Pokemon: Journey to Roxas

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  1. The boat took them all to Roxas, a mysterious new region, that contains every 700+ pokemon. The trainers and gyms there are said to be strong. A new league is there for trainers to test their skills and become Roxas' new champion. Professor Ozyman awaits the three trainers he sent letters too.

    David smiled taking in the sea air. They were almost to Roxas. Goomy rests on his head tired from the trip. David chuckled and reread the letter. Apprantely Professor Ozyman has sent letters to two other trainers. He was exited to meet them. He was also excited for the battles and contests. He wondered what kind of pokemon he would meet. The ship reached Vortree town, and David ran to the lab.He let out all his pokemon to follow him.
  2. Pancake glared at the outskirts of the city, she hated cities. She reached up and scratched the underside of Hauntrina's belly area. She stepped carefully through the underbrush as she headed for the lab. She blinked and smiled as she noticed the large lab. She walked through the grass and entered the path. She panted softly, she was exhausted from her long trip.
  3. Zaki and Ritardando the shiny Eevee exited the ship after its docking. The young boy looked down at his letter glaring slightly at the fact their will be two others joining him to meet the professor.

    He huffed out of annoyance knowing there was very little he could do now except accept the fact he will have to deal with them.

    Whistling to the Eevee Zaki and Ritardando made their way to the lab, the trainer and Pokémon saw many strange yet new Pokémon like small orange chick Pokémon and blue alligators Pokémon.

    It was a brisk walk for the twosome, but upon arriving at the lab he noticed another boy with a strange Pokémon that he had never seen before and a young girl with a Haunted. He was slightly envious of the girl for having the ghost type.

    Ritardando barks happily at the sight of new people and immediately runs up to them he stands in front of them with a wagging tail and beaming expression.
  4. David saw a guy with a shiny eevee and a girl with a Haunter. They mustve got the letter too. Then Professor Ozyman opened the door for them. He had a cyndaquil, andFroakie in his arms. "Ah! David, Zaki, and ......Pancake?" He was curious about the weird name. "Welcome to Roxas! I chose you three because I know your parents." He said letting them in. There was three pokedexes with three eggs. "Im giving you all a pokedex, and a pokemon egg. But I want you to all battle each other first." He turned to all them. "So who wants to go first?"
    David rose his hand.
  5. Zaki rose his hand as well he was always up for a challenge for wanted his team to be strong. He was curious as to why his parents never told him about them knowing Professor Ozyman.

    Zaki looked over at David seeing that he was soon going to battle him, he wondered about the type that his Pokémon was, it looked like it could be a poison type or possibly a water type.

    He then turned to Pancake, noticing how the Professor was slightly surprised by her name. He assumed she specialized in ghost type but girls were hard to pin.
  6. Pancake blinked at the professor when he gave her a weird look for her name, "we were all named after breakfast. My cousins are named Waffle and my sister is Scone. Is that a problem?"

    She shifted to look over at the two boys over and frowned softly, eye twitching. She pulled close to her haunter, stroking its floating hand. She watched the boys prepare for battle and grinned.

    "Hauntrina.... These boys may be fun, they seem to like to fight. Fighting is good, isn't it, girl?" She snickered softly as the ghost chuckled and flexed its fingers, "They shall help the spirits rise."
  7. Zaki thought it was creative to be named after foods, though he'd never say it aloud. He looked down at his Eevee who seemed eager to battle.

    "What...you want to fight?"



    Ritardando leapt into battle position, he puffed out his chest to appear bigger and stronger.
  8. David walked out and saw the guy was choosing a shiny eevee. David was gonna send out Roserade, but Goomy jumped from his head and went to the battlefield "You want to battle Goomy?" *Goomy goomy!* The pokemon said with glee. David smiled and said "Alright." David said with a determined smile. "Goomy use Dragon pulse." goomy charged and fireddragon pulse. the attack made the dragon pokemon fall back a bit.
  9. Eevee was caught up in the moment and was hit with the move which sent it backward, luckily the normal type recovered quickly.

