Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Chain of Illusions IC

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  1. Chapter List (open)

    Prologue ~ Opening ~


    Welcome to Treasure Town, a place where Pokemon gather to trade, sell, and a place to gather information for dungeons, and soon, the opening place for Guild Friendship.


    “Hello, purr. My name is Glameow. I shall be your guide for today. We are still preparing a “party” of sorts, and we are still waiting for others to arrive. For now I shall lead you to Treasure Town, and you are free to explore the town.”

    “Also, one bit of advice. You are free to discuss what team you want to form as well. Cooperation is extremely helpful.”

    So with that said where shall you go? (Tag the Co-GMs @Bomb, @The Tactician, @Cromartie Sarkissian. @TheSpringwoodSlasher will Co-GM some other time.)

    Kecleon Shop


    Spinda’s Café

    Small Notes:
    -Use the tagging system. It makes things easier for all of us.
    -Also have fun!~​
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  2. Chomper's tail wagged behind him happily as he walked with Glameow and the others. Treasure Town was big. Exciting. There were so many other kinds Pokémon there. Some Chomper had only heard about before! However, his excitement quickly faded at the mention of making teams, his tail slowly going still. He cast his eyes over the group. The Poochyena was no leader, by any means. Though he enjoyed the company of others, he didn't have a clue how to pick a good team. For now, he just sat on his haunches and watched to see what everyone else would do.

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  3. [​IMG]

    The young Espurr stared with wide, violet eyes at the flourishing town they had entered. In all the days of his early life, Cait hadn't ever seen such a wonderful place, filled with so many people. This place... This'll be my new home? This is spectacular, amazing, terrific! "Come on, guys, let's go explore our new home!" He cheered as he began to run ahead of the group, heading for Kecleon Shop with his flower in his hand.

    As he went along, he passed by a pair of baby Pokemon, a Magby and Elekid, playing together in the streets. The two seemed rather young, giggling as they rolled around in the streets and enjoyed their youth. It seemed none of the other residents of the town minded them much, and they passed by the two with only a smile at their antics.

    Talk to the young Pokemon?

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  4. Thunk looked out of his thick armour with wild wonderment, his eyes wide with awe at the sight of the city, he was a mountain pokemon, meant to survive in the wild alone with a mate, so this was quite interesting for him, he'd never seen so many Pokémon in one place before, some types he'd never even imagined

    "I'm strong, but I'm not too smart, I'd be happy to be a team's tank!" he says, upon the mention of making teams
    "I have tough armour and when I get bigger, I'll be like a wall to separate our team from the others!"

    @Whoever is interested in a tank​
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  5. [​IMG]

    Chimchar sat on top of a wooden post just outside of the town, watching all the other newcomers walk into the town. She wasn't expecting this much, but she could deal with it. She loved making friends anyway! So this was a chance to make tons of new friends! With a lot of new excitement she hopped down and made her way inside, hoping to find another Pokemon that would catch her eye. A new friend that turned out to be a partner in a team would be amazing! "Hello everyone!" She called out excitedly to no one in particular.

  6. Molassess had fallen asleep while walking along with the group to the town. Not because the walk hadn't been exciting or anything. But because what was wrong with a nap every other five minutes or so? Plopping down on the ground, Molasses's eyes slowly fluttered closed as his dreams were filled with all sorts of bizarre and abstract imagery.


    "Oh....I guess....You could say....I'm fully....Cracked. Heh..."

    Drool began to slide out the side of Molasses's mouth as his tail wagged back and forth. His murmurs in his sleep caught the eye of one the other pokemon traveling along with him. But this was no ordinary pokemon. This was Scrap, the king of kings! The champ of champs! Pushing his make-shift cape to the side, Scrap sprinted forward and jumped up and smashed the tip of Molasses's tail.



    Molasses's eyes opened just as slowly as they had closed. Looking around, he'd notice Scrap and smiled towards him. "Hey...Scrap...Nice...to meet...you. Huh?....Oh." He'd look behind him and frowned at the bruise on his tail. "....Ouch."


