Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Crescent Legacy

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  1. Ludwik

    Darkness. It blocked his vision, not allowing him to see where he was. The only thing he could tell was happening was the fact he was falling. Slowly, but surely, downwards. Further into the unknown darkness that confused him so. He couldn't help but wonder if this was some kind of dream, as even though the situation was unnerving, he felt perfectly safe. As if something would ensure his safety no matter how far he fell. He couldn't even speak, no matter how hard he tried, words would not come forth from his throat. If this was a dream, it was a very strange one, like he had never experienced before.

    He felt somewhat afraid, his hands were trembling. An odd feeling of loneliness washed over him, and he began assuming worse things. Was this perhaps death? He could think of worse places to be, but he still didn't want to spend an eternity in darkness. He wondered if his Pokemon were okay? What would happen to them if he was gone? Perhaps they'd get released back into the wild? A horrible thought crossed his mind as he thought about them never being released at all. They'd be stuck in their Pokeballs, unable to get out in order to eat, drink, or survive in general. Their pain would be great, and would span over a rather long course of time.

    He began to struggle, attempting to bring himself to anywhere but this seemingly endless dark pit. With gritted teeth, he reached out and attempted to try and find a ledge, or anything else to grab onto, to stop his descent. To no avail, as it seemed no matter how far he reached, there was nothing there to help him. He tried to yell with no success, and finally gave up, staring downwards hopelessly.

    Below, there was some sort of light beginning to become apparent. His eyes locked onto it as it quickly approached, what it actually was becoming more apparent. It seemed to be a bow... Pure white in color. It floated right in front of him, glowing brightly. With mild hesitation, he grabbed the bow, and the pit that was once dark began to flash a number of colors, causing him to look around frantically. It soon stopped, the pit becoming pure white. More confused, he watched on as odd pulses of energy came from the bow, and it slowly turned yellow. After it's full color-turn, the pit became darkness once more.

    Another bright light was shining below him, and though he was distracted mildly by the bow, he couldn't help but pay more attention to the next light. This one was more pink, in a large circle. Unlike the last one, it wasn't coming towards him. It was waiting for him to show up. Almost like a sort of gate, portal, or something similar.

    Deciding to not resist against what could possibly be his exit, he simply closed his eyes as the light approached, and he fell through it. As soon as he was completely through, his eyes shot open in shock, as he himself began to glow yellow. He silently stared at himself, as he slowly, but surely, became a simple light with a glow similar to the bow he had gotten moments ago. His final moments of being awake were spent in uncertainty as he joined together with two others lights of uncertain color, that had similar experiences, as it was time for them to make their way to their destination, for their journey to truly begin.

    Apicot Woods

    Above the Apicot Woods, the moon shined a bright pink. It was a sight for all, being both mysterious, and beautiful. From what seemed like the moon itself, a bright yellow beam of light shot down, strait at the Apicot Woods. Woodland Pokemon scrambled away in panic, as the beam descended down at a fast pace, before hitting the ground in an opening inside the forest and kicking up dust in all directions. The gust of wind sending leaves flying off of the trees, and Pokemon that were trying to fly away were getting pushed around and nearly knocked into trees.

    As the dust cleared, the light also faded. Revealing three Pokemon in the grass. One of which was a Magby. Passed out on it's stomach, with it's face in the dirt. It's injuries didn't seem serious, though it had an odd red hat on it's head, which covered it's eyes. A yellow bow was kept in his left hand, in a death grip that certainly meant it was something the Magby didn't want to lose. The three Pokemon was surrounded by nothing but silence, and the falling leaves.

    Some of the forest's inhabitants hesitantly came back and simply stared, unsure of what to think. Most were unsure if the Pokemon had been unfortunate enough to get hit by the beam, or came from it. The moon above soon changed back to it's pale white color, and everything seemed to go back to normal. They conversed about the oddity, and in the end, The Pokemon began retreating deeper into the woods, afraid to find out the truth about the trio. They were left in their condition, alone, for any Pokemon that happened to either be hungry enough to take advantage of fainted Pokemon, or had a good heart and was willing to see if they were alright.


    Suttecliff Dwelling
    The Pokemon within Suttecliff were unaware of the beam that shot down from the moon, due to being unable to see it. For the most part, everyone lived under the cliff and therefor couldn't see the sky, or lived in housing on the edge and could only see the ocean and the wrong side of the sky. The only Pokemon that spotted the moon beam were two Scraggy guards assigned to the tunnel, who fled in fear as they saw the moon beam, screaming all the while. They were assigned to the exit, while fleeing, they picked up the midway guards, and entrance guards, who scattered around the town yelling about a beam from the sky, in such a panic that they began causing worry for the inhabitants of Suttecliff.

    And of course, when Suttecliff had a problem, the Guild had a problem.

    Attempting to get some paperwork done, Noctowl, assistant of Guild Master Snorlax, found himself up late. He was focused on the task, sitting in his office on the second floor of the guild. Humming a gentle tune as he continued writing in a delicate manner with his talons, he began to hear something outside. Ignoring it at first, it began becoming louder... And louder. To the point of being annoying and not understandable to the old flying type.

    "What is with all of this racket?!" Noctowl questioned, pushing open the window in his office and poking his head out, noticing a large group of Pokemon gathered in front of the Guild, all spouting nonsense.
    "Something shot down from the moon!"

    "It sent chilling winds throughout the woods!"

    "It's an attack by the one controlling the poor fools in the wild!"

    "What're we gonna do?!?!"

    "Forget us! What is the GUILD going to do?!?!"

    "For goodness sake..." Noctowl sighed, bringing his head back inside the building. Hearing a knock on the door, Noctowl glared in it's direction. "What?!" He shouted, hearing a somewhat meek voice on the other end.

    "S-Sir! Brewer is here to see you!" The voice on the other side of the door replied.

    "Brewer? This can only mean trouble..." Noctowl commented, annoyed. "Send him in!"

