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    New Horizons 00


    Most trainers could be found in the lounge of the large boat talking with companions and showing off their Pokemon. Leila did neither. Seated by herself at a cushioned bench encircling a table, she was more invested in the little digital map propped on her crossed legs. Something about it just didn't look right to her but she couldn't seem to pin point exactly what stood out to her as odd. It was typical really, with traversable paths marked and pokemon centers marked by red dots, much like how city gyms were marked on every other regional map. At the same time, the formatting was... different somehow.

    "You're still staring at that?" The green haired teen glanced over and grinned at her little sister. No older than ten she was ond of the more younger competitors.

    "Yeah, Munes, I'm still staring at this," she hummed, pressing the designated key to rotate the image.

    "I don't see why. It's just like any other map out there," Munira replied, setting down their drinks on the table between them. Alongside the disposable cups were containers of Pokemon food, one of which she offered to her mudkip. The younger Hussain had something against keeping her Pokemon in their Pokeballs and often rotated them out, so there was always one travelling with her. In Leila's oppinion, Pokemon Ranger would have suited her better. If only they didn't have to release the Pokemon they caught.

    "I still can't believe you entered with all water types," Leila remarked.

    "That's all I have," Munira countered. "Besides, other than mudkip here, they're all duel types, so I'm not at that big of a disadvantage." She then remembered something. "Hey, speaking of Pokemon, I could of sworn I saw your sableye run pass when I was as the concession stand."

    "Huh, I couldn't have been my sableye, he's right..." As she talked, she unclipped the Pokeball in question from her utility belt but trailed off when she realized the it was empty. She sighed and stood. "Wait here, I should go see what he's up to before he falls overboard or something." Or eats someone's expensive jewlery. Again.

    Pierre Hartfelt stood out on the deck of the yacht looking out over the waters. A lot of trainers had let their Pokemon out to play and several water and flying types could be seen circling the large boat, including his Swablu. It was young compared to the rest of his team, and took delight in the freedom of drifting in the winds. Pierre smiled at the sight. It was interesting watching the little blue creature dift about on cloud-like wings.
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  2. Lucy was out on deck throwing up off the side of the ship. She gets sea sick quite easily and since it was a long ride until they reached thier destination she was going to be in for a rough trip. Her Blastoise was the only poke'mon she had out and it was rubbing her back to help make her feel better. The rest of her pokemon were inside their poke'balls for the time being. "A boat... It HAD to be a boat. They couldn't send us to the tournament on a jet or something else that could fly?" She said as she threw up again. Her Blastoise look at her and spoke out "BLASTOISE... BLASTOISE" Lucy then looked to the water type and said "well at least you are here to help make things better, what would I do without you Roshi? The big turtle the smiled and spoke again... "BLASTOISE".

    Meanwhile in the mess hall another trainer was with his own pokemon. A boy with a shiny Charizard, a hungery Feralligatr, an Alakazam, and a very serious Lucario. They weren't sea sick at all. In fact they seemed to be more interested in filling thier guts rather than emptying it. But the Feralligatr seemed to be more so than the rest. They all certain did draw attention to them selves. But what do they expect from being so loud?
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  3. "Y'know," the petite one, Tsubasa, speaks, "I wonder what limits lie beyond this."

    "Guuraaa!" A Lucario beside her roared. It was bigger than an average Lucario, exceeding its Trainer's height by a small bit.

    "With our Trump Card, nothing is impossible!" Tsubasa laughs. Lucario crossed his arms and nodded.

    "Hmmm... of course, groundbound styles are important too. I wonder if we're allowed to spar on this ship. It really looks like it can handle the collateral damage," Tsubasa smiles as she walks up to a pair of sisters and sits beside them. "So, ummm... where you guys from?"

    @Noctis the Devious

    A young, androgynous child was selecting food at the buffet area/mess hall with his Pokemon by his side - a Barbaracle, Malamar, Dragalge, Eelektrik, Clamperl and Azumarill.

    "I will expect the weakest to rise," he looks at his Camperl with a cold glare, causing it to shut its shell tight, "and the strongest to get stronger," he glares at Dragalge, Malamar and Barbaracle, and they too, beginning to tremble in mild fear. Just who was this guy, anyways?

    He looks at some other boy, guzzling upon his food. "Well, isn't that the most elegant display I've seen," the androgynous one sarcastically comments, "such grace."


