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  1. When life gets you down, it's always a good idea to get outside and just have some downtime. Until today, Wendy had believed that was an infallible truth of the world. Unfortunately, her dear little dog had chosen this crappy day to turn into a demon. The mousey haired girl was currently chasing her scruffy little terrier around the park in an effort to get it to drop that god damn football. She was slightly amazed that a dog that was barely the size of an average house cat was able to carry such a thing in its mouth, but apparently he had taken care of that issue by puncturing the ball quite promptly. Almost forgotten now was the boy crying to his dad about the horrible doggie. Right now, Wendy just wanted the ground to swallow her up...or Bruno. That would do her just fine.

    After a while the diminutive dog seemed to grow bored of charging around like a lunatic, casually depositing the ball in the grass, trotting back to his owner, sitting in front of her and happily gazing up at her. Usually that cheeky expression might have been enough to melt Wendy's heart, but not today. Instead, she simply clipped him back on the lead and finally returned to the people whose ball had been quite thoroughly destroyed by the plucky terrier. Harsh words were given, followed by profuse apologies and enough money to buy a replacement..

    Once this was done, Wendy headed deeper into the park, finding herself sitting on a bench once she was out of sight of anyone that might have seen the whole debacle. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, feeling even more stressed than when she had first come out. At least whatever had been causing her such stress earlier had been forgotten. Maybe that was what Bruno had been trying to do all along. Why worry about the important stuff when a little critter can so easily turn you into a villain? Of course, none of it mattered, Wendy still wanted to strangle the dog and then go play in traffic. And now it had started raining. This day just got better and better.
  2. "Yo! Newblood! Whatcha doin' over there nigga!? Get yo white ass over here!"

    Looking up from his book, Brandon saw one of the school's residential gang members motioning to him from across the field he was sitting on. Sighing and reserving himself to his fate, Brandon saved his spot, closed his book, and got up to approach the hooligan. Before he got the chance though, a football collided with his head, knocking him sideways and onto his ass. Laughter erupted from the direction of the hood-rat that had called him out. Dazed and confused, Brandon had little chance when the delinquent ran over and kicked him.

    "Get the fuck up, Newblood! I got a little errand for ya! Come on you little bitch! Or do I gotta do shit to yo moms again?"

    Brandon shook his head. "No, no Jerome, I can get up." Brandon crawled to his feet, dusting himself off. "Just leave my mom outta this... What do you need?" Looking around, Brandon only barely noticed it was starting to rain.

    "Take the case from my nigga over there, and take it to the park. Drop it off when you see the guy. That's all you need to know. You'll know him when you seem him."

    Brandon nodded, taking the suitcase from the tall guy standing next to Jerome, and began to run towards the nearby park. Good thing his college was close to it.
  3. The weather was apparently not planning on letting up for a long while. Unfortunately, neither the dog or the girl felt all that much like moving. He had by now snuck his way onto her lap, snuggling down there as if it was the place he had always belonged. It appeared he had been forgiven though, as his owner was absent mindedly stroking his wiry coat. How they were not freezing their arses off, it was difficult to say, but that was neither here nor there.

    After the droplets of water began to soak through her clothes and onto her skin, Wendy took it upon herself to hop up from her place on the bench and head home once more. She didn't hurry home though, she was never one to do much hurrying, unlike the dog that was for once walking with her, rather than miles ahead. Thankfullly he was small, and so her arms were still just about the same length, and had not yet been taken out of their sockets. Oh joy.

    It was as she and the dog meandered their way home in the now driving rain, that Wendy happened to spot someone thhat she had seen in class one or two times before. She wouldn't say she knew him, but they were ocassional classmates all the same. As a generally polite person, Wendy took it upon herself to give a polite smile and a quick, "Hi." As they passed. She had not noticed the third person in the vicinity that was hanging around, looking calm and collected, apparently showing no signs of wandering home, as anyone with any form of sanity would have.
  4. Brandon was getting soaked, but if Jerome had any say, that should not have been affecting him. And Brandon made it a point to keep running. Even when the girl had greeted him, all he gave was a brief grunt in return. Noticing the tall, dark figure leaning against the tree (and the fact that this was the only other person in the vicinity and Brandon highly doubted the girl was the contact), Brandon ran up to the figure and threw him the case. The figure caught it, and looked at him expectantly.