    Zaki glared at the Pokémon and quickly ordered a move "Ritardando, use Take Down!"

    Ritardando stepped back before dashing forward with all intention of hitting the Goomy.
  10. Goomy shook its body after it hit by the attack but was still ready to battle. The normal type would notice goo on its body now. "Its ability is gooey....makes your pokemon slower." Goomy came back too and said "Goomy use Bubble beam." The pokemon fired a heavy stream of bubbles at eevee.
  11. Ritardando squeaks out of surprise and falls onto his side. Struggles to his paws and looks up at Goomy "Use Bite!" Zaki snapped.

    Ritardando runs toward Goomy but is slower due to the goo coating his brown pelt, Ritardando leaps up into the air with fangs bared as he prepares to bite down on the Dragon type.
  12. Goomy jumped but was bitten. Goomy squeeled tryhing to shake off the pokemon. David saw it and said "Try and shake him off." Goomy manahed to shake the pokemon off. Goomy was obviously getting tired. It was the weaakest dragon pokemon afterall. "use Hidden Power.'
  13. Ritardando wasn't prepared for the next move he was hit straight on with the move Hidden Power Ritardando was sent tumbling backwards he was spiraled on the ground, the small Pokémon was exhausted. Zaki glared at the Eevee "Get up and fight!" Ritardando whimpers but struggled to stand to prove its worth to the trainer "Use Charm!" despite Charm only working as a star lowering move Zaki wanted to ensure victory. Ritardando gave a sympathetic look towards Goomy he hated that he had to face Zaki. Despite Ritardando following the order he knew he was weaken from the first move that Goomy used and wanted nothing more than to retreat.
  14. Goomy fell for the charm and its stats were lowered. Goomy felt bad for attacking now.David cursed and said "Goomy use Protect." Goomy closed its eyes and a shield engulfed. Better be on the safe side for what ever attack is next. Goomy was looking tired,those attacks, and his own was tiring him out.
  15. Zaki cursed as well knowing that Protect will shield the Pokémon from Ritardando's attack he looked down at the silver Pokémon and glared "Use tackle!" Ritardando ran forward and tackled Goomy but due to protect it had little to no effect.

    Ritardando was ready to quit.
  16. Goomy panted and was ready to quit too. David saw Goomy was tired out and said "Stop. Goomy is to tired to continue." David ran over picking the pokemon up. It burbed up bubbles and David chuckled petting trhe pokemon gently. "Your eevee isn really strong. Im surprised Goomy could keep up with him."
  17. Zaki looked at Ritardando questioningly, who wagged his tail and hobbled over to David rubbing against his leg.

    "He's not strong enough...." He said flatly.

    "Who's going to battle Pancake?" He asked the professor.
  18. "Well why not you?" Ozman said "After word she can battle David." David carried goomy over, and fed him a sitrus berry. David saw the Eevee come up and rub against his leg. David smiles and pets the pokemon. Goomy wobbled over to Zaki smiling at him.
    Ozman ros e aeyebrow seeing this
  19. Ritardando let's out a pleased bark his tail wagging once more. Zaki was about to ignore Goomy but sensing the professor's he knelt down and gently petted the friendly Pokémon "You...you battled well." He said hoping his tone didn't sound rude.

    He wondered what Pokémon Pancake would use, he saw the ghost type Haunter and thought about using his Houndoom, he wished he would've known about Goomy being a dragon type he could've prepared better or at least taught the Eevee an ice type move.
  20. Pancake noticed the boys for the first time since the battle started. She blinked slowly and straightened up, stroking her haunter.

    "Is it our time, boys?" She kissed her haunter's hand before leaving her there and grabbing a pokeball. Taking the pokeball, she started walking towards the boys with a soft smile. She stroked the pokeball as she got into position. "Shall we?"
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