Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Chain of Illusions

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  1. This is the signup/OOC thread.


    A guild based (Similar to Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky) RP or whatevs.

    This RP will run from somewhere around the beginning of November to whatever time we may need.

    A new guild, Guild Friendship, has started up, and interestedly, you decide to join this guild.
    To get the guild’s prestige up, you are to take requests from other Pokemon to earn money. Who knows when your first expedition will be?!


    Name (Optional):




    Nature (look here for information):

    Characteristic (look here for information):

    Personality (basically what your Pokemon does, what your Pokemon likes, etc.)


    Rules and Stuff
    1. Iwaku rules and stuff. Something obvious.
    2. No OOC in the IC. Use the signup threadas the OOC.
    3. No godmodding. Yes, even Pokemon can't expect to force others to lose. Additionally, don't always make sure the attack always hits or always dodge every attack. You're not a teleporter :p
    4. Respect da GM (@Bomb) as well as the Co-GMs (@TheSpringwoodSlasher , @The Tactician , @The Man Without Fear)

    Additionally: some General stuff you need to know in this RP and Signups.
    General Pokemon stuffs

    You are allowed up to 2 Pokemon AND You cannot play duplicate Pokemons (other Pokemon others are playing).

    All Pokemons start out in their pre-evolved forms(if applicable) at LEVEL 5. If a Pokemon has a pre-evolution form, you can start as the form after the baby evolution (ex: Marill).

    No legendaries or Original/fanmade pokemon. Examples: Articuno, Mewtwo.

    Pseudo-legendaries are allowed, but nerfed to keep in line with everyone else. Meaning you will only get nerfed to be average instead of OP.

    Mythicals count as pseudo-legendaries. Additionaly, some mythicals are banned, of course, and will also be nerfed.

    Small note: These Pokemon are also banned, due to them having a role in this RP. Me, Co-GMs and @Gummi Bunnies will be playing them at some point.
    STORY-BANNED Zorua/Zoroark
    Diancie (Carbink is still playable)
    more to be added

    General stuff about towns:
    -Talk to others!
    -Team up to go train, or do requests.

    Rules in dungeons/dojo:
    -No hunger system (due to complicated shit).
    -You can battle wild Pokemon in the dungeons and dojo to level up.
    -Players CAN be defeated (in dungeons at least), so don't go strolling like you'll win regardless of what you do. In the dojo, you can train with another player.

    CONCERNING EVOLUTION: Once you reached the level/obtained the item required to evolve, IT IS ENTIRELY YOUR CHOICE if you want them to evolve or not. You can choose to do this anytime, anywhere as long as you meet the requirements.

    For moves: -Select moves learnable at level 5 or lower, and/or egg moves.
    -Each Pokemon can learn up to 6 moves.
    -Players learn new moves via leveling, or TMs/HMs.
    -If you level up and learn a new move, your next post should notify you learn a new move, or swap out an old one with the new move (if you choose to learn it anyways.

    @BarrenThin - Chomper (Poochyena)
    @The Tactician - Cait (Espurr)
    @DapperDogman - Thunk (Aron)
    @Crimson Spartan - Grimm (Absol) / Cass (Treecko)
    @CrunchyCHEEZIT - Skully (Cubone)
    @Gen. Gwazi Senpai - Ratch (Riolu) / Lawrence (Scyther)
    @Moogle-Girl - Smoky (Murkrow)
    @TheSpringwoodSlasher - Molasses (Slowpoke) / Scrap (Tyrogue)
    @Gibbons - Chika (Chikorita)
    @Gummi Bunnies - Kyrs (Carbink)
    @Mighty Roman - Buzz (Electabuzz)
    @Crono - Snip (Zangoose) / Balothiam Vonzelio Gumiano Sanfran III aka Sans (Eevee)
    @The Silver Paladin - Romulus (Growlithe)
    @EverCharady - Chimchar (Chimchar)
    @TheSignWriter - Jax (Electrike)
    @SugaarCereal - Aegis (Ralts) / Atlas (Mudkip)
    @Floral - Eos (Amaura)
    @Vio - Knit (Shuppet) / Sun (Mienfoo)
    @Aka~Kitsune - Kali (Swablu) / Nova (Fletchling)
    @Genkako - Zoega (Fennekin)
    @Lord of Dragons - Snow (Snover)
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  2. Pokemon: Poochyena (rather bluntly goes by Chomper).


    Gender: Male.

    Nature: Brave.

    Characteristic: Likes to thrash about.

    1. Tackle.
    2. Howl
    3. Sucker Punch
    4. Fire Fang
    5. Play Rough
    6. Yawn

    Personality: Chomper is energetic, brash, and loyal. Perhaps a bit quicker to battle than others, he's in trouble pretty often. He enjoys training and simply being in the company of others.
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  3. Poochyena isn't a baby evolution, also I forgot to put the Moves category in the signups before, so you might wanna do that xD.

    Also you can also opt in to nickname Poochyena :p

  4. Alrighty. I'll get on those things.
  5. Reserving Riolu and Scyther.
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  6. Done. Looking forward to this!
  7. Pokemon: "My name's Espurr, future psychic-type superhero!"
    "But you can also call me Cait."



    "Ain't I just plain adorable?"

    Gender: "I'm a boy! A-a cute boy... But still a boy!"

    Nature: "Well... I guess I like to help others more than fight villains, so Gentle."