    "There, courtesy of Jerome. All you needed right? I'm outta here..."

    "You're either very lucky or very UN-lucky, to have been sent here. For you, I'm going to say very lucky indeed."

    That voice... Brandon had heard it from somewhere before.

    "Unlucky however that I am actually NOT the man Jerome wanted. Said person is unconscious in an alleyway a couple blocks down. Not to mention gagged with a squirrel. Hee, you should have seen his face. Not every day you get a rodent stuffed down an air-hole... unless you're Fluttershy, seeing as how she actually lives with the things..."

    Yep, he'd heard it from before.

    "John De Lancie...?" There was no way that the actor that played "Q" from Star Trek was really standing here before him.

    The figure stepped forward, and thanks to the nearby street light, Brandon got a good look at him. Dull brown skin, fuzzy white eyebrows and his hair had a black streak in it. But what was most unnerving were the eyes. Yellow with red irises, such a thing wasn't natural... not by human standards. human_discord_by_trojan_rabbit-d4ipuvd.jpg

    "Close but no guitar, you are looking at-"


    Eyes widening, the man smiled. "So you actually DO watch the show! Oh, how precious! I mean I had a feeling, but that's just... Oh this is perfect! Ok, then you- and whoever else that happens to be unfortunate enough to be in this park at this time- are going to LOVE this. Maybe... I don't actually know, but in any case it'll be FUN!"

    And snapping his fingers, everything for Brandon went white.
  5. Had her dog not let out an uncharacteristic growl, the girl might have just kept on walking, but he did growl, and she did stop. Wendy looked down at her dog, who was currently straining at the end of his lead, strangling himself with his collar as a low, guttural sound that was wholly unfamiliar to both of them, came from him. It was particularly odd, considering that he appeared to be agitated by thin air.

    Well, eventually Wendy did spot what appeared to be the source of the trouble, although why a couple of people in a park would bother Bruno, it was impossible to say. Whatever it was, she wanted to find out. It was perhaps not the most adaptive action, in evolutionary terms, but at least it made life more interesting - however long it might happen to last.

    As Wendy headed towards whatever it was, the dog happened to reverse in the opposite direction, slipping the collar and hightailing it out of there. Well, life just got better and better, didn't it. Needless to say, she had to change course, and would have gone sprinting after the plucky terrier, had an extremely odd man not appeared seemingly from nowhere.

    He stood above her, looking far too pleased with himself for her liking. The colour of his eyes was nothing if not disturbing, and it was all such a shock that Wendy simply took the time she had to do a wonderful fish impression, her mouth opening and closing, failing to emit any sound. It was apparetly amusing to the man stood before her, who chuckled slightly as he spoke one sentence, "On days like this, I find it's better to stay home and have a snooze." Maybe he would have teased her, but it was quite obvious that her shock rendered her incapable of appreciating his fun. So, rather than taunting, this odd man simply clicked his fingers

    Wendy was out like a light, a bright wall of nothing coming up to meet her.
  6. "Ooooohhh man.... What?"

    Brandon felt like he had been hit by a truck... or a bus... or any large four-wheeled vehicle. The pounding faded away quickly enough however. Instead he just felt numb, and... odd. Like someone had switched his legs with his arms or something. Every time he tried to move, the limb just felt heavy. Like there were weights attached to them. OK, time for a systems check. Breathing? Yes. Heart? Yes. Mouth? Working, swallowing included. Nose? Smell is OK... and is that a citrus-y scent I'm picking up? Never mind keep going. Eyes? Closed... well lets work on that. Brandon struggled for a moment before his eyes slowly opened and adjusted to the light. Now where was he? Nowhere near the park, that was for sure. And he was here because... well, because a fictional character had turned into a human and used magic on him... yeah, he was still sane... obviously.

    Now his location, it was on a road. Oh yeah, ears? Now that he focused, he could hear muttering and hushed voices.

    "What is it?" I'm a guy, c'mon use your eyes...

    "Where did it come from?" My mother... Jesus people use your heads!

    "What does it want?" Well right now I want my vision to clear up, you guys are really fuzzy right now...

    Then his eyes did just that. And with his new-found clarity, Brandon found himself being stared at by- Ponies...

