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  1. It was raining by the time Meira reached her destination. It wasn't torrential, more the light drizzle that settles low over the ground and makes everything muffled and distant. The building itself was old and crumbling, as if it reflected the man who occupied it. The entire alley hadn't been cleaned in some time and a trace of dust clouded the lower floor windows. The whitewash had faded, as had the varnish on the wooden door frame, giving the laboratory, and by extent, the Armai region, a feeling of being neglected.

    Although it was only early afternoon, not another person was in sight, perhaps obscured by the mist, and the silence was ominous. Meira almost half expected to see a Haunter or Gastly pop out of the wall before her. A faint breeze sent the raindrops splattering into her face, and chilled the air, so she decided to ignore her doubts about the structural integrity of the area and head inside. Unsure of the customs in this town, she decided it best to knock before entering, a deed that most trainers seem to forget.

    The tap was relatively light, but the echoes reverberated through the building, and she realised it'd be impossible to go unheard here. After slightly more than a comfortable amount of time had passed, the door opened, and Meira breathed a sigh of relief as she saw that the elderly man who opened it was not a cloaked hunchback with a knife. For all his years he still seemed to have quite an amount of energy left in him. His voice was thin, but one could tell that if he were a young man it would have been a full and bold one. "Excellent! The first has arrived. Please, wait here. I shall explain once a few more come." He guided her to a door on her left, which opened into a corridor and eventually into a large facility which looked modern, a stark contrast to the place it was held. It had a faint scent of hospitals.
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  2. Dahlia was walking towards her destination carrying a red umbrella in one hand and a town map in the other. She was having trouble reading it, and didn't really know if she was walking in the right direction. Suddenly, there was a buzzing in her pocket. She sighed, and picked up her phone. "Yes dad, I already told you, I've arrived safely. No, not yet. Yes, I'm looking! How am I supposed to know that!? Ugh, bye..." Her dad was being overly protective, which in itself wasn't a bad thing, but it was really getting on her nerves. She arrived at an old looking building, with a sign saying 'Sandstone Laboratories'. It looked nothing like the Pokémon research facility in her home region, but she wasn't one to judge. She knocked on the door, waiting for an answer.
  3. Aaron despised running. She would much rather use her bike, but after a rather ego-busting accident it was unable to function properly. Out of breathe and almost ready to pass-out, the young trainer flipped around her map until it looked halfway decent. She knew where she was going, of course, but these route's were much different then the ones back home -- she was half expecting to turn left and find herself in a completely different region. This one was like a maze and not to mention the drizzle of rain seemed to make everything look the same. "Sandstone Laboratories, huh, this must be the place," Aaron came walking towards the large and rather spooky building. She had to check twice to make sure she was in the right place.

    The building looked abandoned and abandoned for several years at that. With a sigh, she undid the sweaty bow that held her hair up, allowing it to fall freely and get some air. Did she mention she hated running? Her eyes glanced at one of the grimy windows before her knuckle fell flat against the large red door. Was this the front of the lab? Was she even knocking on the correct door?
  4. He didn't like rain. Maura didn't either, her normally vibrant bouncing reduced to short little hops under Joseph as she tried to avoid the rain. He couldn't help but suppress a smile. The small hoppip may not be powerful, but it was a relatively fast grass type. Not only that, but it was able to heal itself. Later on, he would find a much better use for it. To be honest, it was frustrating that his mother wouldn't lend him one of HER pokemon. Her Ursaring, Salamence, Sceptile, Pelipper, and Dragonite was the envy of the the region. Camerupt, Sandslash, and Muk, her boxed pokemon, would've done wonders for him out here. Even her Jumpluff or Beedrill would have helped, though they were rarely used. Instead, he got Rebekah the Jumpluff's child, Maura. He supposed his mother wanted to teach him, "Never underestimate anything" or something like that, but he didn't buy it. Her pokemon, especially the one he never saw, was exceptionally powerful. While he knew his mother had a mystery pokemon, she never showed it to him. That thought could hold on for a second, though.

