Pokémon Mystery Gijinka Dungeon: Heroes of Legend

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    Gijinka Edition:

    Heroes of Legend




    In a parallel universe, the creatures we know as "Pokémon" are in fact, the dominant species on the planet. Humans do not exist in this world, there are only Pokémon. But, these Pokémon are different from the ones you and I have come to know: they are eerily humanoid.

    Maintaining the same powers as their alternate-selves, the humanoid Pokémon are extraordinary specimens of the natural world. Humans possessing incredible abilities allowing them to control the elements, to fly through the sky with cloth-wings like birds, to use telepathy/telekinesis, and even the ability to change their form based on the strength in their heart or through mystical stones containing tremendous power (what we refer to as "Pokémon-Evolution).

    But while there are no human beings in this world, the other animals have remained virtually the same. It is curious, almost as if the humanoid Pokémon have totally replaced human beings in this world, having taken the next evolutionary step before our primate relatives.

    These alternate Pokémon have created a civilization all their own, building homes and towns that oddly resemble our own, but with a unique twist that only these incredible creatures could come up with. But surprisingly, they are much like human beings. They can think for themselves, they cultivate crops and livestock for their food needs, and they have even established social groups that model our religions, praying to the various "Legendaries", who they believe are Gods.

    And just like humans, these Pokémon have an innate desire to explore the world around them, to seek out new life and fill in the blank spots on the map, to explain the unexplainable and to understand the unknown. While some have dedicated their lives to studying the world, there are those who set out to discover life's mysteries for themselves.

    That's where, dear reader, you and I come in.


    Are you tired of your dull and routine lifestyle? Do you want to do something exciting every day? Have you ever longed to see the world and discover the secrets hidden within? If the answer is yes then don't wait another minute!

    Come to the "Explorers Guild" in Littleroot Valley, where thousands of Pokémon from all over the world can build their very own explorer team! Meet new friends, build a secret base, pick a team name, and explore to your heart's content! You can work independently or use the Guild house to pick from missions that are posted daily on the bulletin board. These missions can range from finding berries, to finding lost Pokémon, to even going on a quest to explore ancient Legendary ruins! The possibilities are endless, and you can join for free!

    Come see us at 187 Wartortle Way, Littleroot Valley, Kanto. Don't miss out on this extraordinary experience!



    Centuries ago, back when the Pokémon species had first reached their humanoid state, there was a Great War. While all the other legendary Pokémon, considered to be Gods by those who dwelled on the Earth below the Sky Pillar, had shed their animalistic forms to shape the way for the future, there was one who refused to change.

    This primal beast was known as the God of Chaos, but it is now known as the Banished One. Its only reason for existing was to enforce misery upon Pokémon-kind. It was not a naturally born legendary (most were created by Arceus, King above All), but rather a physical manifestation of all the negative emotions and experiences of the Pokémon world. Its only emotion was rage and it believed that the only thing the world was meant for was total annihilation. While the other legendary Pokémon managed to keep it at bay, eventually the Banished One's power became too great and it broke free from its captors. Reigning fiery vengeance upon the realm of Pokémon, the Banished One corrupted those he found and turned them into "Shadow Pokémon".

    The war between the Banished One's Shadow Pokémon army and the Legendaries (backed up by the uncorrupted Pokémon), raged on for ten years until a team comprised of Mew, Celebi, Latriaos (Latias/Latios' father), Giratina, and Keldeo managed to gather five mythical artifacts they could use to seal away the Banished One. The artifacts were: the Master Ball (a device used to capture Pokémon from another dimension; used to contain any Pokémon permanently), the Wish Stone (a powerful stone that could grant any wish; created by Jirachi), the Soul Dew (an orb which is said to contain the soul of a pure hearted Pokémon; was thought to ward off evil spirits), the Gresious Orb (a jewel from the Distortion World from which the Banished One originated; could absorb the powers of a Pokémon), and the Azure Flute (an instrument said to open the gates to alternate dimensions; created by Arceus).

    Using these items, the five legendary Pokémon managed to seal away the Banished One: the Soul Dew (empowered by Latriaos' soul) severely weakened him, the Gresious Orb stole his powers and physically separated his ethereal spirit from his body, the Master Ball captured his physical body, the Azure Flute was used to open a gateway to a place of pure nothingness where his spirit was banished for all eternity, and the Wish Stone was used to prevent his escape by binding his spirit with a set of mystical locks that would hold him at bay. When the process was complete the Banished One was no more, having been stripped of his dark powers, separated from his body and reduced to nothing but a spirit, bound to an eternity to float within an empty void.