    As Noctowl finished speaking, his door flew open, causing him to fly backwards, nearly bumping into the wall.

    Lowering his foot, Brewer, a Scrafty and head of the Scraggy Defense Force, walked inside. He tipped his hat to Noctowl before speaking. "I'm sure ya understand why ah'm here already, so ah'll make this quick." He began, standing firm as he continued: "The exit guards reported a strange beam firing from the moon, and crashing into Apicot Woods. I don't got a single idea what it was, but whatever it is, it's got EVERYONE worked up."

    "From the moon?" Noctowl questioned curiously. "That sounds like something extremely rare, if not a once in a lifetime thing to have happen!" He stated, flapping his wings excitedly.

    "Yeah, be excited while ya can." Brewer replied, sighing. "There's practically a riot outside demanding ya'll do somethin'. I noticed some of yer' teams were either in hiding or drunk off their backsides, so I suggest you find whoever is able and get 'em on their way. Fast. Before they tear your buildin' down, as much as i'd somewhat like to see that happen."

    "Still going on about how we handle Criminals?" Noctowl questioned.

    "Darn right." Brewer responded bluntly.

    "Very well." Noctowl said, beginning to fly along. "I shall call all of our able explorers to the front of the guild, and get a team together. Come, come, Brewer. We must make haste!" Noctowl called, rushing out of his office.

    Within the next few minutes, what Guild members that were aware enough to take a job were gathered in front with the rest of the crowd, as Noctowl and Brewer addressed everyone.

    "Attention, everyone! Silence is necessary!" He called out, catching the attention of most of the townsfolk. His eyes shifted between each individual, as he began speaking. "This sudden event has us all in a panic, I know. But do not fear! For the guild shall investigate and halt any possible problem this could have caused! Our guild members are trained to take on the most horrific villains, and I assure you they will set anything wrong, strait back to right! Isn't that right, comrades of Guildmaster Snorlax?"

    "Right-o!" One guild member yelled, a Zangoose that seemed ready to go. He stepped forward, before turning to the crowd and raising his arms up. "I'm stronger than anything that could of came from that light! It'll take a dozen of 'em to even start making me tired!" He gloated, as Noctowl raised a talon and tapped his shoulder, catching his attention.

    "Wot?" The Zangoose questioned loudly, as Noctowl leaned down. "Where is the rest of your team?" Noctowl questioned back quietly, and Zangoose smirked. "They went a bit crazy with the drinking after our last job. Passed out until noon tomorrow, I'm sure."

    "Then you need someone else to go with you, correct?" Noctowl asked, holding back his disappointment of Zangoose's team. "Not really, but if someone wants to step up, they can certainly tag along." Zangoose replied, seeming indifferent about teammates as of now, He was either brave, or stupid. Or both. Nobody could really tell at a glance.

    The two looked at the crowd, and noticed a few fresher recruits skipping out the back, running away. This infuriated Noctowl, who yelled at them as they continued to flee. "W-WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU ALL ARE GOING?!"

    "Oi... You scared 'em with that 'horrific villain' crap." The Zangoose commented bluntly, as Noctowl glared at him. "Vulgar!" He snapped, shaking off his frustration for the most part as he looked back out at the crowd. "Eheheh... Scared of the unknown, I suppose... Grips some of our members that are more faint of heart... But we still have some truly brave souls here, and they'll surely step forward now!"

    'At least I hope to Arceus they do.' Noctowl thought to himself, hoping the guild wouldn't be shamed by their more fresh and... Mildly pathetic recruits. This was sort of a make or break moment for Noctowl, as if nobody stepped forward, the guild's reputation could be severely harmed! He'd possibly ruin Snorlax's good name! He didn't want to think about the possible punishments for doing something like that. The following moments were silent, the crowd seeming to want to have another hero show up to assure them things would be fine.

    Glancing over, Noctowl noticed Brewer glaring sternly at him.

    "C'mon! You call yerselves explorers, and you aren't gonna look into this? Someone get up here!" Zangoose shouted, just wanting to go now. Though he knew if he did that Noctowl would only become more crossed. Waiting to see if anyone would join him was sadly the only real option the Zangoose had. He just hoped they weren't wasting time by standing here, as whatever that beam of light was might not stick around forever...

    Apicot Woods
    Waking up, Desmond managed to push himself up to a sitting position, adjusting the hat on his head so he'd be able to see. He glanced about, unsure of where he was. "Where..." He began, pausing as he took in the woods.

    "Where am I?" He questioned, looking about as he stood up. Everything was so big. The trees, huge... The ground, so close to his face. He felt... Short. As he looked down, he noticed odd red feet. His feet.

    "W-Woah!" He yelped, jumping back. But the feet followed, freaking him out. He looked at his hands, noticing they were stubby looking limbs with three short claws. Gripped in one of his hands was a yellow bow. He stared at it, and his hands, horrified. But an odd warmth came from the bow, and sort of gave him some comfort. But didn't lessen his confusion.

    "This isn't my body." He commented to himself, observing himself further. His body shape was familiar, similar in color to that of a Magby, but he wasn't exactly up for believing he was a Pokemon just yet. Turning to observe the rest of the clearing, he noticed two other Pokemon on the ground. One he recalled; A Snorunt. It was an Ice-Type Pokemon. But the other one he hadn't seen before. Was it a new species of Pokemon? He had no Pokeballs... He didn't even have his Pokeballs! Where were his Pokemon? Were they okay? He was somewhat fearful for their safety with him gone, but knew just panicking wouldn't get him anywhere. He had to figure out where he was.

    There were so many questions, but no answers. All that falling seemed like a dream, but maybe it wasn't. Just what did he get himself into, now? This was freaking him out.

