Pokemon? Mafia? Who's in?

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  1. This idea came from a friend. Since he did not reply to my personal message, I thought that maybe it would be cool if I made it a RP!


    Castelia City-- the largest city in all of Unova. Many things take place here; ships loaded with imports and exports pull in and out of the docks, sailing into the distant horizon. Battles take place, and shady people lurk within dark alleyways. To aspiring trainers, Castelia City is but another stepping stone in their path to becoming a famous individual, or maybe even the Champion of Unova.

    Little do these trainers know, however, that there is another side to Castelia City. Drugs are sold in the very alleyways they traverse and those who rule the grand metropolis are two families-- and not the friendly kind. These mafia families run the streets and keep tabs on every single person. If someone crosses them, they will not hesitate to cut their throats.

    Something came up. There has been a discovery of an ability improving drug specifically for Pokemon. The two families have been in a turf war for as long as one could remember, but their conflicts have become more fierce. Both of them want complete control of the drug without thinking of the consequences that would arise. What will happen?
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  2. Just some advice, you should probably increase the font size. I think that one's OK on phone, but it's a pain to read on PC. Otherwise, I love this idea. Will we be able to use legendaries or megas?
  3. So, a more violent Team Rocket?

    I like!
  4. We just need a ton more people.
  5. *rolls up, waves*
  6. Evenin'
  7. Oh by the way, I didn't get an answer to my question about legendaries and megas. Can we have them? Given that we'll be mafia (who can obviously obtain rare pokemon through illegal activity) rather than new trainers.
  8. Didn't see your question! There will be no legends, but we will be able to use Megas.
  9. Gotcha. One mega per character I take it?
  10. Interesting... Might i ask how many people are going to join? Because too many people can get out of control and plus the people who post may not be on that often... just saying. This may end up disappearing if not done right.
  11. I've run several RPs before, I know how it's like. :) I'm going to accept several.
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