    It was fortunate that is jacket was big enough to hide Maura, she really hated rain. Or sandstorms. Or hail. Anything that wasn't sunshine made her more dull and sluggish. Then again, that may just be her normal speed. Her ability makes it so that, when it is sunny, she can dodge and move almost twice as fast. It was really astounding to see the little pokemon move in the fashion. He didn't have time to reflect on this, as he finally neared his destination. He silently walked over to the building with "Sandstone Laboratories" on the sign. Instead of greeting anyone else, or knocking on the door, he simply slid back and rested his back on the wall. Maura glanced out for a second, then ran back under him, clinging to his foot and looking with one yellow eye out.
  5. "Ah. That'll be the others." The professor turned and shuffled out of the room. He seemed to be in no hurry; as he walked down the corridor he kept stopping to adjust picture frames. Eventually, the dull, regular tapping of his boots on the polished tile floor stopped, and a creak could be heard, which Meira assumed to be that of the door opening. After an equally long period of time, the old man returned, except this time he was being followed by several children. They were all older than Meira, which intimidated her slightly. The rain must have increased in intensity while she was here, because these people seemed to be quite considerably more soaked than herself.

    She assumed he must have already asked their names, as he then went on to do a fast paced introduction in which it was impossible to hear more than a couple of words he said. Apparently, there was a girl called Dala or something like that, and a boy called Ron, and she didn't catch the last name. Before she got a chance to find out, a side door opened. There was a brief flurry of noise, presumably pokemon, before a young woman of about 25 entered and closed the door. She was holding a box, which she set on the table. "
    In this box is a collection of items which will be helpful to you all." The professor opened the container, revealing several pokedexes, and enough pokeballs for 5 each with plenty spare. There was also a few other items, which Meira expected would be later explained.

    Now, I don't care where you came from, just know that it was I who gathered you here through various sources, be it convincing your parents or telling your region's professor that I needed several people. Anyway - you're going to do some research for me, because as you can see, i am frail and can't do it myself. You may go about this as you please, but it would probably be safer in numbers, as you will be going into an area little walked by humans or pokemon this side of the mountains. I also recommend you test your strength in various pokemon gyms across Armai. Start with the one here, then head east to the fire-type gym in Gormava, then head north through the mountain town. There is an ice type gym there, but it is very strong, so complete the ones in the capital before you even try to take on the one there. After that, I will meet you there and explain further."

    He picked up a pokedex and 4 pokeballs, and handed them to the guy with the Hoppip, then did the same for each of the remaining trainers. Apparently he was expecting a few more people, so in order to have enough for them, he couldn't give these people 5 each.

    "I also have a couple of spare pokemon which I intended to give to a few of you, but as there are more people than pokemon I think that the best way of deciding who gets them should be a battle between the pokemon you already have. It will also be a way for you to determine rivals." He smirked, and gestured to a third door, which the woman opened. Outside was a well-used battle court. It had a few puddles on it, and the plantlife surrounding it was a little withered, but it seemed usable.
  6. (OOC: I think Aaron is a girl)

