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  1. Edan, #FF8040 He was flying, or at least he thought he was flying, for his feet hovered off the ground and his arms were spread out on either side of him. He wasn't on firm ground, but floating through a mixture of strange colors that flashed before his eyes and moved in confusing patterns all around him, making him dizzy and disoriented. What was going on? What was happening? Was this a dream?

    Suddenly the whole place seemed to shake around him, and the flying colors began to shatter, cracks breaking out all around him. Someone was calling to him, but their voice was too far for it to be heard, and his body began turning wildly. Out of control. Everything grew more confusing, the colors all around him as more cracks appeared, but he didn't know what was what and where exactly everything was, his spiraling body making it near impossible to tell what was going on. There was a loud cracking sound, like a huge class wall shattering right next to his ear, then there was a bright light, growing brighter and brighter.

    Then there was darkness.

    It was cold, and it was wet, not to mention a little noisy. Edan could feel small drops of water pelting him, and a wind blew strongly against him, sending a cold chill through his body. His eyes slowly began to open, but he might as well of had anchors chained to his eyelids, hardly able to keep them open. His mind felt as though it was plunged deep into a never ending darkness, trying to drag itself up to the surface, but it was only being dragged back under. He was down and out, unable to twitch even a finger, so was forced to lay in his cold and harsh weather.

    From what he could tell from his half closed eyelid, the sky was dark with rain falling heavily from above, and lightning cracked across the sky. Distant thunder soon followed, and Edan spotted some trees blowing in the wind, the leaves rustling against their branches. The clouds looked far darker than any cloud he had ever seen, looming over him with an ominous feeling. as though they knew something far darker than he knew. Just where was he? What was going on?

    He couldn't. His mind was sinking into the deep slumber again, and no matter how hard he tried to fight it, his eyelids began to close. He couldn't go back to sleep. He had to know what was going on, where he was, and why he was here. But it was no use, and soon he was drifting unconscious again, passing right out. He was left alone in the middle of nowhere, caught in the middle of a storm, and he was out like a light. Things couldn't possibly get worse.
  2. The rain pelted down the scales of the totodile, making her feel all the more powerful. The harsh winds threatened her. They pushed and whined; the totodile simply pushed back. She looked around for the area the message had said the victim would be. Of course the small child was lost in the forest while storms raged on constantly. It seemed every pokemon refused to help. The totodile couldn't refuse the cry for help, thus leading her to traverse the dangerous forest. Now if she could just find the stupid spot...

    A flash of orange caught her eye. Turning, the totodile gasped. Down and out, a charmander laid on the ground while the rain pelted its poor tail. It's flame! The totodile quickly rushed, her mind running a million miles an hour. "Oh Gosh, oh Arceus..." The small thing muttered, moving to try and find a way to make the tail flame grow bigger. She wasn't going to let it die on her. The back of her mind reminded her of the tiny ledyba waiting for help, but she pushed the thought aside for the moment. The charmander clearly was in immediate danger. She couldn't just turn a blind eye to the creature.

    Leaning over the unconcious body, the totodile got close to the charmander's face. "Hello? Are you alright? Do you need medical attention?" She poked the body, ready to try and get an oran berry out if needed. She always kept one on hand for such emergencies, as often pokemon she found were either injured or she herself got injured. Checking, the totodile leaned her small head against the charmander's chest. Up and down... Up and down... Good, it was still breathing. "Hello? Can you hear me?" She asked, wanting to make sure that the poor thing was alright.
  3. Edan, #FF8040 Again a voice was calling out to him from a great distance, echoing across the walls of his unconscious mind, trying to lure him away from his deep slumber. But this voice was different. Perhaps it sounded different from the last voice he heard, but as he tried to think about it, he found that he couldn't remember. Wait... Hadn't there been a dream? Try as he might he couldn't remember a thing about it, and it was all lost to him, gone as if it had never existed. Instead he clung onto the voice that called to him now, afraid that this, too, might vanish forever. Leaving him alone in the darkness and lost for all eternity.

    He became more aware of the cold platter of raindrops on his skin, and the voice began to grow louder and louder as a small light appeared before Edan's eyes, though it was dim and seemed to carry a gray shade. Nevertheless he followed after it, determined to pull himself out of the pool of darkness, following the voice with far more purpose and determination. As he slowly began to stir, the flame on his tail grew and grew, till it was flaring brightly. Evaporating the wet drops of rain that fell upon it. The Charmander's eyes began to open slowly, squinting a bit from the rain as the blue orbs glanced around, and they landed instantly on the Totodile standing before him.