    "Hello? Are you two okay?" He questioned, approaching the Pokemon. Even if they were just Pokemon, maybe getting them up would help him uncover what was going on. Maybe they could lead him somewhere. Since the three of them were passed out here, something must have happened, right? "Come on, wake up...!"
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  2. Tasha, the Snorunt, laid facedown on the soft grass, and didn't move on Desmond's request. Either the fall must've gotten her pretty badly, she could have passed out in a shock, or both. Invisibly from around, she opened her eyes. "Hmmhm... Zach..." Slowly gaining conciousness, the Snorunt uneasily wiggled about. "Where..." She now laid on her back, looking up at the dark, starry sky and the again normal moon. "What...?"

    Just a moment ago, before being brought to Apicot Woods, Tasha was in the mountains of Sinnoh, exploring with her boyfriend Zachariah. A sudden blizzard caught them apart, and as she was being threwn through worlds, he was off to nowhere special, hoping to see her again. And the feeling was mutual. At the terrible physical state she was before falling through the darkness, the little she felt was easily mistaken for a dream.

    As Tasha finally got to her senses, her instinct was to scream while flailing her legs. She quickly halted, however, as she realized something else was afoot. Quite literally. Her feet, whom she could not see, despite bending forward with all her power, felt stubby. "Aaaaaahhh!" The first thought coming to her was 'This is not my body.' Although over and over trying to roll over and bend to get up, nothing seemed to work. And her arms, she hadn't even thought of them yet. She could see them, they were short, even that is an understatement, mostly round, and all black.

    Proceeding to roll around and scream some more, Tasha had no idea what was going on. Seeing Desmond and the other Pokémon nearby didn't help either. Thinking they were wild, she tried rolling away from them, which, like her rolling so far only resulted in a pathetic little circle. She doubted she would have any of her and her boyfriend's Pokémon around, and with her current two arms, she couldn't really check either.
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  3. Human "I just don't understand, you're so insincere and only care about what you enjoy. Why can't you be like your sister?" As an older, feminine voice hollered towards a younger girl who sat on an elegant wooden stool. "...Like your sister..." echoed in the thoughts of the girl, as minimal as they would seem, those words carried a lot of force and pain. She would never understand how her family could be the way they were. Maybe it was to do with their well being, anyone with so much money carries a different 'attitude'.

    The girl's hands clutched at the edge of the wooden stool as the motherly figure continued to nag on about how her daughter was so different. Every tear was held in, every scream was silenced by thoughts, and emotions drifted further and further away. Soon her mother's voice begun to fade out, anger and desperation swirled together. Looking up towards the woman, the girl glared, tense and upset."Because I am not her! I don't want to be some puppet and obey everything you have to say. I desire Fr--" The room begun to spin around the girl, even the lights begun to flicker in her mind. Everything was disoriented, with the flutter of her emerald eyes, she hesitantly attempted to repeat herself. "Free--" Before she could finish, the girl collapsed to the ground. The mother's panic was silent and the world turned black...

    Buzzing of what would seem like a million wasps, filled her ears as the body attempted to 'reboot' from it's previous state. Eyes steadily opened to the new world before her, stars glistened high above as the sound of silence seemed to be more than just 'silence'. She shifted her head trying to recover, there she heard another voice. One of concern though the words were difficult to understand. "Erf...Sister?" She propped her elbow on the ground, lifting herself up still dazed.

    Upon recovering, she noticed a whole other world and there met gaze with a Magby. Looking over slightly, she noticed a Snorunt rolling around in a panic as if one would be on fire. Strangely, they seemed an average size compared to her or so she thought. That shouldn't be right, she never met a Magby that was nearly the same size as herself. Then, shock struck. Quickly, the hands were thrown up into her face and eyes trailed down her body. "W-what....No. Why am I yellow? Wait, I'm Pink...?" With a quick mask of emotions, she calmed herself down on the outside despite the in. I'm Pink.... She sighed as she thought.

    Steadying herself and gazing back to the Magby once more, she let out a nervous cough. "Yeah, I'm fine. Normal everyday stuff here. What you never wake up and realize you're still dreaming?" She crossed her arms as she spoke.
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  4. Suttecliff Dwelling

    "Go on, man, you join him" hissed Smokey.

    "N-no" replied Saltire, shivering in the cold night air. He wanted nothing more than to curl up in his warm bed and let sleep embrace him once again. But duty called. He noticed Noctowl giving the recruits a stern look. "Smokey?" he asked sharply, staring hard at the Ninetales. "Nahhhh, man, I'm still injured" replied Smokey, lifting a paw to show him. It looked perfectly fine but he still gingerly placed it on the ground and winced. Saltire rolled his eyes. Smokey the Ninetales was the guild slacker and Saltire's roommate. He had twisted his paw some months before and had milked his injury to death. He was far older than any other members of the guild but refused to graduate or do any kind of work. Yet everyone liked him and perhaps that was why his laziness was tolerated.

    Noctowl sighed. "Anyone else?" he asked again, looking around at the rapidly depleting pool of explorers. Most were wandering back to bed, too tired to even care anymore. "Yeah, I can't do this all by myself" said Zangoose proudly, flexing and kissing his bicep. Saltire felt another paw on his back and was forcibly pushed out of the small group of guildmates. He stumbled towards Noctowl and turned back to glare at the source of all this pushing. "You'll thank me later" whispered Smokey, giving a cheeky wink to the Skiddo as he slinked away back into the Guild.

    "Saltire? You want to join Zangoose?" asked Noctowl, an unsure expression forming on his face. "Erm...where was it? Apricot Woods? But it's...dark out, isn't it?" replied Saltire, his voice cracking slightly. "Yes, things tend to get darker this time of night" replied Noctowl dryly. "Well...I dunno, I'm kinda tired, y'know?" answered Saltire. His eyes rolled wildly to avoid Noctowl's powerful glare. "You're embarrassing us" hissed Noctowl. "Go out with Zangoose or I'll make sure you go without dinner for a week".

