire." She laughed and rubbed tourches head and then leafeon jumped onto Marcos shoulder and sniffed him. Hannah laughed "I'm sorry about her she dosnt understand personal space." Hannah pulled the stubborn leafeon off of Marcos shoulder and put her next to the sleeping tourch.
  13. Mitchell noticed when some girl's Flareon from across the plane was creating flames and rolled his eyes. Wasn't it not obvious to not let your Pokémon burn stuff in a plane, none the less after it had been hit by what was most likely a giant ice ball? However, he didn't say a thing and looked back down at his book. After a few minutes he quickly reached the end of the novella and signed when he had to close the book and place it into the small messenger bag he had with him. He leaned his head against the head rest and closed his eyes as he listened to music playing on his music player. His foot tapped to the constant and smooth beat which eventually caused him to tap his fingers on the arm rest. He softly whispered the lyrics to where no one could be bothered by it.

    "Sing louder. You sound pretty nice and I haven't heard that song before," a girl a few years younger said to him with a warm smile.

    Mitchell stared at her for a moment before shrugging his shoulders, "Sure. I guess it couldn't hurt."

    He hit the "Replay" button on his music player and set it to were only the instrumental part could play. Clear his throat a little, and took a deep breath of air.

    "I need to stop worrying about the things I can't control. I need to stop worrying about the dollars I don't own. I gotta stop worrying about the things I cannot know. But sometimes it feels so good, oh," he started to sing in a voice that was soft, yet sturdy.

    The girl smiled even more and also tapped her foot to the beat. Others around them glance over, some giving him weird looks and others just watched him. This didn't bother him at all and he just went on singing "Money" by Mystery Skulls.

    "Money don't matter if he feels for you. Money don't matter if you're hah, hah, hah, hot. Money don't matter if he feels for you. I used to worry everyday. Now I got better things."

    "Need to stop hurrying, slow down and take control. Gotta stop worrying about your problems you should know. Need to stop feeling like my life is such a mess. Because the world has got me in it. It's my time and I should live it, oh."

    At this point people were listening to him and even joining in. Several people smiled as they tapped along to the beat and caused Mitchell to feel good. He sung a tab bit louder and grinned as he did so. The girl next to him grabbed the music player and turned up the volume on it. She gave him a light pat on the back before snapping her fingers along to the song. However, the song soon ended and Mitchell went quiet.

    "Eh, looks like its over folks," he said calmly.

    "Oh! Sing another song!" one person said.

    Others also asked for him to sing once more.

    "I don't know. Should I really?" the raven haired man asked the small crowd.
  14. Devin broke from his trance of silence. Looking at the girl he slowly replied. He took in a deep breath and spoke. His voice was soft, and he appeared very shy "...umm.... I'm...Devin." He looked like a hurt puppy. He obvously had about zero self-esteem.
  15. Sida heard a man sing and she shock her head and looked at her brother with an shittated look. "Don't people realise that some of us prefer quiet surroundings over loud annoying music." She glared at the guy and held bubbles close to her. The guy did sing we'll but he should have taken in the consideration that not everyone wanted to hear him sing. Ryan laughed at his sister who was becoming pissed if "Sida be nice hes just trying to lighten the situation." Sida rolled her eyes at her brothers comment but decided to keep her mouth shit about the entire situation.
  16. Joanne smiled. "Devin, huh? Cool," she remarked. She heard a few dull thumps. "I think those are the slides," she said, glancing over at the door. "Finally! I was starting to get pins and needles!" Joanne stuck her long leg in the aisle and shook it a couple times as the captain told everybody that the slides had been released. She stood up and opened the overhead compartment, grabbing her backpack and slinging the strap on (after pulling out her coat). "Why don't you walk out with me?" she suggested, looking back over at him after shutting the overhead compartment. She turned to him and gave him a kind smile. Joanne thought that Devin needed a (human) friend in a plane full of strangers. He seemed awfully shy.

    Marco got up, flipping his tray into the seat with his waist by accident. He clutched his hip bone. "OW!" he cried. The heads in the plane turned and stared at him. "Er, sorry," he said, picking up his Weedle. He had also accidentally closed the tray on the Weedle, momentarily stunning the poor caterpillar. "Are you OK, Marquito?" he asked, cradling the Weedle in his hands. The Weedle lay curled up, its nose slightly deflated and its eyes quivering. Then the Weedle stood up and sneezed, its nose re-inflating back to its original bulbous shape. Marco patted the Weedle on the head. "Sorry about that, amigo," he said sheepishly. He pulled out Marquito's Poké Ball and called the caterpillar back. He turned to Hannah and said, "Well, at least its Trainer does." He winked and stepped out into the aisle.

