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  1. No, you got your sheet out first, fair's fair! If only one is allowed, it has to be you. But if more than one are allowed, you think we could get together and maybe create some backstory together?
  2. Anyone want to be a Mysterious Sisters pair with me? I'm thinking of being the Fairy Tail Girl.

    Of course, our corresponding starter Pokemon have to be themed or counterpart in some way e.g. both Eevees, Popplio & Rowlet, Sableye & Mawile, Cubone & A-Vulpix(Alola forms), Snorunt & A-Vulpix(Ice trainers to boot), etc.
  3. I think you mean Route 121 in Shadow's backstory, but if the only issue I have is that minor nitpick, then I think it's safe to say that you're approved!

    There's already plenty of variety in classes between us (off the top of my head we've already got a Battle Girl, Poké Fan, Rancher and Lass approved and a Rider pending) so I don't see an issue with two Delinquents.

    Love the idea, and I would definitely encourage someone to play the Hex Maniac to Crow's Fairy Tail Girl!
  4. @Ananfal Sure! PM me, and we can talk! I'm glad you get to be a Delinquent too!

    @Vexus Yeah, let me fix that really quickly....
  5. Please tell me if the colors get too hard to read! I use them to easily identify different characters, and I tried to use colors that would show up on all different types of background themes. But if you can't read it, just let me know and I'll change them back to default! (Also sorry for how late this was...)

    Angelina Roux
    "Just call me Angel. Please."

    "I'm old enough to be on my own... Not like that's a big change."

    "I think... it would have been easier as a boy. Maybe."

    Trainer Class:
    "Not sure what else I could be, really."

    She has dirty blonde hair down to her shoulders, almost never tied up, instead just falling down in straight lengths. Her eyes are a dark brown, almost black, shaded by blue makeup that matches the shade of blue the Minun on the back of her black hoodie is painted in. To complete her outfit, she wears dark grey sweatpants and some dark sneakers. Her skin is pale, a hereditary trait from having lived indoors for most of her life. Now she often has to wear sunscreen in order to avoid sunburn with the amount of time she spends outdoors.
    "I'm rather plain looking, I think. Certainly wouldn't win any Beauty contests."

    Angel is rather quiet, but not neccessarily shy. She definitely has her opinions, but doesn't prefer to share them unless asked or otherwise provoked. She has a fierce temper, but it only comes out in defense of Pokemon and the people she cares for. She has a sly and sarcastic wit, but doesn't show it very often. She's also rather stubborn, and once committed to a course of action, she rarely changes her mind. She's very insecure about herself and her self worth, but hides it extremely well. She's also rather lonely, and spends a lot of time with her Pokemon.
    "I... I'm fine. Really, I am."

    Starting town:
    "It's greener than my hometown, that's for sure. Cleaner, too."

    Angel grew up in Mauville City, also known as Entertainment Central. Her mother worked in one of the many businesses there, although she was vague on the details. However, due to the fact that businesses stayed open very late to cater to the late night crowds, Angel's mother was almost never at home. And when she was, she was certainly too tired to spend time with her only daughter. Angel basically had to grow up herself, and it... affected her. School helped, but only a little. Angel still felt horribly alone, except for her mother's Poochyena, Rex.

    They formed a close bond, definitely closer than the one the dog-like Pokemon had with her mother. And finally, Angel couldn't stand it any longer. Waiting until her mother fell asleep after yet another long day and night working, she stole the Pokeball which housed Rex and, along with some of her clothes, all of her savings, and some food, she ran away. Bitterly, she wondered if her mother would even notice her missing.

    She went to the east, where she caught an Electrike with the help of Rex. She went along Route 118, avoiding battles where she could. She wasn't looking for trouble, after all! However, one of the many fishermen in that area noticed her creeping along, disheveled, dirty, hungry, and obviously homeless. Taking pity on her, he gave her one of his Carvanha as extra protection and helped her get across the water route of 122 in order to reach Lilycove City. It was there that she tried to gain lodging in a hotel, only to get turned away by the rude clerk. However a young woman by the name of Windy spoke up in her defense, offering her a bed, and Angel couldn't be more grateful.

    "It's a long story... and not one you want to hear, probably. I'm here now, and that's what matters."