    Wha...? What was a Totodile doing here? Where was that voice coming from? It couldn't have been from this Pokemon... He sat up slowly, closing his eyes as he rubbed his head, groaning softly. Now that he was up and about and not particularly in bad shape, his flame was bright and healthy, in no danger of burning out. Wait a minute.... There was a flame on his tail? Wait, he had a tail?!

    With a startled cry he grabbed it, staring at the thing with wide eyes. "What is this?!" He asked frantically, letting it go and jumped up on his feet, looking down at himself and at his hands. "What-what-what's going on?! How did this happen?! I'm a Charmander!"

    He was practically dancing where he stood, looking down at himself as his tail moved wildly behind him, lighting the area with a gentle flame. This couldn't be happening... How did it happen?! It was impossible, there was no way he could have become a Pokemon! Who ever heard of a human turning into a Pokemon?!
  4. The totodile watched the charmander, wondering how in the hell he could not know he was a charmander. "It's alright. You were probably attacked by another pokemon. Are you hurt? Did you hit your head?" She asked, her voice adopting a calm and soothing tone. She spoke slowly, having had experience with pokemon panicking on her. Keeping a careful eye on the pokemon in front of her, she slowly moved to hold her small hand out. He just needed a bit of reassurance. That was all.

    Making sure not to frighten the poor thing, she gave a smile. "I'm Fang. I'm here to help." Her red eyes took in his form. "You don't seem too hurt... But you do seem a bit confused. That's okay, that usually happens when you get attacked." She looked at his tail, smiling wider when she saw it was burning brightly and healthily.

    The woods were dangerous. Faint growling permeated the air, causing Fang to stand on edge. She looked around, scanning the area for any immediate threats. Finding none, she went back to calming the charmander. The faint thought of the poor ledyba filtered in the back of her mind, reminding her that they shouldn't stay there for too long. However, she needed to make sure the young charmander stayed safe and started back home. Then she could continue her mission.
  5. Edan, #FF8040 Someone was talking to him, but as he recalled, there was no one else around him, just the Totodile, but it couldn't be... He turned his head, and sure enough, the Totodile was talking! His eyes widened and he thought he was going to go into another panic attack. His whole world was upside down right now, and he had no idea what had happened to cause this, why he was a Pokemon or how he ended up in a place like this. It was all too much, and he ended up slowly sliding down to a sitting position, blinking his eyes repeatedly.

    He shook his head and began rubbing his temples. Ok... He had to calm down, try to think, try to remember what happened. But as hard as he tried, he couldn't remember... He couldn't remember anything. All he knew was his name, and he knew for sure that he had been human, not a Charmander. Everything else, how he turned into a Pokemon and how he ended up here, he didn't have a clue. Exactly what happened to cause him to lose his memories and end up here? Even if he was attacked, it couldn't have resulted his transformation, could it? It made no sense....

    He was so lost in his own thoughts and confusion that he was barely listening to the Totodile as she seemed to be trying to calm him down. He lifted his head, seeing that she had stretched a hand out-or he should say claw-to him to take, but he was hesitant. Slowly he reached his own claw out, taking her hand and pulled himself back on his feet, staring intently at the Totodile.

    "Listen... I'm not a Charmander." He began. "I-I mean I am, but I wasn't always one, I don't know what happened. I'm a human, I don't belong here. I don't know what happened to me, I don't know how I ended up here, I don't remember anything. Just my name... But I swear, I'm a human, not a Pokemon." He desperately hoped that this Pokemon wouldn't think he was crazy, but who knew? He sounded crazy himself. But someone needed to believe him, to help him, for he didn't know what else to do.
  6. Fang was glad when the charmander took her hand, trusting her with that much. However, he started to say how he was a human, not a charmander. She knew it sounded crazy, most would probably just leave him to live out the rest of his life as a crazy and disturbed charmander. However, Fang knew he needed someone right now. "I believe you." She said despite herself. There were legends, however that had been years and years ago. "Let's just start with your name, yeah? You said you remember that."

    He seemed to be desperate. It was a common thing among the pokemon lately, so Fang had adapted to be able to successfully deal with most desperate pokemon. She was prepared for those who would not listen to persuasion and those who just needed a bit of support. Keep everything calm, that's what she thought. He just needed some stability. That was all.

