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    Welcome to Pokétopia!

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    Nate smiled and took a deep breath of the fresh sea air. He had heard that the view of the sea at Gateon Port in the northeast Orre Region was amazing, but he could never have imagined it looked this good. The ship to transport him to Pokétopia, the S.S. Kyorge (which was shaped very much like the legendary Pokémon), would soon be arriving to pick up those who were attending the festival. Included in the invitation, was a
    HeartGold Card (open)
    and a ticket for the S.S. Kyorge. When the young man received the invitation to spend his summer at Pokétopia, he was overjoyed and ecstatic. As soon as he finished up collecting his Gym Badges in the Johto Region, he flew over to the Unova Region and began packing up. Now, he was standing by the Pier, overlooking the ocean with a smile strewn across his face. On his shoulder, stood Sparky, happily bouncing up and down as they waited for the transport. Nate laughed at the Pokémon's adorable antics, feeling the tail of Maxwell brushing his leg happily as he sat beside his trainer. Ōra had gone off to meditate until the ship arrived, while Serenity was off finishing its dinner next to a sleeping Pyro. In the ocean before Nate, Shelly and Blossom happily splashed around like the best friends they were.

    Nate wasn't the type of trainer to keep everybody locked up. In fact, whenever he could, he would let his Pokémon roam free so they can enjoy being outside of their Pokéballs. The ones who primarily stayed outside were Sparky and Maxwell, but Serenity also preferred to stay outside (and with her psychic powers, Nate couldn't really argue without a stern talking to, ending in a major headache). Ōra was the only other one who didn't let himself be bound by a Pokéball, mainly because he wasn't really Nate's Pokémon, but he also believed that having to be bound to a life of fighting was something that Pokémon should pick for themselves. Nate couldn't disagree with the Lucario, for he too believed that nobody should be "forced" to do something. In fact, Nate had taken the time to build emotional bonds with all of his Pokémon before and after their capture. Even Serenity, who had no intention of being caught, willingly placed herself in a Pokéball because she admired his strength and pure heart.

    Suddenly, Nate was rocked off his feet by a sudden spray of water aimed directly at his face. Stumbling backwards, Nate tripped over his own feet and landed on his rear with a thud. As he lifted his soaked head upwards, he spat out some salty water that had gone into his mouth and looked at Shelly with a playfully raised eyebrow. Beside the giggling Water-Type Pokémon, Ms. Fortune faded into view, laughing hard at her latest prank on the trainer. "Haha, very funny guys." Nate chuckled as he wiped away the water on his face, using Sparky's rapidly wagging tail as a fan of sorts to dry himself off. As he finished drying out his long and messy brown hair, he heard a soft, feminine voice behind him. "So, Nathaniel.. Are you nervous?" Serenity asked, speaking perfect English. Nate stood up and shook his head at the Pokémon while Sparky and Maxwell began to chase each other around playfully. "Nervous? About what?" Dylan asked curiously, not knowing what she was talking about. "The Festival. The last time I checked, you wouldn't stop talking about how much you wanted to go when you met me. Seeing as how we're only a half hour away from finally leaving for Pokétopia, I wanted to know how you were feeling."

    Nate smiled and patted the small Pokémon woman's back. "No, I'm not nervous. I'm really excited actually! I mean, just think Serenity... We're gonna be at Pokétopia! The Pokétopia! Trainers from all over the world can only ever hope to get to attend this event with a low class ticket. Us? We've got a HeartGold Card! That's something that even Pokémon Masters dream of getting! I can't wait until the ship arrives!" Nate exclaimed with an overjoyed voice. His excitement could not be contained and he was absolutely cringing at every moment he wasn't at Pokétopia. However, bringing up the ship made him look around them again. What shocked the young man was that virtually nobody was even at the docks. "Speaking of arriving, this place looks pretty empty, doesn't it Serenity? It's 5:30pm... The S.S. Kyorge is supposed to be here at 6... So where is everybody?" Nate asked as he scratched his head. Almost immediately after he asked the question, Serenity began to giggle like a schoolgirl. "What? What's so funny?"

