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  1. Pokémon Hoenn

    Click the spoiler for map of the region!​

    Hoenn is a large region in the Pokémon World, with countless different kinds of environments. Trainers and all other kinds of people live and work here. But all is not bright and well... there are forces on the move that threaten to uproot the tranquility of the very world. Groudon and Kyogre have slept for eons and Rayquaza hasn't been seen since pre-historical times. If they should wake up uncontrolled, chaos would envelop the world. Because who could ever hope to control them?

    You can hop in and play as a trainer, a scientist, a breeder, a gym leader, a Team Magma/Aqua grunt or even as a leader for the teams! Feel free to use canon characters from games or anime or whatever. Or make up your own! Making up your own character will probably lead to the most fun and rewarding gameplay.

    Even though this is a free section without sign up requirements or anything, I'd like to ask you to try and add to some kind of story in your posts. Even if we end up with three different plots unravelling and some people not meeting up at all, we still want the people that DO meet up to have fun and be excited while doing that! So bring your creativity :3 And there's no limit or requirement to post length. One line is just as good as ten paragraphs, if you think that one line is worth posting.

    And yes, if you really want to, you can play as a pokémon rather than a human. And yes, it's ok to just loiter around and chat or play with another player's character for a while. Interaction is just as important as plot for a RP, after all. And yes, you may create and control how many characters as you like.

    Other than that, if you've played in this thread for a while and think you want to stay, please post in the OOC thread (when I get such a thing up xD) so that I know that you want to be counted if I make a list there about who's who :3

    With that, I'd only like to say...
    Your very own adventure is about to begin.
    So jump in.


    [​IMG]Erin Tell loosened the rope from the cliff she had been climbing down from with a confident swipe. She knew her knots and she knew how to make them hold and how to loosen them up. She also thought she knew her desert. But she had actually never gone this far into the sands of Route 111 before. Now she was inside a cave... a large cave that almost looked like a room. A great hall, shaped by forces long gone. A noise came behind her, a flutter of wings that sounded more like a buzz.

    "What do you say about this, Vibrava?" Erin asked her pokémon, putting her hand on her hips as she looked out into the darkness of the great underground hall. Cracks in the walls and ceiling let in light and sand from the storm outside.

    [​IMG]Vibrava soared into the darkness but soon came back. It didn't seem to have found anything of interest.

    "Oh," Erin said, disappointed. "Well. I do trust your treasure loving senses. If you find this place boring then there's probably nothing to see here."

    She started climbing back up to the surface, but she couldn't shake herself rid of the feeling that there actually was something strange with that cave. Almost as if it was some kind of ruin... Anyways, she shouldn't dive deeper into the mystery. This had been her last escape from the real world before she had to fulfill her family's wishes and become a traveling trainer. Just like her mother before her. And her grandmother before her. It was a tradition. Too bad all Erin really wanted to do was explore and study things. Not battle. But maybe she could catch some pokémon and pretend to be a serious trainer... while she went exploring and adventuring along the way? That was her plan, in any case.

    Up back on route 111, the storm had calmed down a bit. Vibrava plunged into it without worries; he was naturally adapted to endure this harsh climate. Erin pulled up her jacket and put on her goggles. Brittle humans needed more. Then they made their way back to Lavaridge Town's pokémon center.
  2. http://th04.deviantart.net/fs70/PRE/i/2012/030/2/2/pkmn_trainer__zane_by_crocesorriso-d4o3faj.png (Thats what my trainer looks like.)

    "Alright Guise!" Zane laughed as he throw his pokeballs in the air "come on out and have some fun!" white lights flashed as the pokeballs bounce off the ground releasing the pokemon that they contained inside. His pokemon yawned and stretched their body as the looked around. Zane ran his hand through his red hair as he looked at all his pokemon. "We're at the hot springs, the lady at the pokemon centre said it would be good for us" He smiled "Now come on" he drew his arm forward signalling for the pokemon to follow him.

    Zane slowly lowered his body down into the warm spring. A sigh of delight escaping his lips as the water slowly sooth his aching body. He shut his eyes resting his back against the stony walls of the pool, his head dangling backwards. Allowing his mind to drift off. He moved his hand in the warm water, humming softly. The Lavaridge springs wasn't what attracted this young trainer, it was the calling of a pokemon battle. In a few days he was going to challenge the small towns gym leader and win his next battle. One step closer to his goal of become Hoenn champion. Showing, that he can be... no, that he is number one.

    (Sorry for the short post. Promise next post will be longer xD)

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  3. Traveling between Route 111's desert and Lavaridge Town used to be quite the journey. Most people took the Cable Car up to Mt. Chimney's top and then trekked through the pass down to the town. But nowadays, the gym leader Flannery made sure to create a more accessible path straight up from route 112 to the town. Tourism was already great, but now it increased. The hot springs profited a lot from it.

    Erin stepped out from the pokémon center, having healed her pokémon. Vibrava was back inside his pokéball, but now the girl released him again. He buzzed friendly and followed her in the air. Erin sighed. Her parents expected her to get ready and prepare today, because tomorrow was the day when she would leave town. But she only wanted to escape trainer life. She thought of simply running away. But no, right now she just needed to calm down... She went to the hot springs.

