Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Crescent Legacy

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    The continent of Semideus; A land Pokémon have lived in since before the founding of the Federation. Formerly known as a rather peaceful land where teams of the Rescue variety weren't considered necessary, Semideus has recently found itself in a much darker situation. Over the past year, Semideus has been plagued by an increase of criminals and vicious Pokémon all over the continent, attacks becoming more and more common as the days go on. While Pokémon suffered, it did allow for an increase in business for those willing to take up work at one of the guilds dotting the lands.

    While it's truly unknown what has caused the sudden crime spike, there have been rumors about Pokémon who were only considered to be myths roaming the continent, and survivors of attacks have claimed that the feral Pokemon seem to have almost lifeless eyes, as if they weren't in control of their actions. Rumors have spread of a Pokémon with psychic powers beyond myths and legend that has a vendetta against the world, and plans on destroying everything in a slow, grueling fashion. But there has been no confirmation on this being's identity, or any facts to prove this individual even exists. There currently are no leads in the Federation's investigation.

    But if something isn't done soon, the continent will soon find itself as a land of chaos and violence that cannot be stopped. Whatever is the cause, it must be stopped at all cost, or the entire world could meet a terrible fate.

    On a normal night like any other, action was taken, however. A large beam of light shot down from the crescent moon in the sky, and brought forth three individuals from another world to combat this threat. Though they are met with an unfamiliar world and currently no direction, soon they will find themselves locked in a battle that could decide the fate of the entire Pokémon world as everyone knows it.

    Will the moon's light prevail, or will the darkness of the night devour it? Only time will tell...


    Hello, and welcome to my first roleplay hosted on Iwaku: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Crescent Legacy. A plot-focused adventure that'll hopefully be entertaining for everyone involved. Along with my pal Chapatrap, I hope to take participants on a world-saving quest filled with danger and discovery, and a few light hearted moments mixed in along the way. I'm hoping to make this roleplay good enough story-wise to contend with the actual games!
    But, uh, I don't know if I'm good enough to actually manage that. Fingers crossed, though.

    Anyhow, for this roleplay I'm looking for a total of 6 people. Myself and my Co-GM counting towards that. So in reality I'm just searching for four people, heh. I'm looking for people to either play as the transformed humans, or Pokemon from our main guild, the Snorlax Guild. Obviously since there are only three human slots, there are also only three slots for being actual Pokemon. Well, two, actually. My buddy already reserved one of them!
    I myself will be taking the last remaining spot after everyone else is settled.



    Now, while I don't have a lot of rules, I have a few:

    For posts, I'll be expecting 2-3 decent paragraphs of content.

    I also don't plan on leaving anyone behind, so plan on this RP being a little slow. I'd like everyone to get a post in before any of us post again, though if I find the RP halted for too long I will progress the plot while trying to keep the inactive member's character in the roleplay. If I cannot contact the inactive member within a few days, I'll have to remove their character, and if they wish to join up again at a later date, they'll have to make a new character and work with me to write them into the story.

    While I am the GM of this RP, my pal, Chapatrap, is just as much in charge. When I'm not around, he'll usually be there to answer questions and sentence divine justice upon you all when necessary, but he's a pretty laid back guy, so don't worry about 'em. He doesn't bite, or anything. Though if he does bite you, let me know. Because that's bad.

    Don't ask to be in human form while in the PMD Universe.
    This is more common than you think, and I hate it.

    There's a bunch of obvious things I shouldn't have to explain, too. Like godmodding. And yiffing.
    Don't do that shit.


    Well... That's pretty much it. If you're interested, let me know.

    Just for the sake of people not having to ask, here's what's been taken and what hasn't.
    It'll of course be updated as people show interest. Nyeh.
    2/3 Humans Taken
    3/3 Pokemon Taken
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  2. I am here.
  3. Question: You say transformed humans, you mean humans that were transformed into pokemon? Would they be new pokemon or pre-existing if so?
  4. Yes, that's what I meant.

    They'd be pre-existing Pokemon.

    Nice to see you made it, bud.
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  5. I might join, if there are still spots left by the time I get to thinking of a CS; I'll join. If not, maybe next time.
  6. I'm interested :D
    Are there any limits on what pokemon we get to be? Like I assume no legendary but anything else?
  7. Thank you for your interest! Just so I can mark it down, would you prefer to be one of the humans, or a Pokemon already in our wonderful Snorlax Guild?

    I'd prefer to keep it to no legendary Pokemon, and no evolved Pokemon. We can evolve later on, but I'd prefer everyone to start off fairly even.

    Pokemon that don't evolve, like Zangoose, are allowed. I'd also like to ask if you'd prefer to be a human or a Pokemon that is in the Snorlax Guild?
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  8. I don't mind playing as a human.
  9. Okie dokie, and I'd prefer pokemon :3
  10. I'll update the first post now, then.

    Thank you both! I was kind of afraid nobody would show interest, but I'm already being proven wrong on day 1!
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  11. oh one more question, what about moves? Given you want every to start unevolved and stuff I'd presume not many to start but restricted to 4 or what?
  12. Well, I was planning on the group leveling throughout the roleplay, so we'd get more moves as we went along. Maybe we'd also be able to use the occasional TM to learn a move.

    I plan on everyone's starting levels to be 5-8, so that'll give most Pokemon 2-3 moves to start.

    Bulbapedia is great for checking what levels your Pokemon learns moves at.
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  13. hm... think I know who i wanna be... so will there be a game style 4 move limit or anime style can just use any learned move or what?
  14. I'd like to keep the four move limit, simply because having access to so many moves after leveling for awhile would make a single Pokemon way too versatile.
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  15. fair enough
  16. I'd love to be a Pokemon.
  17. Glad you think so.

    Alright! I'll mark that down right now.

    Guess this means I'll need to take one of the human spots myself. Not a problem, of course.

    Just one more person and then I can get this roleplay rolling.
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  18. Yay, more people.

    What are we all considering becoming?
  19. I got dibs on Ralts!
  20. I got Skiddo, fam!
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