    Tyrannt glanced at the child and stopped eating. He swallowed the food that was in his mouth and pulled out a poke'ball with an "M" on it and pointed it at their face. "One more remark like that and I'll sink the ship with this one Poke'mon. And believe me when I say... I won't be pretty." He said as he put the Poke'ball back on his belt and faced his food one again. "Now go away, your face is disturbing my Poke'mon" said Tyrannt with a smug grin. His Feralligatr had finished his portion of food and left the table to fetch more. Since guests on the ship and their Poke'mon eat free it wasn't going to be a problem.
  5. "My, quite the threat..." the androgynous one speaks, "I do possess curiousity as to what lies within it, though. Masterballs are impressive contraptions, that I can compliment on, always getting what you want."

    The young, androgynous one walks away with his Pokemon and food, blowing a kiss at the rough guy. "Smell you later, I guess."

    With that, he sat at a table with his Pokemon, everyone eating their share of food. "Magikarp may be weak, but they make great delicacies."

    His Eelektrik felt a little odd. "Zzzz!"

    "Guess his mother never thought him to respect his elders" He said as he continues to eat. His Charzard looked at him and let out a soft roar. "Yes there are some powerful trainers here. We best be careful, pick off the weaker ones and work our way up to them" Tyrannt said to his charizard. His Feralligatr then returned with an arms full of food. From the looks of it it's the rest of the food that is being served until the next meal is prepared. Some trainers were upset at first, but many of them knew better than to get between a gator and it's dinner.
  7. D'jani was uninterested in making small tak with other's aboard the ship, nor was she excited to show off her pokemon. She always
    felt wierd showing everybody what she had in her pokeballs, and she thought it was providing her with a major disadvantage if
    everyone else knew what she had, so that way they could counter the types of her pokemon. Instead, she was outside leaning against
    the railng of the ship, talking to her gardevoir who stood atnot three feet from her.
    " I don't think I will get through the finals. What if I don't even get to the finals?"
    D'jani put her head in her hands, herelbows propped on the cold iron bar that kept her from falling off the boat. She was always concerned
    about what was going to happen and what has happened, ut it was then that she noticed another girl a ways from her who was leaned over
    the rails and hurling into the sea. She felt a bit for the girl, seasick on the way to a tournament. Not exactly the best way to start out...
    Walking over to her, she figured it wouldn't hurt to talk to someone. After all, where was the fun in being a loner? That was nearly the exact
    opposite of who D'jani was.
    " You gonna be alright there? You look like you might cough up your lungs if you do that much longer."
  8. LUCY

    Lucy hurled once again as D'Jani spoke to her. "I hate boats, they make me so sea sick" she said as her blastoise rubbed her back some more. Lucy then looked at the girl who approached her. "I'm Lucy and this is my partner Roshi... What's your name?" She said trying to make new friends was no challenge to Lucy, in fact she rather liked to meet new people.
  9. Leila didn't bother to acknowledge the girl that approached them, simply walking passed her without a word. It was Munira who flashed a grin, albeit an apologetic one. "Ignore her, she's just trying to find her Sableye. He's always getting out of his Pokeball." By then she had let out all of her other Pokemon to enjoy the little pellets. It was one of the first lessons Leila taught her: a well fed Pokemon was a strong Pokemon, and they were going to need all their strength if the planned on making it to the finals. "We're both from the Hoenn Region, you see, and legend has it, if you look into a Sableye's eyes, they'll steal your soul." She shuddered. Sableye weren't often see nor caught as they dwelled in the deep caves to feed on the rocks and raw gems.
  10. "Sableye, huh? And I thought Shedinja had some crazy tales to tell," Tsubasa laughs, then speaks. "The name's Tsubasa. I come from a family of Sky Battlers in the Kalos Region. This is my partner, Lucario. Say hello, Lucario!"

    Lucario growls happily.

    "I'm sure that this competition will be pretty fun and intense..." Tsubasa looks around for a bit. "I wonder if this ship is built to host battles."
  11. Kiku was currently out on the deck with Kuro, who was on the teen's shoulder, watching many of the water types and flying types around the boat. The dark type didn't seem impressed that at least one person seemed sea sick. Kiku just ignored it, and most that tried to speak with him so far just got a blank stare as a response before the teen just walked away.

    "Umbreon." Kuro barked out with a slight huff. The sound of someone barfing was starting to annoy and bother him.

