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  1. I'm looking for a Manaphy or a Mew if anyone's interested. I'm more than happy to trade them back as I'm just looking to fill my dex. Consider this a trading thread, if anyone's looking for a pokemon and are finding that everyone on the GTS is a huge douche you can post here looking for one. I'm currently breeding all starters and am working on getting my Eevee to have Pokerus and am willing to breed eevees and give evolution stones with them if anyone's interested. Here's the events coming up to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Pokemon:

    Shaymin (July)
    Arceus (August)
    Victini (September)
    Keldeo (October)
    Genesect (November)
    Meloetta (December)

    all run 1st to the 24th.
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  2. I don't think you can trade these Pokemon, can you? I remember trying to trade one of my four stupid Jirachis for other Pokemon when completing my dex and I couldn't.
  3. You can't trade them over the GTS, but you can trade them in person.

    You can also trade them through "GTS negotiations" or whatever the Gen VI equivalent is called -- though that's a real pain in the ass when it comes to strangers on the Internet, as it's damn near impossible to communicate what you want. O_O

    But yeah, the GTS is really the only place that you're not allowed to trade them. Anything else is fair game.

    I wouldn't have been able to fill the dex, otherwise. :P

    Edit: Of course, this raises the question of why they even ALLOW you to ask for these kinds of Pokemon on the GTS -- as it's really annoying to see the GTS flooded with people asking for Mews and Jirachis in exchange for their normal-ass Pokemon when it's literally impossible for anyone to take them up on that offer, even if someone actually wanted to. >_> And even more infuriating are the people asking for event legends in exchange for really rare shinies that you honestly WOULD trade an event legend for, but you just... can't. ;_;

    Meanwhile, all the people asking for event legends are just wasting their time. >_> I'm sure many of the people doing it are just trolls, but I'm sure there are many who think that they're proposing a fair trade and they literally don't know why no one's taking it.

    Seriously though, Sun and Moon's GTS better not have this problem. >_>
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  4. I doubt anyone cares but I'm looking for a mew or manaphy.....but people seem to be ignoring this thread so.....whatever.... I wasn't ever planning gts trading anyways since I knew that much didn't work.
  5. ^^" Well maybe they wouldn't have ignored it if you were just clearer about what you wanted...? It looks like all you did was list the events that are yet to come this year, which I'm sure many of us already knew about. It also doesn't do much to inspire comments.

    I could trade you Mew and Manaphy if you want. ^^ Mew I'd like to keep in the long term -- so we can just trade and trade back for that one -- but Mananphy I'll let you keep permanently if you can think of something really nice to offer in return. OwO I've already finished the dex, so there's nothing I need in that regard, buuuut... I do like shinies and things. :D (Or we can just trade and trade back for Manaphy, as well, if there's nothing you can offer for a perma-trade.)

    Hang on a sec and I'll get you my friend code. ^^

    Edit: My FC is 1504-5705-5784. Tell me yours and I'll register you. :D
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  6. I did before. But it's really discouraging when you see people duping the topic....Espically when it's a more prominent member. But yeah, I'd never keep the pokemon. I just want to fill my dex. I'm at work now but I'll dig up my friend code when I get home.
  7. ^^" Sometimes thread duplicates just happen. It's totally alright to just say "we already have a thread for this" and link to yours. OR, even better, you can just jump into the conversation and say "yeah, speaking of events..." and then you can link to your thread AND reiterate in the other one what you're looking for. I say that's much better than editing your post so that no one knows that you were looking for anything in the first place! ^^"

    But anyway! Yeah, we can set all this up once you're out of work. :D
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