    Busy with tourists, as usual. She didn't get into a pool immediately. Instead, she kept her clothes on and sat down, enjoying the steam filling the air around her and watching the people. She spotted a red haired guy with several pokémon around him. Hm. He was probably a trainer. A traveling one, by the looks of his assembly of pokémon species. He was what she had to become, starting tomorrow. And here she didn't even dare to battle another person. Maybe she should challenge him? No... she would undoubtedly lose. Even though her pokémon were pretty strong, it wasn't in terms of battling skill.

    She was busy thinking hard and didn't realize that she was staring. Vibrava landed on her head to try and make her realize it and look away before that guy met her gaze.​
  4. The scrapping of metal pierced his ears bringing him out of his thoughts. As he raised his head to look at what was happening, he didn't even need to wonder what was going on. He knew exactly what was going on, Gengar had some how manage to bother his Skarmory again. The bird pokemon screeched and flapped it's wings while trying to attack the ghost pokemon with no luck. Zane pushed over towards the bird pokemon. "Calm down Wakana" the boy said soothingly. He reached out to stroke his Skarmory as he glanced around at each of his pokemon, seeing if any of the others where distressed like Wakana. He frowned as he looked around for Gengar which seems to have again disappeared. He looked around the semi-crowded room, hoping didn't go off and bother some stranger, he didn't want anymore trouble then he could handle.

    He kept stroking Wakana, the pokemon calm down under his touch, as he softly spoke to it, "that's a good Wakana, who wants a treat" the bird pokemon cawed as Zane slid out of the water reaching for his bag. He couldn't help but notice the across the room had been staring at him. He tilted his head as he looked at back at her, seems Wakana may have drawn a bit of attention to them.

    He glanced down at his bag sighing softly as he looked for his pokeblocks case. He pulled out the case and got two green pokeblocks offering to Wakana. The Skarmory screeched with delight and opening its mouth, as Zane tossed the treats towards the pokemon. He smiled as the pokemon ate it, he couldn't get over how close he and Wakana had gotten over time, ever since he trade his Mawile with Tarja back in Rustboro City. The pokemon was a little tricky to handle at first, but after applying some training Technics he had picked up along the way from Joto and Kanto, the Bird pokemon seem to settle right in with the pokemon team.

    He watched as the rest of the pokemon team gather around him wanting treats. He chuckled as they made little noises wanting one as well, he pushed out a few more handing to each one of them, watching them squeak and groan in happiness. He blinked realising that Gengar didnt appear, a hint of panic arose in him as he looked around for the trickster pokemon. Noticing the moving of shadows of towards the girl that had been staring at him earlier.

    "Oh man,oh man" he muttered as he noticed the infamous smile amongst the shadows beside the girl. He got up and started running towards the girl. As Gengar appeared from the shadows to scare the girl. "No,no, no!" he yelled as the spook pokemon appeared in front of the girl striking a menacing pose.
  5. "Eeeeek!" Erin screamed and tumbled backwards, both from the Gengar and the boy that suddenly jumped up and rushed towards her.

    Vibrava's nerves were stronger. It shot right at Gengar to tackle it, oblivious to the fact that he would probably run right through it. So did happen and Vibrava instead hit the wall behind the Gengar. Dizzy, it stumbled backwards towards its trainer, who had come back to her senses and realized that it was a pokémon and not some thing from an underworld coming to kill her. Or maybe this pokémon was... it looked quite scary.

    "I-I didn't..." she stuttered. "Didn't see you there!"

    What a lame thing to say to a pokémon that had just scared her. Oh, its trainer was the boy she had just been staring at! How awkward. Her cheeks turned red as Vibrava got up and hissed at Gengar.
  6. (http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2012/058/d/6/amara_crimson_by_kanpekinakyoki-d4r63vt.png my trainer; ignore the Umbreon)

    Amara sighed as she looked around the desert sands of route 111. The dust stung at her eyes and her mouth tasted gritty. "Why does it have to be a desert?" She whined. While Amara wished to catch a new addition to her team; a Cacnea to be exact, she hated, no despised the raging sandstorms that came along with the natural habitat. Amara's Venonat; Venny wholly agreed with her on that. Sand, deserts and strong winds were just not something either of them enjoyed. However if Amara didn't brave the fierce winds and burning sun, she would never have that Cacnea.

    With a deep breath she covered her mouth with the sleeve of her coat and pressed on, Venny remaining burrowed in the safety of Amara's bag, chewing on a rather sour Sitrus Berry. Neither of them believed that things could get any worse from here. The angry sun and the dryness of the desert winds made things feel more grim than they actually were considering the duo had only been searching for about twenty minutes. Amara just liked to complain about every little thing that made her uncomfortable. Of course this flaw was quickly picked up by her little bug friend and has stuck since.

    (sorry for this short post I didn't really know how else to enter so for now Venny and Amara are just going to be hunting for Cacnea.)

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  7. "Gengar!" Zane yelled at the pokemon whom seem to be laughing its head off. "Could you for once not do that? I mean seriously can you just relax like the other pokemon?" He groaned as he turned to face the girl "I'm so sorry, Gengar has a habbit of doing that. He likes to give people a little scare, keep them feeling alive and what not, Honestly he doesn't mean any harm." he rambled rubbing the back of his head, smiling apologyticly(sp?) "The name's Zane, I would love to make it up to you and your pokemon, if I could" he said he offered his hand to her.