Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Tourmaline (Gijinka)

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Welcome to the beautiful land of Tourmaline.

Here, pokemon of all sorts gather to form a peaceful home near the mountains.

Tourmaline has always been beautiful.

It was named after the last queen. She was a Diancie who lovingly coveted the pokemon on her land.

Tourmaline recently...

Was murdered.

No one knows who would do such a thing, simply because of her sheer benevolence.

There were suspects.

All proved to be innocent.

Tourmaline's brother stood in for her position. However, without the true heir, the Sky Gems fell, and must be collected for Tourmaline's palace.


There was a town in the heart of Tourmaline, where many pokemon come to mingle and run their errands.

This town is known as Crystalline.

One shop is run by a Houndoom named Ingot, who sells TMs. He seems intimidating, but is very sweet once you talk to him.

Another is run by a Clefable. Her name is Poppy. She sells apples, gummies, and berries. There's no denying her kindness.

There were a multitude of different shops like the others, creating a homey little town.

Off to the south are the Lightning Mountains.

To the north is a thick forest.

To the west is where most of the pokemon stay, in a little residential area.

Finally, in the east, there's the marvel of the town: Tourmaline Castle, which resides above the renowned Feraligatr's Guild.

And this is where your adventure begins.

Congratulations! Today is your first day being part of a rescue team! You can make your own team and wait for others to join you, or join an existing one. All pokemon will be gijinkas.
There will be a character sheet at the end of this post.


Pokemon Breed:
Team: (if none yet, leave blank)

There are a few rules:

Any and all combat must be fair. No kills or lethal wounding without the other player's say. Talking OOC is a great way to organize this.

Rescue Teams are a bit complicated. There shall be no more than four pokemon in one team. Joining someone else's team requires their consent, so again, I recommend talking OOC to avoid confusion. Communication is key!

You are allowed to have more than one character. However, I would recommend at least starting with one. If you want to drop one character and add another, you must have a way to pull them out of a plot. No 'poof'ing.

Slightly mature content will be allowed. This means that mild swearing and violence is allowed. But mostly, this rule is situational. If you find something offensive or disquieting, let me know. I'll try and edit the rules a bit.

Lets start everyone off at either first or second evolutions at first. Just because we don't want anyone to be too OP at the very beginning.

Lastly, you cannot be a legendary or a shiny. I'd rather not have any 'special snowflake' cases. Pseudo legendaries are allowed.

Current Teams:
Team Le Beau - Aurel Bel, Sinestro Cavaldre, Gwendolyn de Leblanc, and Axel Rover
Team Draconica - Vielle Oracion and Landon Drake

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