    Oh I sure hope I'm still sane... otherwise a Psychiatrist will have a field day with me...
  7. Just a few feet away, someone else was having a little more trouble thinking coherently. System checks were low on the agenda for the panicking girl, who was not presently even attempting to open her eyes. Why would she? She'd seen enough bad horror movies to know that when you inevitably open your eyes, you invariably end up fighting for your life and dying in an insanely gruesome and gratuitously gorey way. No. That wasn't happening.

    So, because for some reason she expected that just keeping her eyes shut would keep the bad people away, Wendy began to shuffle along on her belly, in a feeble effort to ascertain where the hell she was. It was this rustling that alerted someone to her presence. A certain someone who exclaimed, "Look. There's something else over there." At which point the distinct thudding of hooves on soft ground hit unwilling ears.

    Thankfully, the sounds of what could well be a stampede in the making, caused the girl to instinctively open her eyes, only to be met with the curious faces of, well...pretty damn weird ponies.

    Well, either I'm horrifically brain damaged, high, or just mad. Wendy thought to herself, blinking quite rapidly as the reality of where these ponies came from hit her. Of course, it was all impossible, but her eyes told her a different story. These were the ponies that had so brilliantly revived a childhood hobby - reinventing it and owning it so completely, that now it appeared to have broken her head a little bit.
  8. Brandon now had a couple options for his next actions. He could freak out, continue his body's condition check, or act totally chill about this.

    He chose the middle option. And then he looked down at himself. He had claws of some kind, black ones... and he was covered in fur, that was white. OK, he could freak out a little. Stumbling his way from the small crater he was in, Brandon found a window and looked. Well... that explained why it was so hard to run to said window. He was a fucking Absol... he was a fucking Pokemon...

    Holy shit... he thought to himself. ... THIS IS AWESOME! Finally! I have a way to defend myself from Jerome! Oh, just wait until he sees me, I'll rip his fucking eyes out. Oh wait... I'm in Equestria... Jerome's not here... EVEN BETTER!

    Turning around to face the ponies staring at him, Brandon decided on one last thing.

    See how they react to THIS...

    Then he walked up to one of them... rubbed his head against their shoulder (or was it withers now?) and purred.

    "Hey! This here critter's purrin'! It's like ah cat!"

    Brandon simply smiled, leave it to Applejack to take a wild animal's side in things.
  9. After a few more minutes of self pity and abject terror, as well as plain old denial, what had once beenn a perfectly normal girl attempted to make a run for it. This did not go well. She scrabbled for purchase, attempting to make normal strides, and only succeeding in tumbling head over heels into the legs of a nearby pony. Said pony commented, "Oh no! I'm filthy!" Well, she had a couple of streaks of mud on one of her legs...which was obviously the end of the world.

    At least this odd turn of events had finally caused Wendy to bother to properly assess the situation. She looked down at stumpy blue legs, noticing immediately that this wasn't quite right. Her attention momentarily turned to the second crowd of ponies, and the...pokemon, that was seeming to milk the attention. Well, things just got weirder.

    With careful movements, she got to her stocky feeet, gingerly stepping off to find something reflective. Once stood in front of a window, she spent a while moving her limbs, twitching her large ears and opening and closing her mouth - just to make sure. But there was no doubt about it. Nidorina, right there. She was also looking rather spiky, thanks to all those erect barbs - something that needed rectifying. So, this pokemon girl focused on calming herself, bringing these barbs back down against her borrowed body. She had no desire to take anyones eye out.

    Now, perhaps this Absol was in the same boat as she was, which was why she boldly strode towards him, gradually getting used to walking on all four cobby little legs. It was easy, once you knew how. She didn't know why more people didn't give it a try. Probably because they were bipeds, but that's just a minor detail.
  10. Noticing what seemed to be a Nidorina trotting towards him, Brandon pulled back from AJ and met her half-way. Putting his mouth right next to her ear he whispered.

    "Pretend to be just a dumb animal. Considering we're the only two Pokemon here, I'm guessing you're actually a human too. Talking might be a little weird for em right now. Got it?"

    Then Brandon noticed the odd stares all over again.

    "Do they know each other? That one just went up and nuzzled her..." OK, that was NOT gonna fly.

    In an effort to protect his image, Brandon lifted a paw and promptly shoved the Nidorina away. Then he went on a hunt. If he ended up having to leave, he was going to give an honest to God hug... to Fluttershy.
  11. What this other pokemon had to say made sense, and was sort of reassuring - considering the fact that he had confirmed her suspicions about his origins in one fell swoop. It was good to know that they were in the same boat, even if there was probably nothing they could do about it. Perhaps Twilight would have some idea of what to do, though that was actually a slightly overly optimistic view.