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  7. [​IMG]

    "Hey, that's not very nice, mista..." Cait fretted with a frown as he approached the Slowpoke and Tyrouge, "He was just taking a nap and enjoying himself... It's not like we're in danger or anything." It seemed the cat-like Pokemon was bothered by the fighting type's actions, though the most of his focus was soon on Slouch's tail, "Are you okay, mista Slowpoke? He didn't hurt you too bad, did he?"

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    Calm down..... It's okay. He walked along with the large group, until he could separate himself from it. He had a little sign, mounted on a stick that he carried in his small stubby hands. It advertised the team he wanted to form.was to generate interest. He was pretty anxious Aegis was a rather solitary pokemon and unused to the crowds. There was a saving grace though. Treasure town was a jovial town, Pokemon conversed amongst themselves and set about their daily tasks. It was a bit of a pick me up. A small smile made its way onto his face, making him wholly more approachable. He really did home someone would notice and take interest in his sign.


    Atlas strolled into the town with the rest of them, tail swaying merrily. She smiled warmly at any and everyone she passed. It was a very enjoyable day, it wasn't too cold or too hot. Pretty mild actually, and she enjoyed it. It would be a perfect day if it was a bit wetter. If it was mistier or maybe a drizzle of rain, then it would be absolutely perfect. Someone shouted out a greeting, but she couldn't see who."Hello, yourself!"She called back amiably. Letting out a satisfied giggle, she went and sat by Spinda's Cafe to rest.

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  9. Buzz swaggered across Treasure Town like a BOSS. He swung his oversized fists by his side merrily, as he took in the sights, the smells, the weird Slowpoke grabbing it's tail. He eventually stopped in front of a small, dog-like Pokémon. Of course, he wouldn't know what a dog was, but he seemed...different, from everyone else. While everone else here was small, pink, and...cutesy, this guy seemed tough, he seemed cool, he seeed like the kind of guy Buzz wanted to be friends with!
    'Hey you! Yeah, you with the tail! How'd you wanna be the first recruit in my Team! You look rough!'
    Hey raised one arm, showing off his impressive guns.
    Up went the other arm.
    And coooooool.'
    He tried doing some cool West-Side street kind of sign with his hands.
    'An we're really lookin' for someone like you! Whaddaya say, pal?'
    He offered his hand out to shake it. He was actually quite nervous. He hoped that he'd looked cool and tough enough to earn Chomper's respect.
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  10. As Atlas approached the cafe, the Mudkip would be able to spot a strange-looking Pokemon wandering around the area.


    He seemed rather fidgety as he floated around the cafe, his eyes darting about the room as he observed each new arrival. However, he did not seem to be filled with malicious as he did, instead looking to the others in some sort of longing. In his tail, there was what appeared to be some sort of token or mask, the face of it broken and and cracked with wear and tear. He kept to a table near a shadowed corner where few other Pokemon waddled by.

    Would you like to speak to the strange Pokemon?

  11. Atlas
    A fidgety Yamask, caught her eyes. It was at a nearby table, and stared at all the incoming Pokemon. She tilted her head a little and stood. She walked up to the table and sat once more. "Hello!" She said, her tone friendly. "Do you mind if I sit with you, here?" She didn't mean to intrude but the Yamask looked like it wanted some company.

    @The Tactician

  12. Chomper blinked at the rather eccentric Pokémon a few times before nodding slowly. "Uh... okay." Though there was something reserved about his answer, being as he wasn't sure if he could trust this guy, his tail started to wag again a bit in response. This guy thought he looked rough, tough, and cool! Admittedly, with somewhat matted fur and large canines, he wasn't the friendliest looking Pokémon.

    His bright, surprisingly cheery voice piped up again, though his sentences ended up being somewhat laconic. "My name is Chomper. Yours?"