    "Fine, fine" grumbled Saltire, realising spending a night with Zangoose was not nearly as bad as going for a week without food. Besides, Zangoose, despite all his boasting, did look quite strong. He'd be safe if he stayed near the normal type. Probably. He took his place beside Zangoose, who grinned at him. "Good on ya! I knew I wasn't the only brave one in the Guild. Don't fall behind though, I won't be able to find you again in this darkness!" said Zangoose, slapping Saltire on the back. The Skiddo winced as the clarity of the situation suddenly dawned on him. He was travelling into a dark forest with an impatient Zangoose who wanted to bring home the glory.

    "Arecus save me..." murmured Saltire, shivering slightly. He wasn't sure if it was due to the cold or his fears.

    "Anyone else?" barked Brewer, nudging Noctowl roughly. "Erm, yes, anyone else?!" said Noctowl shrilly, his feathers ruffled in annoyance. Only a small group of explorers remained on the Guild steps, unsure whether they should return to bed or face the wrath of Noctowl in the morning.

    "Yeah, come on, I ain't doing this alone!" said Zangoose loudly, flexing the six pack sticking out of his stomach.
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  5. Having been meditating a bit nearby, Circe the Ralts saw, or rather absently felt the emotions of as she wasn't entirely aware of her surroundings at first, the scene taking place between Saltire and the others. As the emotional level had become somewhat distracting she opened her eyes and looked around to see what was causing it. Her eyes snapped open wide as she heard it was about recruitment for a mission. She hadn't been allowed to go on a mission yet on her own and no one wanted to go on one with the newbie either, leaving her stuck hanging around the Guild with little to nothing to do.

    Circe rushed over to the group near Noctowl smiling broadly all the way. "Oooooo oooo ooo let me go let me go! I'll do awesome I promise!" She said excitedly. "I'm really fast and my mom trained me a lot!" She said attempting to prove she was ready as best she could. "I can even beat my big brother and he's a Kirlia" She said with a bright smile. "Plus since I can feel emotions I'll be able to tell when bad pokemon are nearby too so we can't get ambushed by anything when I'm there" Circe said finishing her upsell of her abilities.

    "Oh also Smokey is a big liar I could feel how smug he was about his fake injury while I was meditating." She said dropping her grin and pointing over at the Ninetales without actually looking at him.
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  6. Ludwik
    Apicot Woods
    "Is... Is it dead?" Desmond questioned, swallowing hard as the Snorunt hadn't moved. "Oh, man... Poor thing, what do I do?" He continued staring for a moment, before, finally, it seemed to begin waking up. It began wiggling, at least. That meant it wasn't dead, so that was good. Waking up next to dead Pokemon would have been very questionable. And terrifying.

    When Tasha suddenly began screaming, Desmond's eyes shot open, surprised. He stumbled backwards and nearly fell over, barely managing to keep his balance as the Snorunt momentarily stopped. Sighing in relief, Desmond was about to attempt to speak, but flinched as she began screaming again, this time while rolling around in circles.

    "U-Um..." He wasn't sure of what to say, staring at the Snorunt for a moment in silence, feeling awkward.

    Desmond turned his head and made eye-contact with the other Pokemon momentarily, before looking back at Tasha with a blank, but somewhat uncertain, expression.

    Though the nervous cough Vee let out was enough to pull his attention from Tasha's panicking. Tilting his head at her comment, his hat slid down somewhat over his face. "Dreaming?" He repeated, nudging his hat back up out of his view. Her comment getting his brain working, more than anything. He stood there for a moment, feeling certain this wasn't a dream. But was it too weird to be reality?

    "So that would mean you're human, too... And, uh..." He gestured towards Tasha. "Her too?" He added unable to think of what to say about Tasha beyond that. She was still screaming. And while it was almost to the point of giving Desmond a headache, he didn't have it in him to tell her to stop.

    Suttecliff Dwelling

    Noctowl blinked as Circe ran up to join, staring down at the small Pokemon with uncertainty. "You, too, Circe?" He questioned, surprised. First Saltire, now Circe... They were not the most able of the Guild, in fact, Circe had yet to even go on a mission since joining the Guild. He admired the fact she was so willing, but feared she'd end up getting hurt if this was a dangerous mission. "Well..."

    Before Noctowl could continue, Circe pointed out Smokey's faking, causing the group to go silent.

    "Woah, little one. That's not a very groovy thing to say." Smokey replied, lifting his paw slowly, still faking the injury anyways.

    "Forget about him, kid." Zangoose, the Ziganator, said. "I need brave Pokemon on my team! Big or small, at least YOU have guts! Unlike that wuss over there!" He said, looking down at Circe with a smirk. "You finally got yer' chance to prove yourself, kid. Let's show Noctowl who's boss, eh?"

    "I'm YOUR boss." Noctowl cut in, glaring at Ziganator.

    "Of course ya are, when the Guildmaster is asleep." Ziganator replied, rolling his eyes.

    "WHICH, need I remind you, is practically All. The. Time." Noctowl shot back. His tone, serious.

    "Enough!" Brewer shouted, shoving Noctowl out of the way. He glared at the three Guild members, skeptically. "Ah don't know if yer' gonna be able to handle this or not, but yer' bein' sent out, anyways. Ya'll better grab what ya need and head for the tunnel, looks like all you've got left here to add to your team are spineless cowards."

    "Like Smokey!" Ziganator shouted.

    "Not cool, not cool..." Smokey responded.

    "Shut yer' traps!" Brewer yelled, barely getting Ziganator's attention. "Get yer' gear and get yer' tails to Apicot Woods! It ain't too deep into the woods, I'm sure, but come prepared in case the bug Pokemon end up gettin' to ya."