    Now, being suddenly shoved away by this Absol was rather surprising. How rude. Wendy blinked, once she had recovered her balance. How rude. But, apparently she was above retaliation, though she did snort a little bit in disdain, instead turning to the ponies that still crowded around them.

    The Nidorina felt that it was probably best to stay with the ponies, and perhaps avoid too many shenanigans. Perhaps she'd be able to help Applejack, she was certainly built for the work. But, later on she would also try and speak with the Absol - and try to find a way to get the hell out of here. Although it was hardly a bad place to be, it still wasn't home, no matter how cool it was.
  12. "Now where's that one going? That's the direction of the Everfree..."

    Ignoring the skepticism, Brandon continued on his journey. After about 15 minutes of jogging, Brandon found himself at the forest-side hut that belonged to Ponyville's own shy animal lover. So he did what any animal would do... he began scratching at the door. Only a moment later, the door was swung open to reveal the butter colored pegasus.

    "Oh my, what are you!? You are just... wow..."

    Smiling, Brandon trotted up to her and snuggled his head against her. This was every bronies dream, and Brandon was living it.

    "Well, aren't you a nice creature," she muttered, returning the gesture.

    "Thank you," came Brandon's reply.

    Silence. Nothing happened for for a good long while. Fluttershy didn't move, her breathing stayed calm. She gulped and blinked.

    "I think I'm hearing things..."

    "You're hearing the best thing."

    Then Fluttershy squeaked, and in one motion, zipped back inside and shut the door hard. Brandon merely smiled. She'd be back... they always came back. Til then however...

    Then Brandon began trotting back to Ponyville, eager to see what he could do.
  13. Heading into Ponyville with a gaggle of ponies as her entourage, Wendy was trying to decide who she should speak to first - if anyone. The Absol wasn't going to be of any use to her, and so she would take matters into her own hands. Really, there were only two possibilities - either Zacora or Twilight. Either of those might have some knowledge. Pony voodoo was a bit farfetched though, so Wendy went with a girl after her own heart, preferring to hedge her bets with little miss study pants. Sometimes, a studious nature could be damn useful.

    Upon reaching the home of said pony, Wendy simply sat down in front of the door. She didn't want to speak in front of all these ponies, for fear of starting one of the famous mass panics that they seemed so fond of. Instead, she simply waited until Spike - a rather blaise little thing - decided to test out opening the door. The Nidorina immediately flew inside, once again sitting down just the other side of the door.

    And things went as planned, for once. Twilight was lured in, the door slammed shut behind her, and finally Wendy was able to speak quietly. "As I'm sure you're aware, I'm not from around here. I need your help to get back home." Might as well tell her the truth. The Nidorina snorted a little, apparently feeling a little distressed. At least she'd managed to keepthe entire town from bolting up the doors and screaming the place down. The unicorn seemed to be dealing with a weird, talking creature well. And by the frown on her face, it appeared she had her thinking cap on too.
  14. Returning to town, Brandon noticed that the ponies were still running around frantically. Confused at the reason they were still panicked, he approached one. Mrowing like a cat to get it's attention, it turned and looked at him.

    "Sorry, little guy, can't play right now. Princess Celestia is coming for the Summer Sun Celebration and I need get these tables delivered to the City Hall before she gets here."

    Summer Sun Celebration...? Recognition glimmered in his eyes. He was in episode one! Beautiful! He got to meet Nightmare Moon! Sweet! Then she'll be stopped by the Elements of Harmony... not sweet.

    Brandon began to plan.
  15. Having explained her situation to a dubious but still helpful Twilight, it was now time to set about making herself useful. There were always plenty of jobs to do, although being the shy and retiring type, it was going to be difficult to find out just what it was best for her to try her hand at.

    In the end, the Nidorina chose not to do anything all that helpful to the ponies. Her own curiosity got the best of her, and so she set her mind to stalking the other stranded pokemon. Although he hadn't necessarily done anything wrong, he still made her feel somewhat uneasy, and so she intended to find out just what he was up to - if anything.