    However, her plan for stability had crashed when a nearby roar interrupted her. Standing to attention, she quickly pushed the charmander behind her. "Stay behind me!" She hissed, baring her fangs toward any possible enemies. A group of poocheyana slowly stalked toward them, moving to attack all at once. With a big breath, Fang shot a water gun powerful enough to knock a few of them back. Three ran, leaving two left still standing. They charged. Fang flexed her claws, moving to try and scratch at the underbelly of the first one. She ducked as it tried to tackle her, yelping as the other attached itself to her tail. Quickly she thrashed, trying to get the thing off as the other stalked toward the charmander.
  7. Edan couldn't believe that the Totodile had accepted his proclaim so...quickly. And easily too. Nothing what he said made sense, nor did he have proof, yet this Totodile accepted it without another thought. Maybe Edan wasn't the crazy one. He almost wanted to argue that the Totodile-or Fang was it?-couldn't accept this and that it all sounded crazy, demanding to know why she could act so casual about it, and believe a stranger so easily. He could be lying for all she knew, try to trick her somehow, though he wasn't exactly sure what form of trickery involved this extent of a lie. He had to pull himself together and remind himself that it was good Fang believed him, instead of immediately brandishing him as crazy and send him to a Pokemon insane asylum.

    She had asked for his name, and he hesitated at first, seeing if he could recall such a thing. He did, so he began to answer. "Edan-" Apparently that was all he could get out, for in the next instant, five Poocheyana jumped out of the bushes and began stalking towards them.

    Edan did as he was told, getting behind Fang as the Poocheyana approached, and he watched as she unleashed her Water Gun upon them. Sending three of them packing. However there were still two left, and he backed away a bit as they advanced, feeling completely useless and frightened. He wasn't a coward, or at least he was pretty sure he wasn't, but he was still bewildered about the whole event of being turned into a Pokemon. Everything was happening fast, and he had no idea what to do, his mind coming up to a complete blank as he watched the scene before him. Fang had dodged the second one, but then it only came right for Edan, baring it's fangs as it's yellow eyes glared at him.

    Oh crap, what was he supposed to do? He looked around for a weapon, but there was nothing, and the Poocheyana just kept advancing on him. At first it was approaching cautiously, but it seemed to sense that the poor Charmander was confused, so now it bounded right for him. Jaws parted wide for a Bite attack. Edan was in a panic. He couldn't face a Pokemon without another Pokemon!

    Wait a minute... He wanted to slap himself dumb. He was a Pokemon! He was the weapon he needed! He prepared himself as the Poocheyana leapt at him for a Bite, still not entirely sure what to do, but went merely on instincts. He curled his claws and swiped out his right one, scratching the Poocheyana deeply across the face, canceling it's Bite out and knocked it to the ground. The Poocheyana yelped in pain as it dropped, four deep cashes across it's right cheek and the side of it's jaw, bits of blood trailing from the wound.

    Edan's eyes went wide and he glanced at his claw, seeing the tiny bits of blood on the tips of his claws. He...he did it! He got the mongrel! But his victory was short lived, for the Poocheyana hand pounced on him and pinned him down, biting hard into his shoulder. Edan cried out and struggled beneath the Poocheyana, trying to use Scratch again, but the Poocheyana had pinned down his arms. Edan Growled at the Poocheyana, lowering it's attack, but it still didn't get it off of him.

    But then he got an idea. Glancing down, he lifted his tail and moved the blazing end of it to the tip of the Poocheyana's tail, keeping it there. A thin trail of smoke began to form, and soon enough, a small flame sparked at the end of the Poocheyana's tail. But quickly it grew, growing bigger and brighter, and it didn't take the Poocheyana long to noticed. It felt a horrible burning sensation on it's tail, and with a cry it released Edan, who quickly got his feet right under the Poocheyana and pushed hard on it's belly, sending it flying over him and it the ground. The Poocheyana rolled, only to jump back up and cry and yelp as it ran around in circles, it's tail still on fire. It turned and hightailed it fast back into the woods.
  8. As her thrashing did nothing to deter the poocheyana, Fang leered at it. The poocheyana loosened its grip. With a great sweep, she threw the poocheyana off of her tail and aimed a water gun at it. The thing yelped and ran off, searching to join its brothers. Panting, Fang swept over the area for any sign of more enemies. She found none.

