Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The Fate of Dimensions

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  1. Her mother’s last word echoed in her mind:


    So she ran. She ran and ran. Her paws crunched and clattered against the cold, dry ground as she ran with all the speed she had. She remembered there was nothing ahead of her, which was good because she couldn’t see right now through the tears clouding her eyes.

    She ran because that was the only thing she could do. But she knew that it wasn’t going to do her any good in the end. No matter how fast she ran she couldn’t outrun them. They were all around her, in the air, like a dome moving around her.

    She could feel the unending stare of their blinking eyes, scrutinizing her, making her feel even smaller and more vulnerable. Whenever she looked up she could see them there still, always watching her, rotating and flitting around in their strange patterns, geometric arrangements hanging in the air, always watching her.

    But all she could do was run. She couldn’t stop now. Tears streamed down her cheeks until she had to close her eyes. The only things she could hear were her own footsteps and cries, they never made a sound.

    And then she was falling. Suddenly there was nothing beneath her feet and she was left tumbling and falling through a cold windy void she could see nothing in.
  2. Terrence was a little off put by the cold. It wasn’t that he got cold easily or felt cold easily, on the contrary he was usually warm with all his bulk. But the cold always made him uncomfortable and he was always afraid of Ice-type attacks. The Wayside Wanderers were in the north hunting criminal Pokemon, and they all could feel it in the cooler air. When he looked up north he could see the Twinhorn peaks, the two tilted mountains that towered over the regions.

    Each of his heavy footsteps created a small thud against the ground, and with each step the tree on his back waved stiffly from side to side. He was moving at what for him was a good clip, but for most other Pokemon was just an average walk.

    But he had good reason to want to move as fast as he could, if it meant that they were finally going to finish this chase for Sero. A thief and a thug who’d been on the run for months, and finally had been so much of a problem that the they’d finally put a bounty on him, enough for Wayside Wanderers to get involved.

    They path they were on ended in a small slope, and after Terrence looked over the slope he turned back to the group and said, “So from the report we have, Sero’s holed up in a cave not too far in this direction. I’m thinking…” He paused as he looked over the large group again, then continued, “He’s probably not going to try to fight it out. So we should probably get ready for a chase when we catch up to this guy.”
  3. Vice's teeth chatter as he sloshes through the snow - this fur was way too thin to be of any comfort here, and he had run out of Rawst Berries he had been snacking on for comfort about a day ago. "If there's a chase involved, I trust Wave'll be able to take care of it. If he can chase down an opponent and handle him long enough for backup..." The feline pokemon shivers in an uncomfortable manner, turning to look around to the white landscape. His own movements had been slowing down in this environment - but his mind had not. His eyes narrowed, giving him the shrewd appearance he tended to adopt then he was thinking at a rapid pace... planning.

    "Another possibility - or assurance, for our victory... might be to step up a trap." His eyes flick around as he scans the arctic world, and he emits a purr, and he raises a paw to stroke at the tuft of fur 'goatee' on his chin. "I don't... see any supplies we could use for such a tactic, though. Unless the target has set up traps of his own within the cave he's holed in, or at least some living amenities, I could set up something fierce... as long the others are into it. If they need to know..." He winces, mentally berating himself, "No. No... trust. Teamwork."

    His mind changes to consider his compatriots - each of them were powerful... far more powerful than he ever could conceive. He inhales, before sneezing - followed by a groan of distaste. Even among the few of his own type, he was the outcast - the weakest member of the chain. He scowls in resentment for just a moment, recalling the feats that his allies were capable of - jealousy took grip of his heart. He sneezed again... conceding that he'd just have to make up for his weakness somehow. He'd earn their camaraderie somehow.

    He shoots a look to Terrance, "Are you going to be ready for a chase?" The liepard takes note of the turtle pokemon's speed and moveset. "If we're lucky, we'll end up chasing him downhill. I'm not a fast runner, so I'm going to end up behind... probably for the best." He looks around, shivering visibly, "I'd hate to be cut off from everyone out here... the cold. The white. It's hard to believe other Pokemon can find their way." Vice's ears perked, quieting himself and his mind to consider the voices of his teammates, his eyes moving to each in turn - darkly shrewd look rarely leaving his face, save for a sneeze or a chatter of his teeth.
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  4. Marching happily through the snow at Terr's pace was Wave, the snow definitely didn't bother him since he was part ice himself but it didn't stop him taking a bite out of his candy bar. He was enjoying being with the Wayside Wanderers and ready to help the team catch Sero. He was enjoying the snow but he could tell it was bothering Terr, he knew how it felt being somewhere where you're very weak against.