    The green haired Pokémon smiled as she lifted her head and moved her hand from her mouth, still giggling. Clearing her throat, Serenity floated up beside Nate and smiled slyly, as if to suggest she knew something he didn't. "What? Why are you giving me that face?" Nate asked, now more puzzled then ever. "Well... Somebody is coming... I can feel them." Serenity teased, leaning in close to his face. "A certain somebody... A certain giiirrl~". Almost instantly at these words, Nate's face went bright red and he suddenly became very nervous. "Oh, yeah, and some other people. You should have plenty of people here in a minute, don't worry Nathaniel.".

    Nate was pleased to hear that new trainers were approaching... But he was still red-faced at the news that she was coming. She was the last person he expected to see at Pokétopia, but he was really glad that she would be coming along. At least now, he would have somebody other then his Pokémon that he knew first hand..
  2. "Oi! Guys, C'mon! We're gonna miss the boat!" Requiem called back to his pokemon behind him, carrying their own stuff. The Dark God looked ahead towards the nearly barren docks as the rest of his band slowly caught up to him. The Outsiders had received their invitations well in advance, and so they'd had plenty of time to prepare. Of course, Requiem had heard that the Legend Catcher was going to be there, and that meant that he was going to be there regardless of how he managed to get in. The golden ticket just happened to work in his favour.

    Oz and Honour caught up to him first, being that neither of them played. Oz did effects, and Honour for the most part played Bouncer. "You know, we've got another half an hour before the ship arrives, you don't have to hurry so much" The white psychic informed him dryly. "And regardless of how long we take, the boy is still going to be there."

    Requiem just turned his head to his friend and gave him a slight nod "Yeah yeah, I know. It's just not right though, you know? Music isn't meant to be contained, and neither is she. Besides that, if we miss this boat, we won't be able to eat for the next month, and I don't think any of us want that" He remarked as the rest of his crew arrived around him, giving their various calls of agreement. "Besides, there might be some nice lookin' chicks on board, what do you think?" He asked with a laugh as the procession pushed onwards towards the dock.

    As they arrived, Requiem noticed that the docks were pretty baren, aside from one kid standing out there at a distance. He turned to the others
    "Hey, Zai, you sure this is the right spot?" he asked, regarding the Zoroark Bass Guitar Player.

    "It's what was marked, try asking that kid over there, he might be able to direct us" The Dark Trickster replied, shifting his visual appearance to match that of Requiem. Quickly he made his way over, waving his arm widely "Hey Kid! Think you can give me a hand?"
  3. It was about a half hour until the ship arrived, but a rather empty dock awaited the young blonde as he made his way to this place he'd been instructed to wait for the ship at. He was walking with one hand in his picket, at least 4 fingers-thumb over the outside, his other hand holding a map, and headphones over his head--music blocking out most sounds. Azure hues glanced at the map from under his blonde bangs, then back up, his hand removing itself from his pocket to peel his headphones to sit around his neck. "This is it..." he confirmed himself, sighing. Zane had come a long way to get here, he'd never even been to this place in all his journeys, and now was about to be shipped off to another new land. It was actually a tiring but great experience. He viewed the area, there was a good few there, many Pokemon scattered about--relaxing, fooling around, the usual. He put away the map, and about that time a blur of Light Blue came from the shadow of a bush near him, fading into a visible shape came his Umbreon, or Mizu as he called her. With a leap out of the shadows the cat like creature would stride up beside Zane, and sit next to his feet. He'd look down at it and then back up.

    He walked further on, his Umbreon by his side...the sneeky shadow loving critter loved to escape it's Pokeball and follow him secretly, so it was no surprise it was out. A few of the surrounding trainers seen his Pokemon and was shocked to find it's coloration different then any other they'd seen before. Zane found himself a spot along the edge of the dock, a concrete wall--waist high--served as a perfect seat for Zane to rest on. He started looking around, checking out some of the Pokemon...He was already formulating strategies if he faced them in battle. The shiny Umbreon would jump up next to him and lay down on the concrete ledge, closing its amber eyes. He took a careful note of a Pokemon someone else seemed to have--that Zane himself had; Lucario. That...could be interesting. It was almost on cue a Pokeball, hung along with the other 5 on a chain on his hip, shot a beam of light out as his own Lucario appeared, and its eyes instantly had focused across the way at the other. Zane looked at the short steel-fighting type Pokemon and reached over, rubbing its head. "Chill...if the time comes you might get to test your strength against it." he said to him, again with a sigh. He crossed his arms, glancing at a watch hung from his wrist. It showed it'd be 30 minutes before the ship arrived...Perfect. The young blonde would return his Lucario, placing the Pokeball back on his wallet's chain. His outfit consisted of a pair of dark blue jeans, bound with a studded belt and hung with the chain leading to his wallet--his Pokeball stash along said chain of course. His shirt was a sleeveless black shirt, with a gray and black denim jacket over his shirt--also sleeveless. He leaned back just a bit, relaxing slightly as he crossed his arms. Little did anyone else know, Umbreon wasn't the only one of Zane's Pokemon out, Mizu may be sneeky but still loved being close to Zane...but hidden among a treetop a good distance away, glaring yellow eyes pierced the leafs and watched from afar. It was his Scizor...Who never was the type to be in a Pokeball, even before it was Zane's and Jenni had it.