    Sighing in relief, she quickly turned to see the charmander-Edan-fight off the other poocheyana. Pulling out her oran berry, she walked up to the charmander. "Here. You got hurt so this might help." She knew that blood marred her tail, but she had more berries at her home. Not healing the injury right away wouldn't kill her. Smiling, she continued. "For a human, you make a pretty good fighter. Say... Do you want to come with me?" The idea was crazy, absolute nonsense, but the totodile couldn't help but try. "I mean, I could always use some help... and maybe you could find out more about your past! You're a good fighter, and you could help a lot of good pokemon."

    Taking a step back, the totodile held her hand out. "What do you say?" She smiled, eyes twinkling with what seemed to be hope. "You don't have to say yes, and this could be a temporary thing... But just for now? Please?" Time was not her friend, but she knew that if she could get this charmander to help her, then maybe she could help him. The rain still fell harshly, pounding around them in sheets.
  9. Edan watched the Poocheyana take off, his heart pounding slightly in his chest, eyes a bit wide. He couldn't believe he just fought a Pokemon... Did that mean he had other moves a Charmander would know? So many things were different now. He noticed that the Totodile was speaking to him again, and he turned his head to look at her. He couldn't help feeling a little pride from her compliment, especially since she was a Pokemon herself, lifting his arm to scratch behind his head as he gave her a sheepish smile.

    "Th-thank you, I don't know what happened, my body just sort of moved..." He explained.

    Then Edan was taken by surprise by the Totodile's offer. Go with her? He didn't even know where she was going. He took in his surroundings for what have must been the hundredth time that day, though it was near impossible to see through the thick rain, steam rising from his tail as it was pelted by the drops. How it hadn't been burned out by now, he had no idea. There were many mysterious about Pokemon he still didn't know. He knew though that had he been weakened by that fight with the Poocheyana or thrown in water, then his tail would go out for sure. And he knew what would happen if the fire was to go out. He quickly pushed that thought aside.

    He mulled over her offer, unsure of how to answer. He knew nothing about this Pokemon, but she did stop whatever she was doing to help him, and drove the Poocheyana away instead of leaving him to be attacked all alone, and was positive the fight would have turned out differently if she had. Also... He had no where else to go. He didn't know where he was or where anything else was. This world was new and alien to him, and he wouldn't begin to imagine where to start looking for his forgotten past, let alone who to trust. This Totodile seemed honest and friendly enough, and maybe she could help him recover his past. Who else was he supposed to turn to.

    He came to a decision, nodding his hand as he reached out his hand and connected it to her's, giving a firm shake. "Alright, I'll help you out." He said. "At least I'll try my best. What exactly is it that you need help with though?"
  10. Fang smiled as Edan accepted her offer. She resisted jumping for joy when he asked just what she needed help with. The reality of the situation quickly sobered her up, and after a firm shake, she took a few steps back. "I'll explain while we head out." She turned and started to walk away, turning her head to see if the charmander was following her. She looked back ahead, glancing around the forest for any sign of the pokemon she was supposed to be saving, rescuing in a sense.

    "You see, the world is sort of crazy and horrible right now. I'm not sure what's causing it, but something's messing up the weather and now it rains all the time, which for a water pokemon like me isn't necessarily a huge problem, but for others it's a big deal. So because of the weather, some pokemon took the chance to do bad things. Others sort of went crazy, like the poocheyana you saw there. Other pokemon are just caught in the crossfire and need a little help." Fang paused in her story to hop over a log. "That's where I come in. I try and help pokemon who can't help themselves. Sometimes I get letters, other times I find sort of wanted ads where pokemon try to reach out for someone to help their kid or find their friend."

    Stopping for a minute, the totodile listened to the raging winds, trying to find something that might lead her to the small ledyba. A faint cry filtered through the trees. "There. Right now, I'm trying to help a ledyba who got lost in the woods. I think that he's this way..." She quickly started running toward where the cry could possibly be originating, moving fluidly in the rain.
  11. Edan began to follow the Totodile, not that he had much of a choice, but it didn't seem like a bad decision. He listened to every word while making his way through the forest, doing his best to see passed the thick sheet of rain that continued to pelt on him, while keeping up with Fang at the same time. He couldn't believe his ears when the Totodile informed him that it rained all the time, and the mere thought chilled him to the bone, despite being a fire type Pokemon. It was only thanks to that fact that he wasn't already freezing and catching a cold. He climbed over the log the Totodile had just climbed over, sliding himself down on the other side, not once interrupting Fang the whole time she spoke, even though he had so many questions.