    Pokémon: Poochyena, Electrike, Carvanha




    Quick Feet

    Rex is very loyal to those who treat him well. He may act grumpy, but he's very kind - though he'll only show his softer side to Angel. He protects her viciously, and has a temper to match hers. He's very stubborn, however will always obey Angel's commands, although he will make his opinions known.

    He originally went with Angel's mother when she was a teenager because she was bright and vivacious, but that faded after years and years of toil. He sympathized with Angel's pain, and appreciated her desire to explore the world, which is why he chose to go with her.





    Lightning is still a bit shy around people due to the recent nature of her capture. However, she is quickly warming up to Angel due to the girl's obvious care for her Pokemon. Lightning's always raring for a battle, and likes to taunt other Pokemon in the hopes of a good fight.

    Lightning was Angel's first Pokemon capture on Route 122, after a tough battle due to Lightning's Ability. Rex got in a good first hit, but the battle extended after he became paralyzed. Lightning gave in peacefully after seeing Angel cry out in sympathetic pain and run to her partner after one hit too many sent Rex falling to the ground, sparks traveling over him. Since then, Lightning is Angel's first choice in any battle.




    Rough Skin

    Due to his inherent toughness, it's clear that Piranha doesn't mind a fight. However, that doesn't mean he's going to start them. Calm and focused, he doesn't just strike head on. Instead, he employs basic tactics and strategies in order to try and out-think his opponents. That way, he has more time to laze around in the sun doing nothing and eat the wonderful treats Angel feeds him by hand.

    Piranha was originally caught by another trainer, but was given to Angel as a sympathy gift. Not having spent much time with his previous trainer, it wasn't hard for Piranha to adjust to his new trainer. He definitely liked the kind treatment she gave him, and the food too!
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  6. It's legible enough to me, but that shade of green pops a bit too much on the default skin in my opinion. The content itself is good, though I'm sure the League is just gonna love you illegally using Surf without any badges. But hey, that's why it's called delinquency, I suppose! Approved.
  7. To be honest, I completely forgot that the only way to Lilycove without climbing a mountain was a water route, and thus hastely tried to cover my tracks, also completely forgetting that Surf was a restricted move. But yes, that does make her a real delinquent now. :P

    I'll try and change the green to a slightly darker shade and see if that helps. I use the dark theme myself, so I prefer the other colors, but I'm sure I can find a compromise.

    Edit: Color changed! Better now?
  8. I'm all done with Jasper's form! I know it's all a little shallow right now but I'll develop him and his team as I RP with them (: looking forward to the ic!
  9. I'm liking everybody's signups so far; we've got some interesting characters! Super looking forward to playing with everyone (there needs to be a scene where all the Poochyena owners hang out). Bring on the IC thread!
  10. I was on the verge of having a Poochyena myself and swapped it for a Zigzagoon at the last moment because I wanted to abuse Pickup. I have no regrets.
  11. I really wanted Intimidate, but Poochyena don't have them apparently, so :(
  12. Technically Quick Feet is better anyways IMO.

    Looking forward to an IC thread. I feel bad I keep missing things because I don't check here that often, but I'm looking forward to it.

    Would setting up a Discord server be worth considering for this? Could work as an IC thing.
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  13. I wouldn't mind a Discord server - would it include voice chat or just a place to chat that's not Iwaku?
  14. I for one don't think voice is really necessary, but that's just a personal thing, don't really use it very often.
  15. Then I don't really see the point, because an OOC thread would serve the same purpose as a separate Discord server. Discord's main advantage is it's voice chat, in my opinion.
  16. It'd be easier for me if it was Discord, but that's fair enough, just means I have to manually check things more often, which is fine.
  17. So the thread alerts aren't working for you?
  18. It works, it's just not as often as I'd like. It only sends for one message until I delete the email, and for something like this I'd like every post.

    It's nothing though, just gonna take some getting used to.
  19. Well there are some ways to make sure you get a few more alerts - do you have it set up that everything gives you an alert? If that's the case, we could tag you in important posts or posts that mention your character, as well as replying directly to your post like I am doing here. That way you would end up with more alerts then just when someone responds to the thread. Will that make things easier for you? Most of the people I know don't use email alerts, so I'm not sure what exactly would help here.
  20. I think it's just going to be a thing of me just getting used to & working with what's there, but I'll definitely keep in mind the mention thing, that sounds like a good thing to have set up.

    Thanks for the help! I'm sure I'll be fine, it's just been a while since I legitimately used a forum in any capacity.