Pokemon Mystery Dungeon RP: The Post Apocalyptic Version.

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  1. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rp:
    Obviously as the title says if you have played the games you'd know.
    For those of you who haven't played or know the concept of pokemon mystery dungeon only.
    So when you start off in th mystery dungeon game you have or memories as a human but you awake on a beach as a Pokemon when another pokemon finds you. Then basically you can guess the rest.
    For anyone actually interested in the rp.
    You will still be transformed but you will still be mostly human with certain pokemon characteristics, such as you will be a human with Pikachu ears, tail, and red cheeks, but still have the powers of a pikachu that was just an example. You can even be some made up like garchomplazardichu yes I just stuck pokemon names together. Except Legendaries.
    Story wise you are on a cruise with people you don't know (other players) and the is a storm. The boat crashes you all pass out in the water, some faster than others. Then wake up on the island transformed. You all go to a nearby village of people just like you except they were born like that. A single one of them found you on the beach (me since I'm not to fond of making npc's with background) and the same thing happened to him. The main villan will most likely be a legendary pokemon just like you. Everyone on the out side doesn't think pokemon exsist anymore because of some bio-chemical weapon. Not Everyone has to be brought to the island some of you can be born as one I'd just like a bit of each.
    Pallet Town Post apoctalyptic, so after the chemical weapon. No ash Nor his mom will be there. Proffesser Oak is somewhere on the island studying us from afar while also being one of us.
    Important Parts:
    Dungeon Team Leader:
    Team Nurse/or Doctor:
    Team Main Support:
    Team Main Attacker:
    Team Main Defender:
    I will allow there to be relationships between players only things such as hugging or kissing are allowed just keep the more explicit stuff in the pms okay. The minimum for people I want join is 4 or 5 but we'll see how it goes.
    Let me know if anyone wants to join.
  2. So we're Gijinkas?

    Do we start off as first form or can someone like a war hero be a friggin Blaziken?
  3. Um I think Id allow you to be that yeah.
  4. I'd probably like to join this. Seems cool!
  5. so a few more people and I could start an oc
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