    For one, he wanted to know why the Pokemon had started going bad because of a weather problem. It was just rain, right? Granted, it wasn't exactly normal rain, and it had him completely soaked, but he saw no reason for Pokemon to start going bad because of it. It was a little sad... It's times like this where people or Pokemon should get together and help out so that they may survive, not take advantage of the situation and each other. He wondered what was causing such bad weather, and why the Pokemon had turned bad because of it, yet just more questions to add to his own problem. Nothing was making sense!

    However, there was one thing he liked. This Totodile, a stranger who had found Edan unconscious, was helping these Pokemon. He didn't even understand why she was doing it. Where Pokemon had turned on each other and decided to do bad, this Pokemon had decided to do good, venturing out in this horrid weather to try to rescue a poor Ledyba. He had to admit, he had to admire someone like that, who act selflessly and out of the care for others.

    Still, he had so many questions, but before he could even ask one he heard a cry for help. Fang had immediately started heading towards it, claiming that it could he the Ledyba she was after, and so Edan was quick to follow. He ran quickly, finding himself concerned for the Ledyba, hoping that the poor thing hadn't run into any trouble. Then again if it didn't, it wouldn't exactly be calling for 'help'. Once they reached the source of the cry, Edan was shocked to see the Ledyba being chased by a large group of Beedrill.

    "We have to help!" Edan exclaimed, though it was probably unnecessary. "Come on!" He was already running out, readying his claws for some Scratching as he already began Growling towards the Breedrill, lowering their attack. They took notice of Edan immediately, some breaking off from the Ledyba to go after him instead.
  12. "On it!" Immediately Fang shot into action. She blasted as many as she could hit, alerting a couple that were harassing the ledyba and deterring one after Edan. As the two turned to try and attack the totodile, she quickly slid underneath the beedrill, grabbing the ledyba. Jumping up, she grabbed onto a branch of a nearby tree and set the ledyba down on it. "There you go. Stay here until we come and get you, okay?" When the poor thing gave her a nod, she smiled before jumping back down. She landed on one of the beedrill, disorienting it on impact.

    One beedrill shot a pair of its needles at her, managing to dig into her side before disappearing. Fang gasped before shooting off another water gun. It smashed into the beedrill. It hit a nearby tree, sliding to the ground before flying off. Turning, she used her claws to scratch at the beedrill underneath her. It threw her off, buzzing in annoyance. Turning it put its needles together and aimed for the totodile. Trying to divebomb her, it rushed the blue pokemon.

    Fang rolled out of the way. The beedrill got its needle arms stuck in the ground. Desperately it pulled and moved, trying to free itself. Fang leered at it, causing it to back down and try to fly away. Finally, she turned to the third and final beedrill. It was flying toward where she left the ledyba. Quickly, Fang jumped and water gunned it, trying to get it to focus on her instead of on the poor ledyba. It turned, wondering what in the name of all that was good and holy kept keeping it from the ledyba. Fang leered at it, pulling her claws out in a show of power. The two stared each other down before moving to clash against each other. The beedrill readied its needles with a poison sting, while Fang charged up her water gun.
  13. While Fang worked on getting the Ledyba to safety, Edan did his best to distract most of the Beedrills, Growling at them and flared his tail, getting four Beedrill's attention while the others were after Fang. The Beedrills flew after Edan and began firing Poison Needle at him, so Edan swiftly dove behind a rock, the Needles bouncing off he hard surface. When the Beedrills drew a little closer, Edan quickly jumped onto the rock and pushed off of it, readying his claws for Scratch as he neared the Beedrills. He scratched one as he soared passed and scratched another one to the side, before landing on the ground. The Beedrills simply shook off his Scratch, not having done much damage, and they turned on him once more. Uh oh, he hadn't thought this through.

    All the Beedrills went in for a Divebomb, and Edan took off at a run, trying to get away. "Waaaaaaaah!" He yelled, dodging left to right as the Beedrill came at him.

    He got smacked dead on in the chest from a Divebomb, flying back and hit the ground, sliding along the wet grass. He quickly pushed himself up, only to be smacked again by another Beedrill, falling once more to the ground. He groaned, his chest and side hurting, and he opened his eyes in time to see another coming right towards him. He quickly rolled out of the way, the Beedrill smacking into the ground instead, then Edan jumped off and took off at a run once more. The Beedrill flew after him, knowing they were gaining the upperhand, and were determined to get rid of the Charmander then do the same to the Totodile so that they could get the Ledyba. However, Edan had other plans. He couldn't just keep running away from the Beedrill like this. He'll have to do something or otherwise they would gain up on Fang.