    Lucy cracked her back a couple times before opening the overhead compartment and getting her own bag. "Finally, I don't have to deal with that guy anymore," she muttered under her breath. Her Honedge looked up at her from its Poké Ball and then back at Marco. It squinted and turned away from the Phantump in Marco's other Poké Ball.

    "Alright, folks, we'll be escorted to the terminal, and from there we'll take a bus to the League Center," Minerva explained to the Trainers as the slides unfurled to the tarmac. The plane doors swung open with a hiss, letting in cold air.

    Joanne started towards one of the doors. "You sing wonderfully, by the way," she said to Mitchell as she slowly passed. "I heard every word of it. You have a great voice."
  17. Hannah put her pokemon back into thre balls and she stuck the poke balls in her bag and she stood up. She twisted from side to side cracking her back an she smiled sheepishly when he winked at her. She got her composure under controle and set her bag on her shoulder and allowed people to pass her. She was ready to go but decided to be nice and allowed others to pass her.
  18. After all that happened on the plane Shane was glad to get off even though he didn't talk to anyone on the plane and tried his best to be unnoticed. While he was on the plane all he did was look at his pokeballs and wonder how his journey will go. He had faith in his pokemon but he didn't know what would happen. Would he make friends? Would he make enemies or rivals? He didn't know but what he did know was that he was going to try his best. He then got out of his seat and headed for the door.
  19. Devin listened to Joanne as she spoke. *She's really nice to me...even when I don't really talk...* He then heard the dull thumps and saw her stand up and ask him to go with her. "I...uh...okay." This is probably the most Devin has spoken to a person in quite a while. He stands up, ending up behind Joanne, he hadn't really noticed the guy who was singing, probably because he had become lost in his own thoughts. Devin now followed Joanne towards the door out of the plane.

    (And so the journey begins for our young heros! What mysteries and adventures await them in this new region? Only time will tell! -The pokemon narrator :P)
  20. The first thing that hit Joanne when she stepped in the starboard doorway was the white.

    Frost had completely blanketed the airport. Ice fused the landing gears and tires of planes and baggage carriers to the ground. An encrustation of ice serrated the edges of the jet's doors. "Huh, so that's what took so long with opening the doors," Joanne noted.

    Stepping out the doorway, Joanne realized that the entire tarmac had frozen over. A light fall of ice crystals floated through the air. Several shivering flocks of Taillows huddled in each other's wings, guarded by irritated Swellows. Bundles of Drifloons and Drifblims lay deflated on the roofs of the control tower, unmoving and unable to drift. Cottonees and Whimsicotts sat in the shadows of buildings, frost chunking their cottony hides together.

    Even the buildings had been hit with the frost. A layer of ice covered the concrete buildings around the airport, including the terminal. A team of Machokes and Conkeldurrs worked to smash the ice apart so that people could access the hangar, the terminal, and other important buildings. Ice crystals made patterns upon the windows, some of which had cracked from the force of the initial explosion. A cold wind blew across the tarmac. Joanne tensed when it blew right past her.

    Joanne stepped onto the rubber slide and bounced down, slipping across the yellow rubber with ease. She hit the bottom and got off the slide, jumping onto the frozen tarmac and slipping a little bit. She didn't want to fall head-first on the tarmac; at 6'1", she would have a very long way down to the floor.

    Joanne let both her Pokémon out of their capsules. Piper floated and surveyed the frozen airport, spinning all the while. Jeff scuttled in place, attempting to maintain his balance. The Corphish looked up at Joanne with an expression of concern.

    Joanne stood and waited for Devin to take the slide as well. "Careful not to faceplant," she called.

    Marco, on the other hand, had taken the other door, the one on the jet's port side. Slipping out the slide, he bounced on the yellow rubber and landed with his rear. He tensed, not screaming, but gritting his teeth in pain, and rubbed his rear. "Owwwwww..." he muttered, before getting up. "Well, that slide sure was a pain in las nalgas. No buts about it." He walked (carefully) over to where Minerva was. Minerva held up a sign for the cache of Trainers taking on the Sveri league.

    Marco tapped the button on his Phantump's Poké Ball. His Phantump, Armario, emerged and immediately dropped to the ground. Marco wrapped the little Grass-type Pokémon in his jacket, moving his head a little so that the twin branches on Armario's bark helmet didn't poke his eyes out. "Hace mucho frio," he said to himself. "I don't know if poor Armario can stand it, but he's been cramped up in there for hours."

    Lucy slid down the slide and made a beeline for Minerva. "Hurry up!" she shouted harshly to the others, tapping her foot impatiently. Minerva stared at Lucy, before holding the sign up again.

    "Shut up," Marco muttered under his breath.
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