    But now, centuries later, the bonds have begun to weaken. Arceus and the other legendaries fear the return of a primal beast they know they cannot defeat, so they plan to retrieve the five artifacts from their hidden locations and use them to strengthen the seals upon the Banished One. However, one of many oversights of their plan is that they cannot abandon their duties and venture across the world to find the artifacts. Unable to remember the location of the artifacts due to a memory wipe they took should one of them retrieve the items under the control of the Chosen One (they feared he still had the power to control the minds of any Pokémon in his current state), the legendary Pokémon decide to enlist the help of the Pokémon on the world below.

    The call for help has been sent across the world to all of the Adventurer's Guilds. But, those who take the job must do so by Autumn, or else the legendaries feel it might be too late. With each day the Banished One's power slowly returns, so it is a race against time.

    Find the 5 Artifacts of Legend. Prevent the Banished One's return. Save the World.



    1. No GMing. We don't want any Mary-Sues or Gary-Sues

    2. Maximum of 3 Active Characters per person. Any more needs approval by a GM

    3. Characters can and WILL die, but please ASK somebody before you attempt to kill their character rather then just say "Your guy is dead."

    4. Keep it PG-13!! Romance and Lovey-Dovey stuff is fine, as well as the occasional innuendo, but take smut scenes to PM, please. Also, violence is allowed, but please don't rip out a guys entrails and hold them above his head while he slowly dies. We're not monsters (we're Pocket Monsters :3)

    6. Each member of the RP will be a member of "Team (name will be decided ICly)".

    6. You just realized there is no 5 and went back to check :3

    7. I won't be using the "Moves" from the games (due to weird translation into an RP setting), but please make sure you keep within a characters limits (meaning, don't have your Bulbasaur know Surf or any move they wouldn't normally have).

    8. Post at least two paragraphs each time (more is fantastic though). I get how writers block can be, and trust me, nobody is safe from it.

    9. GM posts will be announced (these include plot movers, end/start of a day, or even the death/introduction of a new character)

    10. If you've read through all of this, then in your "Other" section, tell us the first Pokémon game you ever played.

    11. Please make PvP combat fair. It really sucks when somebody unleashes their ultimate power and freezes the other person's foot to the floor, then proceed to just punch the crap out of their immobile opponent. In addition, GM moves will NOT be allowed inside PvP combat unless approved/announced in a GM event.

    12. Enjoy the RP to the best of your ability!!


    Character Stuff:

    Now, there's some character stuff we need to talk about before we start on sheets:

    You can play up to 3 characters if you can handle it, so you've got plenty of opportunities to be your favourite Pokémon! Just don't make all three of them Starter Pokémon. I'm putting a limit on One Starter per player (example roster if you use all 3 characters: Amber the Charizard, Doug the Sandshrew, and Belle the Butterfree). If there's a specific starter/starter evolution you want to play, then you'd better catch'em before somebody else does.

    Also, let's try to prevent doubles. That means if somebody is playing a specific Pokémon/Pokémon's Evolved Form (let's use Pidgey as an example), then you cannot play that Pokémon or one of its evolved stages (meaning, the person who grabbed Pidgey first is the only person who can play Pidgey, Pidgeotto and Pidgeot, unless they drop out/give up the character). This is easier for helping figure out characters by their species and helps give us some variety to the group.

    I also have to say this before hand just in case anyone thinks about it: LEGENDARY POKÉMON WILL BE NPC CHARACTERS, YOU CANNOT PLAY ONE. Sorry, but I've seen so many of these RPs fail because too many all-powerful legendary Pokémon were running around with a team of lesser Pokémon. That being said, pseudo legendaries like Meloetta are an exception to this rule.

    Also, if you're having trouble picking a Pokémon, I can give you the official "Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Personality Test" to help determine what Pokémon you might be in real life (I'd add my own modifications to the test though because it would be too difficult to scan through the personalities of 720 Pokémon, give or take a few that are banned/taken by another player)

    Below are three lists: Banned Legendary Pokémon (you can't play them, Starter Pokémon (one-per player), and Allowed Legendary/Psusdo-Legendary Pokémon (meaning you can play one of these Pokémon).

