Pokemon LEGION: Summit of Four

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  1. Alrighty. Basically this'll be a Pokemon RP. It'll be somewhat medieval.

    So here is how it goes.

    There are 4 clans. They are rivals who argue at the pettiest things, and they do not get along very well.

    The Hoshizora Clan represents the skies. They specialise in Pokemon that fly and have the potential to fly.

    The Black Forest Sisters represents the ethereal. They specialise in Ghost, Psychic and Fairy-Type Pokemon, as well as Pokemon with the potential to be them. Some say that they are not human...

    The Fist Warriors represents the land. They relish in the ways of Fighting and Rock-Type Pokemon. They also train a good deal of warrior-themed Pokemon such as Bisharp and Greninja.

    The Undina Tribe represents the seas. They focus on the ways of the aquatic and all related to it. They are female only. When they copulate with a man, the man stays with them for nine months until a baby is born. If the child is male, he follows the father. If the child is female, she follows the mother.

    Now, one day, a suspected threat has risen and the clans are blaming each other before they realise that they should have a meeting to dig deep into the matter.

    And thus, the first Summit of Four was born in order to sort differences out.

    So anyways, I was also considering adding stuff such as Wild Packs. So far I have 'The Dragon Clan' and 'The Evolution Pack' prepared.

    The 'threat' mentioned will be a dark force that turns Pokemon a little... wild.
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  2. Sounds cool :) Could I make a dragon tribe member or won't that be available yet?
  3. Wild Pokemon packs will definitely be available. Although, I only have two planned so far. So yes, you can be part of it.
  4. Sounds fun! I'm game! :D
  5. Interesting, I'll take fighting
  6. I'd totally go Black Forest Sisters! :D
  7. Minami, Stryder, sure you can keep up~?

    That being said, I might consider starting the OoC later today, as opposed to waiting for the Feb 14 updates to do so.

    I am doing this mainly due to how... specific the Trainer Classes are for each area.

    Hoshizora Clan Trainer Classes are 'Birdkeeper' and 'Skymaster', which are akin to Bird Keepers and Sky Trainers.

    Black Forest Sisters are limited to Hex Maniacs and Fairy Tale Girls. We all know those. They come in pairs. All female-only, but I'm pretty sure 'sisters' made it obvious.

    Fist Warriors have classes equivalent to 'Blackbelt', 'Battle Girl', 'Ninja' and such.

    Undina Tribe has Trainer classes such as 'Sea Paladin', 'Undina Priestess' and such.

    Trainer Classes for humans living among Wild Pokemon Packs are 'Wildman'.
  8. Ooooh crap I didn't think of a good classification for them. I think there are a good deal of Pokemon that might not be capable of qualifying for any of the four clans unless encountered via wild encounters during the course of the RP, those three included.

    I mean if you can justify that they fit the right motif sure. Carnivine has levitate so it fits in the Hoshizora Clan. Shroomish had a Fighting-Type Evolution so it fits fine with the Fist Warriors. Snorunt qualifies for the Black Forest Sisters via possible evolution. Tynamo is stated to inhabit waters in its Pokedex entry so it can go ahead and chill around the Undina Tribe.

    It'll be somewhat hard to justify the three stated canids. And I can say - a high ranking member is unlikely to have them.
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