Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Tourmaline (Gijinka)

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Do you want to be part of a rescue team?

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  1. [​IMG]

    Welcome to the beautiful land of Tourmaline.

    Here, pokemon of all sorts gather to form a peaceful home near the mountains.

    Tourmaline has always been beautiful.

    It was named after the last queen. She was a Diancie who lovingly coveted the pokemon on her land.

    Tourmaline recently...

    Was murdered.

    No one knows who would do such a thing, simply because of her sheer benevolence.

    There were suspects.

    All proved to be innocent.

    Tourmaline's brother stood in for her position. However, without the true heir, the Sky Gems fell, and must be collected for Tourmaline's palace.


    There was a town in the heart of Tourmaline, where many pokemon come to mingle and run their errands.

    This town is known as Crystalline.

    One shop is run by a Houndoom named Ingot, who sells TMs. He seems intimidating, but is very sweet once you talk to him.

    Another is run by a Clefable. Her name is Poppy. She sells apples, gummies, and berries. There's no denying her kindness.

    There were a multitude of different shops like the others, creating a homey little town.

    Off to the south are the Lightning Mountains.

    To the north is a thick forest.

    To the west is where most of the pokemon stay, in a little residential area.

    Finally, in the east, there's the marvel of the town: Tourmaline Castle, which resides above the renowned Feraligatr's Guild.

    And this is where your adventure begins.

    Congratulations! Today is your first day being part of a rescue team! You can make your own team and wait for others to join you, or join an existing one. All pokemon will be gijinkas.
    There will be a character sheet at the end of this post.

    There are a few rules:

    Any and all combat must be fair. No kills or lethal wounding without the other player's say. Talking OOC is a great way to organize this.

    Rescue Teams are a bit complicated. There shall be no more than four pokemon in one team. Joining someone else's team requires their consent, so again, I recommend talking OOC to avoid confusion. Communication is key!

    You are allowed to have more than one character. However, I would recommend at least starting with one. If you want to drop one character and add another, you must have a way to pull them out of a plot. No 'poof'ing.

    Slightly mature content will be allowed. This means that mild swearing and violence is allowed. But mostly, this rule is situational. If you find something offensive or disquieting, let me know. I'll try and edit the rules a bit.

    Lets start everyone off at either first or second evolutions at first. Just because we don't want anyone to be too OP at the very beginning.

    Lastly, you cannot be a legendary or a shiny. I'd rather not have any 'special snowflake' cases. Pseudo legendaries are allowed.

    Current Teams:
    Team Le Beau - Aurel Bel, Sinestro Cavaldre, Gwendolyn de Leblanc, and Axel Rover
    Team Draconica - Vielle Oracion and Landon Drake


    Pokemon Breed:
    Team: (if none yet, leave blank)
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  2. Pokemon Breed: Meowth
    Name: Aurel Bel
    Gender: Male
    Team: Team Le Beau
    Moveset: Pay Day, Fake Out, Fury Swipes, Payback
    Personality: He comes off as cold and self-centered, but is honestly very compassionate about other pokemon. He joined Feraligatr's guild to help others, but claims he joined for the rewards.
    Nature: Serious
  3. Pokemon Breed: Small Pumpkaboo
    Name: Bella 'Bumpkin' Halowen (Ha-low-en)
    Gender: Female
    Team: N/A
    Moveset: Trick-or-Treat, Shadow Ball, Leech Seed, Razor Leaf
    Personality: Upbeat and giddy to the point that it's annoying. This little critter is hyper active, and just can't stay still for even a few moments. She is always fascinated by random lights at night, and although open and giddy, she always holds a jack-o'-lantern with her, to where she clams up and refuses to say what it's contents are. For now, she is a lone adventurer, and she usually takes battling quite lightly, as she battles normal types usually, and it's easy for her since she is a ghost type.
    Nature: Bashful
  4. [​IMG]

    Pokemon Breed:
    "Don't worry, I'm not that foul of a creature... Yet. Ufufufu..."

    Sinestro Cavaldre
    "Now how might I be of service? Hm...?"

    "I'd be willing to join a team, so long as they don't mind my, heheh, off-putting appearance."

    Haze, Night Shade, Shadow Ball, Hypnosis
    "Special attacks are my favorite... Just sit back and watch them squirm... Ufufufu..."