    Dahlia was shocked. She never suspected she would have to fight others so soon. She stuck her hand down the pocket of her coat, and grasped the pokeball inside. It contained Sheeper, the Pokémon she had brought with her from home. It was only around one year old, and had never once before been in a battle. Sheeper had only been acting as Dahlia's pet up until now, and while she didn't know what Pokémon the other trainers carried, she was certain that they would be able to defeat hers. "Sheeper, come on out!" Dahlia threw the pokeball up into the air. It opened, and from the beam of light that shot from it, Sheeper appeared. Dahlia opened her umbrella, crouched, and held it over Sheeper. It really didn't like the rain. "I'm sorry, professor, but I think I'm going to have to forfeit this match. Saying Sheeper isn't used to battle would be a massive understatement. If I could, I would still like to spectate the others, though. I think it would be good experience for both me and Sheeper. Otherwise, we should probably get going" She patted the fur of her Pokémon which was warm even though it was chilly outside.
  7. Aaron beamed, soaking up all the information like a brand new sponge. As soon as the pokéballs and pokédex were handed to her they were immediately put into her black over the shoulder bag. The bag was full of all kinds of stuff, but it was all so strategically placed that nobody could tell it was bulging at the seams. Shaking her head, she brought her attention back to the Professor and what he was blabbing on about. A battle? So soon? Aaron was all up to battle -- she loved it in fact. Her mother used to do one on one's with her all the time, but even if she enjoyed them that didn't mean her Lilitad did. In fact, the little bugger always like to jump around its opponent, despite the commands its Trainer gives. The young woman face palmed and then looked over at the other girl, Dahlia. She was forfeiting and Aaron could see why. Her Pokémon looked very young. Lilitad was also sorta young, that was the truth, though he never complained about it... he really did like them he just liked to play around during them. "This sounds real fun Professor, although, my Pokémon may just hold up the battle. I will go for it anyway. Why not right?" she smiled, fishing in her bag for her great ball. She only used great balls actually, only because it had a half percent more catch rate than an ordinary pokéball, yeah it wasn't a lot, but they sure looked cooler as well.

    She threw the ball up, "Come on out Lilitad," and out popped a rather medium sized looking frog.
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  8. IC: #### it, Slither.

    Bianca ran into Sandstone Labs, quite a bit out of breath and several minutes later, the Aquapent following quickly after her making the closest sound a snake could make to laughter.

    She slowly regained her breath, pushing her brown hair out of her eyes.

    "I-I'm sorry, my blasted snake smashed my alarm clock last night."
  9. ((Yeah I knew, but both I and my character think the name "Aaron" is a boy's name, plus its quite easy to not hear an occasional syllable in a flurry of words.))

    Meira walked briskly to the far end of the court, reaching for the pokeball clipped to her bag. She tapped the button and threw the ball dramatically into the air, mimicking what she had seen on the TV as she watched the pokemon league events. "Go, Hyttria!" The small water-type appeared, making an attempt to be threatening, but ending up looking cute. She realised that her possible opponents were inexperienced. Sure, she was too, but it looked like these ones had never even battled a wild pokemon before. None-the-less, she knew water types were weak to grass type, and the green frog that faced her couldn't really have been anything else, so she started defensively. "Hyttria, use Aqua Ring." She commanded, and was surprised to see the rings were larger than usual. She put it down to the presence of rain.
  10. Dahlia had picked up Sheeper and was standing at the edge of the arena, holding her Pokémon with one arm and the umbrella with the other. She observed the two Pokémon that had made their appearance on the field. A grass and a water type Pokémon respectively, it would seem by her judgement. The grass type would have advantage over the other logically, but more than that mattered in a battle. It boiled down to experience, and making smart moves. She had learnt that from watching her father, and by the practice battles held in school. Dahlia was slightly surprised when Hyttria produced the rings of water that were the signature of water veil, a healing move. "Huh, so it's experienced enough to know that kind of move... It was definitely a smart decision, considering that the opposing Lilitad would be able to reduce Hyttria's health greatly if it knows a grass-type move." She whispered to her Sheeper, who was watching intently. While it was young and inexperienced, it seemed to have a growing lust for battle.
  11. (OOC: I've never actually done a Pokémon battle like this on a roleplay so if I mess up please tell me! Also, Aaron is the male way of spelling it.)

    Aaron rubbed her chin, acting as if she was in deep thought. Aqua Ring was a non-damaging move. It protected the Pokémon after each opposing hit, but since Lilitad was grass then that means he had to throw out a grass-type move to create any damage at all. Aaron was surprised of how big the rings were though for the little water Pokémon. The only thing she could really do now was go in headstrong and hope Lilitad would actually listen. He was an adorable punk about seventy-five percent of the time. Last time they encountered a wild he tried to feed it berries. "Lilitad, use Razor Leaf please?" she asked the frog Pokémon. If you commanded him then you were less likely to even get him to look at you, but that added please seemed to do the trick just fine. He hopped up onto his webbed feet and sent out an average amount of leaves from his collar.
  12. ((Really, I started this battle earlier than I usually would, but that's because its also my first time doing a battle exactly like this and I want to see if it'll work.))