    Wave started to think of his weakness and thought of the time before he joined the Wayside Wanderers. He was walking through desert which wasn't the best move to start to start with but when a bossy Charizard comes along and attacking anyone he comes along. Wave didn't stand a chance but luckily a team of electric pokemon saved his ass and told him it was a stupid idea for a lone Weavile to walk through the desert in the first place. He knew it was but he wanted to see the world at the time but that was many years ago.

    When Terr said he was held up in a cave Wave was hoping they can corner him in there but he kinda knew if Sero ran out he'd be asked to chase him down. That's when Vice started to say "If there's a chase involved, I trust Wave'll be able to take care of it. If he can chase down an opponent and handle him long enough for backup..."

    Wave knew he was the fastest and someone had to say it and he didn't mind it depending on what pokemon he was chasing. Wave answered Vice's comment "I can easily catch up with Sero and distract him long enough till you lot arrive if that's what you lot want me to do". Wave stopped walking and realised he knew the name of the pokemon there were chasing but not what pokemon. "Hey Terr" Wave ran back next to him "What pokemon is Sero" he felt a bit dumb asking because he was sure he had already asked the question.
  5. Draak followed in the middle of their group. "Hes a Toxicroak, remember?" He said.

    He tried his best to keep hidden in the group of Pokemon, but it was hard to miss a seven foot tall pitch black dragon in the middle of a stark white blanket of snow.

    "And if you can stop him long enough, Im sure a couple well placed attacks from me and Terrence will do that panzy Sero in."
  6. Hum was totally out of her element on this one. It wasn't the snow that bothered her though, or at least not as much as it bothered some of the others in the group. The cold wasn't her weakness after all. No, what put her out of her element was the fact that they would be entering a cave. Caves were filled with ground-type Pokemon which she hated to admit had the advantage over her. Digletts, Mamoswine, and even Rhydons. This was gonna be one heck of an adventure! Sero would probably prove a tough battle too, but that's why they had a variety of talents in the Wayside Wanderers. With more than one psychic-type at the ready, things should turn out just fine.

    "You can call this Sero guy a lot of things but just remember to watch out for those poison-type attacks. I only have so many Pecha Berries," she voiced as she trudged forward through the snow. If it hadn't been for her handkerchief covering the lower half of her face, she probably would have had snot icicles decorating her nose. Actually, just the thought of it made the silly Ampharos giggle a little to herself.

    "I'm all for chasing him down too. I'll use my favorite technique of submission on him. Headbutt! Cha!" Thrusting a paw into the air, Hum pranced forward until she'd caught up to the Pokemon at the front of the convoy.
  7. Slightly further to the right of the group was the quiet Houndoom bracing through the snow on her own. The two to three-yard distance from her and her team showed her need for some space though not for snobbish reasons. As she walked along, she would glance at them from time to time while keeping an eye on what's ahead, on her right, and behind everyone. Being a package deliverer of some sort, though she was not able to do this often, she somehow knew what it was like to travel through snow. With that said, she maintained a little distance from them with the intention to keep an eye on them all, but careful enough not to space away too much that she would become an easy target to the enemy.

    However, seeing how some of her team members were shivering from the cold - more particularly Vice, she felt somehow guilty for distancing herself. After all, she IS a fire type, so naturally she would have a very warm body. Looking at how foggy her breath was from the cold, she glanced again at the team before trudging closer to them. As she did close in next to Vice, she almost jumped when he sneezed. Clara cleared her voice softly hopefully to catch the Liepard's attention without disrupting the mood of others as they spoke about their plans on taking down Sero. ​
    "Hey.." She said softly to him in almost a whisper, her icy blue eyes keeping watch on his every movement. Clara did not like how he was shivering badly. Scratch that, she did not like seeing anyone become uncomfortable with anything. With her eyes narrowing a bit, the Houndoom noticed how he was not munching on anything anymore. Seeing that, she nodded her head to motion him to move closer to her. Then looking ahead, the Houndoom bowed her head and let out a short flamethrower underneath her, careful enough not to send small flames in the open to burn the others. Hopefully this would help warm Vice up, and whoever was nearest to her. A few seconds should be enough for now, and as she also needed to conserve her energy for the upcoming battle. Her icy blue eyes then switched to look at Vice. She gave him a gentle, yet reassuring smile. With the Twinhorn peaks right ahead, they would be out from the snow soon.​
  8. "Ah, poison... It always struck me as a point of interest that every Pokemon has the ability to call upon those toxic powers." Vice adopts a sinister expression for a while. Some part of him played with the idea of finding Sero and toying with him in what the Liepard considered a 'proper hunt'... traps, ambushes, planning and nasty plots. That wouldn't work out well for his companions, however - he doubted the strength of their combined forces needed to be enhanced with such dirty tactics.