    He quickly stopped running and faced them, narrowing his eyes as he curled his claws, growling low. He could feel something dwell deep inside him, and it burned, but instead of pain he felt power rising. He could feel it build up more and more, rising to his throat, and he had the urge to release it all. He opened his mouth, grasping the burning power and brought it out, and little flares suddenly shot out of his jaws. Aiming right at the Beedrill. They buzzed and stopped in their tracks as they were burned from the Ember, their wings catching on fire as burn marks appeared over their bodies. The Ember soon stopped, Edan blinking in shock at what he just did. He knew Ember!

    The Beedrill quickly began advancing again when he stopped, so he quickly started up again, firing Ember at them once again. Hitting them with Ember from left to right, though thanks to the rain it wasn't as strong, the weather weakening his fire. But it was still very effective, causing the Beedrill to quickly turn tail and run, not finding it worth it to go through these Pokemon just to get a Ledyba. Edan cut off the Ember, watching them go and making sure that they wouldn't come back.

    When they didn't, he quickly made his way to Fang, seeing her clashing with another Beedrill. He thought about charging in and helping, but then thought better of it, deciding to let Fang keep the fight. She was in no need of his help, so instead he went towards the tree he saw Totodile put the Ledyba in, running over.

    "You can come down, you're safe now." He said. The Ledyba seemed to hesitate, but seeing that Fang was fighting the last Beedrill while the others were gone, it spread it's wings and flew down to the Charmander.
  14. With a deep breath, Fang unleashed her water gun on the beedrill just as it shot its poison sting. The blast of the water gun amplified by the rain tore into the beedrill, sending it into a nearby tree. Fang wasn't able to dodge the poison sting, one getting lodged in her leg. The totodile barely spared a flinch as she glowered at the beedrill. Seeing no use in fighting anymore, it turned tail and ran, flapping its wings desperately and buzzing. Panting, Fang turned and walked back toward the ledyba and Edan. Smiling, she pulled out the oran berry and offered it to the Ledyba.

    Clearing her throat, Fang started her long practiced speech. "Hello. I'm Fang, and that's Edan. We're part of a team that helps Pokemon when they're in trouble. We're here to get you home to your family. They asked me to come out and find you." Holding her hand out, she smiled at the young pokemon. "I promise we'll get you home safe and sound."

    The Ledyba seemed to consider this, looking between the two Pokemon before taking the oran berry and Fang's hand. Munching down on the blue fruit, the young boy kept close to Fang. "Thank you! I thought I was going to be beedrill food." His voice was small and scared, tainted with a harsh acceptance that if they had not gotten to him, he would have died. Fang nodded before leading the way back to the town. The totodile talked amiably as they wandered back to the small village that a few pokemon had congregated to. The harsh winds threatened to blow the ledyba away, but Fang kept her claws firm in the ledyba's grasp.
  15. Edan couldn't help beaming and stand proud when Fang introduced them as a team, explaining that they were sent here to help the Ledyba, and the Ledyba's gratefulness made Edan feel warm inside. Well technically only Fang had been sent to retrieve the Ledyba, Edan had just been a bystander who had just been conveniently there to help, but still. It felt nice to be appreciated, and this had actually been a little...fun. Not that having a Pokemon's life in danger was fun, but it had a thrill of excitement to it, and then when saving the Pokemon there was a great feeling of accomplishment that went with it. Perhaps this sort of work really wasn't so bad.

    When they began heading back to the village, Edan stayed mostly quiet, for he had little information about this assignment and of the Pokemon world. He didn't want to seem suspicious, for though he told Fang, he didn't want everyone knowing he was human. They would think he was crazy and might have him locked up or something. However he answered any questions he could or chimed in to add something to the story of him and Fang finding the Ledyba, but other than that he walked silently beside the Ledyba. He was a little concerned for Fang, for though she had given the Ledyba an Oran Berry, she took none for herself. He had seen a poison needle sticking out of her leg before it vanished, and he hoped that she hadn't been poisoned, but overall she seemed to be okay. Perhaps she had taken these kind of stings before and was a little more immune? This certainly didn't seem like her first time of the job.

    At last they had reached the Pokemon village, and a nearby sign Edan spotted held the name, and squinting his eyes through the rain he could faintly see the words. 'Sea Brook Paradise'. He blinked. Were they near a sea? From where they stood he couldn't see an ocean anywhere, but now that he thought about it... They had been going up hill. Was this village perhaps settled on a cliff?