    CRAP! How does that thing already know razor leaf?
    "Hyttria, dodge it!" she shouted, but her thinking had slowed her down and a good amount of the leaves hit home. She was grateful for the ring's presence, as she expected she would be. One more hit otherwise and Hyttria'd have fainted. "Quick, tackle it!" She realised mid-charge, as the raindrops around Hyttria started to freeze, that Refridgerate was going to make this attack ice-type. She smiled. That pokemon was as good as hers.
  13. Dahlia watched as intently as her Sheeper as Aaron ordered Lillitad to make a counter move. However, she was surprised at the lack of umph in her voice, since Aaron seemed to be more of a fiery person that that. The attack ended up looking half hearted, too, even though it probably still did a lot of damage to the opposing water-type. When Hyttria began running towards Lillitad, Dahlia noticed something weird in the air surrounding it. It was... "Ice!?" She thought to herself "That Pokémon must be of a considerably high level if it already knows an ice-type move. But no, that girl definitely called out tackle. Maybe it's ignoring her orders, unless... Refridgerate?" Yes, Dahlia had seen this phenomenon before, back at her father's gym. Refridgerate was a rare abillity that bulked up normal-type moves and turned them into the ice-type. If that was the case, then Meira and Hyttria might have this game in the bag. She gasped slightly as Hyttria's attack was about to strike.
  14. Aaron's eyes widened in horror at the ice revolving around the Hyttria. Oh no... That is gonna hurt. She usually never, ever did this, but now it was a matter of life or fainting for her Pokémon. If he got angry at her for barking orders then that was his problem. Maybe, as an apology, she would buy him some Poké-snacks. "Lilitad, dodge it!" her voice was considerably more commanding now and as an old habit she even snapped at the little frog. He didn't seem startled, although it was obvious that he was kicking it into high-gear, springing itself over the charging Hyttria, hitting an ice-crystal on the way over, and falling down to the ground on the other side. The Lilitad hopped onto its webbed feet and took up a stance that showed he meant business. "It's okay little dude," Aaron gave the Lilitad a thumbs up, "Lilitad, use absorb" The Pokémon's yellow cheeks began to omit a yellow light, growing until orbs bursted out and aimed for its opponent. Aaron had no idea if this was going to work. Could Refrigerate block moves like this? She should start reading or something.
  15. Joseph turned to the girl next to him, he didn't catch any of their names. However, he had one order to attend to, "Miss, if you like, you can battle with Maura. She isn't nearly as experienced as some other pokemon, you have the type advantage, and she doesn't do well in the rain. Plus, your pokemon looks enthusiastic." At the same time, his eyes glanced to the left, a girl and a snake pokemon were at the lab, puzzled that no one was there. Picking up a small rock, he threw it on the ground near him with force. Snakes could sense vibrations in the ground, and he was counting on the seemingly snake pokemon over there to catch on, he waved one of his arms to signal the other girl over. "Am I really the only guy on this?" He quietly muttered, "So much for making new "friends". Sometimes I wish my mother didn't send me here...." At the same time, he was curiously watching the battle. Seemingly, the Tackle of the one pokemon turned to an Ice move. Odd, seeing as how Tackle is a normal move. Opening his pokedex, he scanned the two pokemon battling, "Ah, so that's it, hm?" Snapping it shut, he looked at the battle again, and said, quiet enough to keep his own tone but loud enough for the others to hear, he commented to the girl next to him, "Bubble would be ineffective due to grass typing, yet a good hit would slow Lillitad down enough to get a good Refrigerated tackle on it. On the other hand, if Lillitad could hit Grasswhistle, the battle's over." He took pride in being the son of his mother. She battled against the entire Elite Four and beat them, yet she insisted on remaining a travelling trainer, for unknown reasons. Of course, watching wasn't the same as actually doing. He didn't know if the battle made it hard to think, so he tried to help both sides. Maura peeked out from under his jacket, and gave her own little battle cry to encourage the pokemon.