    Of course, by now the ponies had calmed down, and were back to their usual selves. Lyra was...sitting, Nidorina could smell wonderful cakes cooking, and all was well. It seemed that the two strange creatures were all but ignored, though that was just what they needed at the moment. Wendy tracked the Absol, attempting to be stealthy, though that was hardly her strongpoint. Her body wasn't built for it, and her mind wasn't suited to it either. Still, her resolve stuck.
  16. Now let's see... After Nightmare shows up, she does her speech, then floats away for the old castle in the Everfree. Well then, I know MY first stop.

    And Brandon ran along the path into the forest, excited to meet his favorite villain... well, besides Sombra. As he entered the tree line, he noticed someone following him.

    Someone wants to see where I'm going then? Let's see if they can stand to follow an Absol's speed... And at this, Brandon put power into his legs, and took off at an impressive speed. Weaving through the trees, he soon found himself in a small clearing with odd lighting. Everything was tinted red and the trees grew oddly... but no faces.

    Someone should fix that... So Brandon continued along the clearing, scratching each tree with his claws, leaving them creepy. At the end of the clearing, he noticed he had a shard of wood stuck in his claw, so he flicked it extremely hard through a bush... which then erupted in a roar.

    "Oh... well that explains the manticore... I'm gonna leave now." And Brandon took off again. Avoiding the river (by jumping it) he got to the bridge... which was still attached. "Huh... better fix that too..."

    After crossing said bridge, Brandon used the blade on his head to cut the ropes holding the bridge up. Then he turned, and entered the castle, eager to meet the fabled mare.
  17. Needless to say, it didn't take long for the Nidorina to lose siight of the Absol. She wasn't exactly designed for the same level of speed, and so she didn't even attempt to follow. Instead, she returned to the little town once again. She had just about got an idea of what was going on here, and as such felt relatively well placed to assume just where the Absol was headed.

    She headed out to try and find Applejack, feeling that she was the most practical, and therefore the best to inform first. She was also pretty trusting, and coupled with some Rainbowdash enthusiasm (not to mention cockiness), word would hopefully get around, and the beast confronted. The beast being Nightmare Moon herself.

    "Have you seen Applejack?" Wendy found herself asking Big Mac, who only nodded sleepily in the direction of his sister. "Eyup." He was pretty unflappable, that was for sure.

    As fast as her little legs would carry her, she headed in the signalled direction, intent on stopping the Absol, who could hardly have an innocent reason for heading all the way out there.
  18. Entering the crumbling ruins, Brandon took a look around. Old walls, crumbling pillars, wrecked tapestries... cool.

    If I want to be any kind of an influence on this world, I need to be more used to this body. Time for some practice...

    Brandon made an obstacle course out the ruins, running and weaving through the pillars, jumping off of walls, cutting a few tapestries with his claws and head blade. But he hadn't been able to use any... well... moves. Not even a TACKLE. None of them were feeling right.


    Brandon was starting to get aggravated with himself. Maybe if he looked inside...

    So Brandon curled up, and began to meditate.
  19. It seemed that her presence was being accepted by the ponies, and this could only be a good thing. Trying to make some sense of the situation was rather more difficult when people were screaming and running about like lunatics. Wendy simply took this as it was, a boon that was nothing more than luck.

    Unfortunately, Applejack wasn't really any help. The warning, spoken by a strange creature from nowhere, was apparently difficult to take too seriously. As much as the pony might have wished to settle the Nidorina, she assured her that "that's only a legend, sugarcube." Despite plenty of insistence and eventual huffing.

    Uncharacteristically, Wendy kicked one of the apple trees, shaking a fair contingentof fruit free. With that, she simply wandered off, back to the centre of ponyville, unsure of who to speak to next. Maybe she'd just find herself a sandwich board and scream that the end was nigh. That was about as effective as anything else.
  20. Success.

    Finally Brandon could feel it. This hidden potential. It was ironic really, all he had to do was think of the moon and it was there. What were the odds that his favorite celestial body was the key to his inner door. And that's when he heard the trumpets. "Celestia" was arriving. Brandon giggled a little to himself, knowing what would happen.

    Oh, if only he was there, seeing the looks on everypony's face when Nightmare Moon showed up instead of their benevolent ruler. He would laugh at them and their soft-heartedness. But for now, all he had to do was wait for Nightmare to show up, and he would help her.

    He would help his Evil Queen.