    He didn't see many Pokemon out, perhaps due to such horrible weather, but the ones he did see all appeared to be water Pokemon. There were some bird Pokemon as well, and bug Pokemon like Ledyba, but the majority contained water. He was amazed by how many there were, despite the fact that most were probably barricading themselves indoors. There were Pellipers, Poliwhirls, Pidgeys, Butterfree's, and so on and so forth.

    "This is where you live?" He asked the Ledyba, still looking around in amazement. "It's really nice." The buildings were either large trees with hollowed out homes, or rocky foundations from the ground, again hollowed out to make homes.
  16. The ledyba nodded at Edan's question, glad to be home. "Yep! Mamma and I live in one of the big trees." The trio walked through the crowd of pokemon, weaving expertly left and right until a ledian spotted them. With a cry of joy, the ledyba let go of Fang's claws and rushed over to the ledian who met him in the middle. The older pokemon gathered the younger in her arms, holding him tightly and spinning around. "Mamma! Mamma!"

    The ledian laughed, holding the ledyba close. "Oh my baby, my sweet baby! I thought I would never see you again!" She kissed the young one's forehead before turning Fang and Edan. "Oh, I can't thank you enough! I know it's not much, but you both deserve it for saving my son." The ledian pulled out a small sack of coins and an oran berry. Fang smiled and took reward carefully, glad that the mother and son were back together.

    "You're welcome. Thank you for the reward." The totodile said, glad that everything was going well.

    "Oh, it's no trouble. Arceus bless you and your partner there. Thank you again for helping my son!" The ledian shouted over a loud gust of wind, keeping the small ledyba close by her side.

    Fang nodded before making sure the small family got to their home. She turned to Edan, smiling. "We did it! Now, let's go back to base... Well technically it's just my home but I like to call it my base." Fang gave Edan a pat on the back before heading out to the large tree she called her home. She was in a good mood, a successful mission always doing wonders for her mood. However she was limping slightly. The poison was starting to take effect, but Fang didn't worry too much about it. She had pecha berries at home she could use. Yawning, the totodile finally walked up to a hollowed out tree and opened the door. "Welcome to our base!" She smiled and quickly ushered Edan in before closing the door behind her.
  17. When they returned the young Ledyba to his mother, Edan had a really good feeling in his chest that seemed to swell, a smile breaking out on his face. It felt really nice to see the small family reunited once again. Though he never originally started out on this mission, he was glad that he tagged along with Fang to help find this Ledyba and return him to his mother, and they were rewarded no less. Edan would have done this mission without an award, though these provisions would be very useful for any further missions, so to accept it would be the better course of action. However, watching the two made Edan start to wonder... Did he have a family? He tried to think but if he did, he couldn't remember, not a single familiar face popping up inside his head. Was there someone back home right now, worrying about him? Wondering where he was? Did he have human friends back at home that were worried about him as well? He tried and tried but there just wasn't even a single glimpse of memory of his home.

    The warm feeling he had felt before began to fade, replaced by a shallow and dreaded feeling, feeling gloom all of a sudden. However he forced it all away, clearing his mind of such thoughts and instead focused on the joy and happiness of the two Pokemon before him, replacing that horrible feeling with warmth once again. After being rewarded, Edan bid the Ledyba and Ledyian farewell, informing that the Ledyba be more careful before following Fang back to her base. He wondered what kind of base it was, and hoped that it wouldn't involve going under water or something, but that wasn't the case. It was a hollowed out tree, and a nice one at that, pretty solid looking and it looked like it'd be dry inside. Edan was growing tired of the rain, his body soaked and it was only thanks that he was a fire Pokemon that he wasn't too cold.

    He walked in eagerly when Fang opened the door, and once inside he shook himself off, getting rid of the droplets of water on his skin. It felt so nice to not have rain pelting him every second, the base providing excellent shelter from the harsh wind and rain. He took a curious look around at the base, spotting a table with wooden stools off to the side, some steps leading up to a wooden platform where he could see a hay bed, and there was another set of steps on the other side of the hollowed out tree that lead up to another wooden platform with a bookshelf and a comfy looking seat, so he guessed it was a sitting/reading area.

    "This is a really nice place." He complimented, making sure that the flame on his tail was still bright and flaring. He was going to have to get used to that.
  18. Fang smiled as Edan looked around her home. It had taken years to get it as nice as it looked, but she was quite proud of it. "Thank you." She walked over to a chest and opened it. Taking a pecha berry out of one of the compartments, she ate it before finding an oran berry and doing the same. Afterwards she took their reward and put it in the treasure box. "This will be our base from now on! When we get done with missions, we'll come back here." She turned and smiled at the charmander.

