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  1. Hello! I'm currently looking to expand my RP horizon and make a MXM thread. I'm looking for a slow build romance for a newbie trainer who's just started out on their journey. Note: This will not be an RP about collecting Gym badges and all that. I'm looking for a partner who will help me out with a plot that will actually have meaning to it. Not saying a regular journey Rp is bad it's just that those get boring for me.

    I'm looking for a advanced partner as stated in the title. I usually post about 3-5 paragraphs or more depending on what response I'm given and I'm looking for a partner who will reflect that. I love details in an RP and try to make mine as detailed as possible so that we both have something to look for. I don't expect you to be on all the time , but at least give me a heads up when you're going to be gone for a long period of time and I'll do the same for you.

    Please PM me if you're interested! I'll try and reply to as many as I can.

    Leonard Aelius Piotr (open)
    Name: Leonard Aelius Piotr
    Nickname(s): Leo is used by his close relatives while Leon is a nickname given to him by his friends.
    Age: He is currently on his Gap Year of Journeying. Therefore, he is 16 years old.
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Height: 5'0"
    Weight: 120lbs

    Personality: Leonard Piotr is compassionate, reserved, and despite the common belief he is very excitable when faced with great opportunities. To much of the people around him he is often described as having a very passive and easygoing nature. He tends to let others treat themselves first before doing his own thing sometimes forgetting about his own needs. Despite this easygoing nature Leon tends to get stressed at times letting his mind wander if not making himself busy with something. Growing up from a very poor and not very educated family Leon tends to have poor reading skills leading him to be behind on a lot of his projects. Due to this he is used to being bullied by others. If not for his grades Leon is incredibly smart and persistent. Pushing himself through school he sometimes came last and sometimes first. Usually he spends most of his time in the library with a tutor on almost test and trying to maintain a C or at least doing extra reading on other subjects. Even so Leon is described by his teachers as a very gifted student despite his poor test taking skills.

    History: Born to a poor factory worker and being a farmer's son Leon is somewhat used to not having a stable life of wealth. His family was not born into money like most of the people they knew and neither did they have the time or resources to save up for the future. Living check for check Leon was used to not having a lot and had to make things go by what he had even if it seemed like nothing. Having Dyslexia was also a problem while he was in school and not having the money to get medicine made it worse by the day. Being bullied by other children and even adults for something Leon cannot control Leon is shy and tends to blend into the back ground if not for his close knit group of friends who have always been there for him. His test taking skills are horrible and his grades may not be the best, but despite this Leon loves to learn and will use any opportunity to obtain it's knowledge. For this reason alone Leon was chosen by Professor Oak to be given a Pokemon and his very own Pokedex. Leon is forever grateful for this and is extremely protective towards Oak and his generosity and has given himself the dream of completing the Pokedex if not for him, but for Oak.

    DOB: August 13, 1998
    Ethnicity: Hispanic

    Language(s): None
    Status: Alive
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