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  1. What is Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?
    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (PMD) is probably the most prolific of the side games to the main Pokemon franchise, with 4 installments now. They're roguelike games where you lead an adventure team of Pokemon through randomly-generated mystery dungeons, doing quests for the townspokes and catching criminal Pokemon. ​

    So what's the setting like then?
    All Pokemon. Humans are either fairy tales or nowhere around the places that the games take place in. Also these places don't conform to any part of the real world no matter how hard you squint so that breaks from the main games too. Pokemon have their own money (Poke) and towns and shops and things. They eat berries and apples and other fruits and veggies. That's actually in the games. ​

    So what's the idea then?
    I want run an RP following the story of an adventure team of 3-4 Pokemon, up near the northern mountains chasing criminals. Odd earthquakes and storms have been rocking the world and putting Pokemon on edge. But right in the middle of their chase an amnesiac young Eevee falls out of the sky in the middle of the team in a flash of light. They do the right thing to take her to the nearest town, but the mystery only builds from there. ​

    So, are there any people out there interested in a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon RP? It would be a pretty lighthearted game, following the adventures of these Pokemon, but with some dark and serious moments. Basically, matching the tone of the main Pokemon games or Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games.

    Any takers?
  2. Interested. You don't even know. Just one thing, will there be dialogue? I haven't played any of the games this is based on so...
  3. Oh, yes, Pokemon can talk to each other just fine.
  4. I'd be interested in this
  5. Alright, excellent to hear. Just give my trained Apoms a few days to whip up an OCC for us.
  6. *Raises fist into the air* Yesssssssss *He said in a Napolean Dynamite voice*