    If a Pokémon/Evolutionary Chain is crossed out in the second two lists, then somebody else has picked them. All non-crossed out ones are up for grabs!

    Pokémon Lists:

    ~ Available Starters ~

    • Bulbasaur/Ivysaur/Venusaur


    • Squrtile/Wartortle/Blastoise

    • Chikorita/Bayleef/Meganium

    • Cyndaquil/Quilava/Typhlosion

    • Totodile/Croconaw/Feraligatr

    • Treeko/Grovyle/Sceptile

    • Torchic/Combusken/Blaziken

    • Mudkip/Marshtomp/Swampert

    • Turtwig/Grotle/Torterra


    • Piplup/Prinplup/Empoleon

    • Snivy/Servine/Serperior

    • Tepig/Pignite/Emboar

    • Oshawott/Dewott/Samurott

    • Chespin/Quilladin/Chesnaught

    • Fennekin/Braixen/Delphox


    ~ Banned Legendaries ~

    • Legendary Bird Trio (Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres)

    • Mew/Mewtwo

    • Legendary Dog Trio (Raikou, Entei, Suicune)

    • Lugia/Ho-Oh

    • Celebi

    • Ancient Trio (Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza)

    • Jirachi/Deoxys

    • Lake Trio (Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf)

    • Dimension Trio (Dialga, Palkia, Diratina)

    • Heatran/Regigigas/Cresselia/Arceus

    • Swords of Justice Trio (Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion)

    • Weather Trio (Tornadus, Thundurus, Landorus)

    • Ying/Yang Trio (Reshiram, Zekrom, Kyurem)

    • Weapon Trio (Xerneas, Yvetal, Zygarde)

    • Hoopa

    ~ Allowed Legendaries/Pseudo Legendaries ~

    ((I realize some of these aren't legendaries/pseudos, but I consider most of the 'Final Gen Evos' to be pseudos))

    • All "Eeveelutions" (Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Umbreon, Espeon, Leafeon, Glaceon, Sylveon)

    ** But only One of each Eeveelution is allowed. There can't be two Jolteons**

    • Dratini/Dragonair/Dragonite

    • Larvitar/Pupitat/Tyranitar

    Latias and Latios

    • Bagon/Shelgon/Salamence

    • Beldum/Metang/Metagross

    • The Regi's (Regirock, Regice, Registeel)

    • Any of the 3rd Evolutions introduced in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum (ex. Magnezone, Lickilicky, Rhyperior, etc.)

    • Spiritomb and Rotom

    • Phione/Manaphy


    Shaymin (both forms)

    • Victini

    • Deino/Zweilous/Hydreigon

    • Larvesta/Volcarona

    • Keldeo

    • Meloetta (both forms)

    • Genesect

    • Diancie​

    All other Pokémon are up for grabs! Except Pikachu and Eevee. They're miiiine.


    (These are in no particular order)

    Team Storm Phoenix:

    1.) Sparky the Pikachu (Captain) / Maxwell the Eevee - mr_pibbs

    2.) Kasari the Ninetails (Co-Captain) - Weeping Liberty

    3.) Psyche the Espeon / Jared the Glameow / Reece the Skitty - Cybermoon

    4.) Latias - AHeartlessNobody

    5.) Ayako the Froakie - Raven Haruka

    6.) Darius the - Justaddnuts

    7.) Samuel the Galvantula (Co-Captain) / Akira the Lanturn / Allan the Altaria- Prince Ruffles

    8.) Xander the Charmander / Maura the Absol - WeepingLiberty

    9.) Alice the Darkrai - SashaBliss

    10.) Lucario - SashaBliss

    11.) Gardevoir / Mismagius - Justaddnuts​
  2. -------

    Character Sheet:

    Appearance: (Remember; we're Gijinkas. Don't post an actual Pokémon image, find the humanoid one.)

    Name: (Self Explanatory. Don't worry about last names, just put the species of Pokémon they are after their name. Example: Doug the Dugtrio, Shadow the Haunter, etc.)

    Age: (12-45. This does not correspond with your characters level, Pokémon don't have levels in this world. Refer to the introduction to figure out how evolution works here).

    Gender: (Male or Female).

    Position on the Team: (Captain, Co-Captain, Explorer).

    Bio: (Not much, just about two-three paragraphs worth. Give us a glimpse at your character and who they are).

    Other: (Any additional information you might want to share. Maybe they have a specific attitude towards some types of Pokémon or they aren't sure about the quest. Anything, really).