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  4. Lyn shifted the strap on her shoulder and let her body weight shift to the right as she came to a stand still at the docs. Near her feet, Luna was racing around and weaving in between her trainers legs, still acting like a youngling even now. The brunette glanced around, there didn't seem to be all that many folks there. Dark eyes stopped on an oddly colored umbreon near a blonde guy and that was where her attention stayed focused for a moment before she managed to snap herself out of studying the different colored dark Pokémon. Her eyes then found another trainer's evee and repeated the action before she again made herself snap out of it. She let her eyes glance around again before she began to approach the dock.

    "Stay close, Luna." She murmured down, managing to not step on the pale colored eevee weaving around her feet. Luna glanced up and began to chirp at her in excitement, blue eyes getting even shiner and bigger as the Pokémon started to look around again. The brunette found her way onto the right dock and leaned against some railing. Again, she shifted her bag strap around a little bit. It's contents were important. Luna was curiously peering down at the ocean lapping at the wooden beams below the dock. Her silver tail swayed lightly as blue eyes stared, trying to penetrate the murky depths below. Lyn reached into her pocket and pulled out the HeartGold Card, quietly, she turned it over in her fingers as the sea breeze made some of her hair flutter around her head. I should have sold this. the thought drifted through the back of her mind. It would've gotten me a good chunk closer to buying that old farm. Although only 18, Lyn was already looking in to starting an eevlution farm back home, where she planned to breed, raise, and study eevee and their different evolutions. With a minute shake of her head, Lyn shoed the car back into her pocket. Don't worry about it, it'll be a fun break, and you could use one anyways. Besides, Luna is so excited! You wouldn't want to disappoint her, now would you? she lectured at herself, going back to fiddling with her bag's strap.
  5. The young blonde's eyes reopened when the sound of another trainer joined the mix, shifting slightly to notice the brunette and a silvery Eevee at her side--guess he wasn't the only one who'd had a shiny Eevee, although his wasn't an Eevee anymore, instead having evolved long ago. The said Eevee was now his Umbreon, who's ears twitched at the sound of the Eevee's paws padding across the ground. The blue-ringed dark cat like Pokemon raised up on its legs and stretched as it stayed besides Zane, but she didn't stay long...The curious Pokemon hopped down to the ground, Zane glancing at Mizu as it pulled its normal little trick, and seemingly faded from sight. The next time Zane's Umbreon was seen, it now was only a few feet away from Lyn and her Eevee, the Umbreon approaching the smaller pre-evolution of itself, shining amber eyes focused on the small Silver Eevee. It got close and stopped, a small cry made as she stared at the Eevee known as Luna, giving its head a tilt and its ears sitting offset, one down, one up.

    Zane watched this from a distance, sighing softly after a moment and pushing himself from his comfy spot he'd found. The blonde walked over to where his Pokemon went, prompting Mizu to glance back at him, and once he got closer it jumped up onto his shoulder, Zane petting Mizu. "I'm sorry Mizu is bothering you, she gets curious when she see's Eevee and I think the fact your's is like her, a shiny, probably caught her curiosity a bit more." he apologized for his Pokemon's somewhat rude and sudden approach of the two. "Sorry about that; I'm Zane." he added, introducing himself since his Pokemon sort of forced the meeting of the two trainers...Sometimes it was easy to tell an Eevee or any of its evolutions was cat like, when they act just as curious as a cat. Him Umbreon again leaped down from Zane's shoulder, and approached Luna even closer, basically checking the smaller Pokemon out, watching what it would do...She clearly wanted to know more.
  6. "Come on Pippin, we're gonna miss the boat!" She called, skipping backwards to watch her Pokemon as he waddled along hurriedly after her. "Plup!" He called, finally beginning to catch up as they made it to the docks. Victoria was panting a bit, she had skipped, speed-walked, and ran in order to make it to the boat on time, and she was convinced she wouldn't have made it other wise. She'd been doing some last minute packing when she realized that it was past the time she should have taken off, and with a quick goodbye to her mother, she was off. The Prinplup beside the petite black-haired girl was panting too, and she offered a small smile to him, patting him gently on the head. "Plup!" He called once again, snuggling into her hand. She let out a bubbly laugh, patting him for a moment longer before gazing around at the other trainers, green eyes bright with excitement on she sat down on the edge of the dock, eyes narrowed in search of the boat.