    "Alright, alright!" Ziganator responded quickly, looking at his teammates. "If you two don't have your gear, you'd best go get it and meet me at the tunnel. I'll be leaving in fifteen minutes even if ya aren't there!" He shouted, glaring at Saltire. "I've heard about how good of a bag carrier you are, so go get your wonder bag!" He demanded before bolting off towards the town's exit. He wasn't kidding, either. He'd go out on his own if they didn't come along fast enough. ​
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  7. Suttecliff Dwelling

    Saltire gave a small smile to Circe. "Thanks for tagging along. I didn't want to be stuck on my own in Apricot Forest with...Zignator" said Saltire, sighing as the Zangoose bounded off towards the tunnel. The town Pokemon who'd previously been shouting for a solution now seemed satisfied and drifted away in groups, confident of the Guilds ability.

    He didn't know either of his new teammates particularly well. Zignator had been in the guild a little longer than the Skiddo but Saltire had always found him very loud, if not a little obnoxious. All the same, he'd never found a reason to dislike him and could appreciate he was as strong as he claimed to be. Circe was a newbie to the Guild and although they'd talked in the past, Saltire didn't know her particularly well. She seemed like a nice enough Pokemon, if a little odd at times but he wouldn't hold that against her. Not everyone had to be normal.

    "Anyway, I'll go grab some gear. I'm sure Zignator won't want to wait too long, so you can share my stuff. It's just in the Guild" grinned Saltire, already trotting up the steps. "Won't be a minute". The Skiddo charged through the doors, dodging around groups of Pokemon who milled around the hall. Some were heading back to bed but most were discussing the events that had just occurred with curiosity. "Where did I leave it..." murmured Saltire to himself. It took a moment before it hit him. He'd left it beside his bed.

    He bounded towards the steps that descended into the dorms and almost bumped into Smokey, who walked carefully up the steps. The Ninetales dropped his Wonderbag from his mouth and smiled apologetically. "Here you go, man. It's got all your stuff in it. Think of it as an apology for forcing you to go out in the dark" said Smokey, his voice lowering at the mention of Saltire greatest fear. The Skiddo gave a weak smile. "Thanks, Smokey. I'm sure it'll be fine" he replied.

    Smokey nodded in reply and carefully picked his way down the steps to the dorms again, exaggerating his injury. Clearly, his pride had been hurt by the sensitive Ralts! Saltire trotted over to the pool of water, fitting the Wonderbag around his neck. He stared into the water and took a deep breath. He could feel fear gnawing at his stomach but he wouldn't let that stop him. Not this time.

    Saltire charged out of the front doors to meet Circe again. "Come on, lets go before the Zignator leaves without us!"
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  8. Tasha's screaming slowly subsided, to the point of a questioning "uuuuhhh", only companioned with heavy breathing. Did she just hear them speak? Could certainly not be wild, that's for sure. In her panic, she had not yet been able to identify the Pokemon body she suddenly inhabited, only the fact that it was one. Gotta try talking to them, she thought to herself. If they could speak, they'd be able to understand what she had to say too, right? "Uhm, hello? Who are you?"

    She had rolled on her back, the only position in which she actually could see the other Pokémon, even if upside down. A Magby and a... Couldn't really recognize that one. Must be from a recently discovered region. "And what and why am I?" It was not Tasha's intentions to bring out big questions, she just wanted to know what Pokemon she had become, for whichever reason.

    "And what in the absence of cold is this?" she almost yelled, pulling the cloak around her. It didn't budge, but so did a ribbon, tied around the summit of her head this entire time. It was a bit crumbled from her rolling, but still whole. "Ok, can SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT IS GOING ON?!"
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  9. While Saltire went off to retrieve his things Circe did the same. She however did not have a roommate just yet so her room was something of a... horrible barely recognizable mess. She was so used to sharing a room having grown up with her brother, so when finally given her own room, even if the arrangement was temporary until someone else joined the Guild, she went a little overboard with the extra space. However between psychic powers and good memory it really didn't take her long to find her bag and what she wanted to take with them. She hoisted the bag onto her back and hurried off to the Guild's entrance to wait for Saltire.

    When he finally showed up a few minutes later Circe nodded to him and gestured to the exit. "C'mon I don't wanna be late for my first mission!" She said excitedly as she led the way towards the woods after Zignator. "And by the way you really should try to relax, you're way too scared." She told him, easily feeling the fear he was trying to push down. "Don't worry it'll be fun! Exploring and fighting and maybe finding treasure! It'll be awesome!" The eager little Ralts exclaimed, growing progressively louder as she spoke.

    "Plus there's three of us for a place that's not very dangerous and Zignator has some experience" She said with a wave of her hand, completely dismissing any possibility of danger.
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  10. {Via Mobile}
    Uncrossing her rather flubbish arms, which acted like flowing sleeves to a dress, Vee stared Desmond down. "Yes, dreaming. Do I need to go find a dictionary for you?" Instead of continuing to hold an act, she sighed and looked away. To be honest she was as confused and possibly scared like the rest but too stubborn to bluntly admit that. Nothing made sense. But at least they were all alive. Whatever happened could have been a lot worse.

    Vee shifted her attention towards the Snorunt who finally begun to calm down. Any more screaming and she could have rolled her off into the forest. Desmond gestured towards her asking if they were all human. However, Vee shook her head as she approached the Snorunt. Once she made her way just centimeters to the Snorunt, she lightly tapped it with her foot causing it to rock back and forth. Then she picked the Snorunt up, placing it on their feet. "Human? Maybe at a time. Now, clearly not." Pointing at the Snorunt; "And as for you...You're a Snorunt. I don't see to many of those from where I came from. Why, I don't know."

    Glancing back to Desmond, she gave a rather puzzled face. She hoped he had something logical to say or something that she did not have the strength to. The forest was quiet, but the sound of insects begun to return in the distance. Not that anything could ever go wrong. Thinking on the Snorunts question for names, she debated if her real name would be a good idea. Instead decided to go by something different. "You can call me Vee. You are..?"
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  11. Ludwik
    Apicot Woods

    Desmond took a step away from Vee as she stared at him, nervously replying: "I-I've read over dictionaries enough to know what it means, I'm good."