    My Sheets:



    Sparky the Pikachu





    Position on the Team:

    Captain (Self Proclaimed)


    Born into a nice family, Sparky grew up alongside his adopted brother, Maxwell. While they got along rather well, it was obvious that the two brothers were completely different. Maxwell was timid and shy, but Sparky was outgoing and adventurous. Whenever the two boys played together, sparky would taken on the role of a leader and 'embark' on all kinds of adventures with his little brother wether or not Maxwell wanted to participate. The duo would often pretend to go on quests to discover the uncharted areas of the map, to meet all of the legendary Pokémon and to fight against the forces of evil to become heroes.

    While most of these adventures were nothing more than fantasy to Maxwell, Sparky thought that they were the ultimate dream. So when Maxwell went off to school to study his stupid books, Sparky got hard at work preparing himself for the life of adventure he would surely lead. He enlisted as an apprentice at Melissa the Wigglytuff's Adventurers Guild and trained for almost three years (16-19). Once he had finally graduated from the preliminary class, Sparky was given the title "Explorer Extraordinaire" and allowed to create his own team, should he ever find one. But most of his fellow students thought that he was too risky and decided to form their own teams without Sparky.

    But that didn't stop the young Pikachu. He was determined to be the best explorer a Pokémon could be! So what if the other students at the time didn't want to join his team? He could find recruits from practically anywhere! Determined would not the right word to describe just how passionate Sparky was about assembling his team. He even began to teach classes at the Guild, having taken up a job under Melissa the Wigglytuff. The Pikachu continued to teach at the Guild for another three years until Sparky heard that Maxwell had returned from his studies in Kalos. Using his little brother's intellect to his advantage, Sparky enlisted Maxwell as a teacher's aid and promoted him to "Logmaster" in his team.

    With one teammate down, all that stood in Sparky's way was finding more recruits. He was so close to finding the perfect team, he could smell it.


    While Sparky is a very cocky and headstrong individual, he does care significantly for his adopted little brother and won't allow any harm to come to Maxwell. As kids, he used to stand up to Maxwell's bullies and help the Eevee when help was required. He also is very caring of his teammates (although he doesn't always express his feelings through words, he keeps them bottled up mostly).

    Red Version, the Original.




    Maxwell the Eevee





    Position on the Team:

    "Log Master" (in charge of the Journal and Explorer's Bag), but aside from that he's a regular Explorer.


    Maxwell's parents, Espey and Umbro, died when he was very young. He never really knew them, but he was soon adopted by Sparky's family. Sparky's parents raised him as their own son and Sparky thought of the Eevee as a true brother, but it was obvious he had been adopted. Life wasn't easy for him, given his extremely timid nature. All the way through elementary school, Maxwell practically refused to talk to anyone. While Sparky spent most of his free time wandering around the playground and hanging out with his friends, Maxwell holed himself up inside the public library and read. He found solstice more so in books then he did in other people. Reading helped calm him down after he was picked on, reading was the ultimate outlet for him.

    But, in an attempt to break the Eevee out of his shell, Sparky would often drag his brother out of the library and play "Adventure" with him, pretending that they were great explorers out searching for treasure, among other things. While Maxwell did enjoy the time he spent with Sparky, he would always return to his books afterwards. It wasn't until Sparky left him alone at a party when Maxwell was 10 that the Eevee actually mustered up the courage to speak to a girl. After that, things became a little easier for the Eevee. He went outside a little more, he continued to join Sparky on more serious "adventures", and even began to hang out with small groups of people his age. But even then his heart was still set on books. He loved reading and one day wanted to write for a living, so when he was 14 he applied to study at Lumiose City University in the Kalos region. The school was very well known for its literature program, which only encouraged Maxwell to apply and further himself as a scholar.

    Six years and one university degree later, Maxwell returned to his hometown with pride, having graduated from his program with the highest grades he could ever hope to achieve. Upon his return to Pallet Town, Maxwell was apprehended by his brother and given what was essentially a royal welcome. There was a big party at his parent's house with practically half the town showing up to celebrate the return of their beloved Eevee neighbour. Given it was a small town made famous by the Adventurer's Guild, word spread quickly among the actual residents. But shortly after the party, Maxwell found himself rather out of a job. He knew he wanted to write, but Maxwell didn't have a place to go without moving back in with his adopted parents and getting a job elsewhere while he worked on his book. But an answer came in the form of a overly-stubborn Pikachu with a red bandana across his neck: Melissa the Wigglytuff's Adventurers Guild.

