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  1. Pokemon is pretty awesome. I think very few people can disagree with this, no matter their age. The thing is... I don't like trainers. I like when the pokemon are free to do as they please without some powerless dude who just happened to fling a ball at you screaming at them to attack their fellows.

    Pokemon can attack their fellows on their own just fine, thank-you-very-much.

    So! I was thinking of severely twisting the dynamic of the Pokemon games.

    I'm thinking of a group of adventurers - several heroes delving into various dungeons to do tasks. Helping the townsfolk and training themselves to take on the "Gym Leaders" and "Legendaries" in a very different world than what you might be used to.

    The major twist? Your characters are all human versions of your favorite Pokemon (not anthropomorphic characters, though a few traits might bleed through). You are a human with a personality, appearance, and powers similiar to a Pokemon, though you're free to expand on the personality and abilities of their particular character, the based Pokemon is used mostly as a guideline.

    I'm really wondering if anyone would be interested in playing a game in such a world... and if so, where should it be? A jump-in game with everyone coming and going as they please? A full-on 'Fantasy' game with character sheets? A weekly RPbox game? A dungeon-spanning D&D game?

    If we're going somewhere with this: where will I be taking you?
  2. Count me in, Frost! I shall take another chance at a pokemon rp. *sheepish grin*
  3. Yay! Welcome!

    Archy brought up a good point: since the pokemon are people now, how would gyms, gangs, and legendaries work? Well...

    I imagine the gangs run opposite to the gyms. While the powerful gangs run around doing their awful things - the game will likely be "darker, edgier" than a Pokemon game normally would be (because they're abusing PEOPLE), the Gyms stand as 'goal points' - people train their powers, and when they defeat a gym, they're given a badge that proves that they did. More badges mean that you're more powerful, and you deserve respect. The badges themselves just exist to show your work: "I have the Boulderbadge, and I earned it. You can trust me to do the task you need done and help you with your problem."

    Legendaries are likely the people who are so powerful, they stand beyond both gyms and gangs, who would both like them on their side. However, they care very little, and often do their own thing. They're what the players might be if they continue on their path. Hence the name of the RP.
  4. <.< ... I want in on this.
  5. What does everyone want to do with this, though?

    I was kind of thinking of having a character sheet page, but playing it all out in the RPbox... Just grab someone you like and play with them (I'm on a lot, so you could at least join me), as well as have a monthly or weekly "event"... a gang attack or something, as well as a monthly "major event"... like a gym trial or a bigger-importance dungeon or mission.

    Might even try to pass around duties for people playing Gym/Gang Leaders for that sort of event and the like.
  6. ​I'm putting my Lurk face on.
  7. Ohhh ohhh ohhh that'd be awesome! I'm in. *Determined face* Command me sir!
  8. Well that's four, if I include myself! :D Two more and we have a "full roster"! XD Thankfully we won't be crawling into Pokeballs anytime soon, 'cause... well, I assume it's cramped in there, hammerspace or no.

    All I need to know is where we'll be playing it. Jump-In? Fantasy? RPbox?
  9. I'd prefer if it was in the Fantasy or Jump-In sections. Not really a fan of chat rps. Though, if you do decide to make it chat based, I'm still in :3
  10. Okay, so!

    How's this: we have a Fantasy thread where everyone can play (as well as a character sheet thread, 'cause I like things organized), as well as RPbox stuff for... people who feel like doing that sort of thing. Nothing's really stopping me from doing both, right?
  11. Sounds good~

    Any rules on pokémon we can/can't play? And with gym leaders and such, are they controlled by you only, or can we try out for them?
  12. Well, I sort of imagine the players not basing it on any Legendary Pokemon, because... well, they'd be perfect "boss" characters for various dungeons. That, and there's a sort of an honor to playing non-legendaries: everyone is relatively equal. Well, save for that "Magikarp" guy, but just WAIT until he and his "Feebas" girlfriend evolve! Wowza!

    The Gym Leaders are gonna be the same way - they're what we'll be trying to prove ourselves to, or try to become one... though sitting around in a Gym waiting for other players to beat you and then leave you in that Gym for various groups of NPC's to beat you up and move on would be... well, an awful thing to play through! I'll probably recruit people to play as Gym Leaders or Legendaries as well as their normal character, so that they all have some manner of variety - as well as negating "GMPC Favoritism" on my part.