    He was taken out of his thoughts by the gentle voice behind him - his eyes softened considerably as he saw Clara. Long ago, he had been told a story of how canine Pokemon and feline Pokemon hated each other and warred in ages past. Clara changed his mind about that story - though perhaps he was biased in favor of Dark Pokemon like himself. He altered his pace, moving next to her - assuming from her tone that she wanted to ask to tell him something. The insight of his friends and allies were extremely valuable - they've had experiences he's never had, and he couldn't match their combat abilities - much easier for him to hear what they wanted to do.

    The nearby Flamethrower attack came as a relief - he flashed her a thankful look, admitting in a whisper: "I hope we either find him or a series of caves soon. I'm having trouble keeping up with everyone." His nose twitches, and he turns his head from her to sneeze once more. The action forces his fur to stand on end for a moment, his question-mark shaped tail straightening to an exclamation mark for just a moment. He shakes, embarrassed - "My apologies."

    He confides in the houndoom, "If it comes to a chase, I'll likely be staying behind with Terrance. I can't match the speed of the group." To himself, he continues, "And I wouldn't want to be alone out here." The liepard shivers again - but not from the cold. It was actually a little frightening thinking of the things or Pokemon hiding among the white blanket - or above in the frozen skies. Vice keeps watch as they walk, judging the area with clever eyes.
  9. Clara nodded back to receive his thanks and looked ahead, streams of smoke escaping from her nose and mouth from the flamethrower. Her eyes then scanned the perimeter, keeping a careful watch of what is ahead. It was then she heard her comrade speak did she return her gaze at him.

    "Oh, there is no need to fret about that. The weather is harsh to us all." She puffed again a stream of smoke before letting out another flamethrower underneath her. The Houndoom smiled softly, as she was able to understand what the Liepard was going through. The dark pokemon could somehow feel his frustration, and she thought of him and his difficulty keeping up at the moment. "I hope you're not being too hard on yourself.." She whispered almost to herself as she looked down with a small sigh escaping her muzzle. But then as if to keep him from hearing that, Clara immediately tried to veer away from where her last statement was going, in fear prodding more into his personal issues - unless he didn't mind, that is. "Let's hang on a little longer. We will find shelter whether mother nature likes it or not." Smirking a little, Clara hoped that it would soothe Vice's troubles somehow. She then thought of his plan to stay behind.

    "I'll stay with you, if that's alright. The prey does have the tendency to run in a hunt. We can strike him down in an ambush if he comes in our way. Perhaps a trap near the entrance of the cave would do, since he would naturally look for an exit in a cave." Her eyes narrowing a bit, Clara thought of another strategy in case the chase would take place in an open field. One thing's for sure with this Houndoom, she does not get contented with just one backup plan.
  10. Terrence couldn't help but grin as Hum pranced up to the group and punched the air, and despite the cold seeing the group come together like this with spirits high still made him feel warmer. "Just remember guys, we need to catch him." Terrence replied with a small grin as he stepped up to the edge of the slope and carefully lowered himself and started sliding down, his belly on the show and using his legs to guide himself.

    He nearly managed, and reached the bottom in a heap of built up snow. For a moment he just looked like a tree and three rocks sticking up out of the snow. Then his head poked up through the snow and then he lifted up the rest of his bulk out of the snow and shook himself clean as he waited for the others to join him.

    "And we probably have enough fast people to do it and enough strong people to get him down. Hopefully he'll just come along without making trouble. I don't think he can put up too much of a fight with all us here." As he spoke he looked around, lifting his head up higher as he saw the top of a rocky-looking hill up not too far off, with a few thin trees sticking up out from between boulders and nice. He whirled back to face the group, grinning now and pawing at the ground to get his legs free from the snow.

    "There's a cave under that hill, I'm positive. Gotta be. C'mon, we can get this guy!" He started pushing through the snow again, still not quickly but with all the speed he could manage, really eager now to bring the chase to the end. "Come on!"
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