    She'd been sitting there quietly with her feet kicking back and forth before one of her pokeballs emitted a beam, Phanpy soon emerging from it. The little elephant pokemon landed in her arms, and she nearly dropped him into the water in surprise. "Phanpy," She sighed. He only smiled at her, blowing through his trunk to make a trumpet like noise. "You've really gotta start staying in your pokeball." She chided. Unfortunately for her, Phanpy either didn't hear her or didn't care to listen, as he paraded down the docks with or without her permission. She watched after him for a moment before turning back to Prinplup, who only shrugged in response. Removing another pokeball from her bag after a bit of digging, she released Archie, her Arcanine. "Watch after Phanpy, will you?" She asked, smiling sweetly at the Pokemon as he barked in understanding, hurrying along after Phanpy. Jumping to her feet now, she placed her hands on her hips, seeming suddenly reinvigorated. "Prinplup!" She called, the Pokemon standing to attention at her side. "Hop in the water, and use bubble beam!" She instructed, watching as the Pokemon dived and swam easily through the water, appearing once again to shoot a bubble beam which formed the shape of a heart. She grinned, clapping her hands in approval before continuing with their little practice session.
  7. Nate turned his head around quickly as he saw the pale man approaching him. "Oh, yeah! Hang on, a sec." he called out kindly before he told his Pokémon to stay. Thankfully, other trainers couldn't catch Pokémon that were out of their Pokéballs (some kind of residue from each individual ball made it only possible for the trainer who possessed said Pokéball could use/capture that Pokémon), so Nate left the larger ones alone with Ōra, while Sparky, Maxwell and Meloetta came along with him. As they approached the pale trainer, more Pokémon trainers began to fill the dock, making Nate smile. At least he wouldn't be making the trip alone. Heck, maybe he would make some new friends while he was on the boat. Waving to the pale trainer who had hailed him over, Nate tipped his visor and said "Hiya! I'm Nathaniel, but feel free to call me Nate. These are my pals, Sparky, Maxwell, and the newest addition to our family, Meloetta." as he gestured a hand towards the various Pokémon. Meloetta nodded at hearing her name and smiled sweetly at the pale trainer. Her eyes drifted off to a guitar that was strapped to his back and almost instantly, let out a squeal of delight. "Oh! You have a guitar?! Yay! You must be a musician! Come on, lets do a song for everybody! Do you know 'Pathway to Viridian City'? Or the 'Call of Celebi'? That's one of my favourites!" she exclaimed as she floated around, happily waving her arms in an almost adorable fashion.

    "Haha, yeah that would be fun. Meloetta loves music. Heck, she's the sole reason why most musicians in the Unova Region became what they are. Her influence has even reached the other regions of the world, its amazing. I never thought she would join me in the quest to become a Pokémon Master, but here she is! The self-proclaimed 'Goddess of Music'!" Nate teased with a playful laugh before the Pokémon blushed and said "Please. You flatter me, sweetie. Now then, you." she added, turning towards the pale trainer, "How's about we do that duet?"
  8. As Zaigou spoke with the trainer near the docks, Requiem found himself slightly distracted by the Coordinator girl. She was training her Prinplup in an act, which meant that she was preparing for a show, much the same as his own pokemon. He'd heard of Coordinators before, but he'd never actually met anyone who pursued a career in it. "Nice use of Bubblebeam" he remarked as he approached, setting his own guitar on the ground and leaning on it lightly. "I take it you lot are prepping for Poketopia as well then?" He asked politely, watching her pokemon to keep himself from staring.