    Sinestro is... An odd character. He keeps to himself on most occasions, though he always keeps a certain level of excited energy within his person. An odd chuckle here or there at a bad time, maybe? It's best described as a dark giddiness, happily awaiting the next disaster or mishap. Put him in a dark room and he can barely contain his excitement. Put him in a calm, sunny day, and he gets miserable. Put him in battle, and you'll see his vicious streak.
    "Just give me a dark room and a thunder storm and I can scare anyone senseless... Heheheh..."

    "I suppose I can go along with whatever you mongrels have in store..."
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  5. [​IMG]
    Pokemon breed: sylveon

    Name: Gwendolyn de Leblanc

    Team: n\a

    Moveset: protect, wish, dazzling gleam, hyper voice

    Personality: Gwendolyn is quite shy around strangers but as you get to know her, you will find that she is quite brave and very protective of her friends to the point that she will give her life to protect them.

    Nature: timid
  6. Pokemon Breed: Milotic
    Name: Nanashi (Means: Nameless)
    Gender: Female
    Team: Draconica
    Moveset: Twister, Water pulse, Agua ring, Dragon tail
    Personality: She is very wild personaly, easely don't listed to nobady and do whatever he wants. She is childish, don't take almost anything seriously and little bit selfish.
    Nature: Adament
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  7. Sorry, it says in the rules that you cannot have a shiny pokemon.
  8. Other than that, everyone seems to be in order! If anyone wants to join Team Le Beau, just say. We could include it in the plot, considering Aurel would never just let people team up at random.
  9. My character wouldn't mind joining the team.
  10. My character would love to join
  11. Sounds great! I'll start up something, then. Give me a moment.
  12. He was impartial to the turn of events. Someone with a lot of power is bound to be in danger. The news of Tourmaline's death didn't come as a surprise, not in the slightest.

    Even so, Aurel found himself standing in front of Feraligatr's guild.

    No matter how much he attempts to be aloof about the matter, he felt a strong attachment to their queen's death, almost as if it was a calling for him to do something. He wanted to be unconcerned. He wanted to not care. And he tries so hard to do so, yet he was ready to put himself in danger for the safety of everyone else. He wanted to be part of a Rescue Team.

    With a quiet sigh, Aurel stepped up to the footprint identification. He got a strange feeling as the doors opened, and stepped inside. It was smaller than he expected... Well, that is until he climbed down a ladder and entered another floor. It was huge and grand, but in a homey sort of sense. He seemed out of place. Everyone there looked like a true adventurer, ready to give everything for their cause.

    Aurel went down a floor lower, swallowing the lump in his throat. The twisty feeling came back when he took notice of Feraligatr, the guildmaster. He was accompanied by some other pokemon, all of which seemed to work alongside him. Hesitantly, he walked up to the intimidating guildmaster.

    "I would like to register as a rescue team." He demanded, hands at his hips. Even though he looked confident, his tail twitched nervously, and his ears were flattened back. It was easy to tell he was nervous.

    "You can't have a team of one pokemon." A geodude mentioned to him. He should have thought this through. "If there's someone else who would like to join you, I'll help you sign up."

    Frantically, Aurel looked around in hopes that someone would want to team up with him. Please let there be other newcomers...
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  15. Sinestro was on his last nerve as he floated over the footprint grate. The sun was shining, giving him an awful headache, and he couldn't see why there was such a big problem with him not having a footprint. But all he heard from down below the gate were the bickerings between the gatekeepers.

    He slowly brought one large hand to his face, contemplating why he even left his haunt today. Oh, that's right! No one had ventured in to visit him. Not a soul. And why was that? Because some queen was dead. The scowl on his face grew deeper as his patience grew thin.

    Eventually, he floated right through the door, really not caring in the slightest. He floated down alongside the ladder, his peeved expression shifting to one of disinterest as his gaze fell upon the first floor of the guild building.

    To be honest, the ghost-type felt the slightest bit nervous as he floated there. He felt like he didn't quite fit in. He did wish to form a rescue team, though with who, he was a bit hazy on. His gaze locked with a Meowth's for about a moment, as it seemed he was desperately searching for something or someone.