    Blinking as the Snorunt stopped screaming, and instead started asking questions, Desmond began truly pondering their situation: Three what he assumed to once be humans were standing in the middle of an unknown forest, in the dark, suddenly having became Pokemon. It was truly an odd situation to say the least, and Desmond wasn't sure how he felt about being shorter than his original 5'4" height, but he'd walk on for the sake of figuring this out.

    "Snorunt is a Pokemon mostly found in the Hoenn region, inside of caves to avoid the usually hot weather." Desmond stated almost automatically, before letting out a small amount of nervous laughter as he realized he said it. "N-Not really too good of information in this situation, is it?" He added, somewhat embarrassed. He perhaps needed to focus on the big question of what was happening, rather than the small things. But sometimes he just couldn't help himself.

    Noting Vee's name was only slightly more likely her actual name than a splash attack being useful, Desmond figured he wouldn't use his, either. Not his first name anyhow. "Mine's Ludwik." He added to Vee's own introduction, hoping that was okay. Sounded kind of snobby or upperclass as a given name, if he did say so himself, but it'd work. "Not to cut these introductions too short, or anything, but I-I don't think we're going to find our answers by staying here." He addressed them somewhat nervously as he didn't know if trying to suggest for them to do something was a good idea. So far things seemed to lead him to being stared at, or someone yelling in his ear. This was going to be a long night.

    "Wherever we are, we're all pretty far from home. Uh... Both in body and spirit at this point, I guess." He looked down at his odd hands again, still showing some disbelief. His pupils shrunk as he heard his stomach growl, causing him to blush in embarrassment, his face faintly going pink for a moment. "M-Maybe we should start searching for a way out. Before that becomes a problem." He added bleakly, view shifting away from Vee and Sasha momentarily.

    Suttecliff Tunnel

    Arms crossed, The Ziganator had been waiting at the tunnel for a solid 14 minutes, and 55 seconds. And yes, he had been counting impatiently so he could have been off by a whole six to eight minutes. As the seconds counted down for the two to arrive from the guild, Ziganator began turning around to leave, but caught the duo in the corner of his eye. He quickly turned back around, not wanting to look like he was actually going to ditch them. It instead looked like some really awkward dance move. "There you two are! Good to see that you're more reliable than most of those other so called 'explorers'. Bunch of wimps is what they are!" He greeted, grinning.

    The Ziganator turned, hands behind his back as he looked into the tunnel. It was lit with torches throughout, so Saltire was momentarily safe from the dark, but it'd still be a bit of a walk. The Ziganator began marching forward. "Our mission is simple! We go into Apicot Woods, we find what caused that beam to shoot down from t'moon, and then we pound it into the ground until it's flatter than a Stunfisk!" Ziganator stated in a serious manner, hands falling to his sides as he kept moving on.

    Ziganator was, to say the least, excited for this mission. Well, he was excited for any mission where he could get in a fight, but this one seemed like it was pretty major. He was glad he managed to get in on it due to the higher ranked explorers slacking off, but wasn't completely certain of what to expect. He noted he might have to play hero and protect his little followers if things got too messy. Hopefully they could handle themselves too, though.

    "I know we didn't have time to go buy items or anything, but what do you guys got?" The Ziganator questioned, not having any supplies himself. The item carrier of his team was back at the guild passed out in bed, and The Ziganator was too wild of a battler to keep a bag with him without the items flying out everywhere. Not that a macho mon like him needed items, but if they had some supplies it'd make this trip a bit easier as a group.

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  12. Being helped by Vee into a standing position, Tasha struggled attaining balance for a moment. She couldn't believe her short legs were made for standing upright. On the topic of her legs, they belonged to the body of a Snorunt. She's heard about those. If she could remember correctly, she saw a group of them once in Hoenn.

    Ok, was she going to make it at this new place, she'd have to get an overview of the situation. She was currently a Pokémon, along with two others, Vee and Ludwik, apparently. "Wh- what is this place? I really feel like getting out." Just now she realized how short she was compared to the other two and the trees around, and how warm she was. She pulled her cloak, almost losing balance. "Gah, ok, it's hot. Very warm. Ah, sorry... Huff... for not introducing myself, I'm Tasha."

    With nervous legs, she walked over to Ludwik, proceeding to nervously wander about in a little area in front of him. "Nice to meet you too, want to get out of here?" She really wished to get away, there could be all kinds of wild Pokémon in the bushes around them, and given her will, she'd be running out of there.
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  13. Suttecliff Tunnel

    "Erm, I got some Oran Berries...a Pecha berry..." said Saltire, rooting around his bag. The Zignator tapped his foot impatiently as Saltire slowly went through the contents of his bag. "...and we got a Wondermap...some Poké..." continued Saltire, digging deeper into his bag. "Yeah, yeah" sighed the Zignator, checking his wrist for a watch. "Hmmm...I don't know what the hell that is..." murmured the Skiddo, holding up a lump of grey fuzz. "Cool! You guys got everything we need!" interrupted the Zangoose loudly, no longer curious on what either Pokemon held in their bags. "Now lets go!"

    "Oh, okay" blinked Saltire, taken aback by the Zignators bluntness. He gave Circe a hopeless look before following the Zangoose into the Suttecliff Tunnel.

    The tunnel had been cut into the cliff, much like the town itself. It was the only safe way to get into Suttecliff Dwellings by land. On the walls, brackets held lit torches that crackled and caused long shadows to form on the walls. It was only wide enough for each Pokemon to walk single file and its steps slowly ascended. They walked in silence, with the Zignator humming loudly at his new partners to hurry up. Saltire obeyed. It was becoming clear who was leading this little team.

    Atop the Cliff​

    The air became warmer as they stepped out of the tunnel and into the night air, atop of the cliff. The moon shining brightly and the sound of crashing waves far below them sent shivers up Saltire's spine. It was a clear, beautiful night yet Saltire still felt the familiar gnawing at the edge of his stomachs. But now was not the time to get scared.