    "So, the rumours are true, Meloetta has indeed joined up with a Human..." The pokemon murmured "Regarding a duet, you'd be better suited asking him" He told her pointing back to Requiem. "I'm just using his appearance at the moment, makes talking a bit easier" He informed them, "And his appearance is slightly less off-putting than my preferred human-ish look" He remarked, disillusioning himself from Requiem's appearance and taking a slightly more terrifying appearance. It was the form he typically took while onstage, but out in the public, it was easier for him to be Requiem, or himself. He shifted back to Requiem's appearance quickly and smiled apologetically.

    "Anyway, Requiem's the one you'll want to talk to, he's the singer of the group. I play the bass, Corvo's the drummer, Oz does the special effects, lighting and all of that, Grim's sort of the... Manager I suppose you could call him, although Baba Yaga would disagree. We're one of the few bands that come out of Orre, The Outsiders." He explained, referring to the others who were catching up. Baba Yaga was perched on Grim's head, and he seemed to have an annoyed look on his face. "Anyway, I take it that we are at least on the right dock to head for Poketopia, yeah?" He asked as casually as he could.
  9. "Hm?" She asked as she heard a voice, turning to see Requiem standing at her side. She jumped a little, startled by his sudden appearance - he wasn't the most friendly looking guy either. But, he'd piqued her interest. Realizing he complemented her, she smiled. "Thanks, but its Prinplup here who does all the real work." She responded, letting out a bubbly laugh as Pippin splashed them both playful, obviously delighted by the comment. She nodded at his question. "Yeah, we are!" She answered, grinning excitedly. Rather than watch her Pokemon who was swimming around in the water, happy for a small break, she watched Requiem, her head tilted a bit as she saw his appearance, the complete opposite of her own really, and his large guitar - well, larger than anything she could play. "Are you going to be holding a concert at Poketopia, or just proving entertainment?" She inquired, taking a seat on the dock next to him just as her Arcanine come back, Phanpy trumpeting on his back. She sighed, returning Phanpy to his pokeball before patting Archie on the head, laughing once again as he licked her face before giving Requiem a small once over. Archie narrowed his eyes, growling slightly at the man. Victoria bonked him lightly on the side of the head. "Be nice, Archie. It's just, uhm, well, I don't know his name, actually..." She said thoughtfully, frowning slightly. "What exactly is your name?" She questioned, large green eyes watching him curiously before she smiled. "I'm Victoria."
  10. "Ah, forgive my lack of manners. I am known as 'The Dark God' Requiem, of The Outsiders. Of course, you can just call me Requiem, or even Req if you'd prefer. I'm not particularly picky. In any case, it is a pleasure to meet you Miss Victoria," He informed her with a light smile and a bow, acknowledging the pokemon she referred to as Archie, and then her other question. "As for Poketopia, yeah, we've been hired for it. Biggest band in Orre. With any luck, we can get ourselves known with the rest of the world." He pointed back to the rest of his crew, giving explanations on who did what, similarly to what Zaigou had already done for the Legend Catcher. "As for the handsome devil talking with the kid over there, that would be Zaigou, my Zoroark and Bass Player. He seems to enjoy borrowing my appearance for general interactions, although I'm not quite sure why. Probably familiarity or something like that." He remarked shrugging somewhat dismissively.

