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Pokemon mystery Dungeon

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by andrew21234, Jun 8, 2015.

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  1. Xavier was walking down the road to the Lucario Guild. On his was through town he had gotten lost as he had never been here before and had to ask an elderly Noctowl for directions. The kind old owl-pokemon had pointed his in the right direction telling him that back in his day he was an explorer. Xavier listened to a story or two, thanked the elderly pokemon and went on his way towards what would be his new guild. At first he had been sad at the thought of leaving his entire family and going somewhere entirely new, but this was family tradition, his parents had done it, so hard his grandparents and even his great grandparents before him. Finally he came to a large Lucario shaped tent and saw that there was a set of winding stairs that lead down deeper into what he assumed was the guild.

    His grandparents had known guild master Lucario long ago when they first started training and had been waiting to send one of their descendants to their old friend's guild. At first Xavier had thought that that would mean he would get special treatment but that had only made his grandparents laugh. They told Xavier how fair the old Lucario was and how everyone had to prove themselves and it didn't matter if you were of royal blood or were living on the streets everyone was one the same level when starting out at the guild and you would have to work had to love up ranks and become a full time adventurer.
  2. Smiling, Aqua looked at the tent which contained the Guild. Sure, she was excited to be joining the Guild, but she also missed her parents. Sort of. In fact, how could she miss her parents? She never knew them; that's why she was joining the Guild! Still, there's no reason to threat over that. She was there, and that's it. Taking a deep breath, she stepped inside the tent and walked down the spirel staircase, entering the Guild. There was a few Pokemon nearby, but Aqua took no notice of this. She was too excited to be joining the Guild!
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  3. Anastasia was in treasure town with her team, restocking on Supplies for another adventure when she noticed a young pokemon heading toward the gulid. "Hey... Going to join Lucario's Gulid i see... Good luck in whatever you choose to do." The sylveon then continued discussing what they needed with her other two teammates.

    Siegfried seemed to be buying many food related items, while leon was buying Orbs and seeds. Anastasia herself was getting money into the bank, just incase they feint in a dungeon. She wondered if she should visit Lucario for old times sake, but then the team just headed out of town into the Dark Crater.
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