Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Spinoff

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Alright, so I spent the past three hours looking for a picture of a male Dialga gijinka, really for no reason, until I got to thinking about Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Darkness. Then I had a little lightbulb go off.

Imagine a world like the mystery dungeon series, only gijinkafied. Yes, I just came up with that word. And I call dibs on it's creation. So there. But, back to the idea. Time is going out of whack and the crime rates are going up once again. Which really isn't a good thing since time has been fixed so many times before. My character, dialga, is loosing it... Again. And your character, any pokemon of your choosing except darkrai, drew the short straw and got hassled into going off to stop dialga from accidentally destroying the world.

Of course, you're character will go to where my character usually is, and finds that... He isn't there. So your character looks around and finds him on the verge of fainting in his primal state. So, naturally, your character goes to help him, and in his state of madness, he tries - in vain - to fight back. Your charrie heals him, and when he comes around again, he's simmered down to the in-between phase between normal and primal, though it's obvious that he could swing either way. So now they have to figure out who attacked dialga, why he's loosing it again, and how to prevent him from loosing it.

So, ya, it's a plot with extra cheese, but I've been craving pokemon lately so deal with it.
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