POKEMON! Kifu Region: Morning and Night! Entrance of a Journey!

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  1. Kiril Bastta leaned against the railing on The St.Anne Ferry., listening to what looked like a hot pink Ipod. The wind ruffled through his hair as he scowled at the passing Lapras. They made him think of the Fuchsia Zoo... Pathetic. he shouldn't be homesick yet. The salty air.... He hated it. The smell...the fishy stench.... He leaned back thinking about his family...
    "Eff this." Why was he even on this damn ship?! He had intended to go to Unova.... maybe it was that skinny girl... Na why the hell did he care?
    He felt the single safari ball on his waist shake for a sec. "Ya ya Domino." He assured the resting pokemon that the boat ride would be over soon. His eyes locked on the captains quarters..... yes.... this would have to be over soon...
  2. A small stowaway was on the ship, waiting for it to dock so she could hopefully steal something to buy something to eat. A small vulpix sat in her lap, wanting to go home. The vulpix whined a bit, scared for her trainer. The girl rubbed the small vulpix's head. "Don't worry... we'll get something to eat soon, Ven." She said, referring to the pokemon by her nickname. She curled up more, ribs poking out.
  3. Kiril sighed. He almost dropped his sandwich. Twice. Domino kept trying to bring his food to the storage keep under the captains quarters. Finally he gave up. "Screw it! Domino.... Just do what you want. As if thats the words that it was waiting for the ditto Ran under carrying the bag of pokemon food as Kiril carried the three sandwiches he had bought... That's when he saw the girl. She was really pretty if not thin. But she looked hungry... he knelt down and offered the sandwiches to the girl and her vulpix... "Hey... I'm Kiril.... Want some food?" internally he slapped himself. He was supposed to be a bastard not a nice guy....
  4. The girl looked up, suspicious. She frowned. "This isn't some trick?" She asked. Her vulpix looked up, whining. "I know, Ven..." She said, rubbing the poor pokemon's head. She was skeptical of the boy.
  5. He let out a short cruel laugh. "No trick.I'm no liar at least not about food. But my partner Domino is." The Kantonian Looked at Domino, The gender-less pokemon now looked like an exact replica of the girl's Vulpix. So the poor girl wouldn't be confused he smiled in a creepy way that was supposed to be calming before going back to an indifferent expression. "He's a ditto." He looked at her appraisingly...then sat down next to her. "So why are you going to Kifu?"
  6. The girl looked at him in suspicion before taking a bit of food from him and starting to eat. She made sure to give half to Ven, since she couldn't eat it all. She looked up at Kiril before swallowing and saying, "Food... I got kicked out of the last place I was at so I thought... if I hide on the ship then I could find something to sell in the new country and maybe get some food for me and Ven." She explained, rubbing her vulpix's head. She smiled as Ven licked her cheek, barking a bit.
  7. "Wow. thats a bold plan. I'm here to.... Win the championship. Using only pokemon deem worthless like Domino here. My dream is to unite the supposedly weak pokemon and prove that any pokemon can become a master!" He stopped his rant... silently staring at the girl. "You know your pretty cute." he then blushed his pale skin a pinkish tinge. he coughed "I mean.... you'd be a good battler. you should take the gym challenge with me... " he blushed again and looked away.
  8. The girl looked confused. "Cute?" She held out her bony fingers and felt her sunken cheeks. "I'm... cute?" She looked up at the boy, confused. He seemed older than her, and he was obviously fed three meals a day. She looked down at her Vulpix. Ven's fur wasn't as luscious as it should be. Maybe, by going with this boy, she could get some food and look 'normal' again. Maybe then people wouldn't look at her in pity or disgust.
  9. A piercing sound went through the air. "This Ship is now under the Royal guards control! Surrender your pokemon and valuables to Captain Ferza. All in the name of Emperor WISHINGSTAR!"
    The voices of what sounded like ten more men shouted out after him "WISHINGSTAR!!!" Kiril stiffened, "Wishingstar......" he stood up. "There are people who want to steal Ven and Domino... we need to hide or to Battle them. And if so what fight? Domino is only level 10...so unless Ven is level 60 but i doubt it... We could use guerrilla war fare... but if they are stronger..... Hmn..." he stopped mummbling and sighed.... "But Why bother if we could just hide out and be safe here?" He looked toward the girl. " I never got your name...."
  10. "Arianna, and I won't let them take Ven from me. Let's just hide out." The girl said, holding her pokemon close to her. Ven yipped before clicking her pokeball and disappearing within it. Arianna smiled and quickly hid the pokeball in her bra.
  11. "Arianna. I like that name. Like I said Kiril. I have a few bits of jewelry and some extra pokeballs. If they find us put this and this in the pile." Kiril reached into his pocket and slid some objects into the girls hands. A lure ball and a small bracelet with glass beads. he then slumped back before returning his ditto, "So where you from?" he asked the girl.
  12. Arianna looked up at Kiril before shrugging. "I don't know..." She said, putting the objects away in her small bag. She shivered and curled up, cold and a bit afraid. The crying outside of her hiding spot scared her. She wished Ven hadn't returned to her pokeball, but didn't want her pokemon taken away from her.
  13. Kiril sat in what was a puddle of mental anguish that was the silence.... It was then he noticed the Boat had stopped, "Pst... we seem to be at the dock... wanna make a break for it?"
  14. "Will we get caught?" Arianna asked in a whisper, shaking. She was scared, absolutely scared. What if they took her pokemon away from her? What if she was caught and killed? Or worse?
  15. "I have a plan..." He rolled out his pokeball releasing Domino. "Alright Dom, Go and see those guards then assume the position." The ditto cheekily smirked and Wobbled? Ran? slithered? off.
    "Lets give him some time." The boy leaned back against the wall.
  16. "Kiril..." Arianna looked up at him, extremely quiet. "...I'm scared..." She said, curling up. She held her pokeball close to her chest, shivering. She stayed close to the boy, trusting him a bit.
  17. He wrapped his arm around the girl, his male denseness broke away and realized how thin she was... Then Domino came back, "Domino.. he back... stand up..." He pulled the girl to her feet. "Domino." The ditto stretched over the two making them dressed like guards. He grinned behind the mask "Here's looking at you kid." [​IMG]
    "Stay close to me so Domino doesn't over-stretch..."
  18. Arianna nodded and held his hand, shaking. She kept Ven's pokeball close as she followed the strange boy. He seemed to know what he was doing, somewhat. Where were they? Why did this man want their pokemon?
  19. He led them out without a problem, his breath hitching every time a guard looked at them to closely.
    squeezing the girls hand they made it off the boat. "Daaaaaammmmmnnn that was scary."
  20. "Are we safe?" Arianna asked, looking up at the boy. She shivered as she looked back at the boat. "What if they follow us?" She bit her lip, her shoulders shaking up and down.