    After he and his Poke'mon had finished eating, Tyrannt recalled all his Poke'mon except Feraligatr who had seemed to have wandered off after it was done eating. He looked all over the mess hall for it and found it with a Sableye clipped in its mouth. "I see you make a new... Erm... Friend, Swamper" he said with a confused look on his face. The big water type let out an agitated growl indicating that the ghost type has been causing some grief that he wasn't aware of. "Alright bud let's find this guys owner... Before it causes any more trouble". Said Tyrannt as he and Swamper headed out of the mess hall and out to another room. There they found a group of. Girls talking about something. The two of them approached them and Tyrannt spoke to them "dose this belong to any of you?" He said irritated as his Feralligatr walked forward with the Sableye still in its jaws.
  13. "Shedinja?" Munira wondered, pulling out her Pokedex.

    Shedinja, a bug/ghost type Pokemon. A peculiar Pokémon that floats in air even though its wings remain completely still. The inside of its body is hollow and utterly dark. Peering into the crack on its back is said to steal one's spirit.

    She shuddered and quickly shut the hand held device. "Ghost types are totally bazaar, and creepy. Why anyone would would a Pokemon that steals your spirit is beyond me. Wait, do you have Shedinja?" She was so curious about the Pokemon she nearly missed Tsubasa‘s introduction. The young competitor squealed excitedly. "Oh, a Lucario! My sister told me about this Pokemon. It can sense auroras right? Nice to meet you Lucario. I'm Munira and this is my Pokemon team." She proceeded to introduce the pair to each water Pokemon she had with her.

    "Intense is definitely the right word. To be honest, if Leila hadn't come too, I doubt I'd make it off this ship. Oh, and there's a gym area or two down below. Leila was sparring with Blaziken earlier." Munira meant it in the literal sense. Liela had always been a martial arts enthusiast and was naturally drawn to Fight Pokemon. Why she only registered Blaziken and Breloom though, was beyond her.

    "When Leila comes back, you can ask her to show you where they are." Munira took another sip of her drink before taking note of a rather scary looking guy approaching them with an even scarier looking Pokemon with his jaws clamped around something all too familiar looking. Munira shrieked.

    "What do you think you're doing?! Spit it out! Spit it out! My sister is so going to murder you!"


    Pierre honestly didn't think Crobat wanted anything to do with the active skies, nor the daylight in general, but soon enough, she escaped her Pokeball much to his surprise and he chuckled. An Umbreon's bark soon caught his attention and he noticed someone standing not too far off with the dark Pokemon seemingly avoiding conversations like the plague. From where he stood he couldn't tell if it was a boy or a girl. He settled on watching them from the corner of his eye, curious.
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    Tyrannt snapped his fingers giving Swamper the order to spit out the ghost type Poke'mon on to the floor. The massive Water Type chuckled as if was happens was some kind of practical joke. Tyrannt on the other hand held his serious expression and looked down at the Sableye covered in Saliva. He knew that this particular species is known for causing trouble, but he had the feeling that this one in particular now knew to stay clear of Swamper. Tyrannt got out a poke'ball and recalled Swamper and then looked back to the girls "Word of advice to your sister, keep a poke'ball brace on the poke'ball a of stubborn Poke'mon." He said as he began to walk away. "And if you want scary, have a look at the poke'dex entry for Kabutops... Particularly how it feeds"
  15. "Ah yes, Sableye. My Aunt has one," Tsubasa looks at the jewel-eyed purple creature, "goes really well with my mom's Mawile. Sableye are quite the pranksters, but they aren't that bad."

    The young one, Munira, introduced herself.

    "Hello there, Munira. Yes, Lucario is able to sense and manipulate aura. He's my very first partner, and we may quarrel from time to time, but he's still the greatest friend I've had, isn't that right Lucario?"

    Lucario growls gleefully.

    "Hopefully we will find the neccesary items for evolution," the young, androgynous one, Risk, speaks as he enters the gym area. "Now, I need to strengthen the weakest link to make a powerful chain. Clamperl, you're up."

    Clamperl stood in the center as the five Pokemon surrounded it.

    "Basically, I need you all to attack Clamperl. Clamperl, use Iron Defense."

    As the various Pokemon released their attacks, Clamperl deflected it by withdrawing into its tough, sturdy shell.
  16. Appeased that she had gotten a friendly response, D'jani gave a smile
    and her Gardevoir twirled around, making an attempt to entertain itself.
    " My name is D'jani, but you can call me Jay. "
    friends wasn't always easy, but right now it was like eating ice cream...
  17. Munira huffed. "Excuse you, but what my sister does and doesn't do with her Pokemon is none of your business, thank you very much!" Leila could say all she wanted that she didn't understand Munira's little aversion to keeping the little creatures contained, but honestly, the older Hussain sister didn't exactly force her Pokemon to stay within their Pokeballs: exhibit A being the the little soggy purple mess recollecting itself. sableye could leave whenever he wanted, but preferably under Leila's supervision.