    The small totodile took the charmander's hand and pulled him along with her. "Let me show you around!" She pulled him toward the small table and chair. "That's where we're going to eat, though I'll need to get another chair since I didn't expect company..." With a skip in her step, she bounded up the steps to the wooden platform holding the bookcase. "Here's all the books and maps I've either found or been given over the years. I'm grateful I found them. They would have been ruined in all of this rain." She pulled out a large roll of paper, rolling it out. "I've started making a map, but so far it's only got the surrounding area. A lot of the maps got ruined by the rain or places shifted so it's not accurate anymore. I know it's not a lot, but it's better than nothing." She put the map back before dragging Edan toward the last place.

    "And here is where we'll sleep." She smiled. "It's not much, but it's a lot more comfortable than sleeping on the floor." She settled into the straw, patting next to her. "So, I'm sure you have a lot of questions. Since we're currently not on a mission, why don't we talk? Maybe we can even try and trigger one of your memories." The totodile smiled widely as she waited for the other to sit down. She hadn't had a friend in years. This could be a great experience.
  19. "This will be our base from now on! When we get done with missions, we'll come back here."

    Edan's eyes had gone wide when he heard this statement, for he never actually planned on forming a 'team' with her or staying here. "Wait, I-" But he couldn't even finish explaining for the Totodile had grabbed him and began a tour around her home.

    The entire time Edan would stutter, trying to explain that he wasn't sure if he wanted to actually form a team, but Fang was so excited that she never heard him. Instead she lead him all around the house, making him nearly dizzy from being pulled around and rushed up and down steps, seeing her table and promising to have another chair for him, then showing him her books and the map that she was making. He had to admit, it was a very nice map, again trying to explain he didn't really plan on staying but she had simply dragged him off again. They came to her hay bed, explaining that he would be sleeping there as well. Had he been human still he was sure he would find the bed very uncomfortable, but being a Pokemon now he actually saw it very appealing, and she was right. It was a lot better than the floor.

    Did he have a ton of questions? Yes. Perhaps tons and tons. He had so many, he didn't know where to begin, and his head was still spinning from the tour. He was grateful that Fang had finally stopped and was willing to talk with him about all of this. But where and how to start... He moved over, sitting down beside her and turned his body slightly so that he faced her, making sure to keep his tail away from her and the hay on the bed. He was going to have to try to sleep without it burning anything.

    "Well first off, I'm not really sure if I actually want to form a team..." He said. "I mean I don't really know anything about this 'team', and I have so much going on, I need to figure out why I'm like this and what happened to me. I don't know if I'd be able to help you out and do missions..." He tilted his head. "Although... You do hold a point of maybe having one of my memories trigger. It could help me to regain my memory if I stayed..."

    He looked down at his hands...er, claws. "Other than that though..." He looked back at her. "I am very curious about this rain. Does it always rain like this? I want to know when the sun comes out, I really hate being out in it. It makes me feel kind of drowsy and a little weak..."
  20. Fang deflated as the charmander said he might not want to form a team. She supposed she understood. It was a dangerous time, and she had been called crazy by quite a few pokemon for helping others in such a world as this. When he expressed his doubts, Fang immediately tried to rectify that. "You would help! You helped with my mission today and did a bang up job on it." She played with a bit of the hay, hoping and praying the charmander didn't decide to leave. "This team, well really it's just me right now, goes around to different places to help different pokemon. I mean, someone has to." She looked over at Edan as he gave her one point, at least.

    Leaning back, Edan listened to the harsh rainfall as Edan explained how the rain made him feel weaker. "Well, the rain doesn't really stop... Like I said, the weather is really out of whack. The rain hasn't stopped since it started six months ago. It's a surprise the world hasn't been flooded by now, though I know a lot of pokemon are just trying to dig holes to drain the excess water."

    The totodile stretched out, tired from a successful mission. "The rain is great for water pokemon. It makes me feel stronger, like I have double or triple the energy I had before. However, there can be such a thing as too much of a good thing. For all the good it's doing water pokemon, it's hurting fire, ground, and rock types." She turned to the charmander, her tail curling more around her. "... I'd like you to stay. But, if you want to leave, that's fine." The thought of one of her first potential friends leaving her so soon was like a punch to the gut. However, she couldn't stop him.
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