    Characteristic: "I try to be as strong as possible in my will to fight injustice!" (Strong Will)

    Personality: Relatively naive and idealisitic, Espurr seeks to join a guild in the hope that he can become a true hero and help all other Pokemon. He tries to be as nice and cheerful as possible, but sometimes, a stray sharp statement will escape when he's trying to stop someone from doing something he sees as bad. He loves making new friends and if he's really close with someone, there will be no escape from his cuddles after a mission.

    Also, he will get all of your big apples, no matter how creepy he has to be to do so.



    @Bomb @Gummi Bunnies
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  8. I'll get my CS up tomorrow.

  9. Pokemon: Thunk (Aron)


    Gender: Male

    Nature: Bold

    {td=center}Capable of taking hits{/td}

    - Tackle
    - Harden
    - Mud Slap
    - Head Smash
    - Body Slam
    - Screech

    Personality: Aron is a brave, loyal young pokemon, who causes quite a lot of trouble by eating important things made of metal, this often leads to him making messes he has to tidy up behind himself

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  10. Name: Grimm

    Pokemon: Absol



    Gender: Male

    Nature (look here for information): Adamant

    Characteristic (look here for information): Proud of it's power

    Personality (basically what your Pokemon does, what your Pokemon likes, etc): Grimm is the calm and careful type. Often very loyal to his friends Grimm tends to try and think out the situation instead of rushing in. That being said if he sees someone in trouble he will not hesitate to jump in the fight quickly to help them. Other than that Grimm enjoys training and relaxing.

    Moves: Detect, Assurance (egg move), Quick Attack, Leer

    Other: Despite his name and look he's quiet friendly
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  11. [​IMG]




    Nature (look here for information)

    Characteristic (look here for information):
    Highly persistent

    Personality (basically what your Pokemon does, what your Pokemon likes, etc.)
    Skully, (despite the somewhat derogatory nickname) is a very quiet, reserved and awkward individual. He is known for spending much of his time alone and away from rest of the team, and will randomly emerge at meetings and missions like a ghost. Skully is very hard to talk to, as one must pull the words from his mouth-- otherwise he will simply stare uncomfortably at you or something else. Skully can and will defend what he considers to be his friends to the very last and is willing to sacrifice himself for the betterment of all; and even in combat he remains deathly quiet as he moves to attack his enemies.

    Skully obviously gained the nickname from the eery skull mask he always seems to wear. No one in the team knows how he got the mask-- and he never removes it, even when he is sleeping.

    -Tail Whip
    -Perish Song
    -Chip Away​
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  12. Name: Ratch

    Pokemon: Riolu


    Gender: Male

    Nature: Modest

    Characteristic: Highly Curious

    Personality: Ratch Prides himself on trying to be a hero. Inspired to take on the evil's of the world like Lucario's before him. This results in him being very brave, and often tackling issues head on. But he is also reckless, and headstrong as a result.

    -Blaze Kick
    -Bullet Punch
    -High Jump Kick
    -Quick Attack
    -Vacuum Wave



    Name: Lawrence

    Pokemon: Scyther



    Nature: Adamant

    Characteristic: Proud of it's power

    Personality: Lawrence tends to be reserved and collected. He prefer's sticking to the shadows and observing, however once conflict arrives he is among the first to unleash his blades. Sometimes he does it so quickly he can end a conflict before it truly starts. However is can also be rather cynical at times.

    -Baton Pass
    -Bug Buzz
    -Night Slash
    -Quick Attack
    -Steel Wing
    -Vacuum Wave

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  13. May I cut in?

    Name: Smoky

    Pokemon: Murkrow



    Gender: Male

    Nature: Impish

    Characteristic: Somewhat vain

    Personality: Smoky can be unpredictable at times, always seeming jolly and lighthearted until you make him angry. He doesn't stop acting upbeat, mind you, but the threats he dishes out under his gleeful demeanor can be rather unsettling. He has a strong sense of loyalty and will stick by you no matter what if you give him something he likes or make him laugh.

    - Pursuit
    - Haze
    - Peck
    - Wing Attack
    - Thief
  14. I didn't know we were going to be including feels :p
    Teleport moves are okay, just consult with them or something, idk xD
    Anyways you 3 are accepted <3
  15. Will we be able to add/make more characters as the RP goes on?
  16. You can play up to 2 pokemon. Adding in an additional pokemon during the game makes that pokemon a "recruit"
  17. And how does "recruits" work in this RP?
  18. I just used the term for the heck of it. It's like having a new buddy to join you guys.
  19. So NPCs essentially?
  20. [​IMG]

    "...I'm awfully tired....I think I'm gonna take a nap. Or I'll just sit here. For a while. Yeah that sounds good..."

    Molasses. I think it sounds nice....or something...I dunno.

    Slowpoke....The others say it's fitting....I don't get it.

    Male...I'm pink and proud of it...

    Nature (look here for information)
    Relaxed....Yup....and proud of it.

    Characteristic (look here for information):
    Likes to relax

    Personality (basically what your Pokemon does, what your Pokemon likes, etc.)
    Likes to move at a very slow pace, believes very much in the philosophy that slow and steady will always prosper. Also, always schedules time to have deep intellectual conversations with Psyduck. Earned his name because most of the other Pokemon get irritated with how he holds them up due to his laidback nature.



    Gonna add my other PC in a bit.​
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