    So, Maxwell joined his brother's still nameless team and took up the mantle as 'Log Master', meaning he was in charge of the explorer's bag and charting out nearly everything the team did while out in the field. It was perfect; he would get paid to walk around and write, then when he had downtime he would sit around and work on his book.


    Maxwell has been writing a fiction story for the past four years, but still doesn't know how to end it.

    He's also extremely shy around new people and doesn't like being in the spotlight (or danger, for that matter). However, he can be very brave when faced with certain obstacles and he would never let his teammates down (purposefully).

    Maxwell also has a tendency to snuggle with people he trusts a lot/who he's extremely comfortable around.

    Same as above, Pokémon Red.
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  3. I had to make *cough-cough-trace-and-edit-cough-cough* a picture but it's done! I dont know who owns the original pic though I just used google...

    Name: Ayako the Froakie
    Age: 13
    Position on team: explorer
    Ayako was found as an abandoned orphan in the mountains by a small clan that consisted of Froakies, Frogadiers, and one Greninja leader. Although she was raised and trained to become a master of water like all the other Froakies, the entire clan agreed that she was to maintain her innocent and bubbly nature that they loved so much, no matter what. This resulted in her becoming isolated from the world, forbidden to leave the village and make contact with other pokemon from the outside world. It also resulted in most of the other Froakies thinking that the elders were favoring her over them, so Ayako was left alone, though this fact didn't bug her much, it just gave her more time to train.
    Of course, Ayako was always a curious one, especially when it was about the world that resided below the mountains where they lived. No matter how much she questioned the elders, they wouldn't give up the slightest amount of information. They even made sure that there were no books on the topic for her to read! Finally Ayako had enough, the night after she turned thirteen she decided that she would leave the village, using the stealth moves she had mastered long ago.
    Ayako ran as far as she could, not wanting to waste her chance by stopping at the first place she saw. Instead she skipped a few cities and found herself in a small town, it's main attraction Melissa the Wigglytuff's Adventurers Guild. Seeing this as a chance to explore the world and make new friends, she signed up for the first team, which happened to belong to a pikachu with a red bandana.
    -Ayako's personality is very bubbly and enthusiastic, not to mention loyal and compassionate, though she is also very straightforward and naive as well, so this can lead to her being very gullible. Also she can become very cold if you really offend her or try to get to know about her past.

    -She also doesn't know anything about treats (candy or ice cream and etc..) or common slang (lol,tmi, basically urban dictionary XD) and the like, but she does have an education! So don't think she's dumb please, just a little bit slower than most.

    -Her training basically consisted of stealth tactics, underwater breathing exercises, and basic water attacks, nothing too extreme for a water pokemon such as herself.

    -Although she doesn't understand them at first, Ayako grows to love bubbles, candy, and a shoulder to rest her head on when she's feeling down.

    Either Fire Red or Sapphire...can't remember
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  4. Sorry for the late start, been a bit busy IRL. I'll get to work on a CS now.
  5. My characters: (2/3 complete)

    Name: Kasari the Ninetales

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Position on the Team: Co-captain

    Kasari didn't really fit in with the other girls her age when she was younger. Her hair and fur alike were unruly and her face was dotted with freckles, this wild appearance was what her classmates used to tease her. Excluded by the girls, Kasari found her place among the guys, running around and getting into all sorts of trouble. Being the only girl in a group of guys wasn't without its issues however, and Kasari had to fight to remain a part of the gang. She cut her hair short and started dressing like the guys, eventually finding the confidence to start bossing them around. As they grew up, the boys developed a mutual respect for the girl whose personality matched her appearance; wild and free-spirited.

    As the group hit high school, Kasari and her gang of merry men would skip classes to go on adventures through the caves surrounding their mountaneous city. They didn't care if they found anything valuable, the joy was in the adventure itself, travelling through the world with close friends. They continued this routine of just scraping by in school to explore the outskirts of their small town. Sometime during the summer before their last year of school (17 y/o), the group went into the caves father than they ever had dared to go before. On their adventure they stumbled across a hidden room full of shining stones and a single treasure chest. The group of teenagers had never been so excited, but they weren't greedy either. They each chose one treasure to keep and decided they would give the rest to the town, which had been having some money over the previous year. Upon sifting through the treasure, the boys presented Kasari with a shimmering red stone as a gift for leading them to the treasure room.

