Pokemon: Identity Crisis (Dia & Jayfeather)

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  1. The ferry holding a group of ambitious trainers docked on Unabara's shore, and the passengers stepped off, chattering excitedly with each other in groups. They were all talking about the same thing: the monster, and how they would defeat it. Even on that short time on the ferry, teams had formed and rivalries emerged. Apparently this was going to turn into a race as to who would capture the creature first.

    "Who cares who gets it first? I just wanna know what the thing is!" Griffin muttered as she broke away from the crowds and went on her own. While on the boat, she never really talked to anyone. With mostly bragging going on and wild ideas of what the thing was, she found her pokemon to be better company than most of those trainers.

    "We're gonna die, I just know it!" complained Bolt, bringing Griffin out of her thoughts. the girl looked down at her pikachu in amusement. "Oh yeah? How do you know?" Bolt glared up at her. "Because I know you! You'll get way too into this monster-hunting business and get too close to it or something!" he responded. Griffin sighed and rolled her dark brown eyes. "Ok, so I get too into things sometimes. But I'll be careful this time, promise!" reaching down, she ruffled the short fur on Bolt's head, and walked on, looking around.

    Unabara looked emptier than one would expect a city to look. There weren't many people walking or driving around, and even the ones that were looked extremely nervous. Quite a few buildings looked run-down, damaged, or altogether abandoned. Here and there Griffin could see wild pokemon of all kinds roaming around, many taking shelter in the abandoned buildings. Suddenly Bolt made a terrified, choking noise and pulled at Griffin's pant leg. "Look!" he cried, pointing to a building. It was apparently one of the stores the monster had ravaged. The roof had been torn off, and it lay at a crazy angle against the remains of the rest of the building. Gaping holes were torn in the walls, many of the windows were broken, and debris lay in almost every direction. Griffin stared and slowly shook her head, making her black and aqua ombre dreads sway. "If the monster can do that, what chance to we have?" Bolt asked, gulping.


    A zoroark crouched on top of a low building, surveying the docks. He had watched the group of trainers alight from the boat onto shore. He shook his head as he watched them, making his long fur swing behind him. Obviously they were responding to that notice the mayor had sent out for the monster's capture, or death. If only they knew what it really was, or its true intentions. But then again, it might not even matter if they did or not. Humans could be cruel no matter what the circumstances. With a deep sigh, he used his claws to help him climb down onto the ground. Then after casting up a cloaking illusion to appear invisible, he came as close to the groups of trainers as he dared. It was a sure fire way to figure out what these humans were planning.
  2. Relieved to finally be on solid ground once again along with the other trainers and their Pokémon, Zaki and his Eevee Ritardando quickly yet calmly exited the dock.

    "You hear that? There's a scary monster in this town!" Ritardando squeaks his eyes widen as he half limped and half hopped along side his trainer. Zaki rolled his eyes "Just a rumor...." he said flatly to the small Pokémon.

    "But what if we run into it?"

    "You're going to fight...."

    "But I'm at a disadvantage...what kind of-...sorry."

    Zaki had given his partner a silencing glare. He didn't understand why Ritardando had to complain so much. If he had known he wouldn't have chosen him as a partner.

    The two walked for a short while until Ritardando suddenly froze "Zaki! The town...look at it!" Turning to the direction of which the Eevee was pointing, his mismatch eyes widen.

    The town was in ruins! As if a storm had struck it! "See the stories are true!"

    Ignoring the Pokémon Zaki dashed into the town glancing at the stores and the severity of the damage.

    He continued to run to busy looking and unaware of the girl that he almost collided with if it wasn't for Ritardando shouting for them to look out.

    Zaki clumsily skidded to a halt as Ritardando weaved around the young girl and his own trainer.
  3. Griffin and Bolt turned around to look when they heard a voice shouting to look out. Griffin backed up a few steps in surprise as another trainer skidded to a halt right before he ran into her. Bolt squeaked in alarm and backed up too. But when no collision occurred, he sighed in relief, and then scampered up Griffin's leg and came to rest on her shoulder.

    "What's the big idea? You almost ran us over!" he piped angrily. "Bolt, chill." Griffin sighed. Then she glanced down at an evee that had come between her and the male trainer. "He's really cute. Were you running after him?" she asked the trainer. She knew how it was like for energetic pokemon who couldn't wait to get moving. Bolt used to be like that too...and still was at times.
  4. Zaki looked down at the silver and white Eevee before looking at the other trainer "I was checking out the damage to this town...I doubted the stories of the monster that lives here but experiencing this destruction first hand...I'm curious about it's existence." Zaki said flatly and purposely avoiding the question about his Eevee.

    Ritardando flicked his tail happily at the sight of Bolt "Whoa another Pikachu! Your species must be super rare! I only seen one other one and he's on my Trainer's team!"

    "My name's Ritardando...I think I'm named that because I'm slower than most Pokémon."

    Ritardando exclaimed happily, he thought he'd try an make a friend in this new town.
  5. "So am I!" Griffin replied, nodding. "I didn't know what I was expecting what I came here, but I never expected to see this kind of destruction!" She gestured to the broken down stare as she spoke.

    Pointedly ignoring his trainer's words, Bolt climbed back down from Griffin's shoulder and stood beside Ritardando. "I didn't think pikachus were that rare..." he said, rubbing his head thoughtfully. "Anyways, I'm Bolt! you can probably guess why I'm called that." he continued. Then he glanced up at Zaki. "You're lucky that your trainer isn't too interested in this monster business. Griffin's detective play is going to be the death of us!"

    "I heard that Bolt!" Griffin snapped, a little annoyed by the pikachu's pessimistic attitude.
  6. Ritardando wags his tail playfully for a moment then sighs "I wish he was interested in it...he's only worried about becoming champion and making us stronger...." Ritardando said not daring to make eye contact with the short male.

    Zaki ignores the Eevee and looks around "I don't think it's around here anymore...might've fled to the forest...." He crossed his arms and looked back to Griffin "You think it's a new species?" He asked her.
  7. "You don't say." Bolt answered, glancing back at Zaki. That was very different from Griffin. She had no interest at all in competing. The sole reason why she trained him and the rest of the team was in order to be ready when they were confronted with dangerous people, pokemon, or situations during thier wanderings. "How's that been going so far?" Bolt asked Ritarando.

    Yeah, it probably did." Griffin agreed. "And I'm not sure yet. I'll have to investigate more before making a guess." Bolt rolled his eyes at that. "Oh, here we go again..." He muttered. More detective stuff. He really wished Griffin would stop that.
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