    Noticing the annoyed look on both pokemon's faces for being hit, Joseph decided to bring a better incentive, reaching into his bag, he brought out a small device, and started fiddling with it, dropping some apricorns into it, "After we all finish our battles, you guys can just relax. I have some Aprijuice here. For the trainers, lemonade." Hopefully this would ease the tensions of the battle. On the outside his act seemed kind and generous, on the inside he was honestly afraid of incurring anyone's wrath. While he wasn't scared of girls at age 7, one of them showed him that guys like him have a weak spot. He winced as he remembered WHERE Whitney kicked him.
  16. "A weak move like that isn't going to do anything with aqua ring in place, even if it's got type advantage. Sure, it'll heal you, but the damage that's done will be healed straight back." She flinched slightly at her misjudgement - apparently the absorb was stronger than she had expected. Maybe there's a chance this'll work... She'd only seen it done once, and the move wasn't exactly the same, but the theory should work, especially with it raining. "Hyttria, jump back and use bubble on the ground!" It was worth a shot. The only way she could win this was if she could get a strong tackle in. The bubbles mixed with the rain and the floor to make a rather muddy environment, which should hopefully stop Lilitad getting enough grip to jump. She made a mental note to see if this worked without rain too. She commanded Hyttria to use tackle again, and the odd mix of mud and ice made a very peculiar effect on the ground Hyttria walked on, as if it half froze it.
  17. The professor was aroused from his semi-sleep state by the woman professor whispering in his ear. He stood up and excused himself, telling the girl with the sheep pokemon to tell him who wins. He made his way to the door, and plodded heavily up the short staircase. Eventually, he found what he was looking for. "Hello. I'm Professor Sandstone. May I help y-" He paused abruptly. "Oh! I know why you're here. Follow me." He led the new person back into the corridor and into the room that smelled like a hospital, and handed over 4 pokeballs and a pokedex. "If you go through that door, you'll get to the others." He gestured to the door outside, and tutted somewhat when he saw a small puddle of muddy water seep into a small depression under the metal door.
  18. Rushing through the entrance of the lab, Valerian made it just in time to see the others leave through the door in the distance as his Metacub, Geargr, toddled along behind him, occasionally rolling on his side to allow the ring around his body to give him some momentum, as the pair snuck into the room to see what was going on while the professor was preoccupied with other things.

    The pair stood in awe as they saw the battle unfolding before them, the slushy mud moving around the ground as if it were under thin layers of ice that broke as the battlers moved across them, looking to the Hyttria for the answers to this phenomenon, before returning his eyes to his companion with a mischievious smile stretched across his face.

    "So, Refigerate, huh?
    Well, Gear, it looks like we'll get to have quite a bit of fun real soon, unless you're afraid of getting dirty, that is."

    The Metacub glared at his friend as his gear began to spin, gently poking Valer's spine with one of his claws, causing a light jolt of electricity to zap him in answer to his challenge, which caused his trainer's body to stiffen for several seconds before returning to normal.

    After regaining his mobility, Valer sat down and continued to watch the battle, Geargr climbing into his lap to get a better view of what events were sure to unfold, waiting for when a time where they could shine may appear.
  19. Lilitad looked at his hesitant trainer. The two worked very well together so at times it was like they were speaking to eachother mentally, in truth, Lilitad already knew what to do. Aaron nodded her head towards her little Pokémon, hoping she could count on him to stick this one out. Sometimes Pokémon can teach their trainers new moves and tricks as well. And it looked like today Lilitad was testing out the move of Trust with his dark haired trainer. "Lilitad, you know what to do!" Aaron shouted encouragingly towards the frog.

    With a nod from Lilitad he then began to sink his webbed feet into the mud that formed beneath Hyttria and seeped towards him. He put himself into a defense stance, pointing his head towards his opponent as if he was going to charge, but instead he stood firm. The Lilitad was a grass-type, and since he was an amphibian, water-type moves weren't too bad to take. He awaited for Hyttria to crash into him.
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