    Kasari accepted the stone, her heart warmed by the gesture as she finally felt like she truly belonged. As the stone rested into her hands it began to glow, the light writing inside like a flame. The boys grinned as the light enveloped their female comrade, covering their eyes as the light grew in intensity before vanishing. When the opened their eyes, their vulpix comrade no longer stood before them. The transformation had calmed the unruliness of her hair/fur and the freckles had all vanished, leaving behind a smooth complexion. Barely recognizable, Kasari spent her last year of school knowing that when she graduated, she wanted nothing but to continue exploring. Come graduation, she and her close friends said their tearful goodbyes and went their separate ways. Finding herself on the doorstep of Melissa the Wigglytuff's school where she was trained under Sparky the Pikachu, who recruited her for his exploration team. Being the pushy fire-type that she is, she wouldn't settle for anything less than second in command, but continues to push for the leadership role.

    Kasari is all for the quest but wants to be the one to lead it, causing her to constantly bump heads with Sparky.

    First game I played was Leaf Green or Ruby Red... Memory is a bit hazy. XD
    Xander the Charmander



    Position on the Team:
    Explorer (Team Thunder-Cloud)

    Xander is what you would call a spoiled brat, always used to getting what he wants, when he wants it. Being the kid of two rather wealthy Charizards meant that he was primarily raised by nannies, which included two Dittos and a Kangaskhan before she retired when he was 10. Ever since then his care has been entrusted to Maura the Abol who had been hired at his parent's company at a surprisingly young age. Always on the move, Xander had no real place for his energy when his parents were away on business, so Maura suggested allowing him to go on exploration missions.

    After a few strings had been pulled, Xander was allowed to begin training at 12 and was ready to leave by age 14, placed into team Thunder Cloud, as no other team were willing to accept responsibility for him. Being as young as he is, Xander is is only allowed the position of explorer and must be accompanied by Maura at all times... Making them a package deal. His childish demeanour doesn't seem to be disappearing anytime soon, however with a little hard work, his parents are hoping things might change.

    Xander is super excited for the quest, but has unrealistic expectations about how it will pan out... Or does he?



    Maura the Absol



    Position on the Team:
    Explorer (Team Thunder Cloud)

    Due to people shunning her and her family because of superstition, Maura was raised in isolation. Because of this homeschooling, it didn't take long for her parents to realize they had a young genius on their hands. Able to learn at her own speed, Maura far exceeded the usual curriculum and had "graduated" by the time she was 15. This feat did not go unnoticed as she sought to emerge herself in the world of science, archeology and anthropology standing out to be her favorites. At 17 she was hired by a company run by a Charizard couple, allowed to study the ancient remains of civilizations long dead. After only two years of working at the company, Maura suddenly found herself in charge of the boss' son (mostly because she wasn't surprised by much).

    His rowdiness took her away from her work but over the next few years she grew rather fond of the boy and began to like her job a little more. When he was old enough she suggested that they go exploring with a team... Partly a selfish request but she knew it would be good for him as well. Unfettered by his outrageous schemes and childish outbursts, Maura is a package deal with the little Charmander, thus finding herself on team Thunder Cloud.

    Maura seems indifferent about the quest, but secretly hopes that they'll discover fossils for her to study along the way.
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  6. It's still an open OoC so sure!
  7. Okay. Give me a bit. Need to steal the computer from my sister.
  8. Nevermind. Got my answer. So... can I take an Eevee-lution along with a Skitty and Glameow?
  9. What Eeveelution were you planning on taking? Glaceon and Eevee are already taken so what are you gonna go with?
  10. My favorite of all time but the only eevee-lution I cannot seem to get. Espeon!
  11. Tip from a fellow Trainer who caught all 720 current Pokémon:

    Just train your Eevee, make them friendly to you, and do a lot of stuff during the day. If you evolve them when the sun's still out, then the Eevee will become an Espeon.
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  12. Appearance: [​IMG]
    "Yes, This is me. Is there any problem to how I look?"

    Name: Psyche the Espeon (Greek names are fun. ^.^. I pronounce it as Psychee)
    "I was always made fun of because of my name but I did not care."

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female
    "WHAT DO YOU THINK?! Ahem.. Pardon me."

    Position on the Team: Explorer
    "I like this position."