    "Okay, finally. Now, no time to waste. Apricot Forest is like, right there" said the Zignator, pointing a talon to the dark forest just 100 yards away. "Remember, don't waste time on any of the Pokemon in there, we're looking for moon Mons. Save your energy on them and don't get in my way". With that, the Zangoose took off towards the tree line.

    "Hey-HEY!" shouted Saltire, charging off after him. No offence to Circe - but he wasn't about to get stuck in the dark without big, strong Zignator at his side.
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  14. Slowly following behind Tasha, Vee gave an internal sigh. At least she wasn't the shortest one there, but made her wonder just how strong Tasha was given the environmental conditions. With Tasha's question of location, Vee could not help but to roll her eyes hoping no one would really see. "We're in a forest from the looks of it and that's good enough for me to want to get out. We should try to get out and look for a..." Pausing, she rubbed her head. Do Pokemon have towns? "...a Whatever." Saying rather clueless.

    One thing Vee could not get over was the small embers dripping out of Ludwik's mouth naturally. Of course she knew it couldn't particularly be helped being a Magby but she couldn't help to snicker as she begun to notice it more. Quickly, she shook her head to focus back on the situation. Looking over behind Ludwik, she pointed to the other end of the forest. "Why don't we just start walking that way and hope for the best?" Eventually, Vee looked down at Tasha trying to not look at Ludwik anymore to prevent further laughing. Maybe she will get use to it one day.

    Upon taking a few steps forward, she begun to think of Ludwik's embers and Tasha's sensitivity. "Uh, I think we should keep Tasha away from you for the most part. Not trying be mean, I am sure you understand." With a stern glance, "You do understand don't you?" Vee patted Tasha's head and looked on. "Ludwik, you should lead the way and we will follow behind you within distance. You think you can light up our path a little?" Vee begun to walk forward eager to get out.
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  15. Circe frowned for a moment at the other two ready to hurry off without giving her a chance to speak but she didn't let it last as she rushed off after them towards the woods. She wasn't particularly worried about items anyway as she had a veritable stockpile of berries stuffed in her bag. Her father always got berries for her as she hardly ate anything else. She had a couple bottles of Elixer as well just in case but highly doubted she would need it in an area like this. She smiled brightly as they came upon the forest, her anticipation for her very first mission redoubling immediately. She rushed up a little ahead of Zignator but didn't venture too far, still letting him take the lead.

    "I have a question" Circe asked, looking back at the leader of their little group, "what do you mean 'moon mons'?" She asked. Lunatone didn't live in forests and Clefairy lived on mountains, and she didn't have any idea what other pokemon could be moon related that would be around a rather low level forest like this.
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  16. Ludwik
    Apicot Woods

    While confused by why Vee was snickering, Ludwik obliviously continued along with the conversation. Getting out of here was their first objective, and as Vee pointed out a way for them to just start walking, he couldn't do much other than agree. "That'd probably be for the best. Not like any other direction is showing better results..." Ludwik replied, looking back at where she had pointed to. It was just as dark and creepy as everywhere else, and while Ludwik was unsure of what was within those trees, he was getting really hungry and a little desperate. He looked back at Vee and Tasha, unsure of what to make of Vee's laughing still. It was making him uncomfortable.

    Blinking as Vee explained why him and Tasha shouldn't stick close together, his brain processed why. Of course, he was a Fire-Type, and Tasha was an Ice-Type. But that being said, it wasn't like he could use fire attacks, right? There wasn't any harm in staying close! "Vee, I doubt our type differences will matter. It's not like I'm about to start spewing-"

    Ludwik was cut off as a breeze swept by, causing some grass to fly up into the air. Some of it went into his mouth, and caused him to start coughing. As he did so, a couple of embers fired out of his mouth like projectiles, one in particular passing between his new friends. Quickly he turned away from them until he could stop, taking only a moment to do so as the grass simply burned away inside of him. Gasping, Ludwik began reacting to firing out an ember attack via inspiration from Tasha. By screaming.


    Managing to calm himself, Ludwik simply tried to collect his thoughts, turning around and nodding to Vee. "I-I'll do that." He stuttered, embarrassment obvious as he looked over to Tasha. Unsure of what to say because he just nearly lit her and Vee on fire, he frowned. "And, uh... S-Sorry." He added, turned again to begin their journey. Taking the lead, Ludwik considered that if he could use ember, maybe he had other abilities. He considered what he'd seen Fire-Types do in the past, and began lightly blowing air from his mouth, he was excited as he shot out a tiny flame, serving as a torch that lit up a small area in front of them. He thought it was really cool, but knew he had to be careful. Last thing he wanted to do was light the forest on fire, as that'd harm many innocent Pokemon. Or at least Pokemon he thought was innocent.

    Slowly but surely, their escape attempt began.

    Apicot Woods

    Surprised by how fast little Circe could move, The Ziganator blinked as she questioned what he meant by Moon Mons. "Well, y'know... Mons that came from the moon thing. That couldn't have just been some fancy light show, ya know? I bet there's somethin' nasty in there just waitin' for me to come and smash it flat!" Ziganator grinned, excitement obvious. As they made their way to the entrance of the woods, Ziganator felt his blood pumping. He was ready to get in there and show the world who was boss in these woods.​
    "I've got the lead, you two just watch my back and don't trip over the bodies." Ziganator said, officially taking the lead on this dungeon venture.

    Entering the woods, The Ziganator was in high-alert as he progressed inside. The forest was quiet, but The Ziganator knew that only meant the cowardly Bug-Types were planning something. His eyes were fixed on the trees, looking for signs of movement. While The Ziganator was a crazy combatant, he also had a keen eye. He wasn't the best at it, but could spot traps laid by the inhabitants as he was somewhat knowing of the tricks Bug-Types pulled.

