Pokemon: Legendary Ties

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    On an island far off in the ocean, far from any locally known region, there is a single castle. You don't know much about this castle. All you were told is that you and five others, the strongest Pokemon Trainers from each region, were brought here for a test. A test to see who the strongest Trainer in the world is.

    You, a trainer who had defeated an evil team, saved your home and defeated the Champion was about to see five others who had the same story as you. You were about to challenge them to a fight. You were excited. You were nervous.

    What you didn't know, however, is that what started out as a simple game to see who the strongest in the world was would turn into something much more sinister...


    Okay, kinda crappy description but i made this idea about an hour ago (so it's still WIP) and believe me it's much better than what it sounds like.

    So, like i said. 6 trainers. One from every region. (we already have 3, so only 3 spots open!!) [Sinnoh and Kalos have been claimed]

    Only one character from each region, ovvi.

    Believe me it's better than it sounds. And it's first-come-first-serve so the first three people to respond are in! But!! If you're one of the first three and take forever to get a character or a little something in without telling me (or a Mod) you will be promptly removed and someone else will be asked to take your place.

    I'll stop talking now. Please show interest!!​
  2. I want the region with mudkips :3
  3. Sounds interesting but I need more info before I can commit.
  4. Ohhh Pokémon, Unova power :P
  5. @TheCheshire

    Well, i really can't reveal much bc this will have a lot of surprises. But basically these six trainers are in a 'tournament' to see who is the strongest. And all else i can say is that it will turn into like a basic plot of trying to save the world but it will be a lot different than the other plots from the games.

    @Cresion Breezes

    you two are in if you're up for it!!
  6. yeah
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  7. Yep, I call gen 5.
  8. Generation 6.
    Which regions are left? Would I be allowed to grab Johto?
  10. I would be interested as well, but with all these people already here I am not sure if this is still open. If so, I would love to apply. It has been too long since I have done a proper Pokemon RP so this is exactly what I have been waiting for :3
  11. Say, are we allowed to use evolutions from another Generation? For example, someone from Kanto having a full Eeveelution team.
  12. hmm well if johto is an option sure lets see were this goes. (can we use legends?)
  13. I'll call Unova, for the third time. So, Megas?
  14. As I have claimed mudkips I have claimed Hoenn <3
  15. What is taken:


    Here is the map detailing them. I think it is fan-made though so we can erase border lines to make some of the unconfirmed regions larger. Islands belong to respective regions, or can be shared by regions.

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  16. I wouldn't mind taking up Sinnoh if that is free ^^
  17. Okay wow this got intense quickly (sorry for not being on)

    We already started with three and only needed three more. Thus @Vio @Cresion Breezes and it looks like @Crow were the first three to speak up (Sorry but this was kind of a first-come thing)


    I didn't want people claiming regions yet bc i wouldn't want people to get into fights over them. I have a couple things to say so give me a sec.

    Concerning Megas - they are a no! Mega-Evos would off-set this rp a bit with a bit of OP for those who don't have Mega-Evolution compatible Pokemon (we will be able to craft our teams out of almost any Pokemon from the region from whence the trainer comes)

    Pokemon Choices - bc of my idea for this, I'm only going to allow trainers to have Pokemon from THEIR OWN REGION. Example: Kanto Rep. can have any of the FIRST 151 POKEMON TO CHOOSE FROM for their 6 member team. (excluding legends) [this also means that there can be NO pure eeveelution teams, sorry but that's how the nature of this RP is. ONLY Pokemon native to the Trainer's home region.]

    Legendaries - Legends will NOT be allowed for use bc I have plans for them later in the RP.


    Now, concerning the regions

    Sinnoh and Kalos have been claimed and our third member hasn't chosen yet (but they will get first dibs on the next region) After that the remaining three regions will be up for grabs. This means (and i'm sorry to say it) but all of your region claiming is unnecessary because all of this will be sorted out. Also, if an agreement can't be reached between the remaining regions, I will assign them myself.

    Any more questions please ask.
  18. ALSO

    only the 6 gen games (Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova and Kalos) will be the regions the trainers are from. This is why there will only be 6
  19. So...if everyone are champions, that means we're probably going to have teams of 6 with mostly power on them right? In battle are we using the game battle mechanics or the anime battle mechanics?
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