    Having a brilliant idea, Sinestro floated over to the Meowth with a ghost of a smile on his face. "Salutations, my name is Sinestro. I couldn't help but notice you're in quite a jam right now. Perhaps I could be of assistance?" With a voice soft as silk, though as cold as ice, he greeted the normal type gijinka.
  16. Aurel's prayers were answered as someone approached and-- With a flinch, he was spooked by the approaching haunter. But after his mini heart-attack died down, he was fine. Ghost types scared him like crazy, but he tried not to let it show. Besides, if this Sinestro is offering help, he would be a fool to turn it down.

    "I'm going to make a rescue team, but I'm not allowed to do so until I get at least one other member." Aurel responded, turning to face the other pokemon completely.

    "Aurel Bel." He extended a hand out towards the other politely, as he grew up with manners. But then it occurred to him that normal and ghost types are practically opposites. Neither of them could touch the other, so he hesitantly returned his hand to his side.
  17. Sinestro could see it the Meowth's eyes, he was scared of the relatively peaceful ghost. However, he did not let it phase him. He instead listened intently as he stated his problem. This was perfect.

    He wore a more amused look on his face as Aurel extended his hand for a hand shake. Now, Sinestro took this with a light heart, not exactly pointing out the fact that their typing would not allow for the simple gesture. He instead mimicked shaking his hand with a small chuckle.

    "I would be pleased to join your team, if you'd have me, Aurel." While his tone of voice didn't change, his expression did. If one didn't know him any better, there almost seemed to be a glimmer of hope in his dark eyes.
  18. Gwendolyn walked on the the foot print reader timidly and was shocked when she heard a Voice underneath her. When she looked down and saw a small pokemon staring up at her. She let a blood curdling scream followed by an upset voice. "Dazzling gleam." Her body flashed blinding the pokemon. She then continued walking into the guild. She was very nervous about being around so many people. That's when she saw a person looking for someone else to join their rescue team. "I would like to join, my names Gwendolyn. " the young fairy type held out her hand.
  19. He gave a quick nod, almost seeming to recognize the other's intentions. It would take a bit of getting used to, but this was a perfect opportunity. "I would be glad to have you join." He confirmed to the haunter. But then, he was approached by another pokemon. Instantly, Aurel felt himself grow more excited. Everyone was so eager to join him. His ears perked up. "And thank you, Gwendolyn. I would be glad to have you as well."

    Then, Aurel turned to the geodude who addressed him earlier. "We would like to register as a Rescue Team. Say... Team Le Beau."

    The geodude was pleased to bring the three of them up to Feraligatr, who was much more intimidating than Aurel originally thought.

    "Team Le Beau? Sounds like you've put thought into this. All three of you seem to have a good soul. Hm. Alright! Everyone welcome the new Team Le Beau! Each of you get a rescue pack, and some startoff goods. And not to forget the official Rescue Team pins." His voice was loud and somewhat terrifying. Even so, he was friendly. No wonder he was the guildmaster.

    The three of them were handed their packs, each with their pins, an apple, an oran berry, and some ribbons.

    Aurel looked up to Feraligatr, eyes glimmering. "Thank you sir." He turned back to face the other two members of his team. "And you two. Thank you, as well."
  20. Sinestro gave a full smile as Aurel allowed him to join the team, though it was a short lived smile. A sylveon had made her way over to them as well, requesting to join as well as completely ignoring his presence. Alright, that one stung a bit. He folded his claws together and glanced away as the Meowth allowed her to join.

    He followed along quietly as they were led to the Guildmaster, and flinched slightly at his loud voice. He supposed now was the time to grin and bare it. He adjusted the strap of his bag with a bit of difficulty due to his large clawed hands, though he finally got it to the point where it would settle comfortably across his body without slipping off of him.

    The haunter smiled once again as Aurel rained his gratitude down upon them. He wouldn't say anything about her getting two thanks and him only getting one, although it made him feel like his carefully placed words were practically trashed when she got in by just uttering a poorly constructed sentence. But no, he didn't say a word on that matter. He was trying to play nice.

    "I'm merely glad to be here." He spoke with a smile, though he'd lost most of the lightness in his gaze. He would not ruin this for his new team mate, acquaintance, whatever, as he could see the glimmer of excitement in the Meowth's eyes. No, he would not say a single word on the matter.
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