    "Kabutops...?" she wondered, glancing down at her Pokedex. She considered searching the Pokemon but thought better of it when its diet came into play. She gave a shudder. "No thanks!" The young competitor gave another huff as she re-seated herself across from Tsubasa. "The nerve of that guy. But I wonder where Leila gone to. I guess I should give her a call." sableye grinned and seated itself on the table in from of surskit's food container, to which the spidery Pokemon narrowed its eyes and scooted the food closer to her.

    "A mawile? That's the Pokemon with the mouth sprouting from its head right?" Munira checked. "That Pokemon is interesting to say the least." She hummed and patted sableye's head when Tsubaba commented on his behavior. "Yeah, he can get himself into real trouble sometimes but Leila's a very capable trainer and can bail him out easily." She Listened to the older girl explain her relationship with her lucario with sigh. "You're so lucky. Mudkip was given to me by the local professor. It's the same way Leila acquired her blaziken you see, but Sableye she had from an egg. I can't say the say for any of my Pokemon. They were all caught in the wild."

    Meanwhile Leila's journey to find her not so lost sableye lead her back to the gym areas figuring the duel type simply got lost and decided to wait in familiar grounds. Instead she found a boy putting his Pokemon through a rather brutal training regiment with other occupants casting wearing looks his way. She crossed her arms and simply watched for a moment before deciding to interrupt. "If you keep doing that all you're going to accomplish is wearing it out." Regardless of defense boosters, there was only so many hits a Pokemon could take before it simply gave out. "Pushing your Pokemon to such extremes-- what an amateur." She snickered at him, flicking the brim of her favorite hat. "But it's whatever, you know? One less person we've got to worry about. Now where's that pesky brat at?" She continued to scan the gym but considering there wasn't anyone showing any signs of alarm aside from the growing disapproval from the surrounding crowd, it was safe to assume her Pokemon wasn't there.

    After his brief chat with the girls Tyrannt decided to go for a walk before retiring to his room. Along the way he saw a familiar face. One that was pukeing off the side of the boat... It was his Rival, Lucy. He put on a smug face as he approached her and what appears to be her new friend. "You never did have sea legs did you Lucy? Then again what else can one expect from the Luna clan?" He said to Lucy. Lucy then turned around with anger in her voice, she was not happy that HE of all people was part of the tournament too. "Tyrannt!?! Oh god your here? Don't they have rules against the Solis clan joining this tourney? Or at least just you?" She said to Tyrannt. She then got sick to her gut again and threw up off the ship again. "I sure hope that doesn't land on any poor unsuspecting water Poke'mon." Said Tyrannt still being smug, he then looked to D'Jani. He only looked at her but didn't speak to her. After words he looked back to Lucy again. "Damn you Tyrannt, if the ocean wasn't spinning right now I'd show you what I'm made of!" Said Lucy as she threw up again. "I'm shaking in my boots." Said Tyrannt with a straight, emotionless face. He then walked away laughing and before Lucy could even think of a good retort he was already gone.
  19. Kiku felt eyes on him coming from his blind spot, so he turned his head to look at them, raising a thin brow in response as if to silently ask "Do you need something?" Without having to speak. Kuro on the other hand, watching the Crobat that took to the skies, if only momentarily.

    @Noctis the Devious
  20. "Is that so?" Risk questioned the lass. "Clamperl, Shell Smash!"

    Clamperl's shell fragments blasted in all directions, deflecting the strikes. Clamperl then smashed onto the other five Pokemon repeatedly like a pinball. With another Iron Defense, Clamperl's shell regenerated like nothing ever happened.

    "An Amateur could never do that. That being said, I would like a battle to see how I go, but you appear busy. Maybe another time."

    The five Pokemon appear dazed, and so was Clamperl. Yeah, this doesn't look very bartle-ready.

    "So anyways, while my dad's side of the family focuses on flying Pokemon, my mom's side focuses on Fairy, Psychic, Dark and Ghost Pokemon. Ironically, the only one of those I have is my Aunt's Bronzong. I don't know where she got it, she never did say it."

    Tsubasa summoned a Bronzong from a Pokeball as it started to make bell noises.

    "Bronzong, say hello. Say hello to Bronzong. Hmmm... I guess I should display the rest of my team. Except these three. They're a little too big to fit into the ship all at once."

    And hence, Tsubasa sent out a Jolteon and not her other three Pokemon.

    "He used to be a Shepherd Pokemon, living his days herding Mareep. But with my help, he's now a great aerial combat specialist!"
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