    @Mighty Roman
  13. Buzz smiled. It was pretty weird-looking considering how wide his mouth was anyway. He'd made a friend! Team Buzz now had 2 members! Yeah!
    'The name's Buzz! Buzz with 2 Z's! The shocking Electabuzz!' He was putting on a show. 'Nice to meet you Chomper! Together, we're gonna be the best Team ever!'
    They were gonna be the best team in the world! And they were gonna have fun, and help people. He'd started the Hype Train. He'd never been more excited.
    'So, you wanna explore? Meet new Pokémon? Where d'you wanna go first?'
    Buzz was almost bouncing in excitement. He made a sort of crackling sound as he tilted from one foot to the other.
  14. The Yamask flinched as Atlas approached it, having been looking elsewhere at Spinda momentarily. It almost seemed he was afraid of her, as if he was expecting her to strike him. Finally, he unscrewed his terrified eyes and hesitantly nodded, "U-Um... S-sure..." His hands squirmed and wiggled around each other, and he watched her for a few moments, trying to understand why she had sat with him. He soon gave up with a quiet murmur to himself and released his hands from their hold of each other, "W-What's your n-name?"


  15. At first, his new team member's energy was off-putting. As Buzz began to hop about, though, it became charmingly infectious. He started to hop about, himself, then crouching down playfully in front of Buzz. "Oh. Oh. The dojo? Let's go to the dojo. Yeah?" He tilted his head.

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  16. [​IMG]

    "Oh yeah! This is gonna be fun! So many tough looking pokemon just in this group alone!" Cass would say excitedly yell as she ran around away from the group once they got to Treasure Town. Oh boy way she going to have fun here alright but she needed a team and didn't feel like creating her own. Well there was that Ralts that had a sign advertising a group but where did said Ralts go..? With nothing to do now Cass decided to go look for him.



    'Isn't this interesting.... So many pokemon gathered in one place.... Good diversity for team building...' Grimm would think to himself as they would be lead to Treasure town. However as most pokemon seemed to be splitting off Grimm decided he would do the same. Thinking it over Grimm would decide to also head to the Kecleon Shop silently of course.

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  17. [​IMG]

    The Growlithe stood tall and proud. He looked around him at all the people. He would be a good friend and a good ally. "I am a great and noble companion! I can help find things we might not find normally!" He said to himself at the comment about the teams. He was rehearsing for how he would speak to others. He was botjh nervous and excited. But! What was that on his back? He would have to chase it!


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  18. Over by the Kecleon Shop, Magby and Elekid continued to play in the streets, having resorted to playing Tag as they ran about the streets. An accident was bound to happen at some point, and as Magby turned his head to see how far behind Elekid had lagged as the tagger, the young fire-type ran straight into Grimm and was knocked back, landing on its butt with a soft uuf sound, "Ow..." His eyes then darted up to the fluffy Pokemon he had run into and widened in worry, "S-Sorry, mister, I didn't mean to run into you! Me and my friend are just having some fun..."

    "You're not upset, are you...?" Magby murmured as Elekid began to finally catch, obviously afraid of the much larger Pokemon.​
  19. "Noble companion?" The Growlithe's words struck a cord with Cait as he remembered why he had resolved to come to Treasure Town. With a joyful smile, the Espurr approached the dog as he chased his own tail, "Excuse me, mista Growlithe, but you said you were noble? You wouldn't happen to be looking for a team, would ya? I want to be a hero someday, and a noble companion like you... Us working together would make for a great team!"
  20. Atlas
    "Heh, I'm sorry for surprising you." She said. "My name's Atlas. A Mudkip, if you couldn't already tell." Atlas lowered her tone a bit, and met his gaze with a kind one of her own. Now that she was a bit closer and heard its voice, she discerned it as male. And he seemed to be the jumpy type, so a gentler approach would probably be best here. "How about you?"

    @The Tactician

    Aegis had made himself comfortable and now sat on the ground. He made sure to keep his sign high in the air though. While waiting he munched on a sweet-flavored poffin. They were his favorite, and he made them himself. A treecko broke from the crowd near him and seemed to be looking around. Maybe she needed help? He wanted to but the words were caught in his throat. Come on... How am I going to form anything if I can't get it together. "Euhm...are you looking for anything in p-particular?" He managed to croak out. It came out softly so he waved his sign to help get her attention as well.

    @Crimson Spartan