    Bio: Psyche was born to a moderate family who made their living in working on their wine orchard and selling their home made wines to the markets. Growing up with several older brothers, she had to grow up to be a tough girl, though tries to act like her mother at times, turning into a proper young lady. When she wasn't helping gathering the fruit for the wines with her family, Psyche would go out and run free in the fields that surrounded her home of go out on adventures in a cave a few miles away. After one incident during her adventures in the cave, her parents decided that they should send her to school so that she would not go into caves and learn to be a proper lady of the family.

    After entering high school, Psyche made it quite obvious that she would be the top pokemon at school and spent hours upon hours working her way to the top, taking down her rivals with facts instead of physical force or underhanded tactics. After becoming the head of the students, she was proven to being a rational, albeit a bit passionate, leader and changed things to make it fair for others. When graduation hit, she was granted her evolved form of Espeon at high noon with all her friends and family around her. After that she decided to leave her family on a happy note and went off to go and become a great explorer.

    Other: She has a history with both of her teammates and will sometimes kick them if they rub her the wrong way, which they just love to do. Also, she may come off as calm and collected, but once she starts something, she has it in her head that she has to finish it, making her passionate (or sometimes obsessive.)

    Appearance: [​IMG] (without the rainbow socks. I will give him black suit shoes instead.)

    Name: Jared the Glameow
    "Pleasure to meet you. I am so happy to be here."

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Position on the Team: Map Maker
    "Though I am leader material, I purrfur to make the maps and take into account of our finances."

    Bio: Jared comes from a rather rich family. His mother is a famous fashion designer and he has picked up on her keen eye for clothes, always posing to wear his best, even when exploring. He was raised solely by his mother and has helped her with her fashion enterprise by managing her accounts and giving suggestions as to what other pokemon may like. He can come off as a bit of a pompous @$$, but he only uses it to keep would be moochers away.

    After his college graduation, where he majored in business, he decided to go out and try becoming an explorer, as he had heard others in his big city home had done and wanted to see what the hype is about. He decided to explore a cave that was found in a remote area in a forest. After a bit of looking around, he came upon a fight with a group of Beedrill that nearly got him killed, but gave him an excitement he had never felt before. After that, he made the final decision to become an explorer; taking up fighting lessons and learning to make maps of dungeons he explores.

    Other: He has a fear of ghost type pokemon but hides it with suspicion.
    "It is not a fear!"

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Name: Reece the Skitty (This was the best pic I could find. Just think of the Pachirisu in the picture as his adopted brother >.<)
    "Hiya guys! Nice to meet you all! Nyah~!"

    Age: 14
    "I'm still a child at heart!"

    Gender: Male
    "Pink can be manly!"

    Position on the Team: Explorer
    "Though I do prefer to sleep most of the time. Nyah~"

    Bio: Reece grew up in a foster care system for a few years, before landing with a good and caring family that took him in when he was six and officially adopting him at age eight. Like any normal skitty, he loves to chase things, especially his adopted brother and his own tail. He is the type of pokemon that likes to be led around or just left to his own devices, though the latter is not suggested as he will find himself in weird positions or scenarios. He takes pleasure in finding something out before the others and keeping it for himself, just to tease people.

    After a few more years, he announced that he was going to start out as an explorer early on and after having wishes of good luck and prayers of being safe, he set out to join the explorers guild. Along the way, he met the two people that would end up becoming his teammates. He does like to pull pranks on them to get them into weird scenarios and always runs away from Psyche when he knows he is in trouble.

    Other: As the youngest member of the group, Reece is usually never seen far from either Psyche or Jared. He also has a fear of the ocean, stemming from a drowning experience when he was a child.
    *Runs away from the ocean* "MAMA~~!!!!"

    (The first pokemon game I played was pokemon mystery dungeon: explorers of darkness)
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  13. Huh. You know what, screw it!

    I like the characters, they're interesting! But the captain thing threw me off for a second until I decided against it.

    I'll allow the other team. But we're all going to work as one unit while we deal with the problem (as in, the two leaders will be forced into "Sharing" leadership).
  14. The only games I haven't played are the new ones that came out and bother version 2's of black and white >.<

    But thank you for the tip. I will try that next time ^.^
  15. Wait what happened? I'm confused here...
  16. No worries, it's just passing info along ^^
  17. In the original post I said we would all join the SAME team (the one led by Pikachu) to work on the plot. But the idea of two teams could be fun to work on.