    "This place is a little too quiet." The Ziganator said, pausing momentarily. Within moments, he shifted to his left and brought his claws across the ground, scooping up a small Caterpie that he pinned to a nearby tree. "AH-HAH! You're a Moon Mon, eh?! Tell me yer' secrets before I cut this tree down and crush ya with it!" The Ziganator threatened, as the little Caterpie squirmed, panicking.

    "I-I don't know anything!" The Caterpie replied, terrified. "I-I'm just trying to get away from there!"

    "LIKELY STORY, PAL!" Ziganator responded, keeping the Caterpie against the tree. "You're probably just tryin' to run off so nobody suspects you! IS THAT IT?!"

    Ziganator seemed to not be intending to let the Caterpie go without being convinced he wasn't a Moon Mon. "Circe! Ya can tell if he's lyin' or not, right?! What's this little punk got going on in his head?" Ziganator called out to his partner, hoping she'd be able to help. He had this Moon Mon right where he wanted 'em. Once Circe helped confirm it, he was gonna be turned into Caterchow.
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  17. "I'm kinda bad at reading minds still but he's definitely not lying, all his emotions show are fear and a desire to get as far away from the forest as he can" Circe said, confirming the unfortunate Caterpie's story. "Also I told you I would try to warn you about hostile pokemon, he's about as far from hostile as possible right now" she added, pausing for a moment before continuing, "also a Caterpie isn't very likely to be the cause of something like that, they're small and weak" she finished, looking to the pinned bug type, "sorry" she said with an apologetic smile, not meaning any potential offense though his emotions showed none so she felt a bit relieved.

    She approached the still trapped bug pokemon and freed him from Zignator's grip, "sorry about him, he's just a bit on edge, can you tell us anything of what happened? we're here investigating for the Guild." She asked the smaller pokemon, though she could see and feel quite cleary he wanted to run away even more thanks to the large angry Zangoose threatening him. "I'll give you some berries~" Circe offered in a sing song voice with a friendly smile, pulling a few random berries out of her pack to offer the Caterpie.
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  18. Being tapped by Vee yet again, Tasha started getting uncomfortable. She had just been turned into a Pokémon, and now this stranger, coincidentally turned into a Pokémon as well, was just gonna pull her around and tap her back without consent? Now she sighed internally. She guessed there wasn't much to be done about it. And it's not like she wasn't dressed, either. She still had this cloak, seemingly but hopefully not a part of her new body.

    Seeing Ludwik drooling embers caught her both scared and on the verge of bursting into laughter. She knew she was an ice-type, and that fire was extremely dangerous to her, but she couldn't help how silly it looked! As he spat and coughed embers her way, however, she jumped away from them, letting out a short scream.

    "Be careful! You could have hit me!" Taking in Ludwik's apology, she decided he couldn't have known of his powers.

    As they started walking, a realization came over her. If he could breathe fire, to some minor extent, could she, like, breathe ice? She had no idea what attacks a Snorunt learned, neither which level they were at. All she could figure was that either Tackle or Leer were common low-level moves, none of which she really felt like using now.

    But something she'd have to try. She went with the same tactic as him, planning to not exactly cough, but rather blow. Preferrably in a direction without Pokémon. "Ok, I'm going to try something, step away." Even while being uncomfortably warm, she'd have to try.

    Using a seemingly clear direction, she let out a loud "huff". Besides the air she breathed out being cold, nothing happened. She supposed she was a bit weakened at the moment. She looked down in disappointment."Nevermind, let's just keep going."
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  19. Apricot Forest

    Saltire was still gasping for breath as he heard the Zignator scream in anger and slammed the Caterpie against a tree. "Oh..I..." he began, a hoof lifted in front of his face. But he didn't know how to finish his sentence. "Erm, Zignator, I don't think..." he tried again but his sentence wavered off into silence as the Zangoose continued snarling in the face of the poor, terrified Bug Type. He was glad when finally Circe brought some order to the scene.

    "Good work" he murmured to Circe, watching as the Zignators face dropped. "Oh" said the Zangoose, sounding somewhat surprised.

    Sadly, as the Ziganator was all brawn and no brain, he still ended up looking like an oaf. "I guess he is pretty weak. A little too weak to even be worth capturin' anyways" he said rudely, laughing a little at the situation. "Sorry bout' that, little mon! Ya don't have to worry though, a REAL explorer and hero is here to take care of the problem!" he flexed, posing for the little Bug-Type. "And yeah, you could probably guess, but it's me." He continued, as the muscles rippled across his chest and the veins popped out across his arms.

    "Oh, Arceus" sighed Saltire as he shook his head. He felt sorry for the Caterpie but right then, he felt especially sorry for himself and Circe!
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  20. Each step was taken without a care. Vee was too busy entering the depths of her mind, thinking about the events so far. There were so many questions and none of them had answers. Slowly closing her eyes, she tried to imagine the events prior but nothing came to mind, like nothing ever happened. The word "free" lingered in her head but meant nothing to her. This wasn't being free, this was a living nightmare. Just how long did she have to stay pink of all colors!?

    Vee was quickly disrupted by her thoughts as Tasha started huffing in the wind. She felt nothing but a chill as she paused to look at Tasha. With a dismissing shake, Vee continued to walk off following Ludwik's guiding ember. It was dark, and she could feel curious eyes gather from the depths. Due to this, she gained a tough and hateful look, ready to bash anything that comes their way. Unadmittedly, she felt threatened and perhaps still slightly scared. Vee was tough and when she was angry, she was 'angry tough'. Like the strength of ten elephants enraged, except...she didn't like elephants.

    It felt like they were only going deeper into the forest, with only hopes of getting out. None of them were prepared, unlikely any of them were use to their bodies yet and Vee had doubts about everything else. So, what if they come across a hostile? Fight back or try to run? Crossing her arms, glared deeply at the back of Ludwik's head. Now she had more questions, but decided to remain quiet for their "stroll in the forest".
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