    "How about yourself? Any plans for the festival? Or are you just going to enjoy the festivities?" He asked curiously. No matter what might be going on, it didn't hurt to find out who was doing what, and making friends was always an option as well. Besides, he was an Outsider. It'd be good for him to have someone he knew at the festival, even if it was only a newly made acquaintance, it was a start.
  11. Suddenly, there was a large splashing sound coming from the water, disrupting everyone's thoughts. A figure leaped high out of the water, and landed on the pier. It shook rapidly, dousing everyone in a rain of sea water. Was it a Pokémon? No, it was a trainer! Hong was kneeling slightly, having just jumped out of the water, but quickly rose to her feet. With a confident grin, hands on her hips, she had a look around at what was possibly her competition. "Haha, a good swim, wouldn't you say, Xìngyùn jīnyú?" Behind her in the water, a Gyarados popped its head out with a pleased growl. "Good Girl! Now let's see, it seems like I'm on time... That would be a first, wouldn't it?" The Gyarados let out another growl, as if it was laughing at Hong's remark "Right, well I'd better make sure I've got everything with me." She removed the backpack from her back, and started digging around in it. "Lunchbox, check, change of clothes, check, Pokéballs, check, sleeping bag, check, HeartGold card... Wait, HeartGold card?" She began frantically pulling the items out of her backpack, desperately looking for her pass. She dropped down to her knees and grabbed her head with an agonized look on her face. "Nooo! How could this have happened!? I've lost the one thing I shouldn't have lost! Why?.. Why did this happen to me?.." After having cried silently like that for a while, the Gyarados, which had dived down under the surface again, popped back up. It gently pushed Hong, and dropped something from its mouth in front of her. Hong stopped her sobbing, and looked down at the shining item in front of her. She jumped up in glee, turned around a hugged the face of her Gyarados tightly. "I can't believe you found it for me! Thank you, thank you, thank youuuu!" The Gyarados let out some displeased grunts, obviously a bit embarrased over Hong's affectionate treatment. She let her tight grip go, and looked at Gyarados. "Oh, so you mean I dropped it when doing my great entrance? I'm so lucky to have a diver with such great eyes like you. You really are my xìngyùn jīnyú, aren't you?" The Gyarados sounded happy again. Hong called her Pokémon back into its Pokéball, and then had another look around. She noticed some people, including a guy with messy, brown hair engaged in conversation. "They look like fun!" She thought, and walked up to them" "Hello there! Ah, sorry for interupting like this. The name's Hong Meiling, but don't worry if you find it hard to say, pretty much everyone just calls me China anyway. This is where the departure for Pokétopia will happen, right?"
  12. Luna jumped a bit as the Umbreon appeared beside her, nearly making her tumble down into the water below that she had been peering into so intently. A quick jerk back, although resulting in Luna flopping onto her back and rolling over, saved her from falling into the sea. Luna looked up at the Umbreon, quirking her own ears up and towards the other pokemon. She made her own answering little shrill as her head tilted to the side in question. Luna was accustomed to being around other evolved states of her species. After all, that’s what Lyn’s team was made up of.

    Lyn hadn’t noticed the Umbreon appearing until after Lunas burst of movement. The brunette jumped a bit, glancing down then sighing in relief when she saw that Luna had just been startled and not attacked by a pokemon from within the water she had been staring into. The brunette’s eyes settled on the shiny Umbreon. Well isn’t she a pretty thing? the brunette smiled as she thought. Her attention was redirected when a blonde trainer approached and began to speak. Lyn watched as the Umbreon jumped up onto the man’s shoulder. Luna watched the darker pokemons movements before she glanced over at Lyns shoulder, as if wondering if her smaller frame could jump that high without help. Lyn flashed a quick smile at Zane.

    “Don’t worry, she may have startled us, but she wasn’t bothering either of us.” She reassured the blonde before she straightened up and held her hand out to shake. “It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance Zane, my name is Lyn and,” she used her other hand to point at the silver evvee at her feet, “this is Luna.” The brunette glanced to the side for a moment. “So how long have you and Mizu been together?” She asked.
  13. Loud sounds of feet, claws and paws could be heard rather loudily as the the sounds made their way to the dock, Panting like a crazy maniac was the all to well Yin and his pokemon Ace ( Blaziken) and Hanji ( Lucario). He had feared they would be late thanks to Professor Juniper keeping them so up so late updating his Poke dex the night before, causing the trio to sleep in so he thought. To his delight he seen quite a few young trainers boarding the dock to leave for the ship. "This is it you guy's we made it! Oh thank god, i thought we were late, i was worried. If we didnt make it out Gold ticket would have gone to waste!" Both Pokemon nodded in agreement as they made there way to the dock with the other trainers.

    Once they made it along with the other's the trio stopped and panted wearily as Yin looked around at everyone, He noticed the Kid and the man looking like a band member. Slowly he made his way over to them with a cheery smile. "Umm, Exuse me this is where im sapose to be to go to Poketopia?" Yin flashed a happy grin hoping he was right if he was he was that much closer to getting to his love Red. The thought of this made him utterly giddy and over-joyed like a school girl. Meanwhile Ace and Hanji stood together and looked around scanning the area then turning their attention back to Yin. Both pokemon smiled as they watched their friend converse with other humans, though they seemed a lot younger then him.
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