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  1. Welcome to pokemon highschool!

    Highschool year:
    Person Description: (picture if possible)
    Pokemon: (up to 4)
    Name: kara
    Age: 16
    Highschool year: 3rd
    Person: avatar_1413418208252.jpg
    pokemon: 1. lucario_by_dedhpkmn-d5wb0ms.png
    pokemon: 2. Espeon_Redraw_by_KirkButler.png

    Pokemon: 3. absol-mega.jpg

    Pokemon: 4. dragonair.jpg

    She stands infront of the highschool looking and studying all the small details of it. After several minutes of this and awkward stares she begins to walk in. She notices a map of the school and looks down at a small piece of paper trying to find her dorm on it. Number 122 ok left wing 3rd floor, damn this school is big. She begins to walk over to the elevator about 25 feet away dragging a bag full of 4 poke balls a sketch board her headphones and phone. When she gets to the elevator and presses the button.
  2. Appearance: Spiky blond hair, deep green eyes, pearcing on left ear.

    Name: Kyo Stareast


    High school year: 4rth

    Pokemon: 1.[​IMG]

    Pokemon: 2.[​IMG]

    Pokemon: 3. [​IMG]
    Pokemon: 4.[​IMG]

    Personality: Is a short tempered hot head. Mostly prefers to be alone, but can handle being around people. Eats Chocolate Pocky sticks most of the time while training or reading. Loves to play sports.

    Kyo was in the elevator chewing on a Pocky stick. His mid was else where. Kyo was not new to the school. If any person had to be exact, he was quite fond of it. He knew almost everything and anything there is to know. He did not have many friends, mainly because he kept his distance from other people. The elevator door opened, and he saw a girl with headphones and her back pack.
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  3. Name: Rora
    Age: 15
    Highschool year: Sophomore 10th
    Person Description: Black long wavy hair, Blue eyes, 5'6", athletic body type [​IMG]

    Pokemon 1) Raichu/Rocket Female [​IMG]
    Pokemon 2)Umbreon/Shadow Male [​IMG]
    Pokemon 3) Infernape/Otto Male [​IMG]
    Pokemon 4) Wartortle/Storm Male [​IMG]

    Personality: She is intelligent when it comes to battle and moves but doesn't have a large vocabulary. She is quiet for she prefers to listen but will talk. She doesn't share emotions much at first but as you get to know her she'll begin to open up. She loves Pokemon and nature. She can be very creative in many ways.

    Rora just got to school and was out of breath. She took out a sheet of paper and read for her home room. 'Okay room 112. Now I just need to check the map.' She looked up and saw the map on the opposite wall and walked over to it. 'Ah third wing. I'll take the stairs there faster.' She fixed her book bag to stay better on her back. It held her three of her four poke balls her fourth she always keep on her it held her raichu. Rora began to make her way to home room once she was up the stairs and near the class room she stopped to take another breath.
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  4. "Oh hello Are you going up?" She walks into the elevator and presses three she was never very bothered by peoples needs. She opens her bag and takes out her drawing pad flipping through pages of rooms and pokemon. She then begins drawing the elevator.
  5. His green eyes fell on her for a split second as he nodded slowly. "Yeah...sure.." he was not extremely relaxed about being by a new comer, but he could handle it. He watched her as she began to draw the elevator. It fascinated him for some odd reason. "You are an artist? " he tilted his head to the side slightly as he asked the question.
  6. "Um yes I am " she kind of shuffles nervously drawing the last few shadows on the elevator. "Do you have any special talents?" She was not used to conversations due to the fagt almost everyone ignored her as her nickname was demon. She guessed it was because the way she acted at times.
  7. [​IMG]
    Name: Daniel Hodge
    Age: 16
    Highschool year: 11th(Junior)
    Personality: Somewhat professional when it comes to school, but is no stranger when it comes to having a good time.

    Daniel got out of bed and wiped his eyes. This was the first day back at school, and he was already spending it asleep. Of course, today, nothing serious was going on...so it really didn't matter. He figured he'd go around and help out any of the new kids. The school's rules stated that any trainer is allowed to have a single pokemon out at any given time, as long as they're not destructive by nature. Daniel glanced over at his Ninetails which was laying down in the corner. "Nova. Come on girl. Time to go greet the newbies." Nova was his first pokemon, he'd had her ever since she was a vulpix. The Ninetails stood up from where it was laying down and shook off any dirt that was on her. Daniel slipped on a pair of shoes and left the dormitory, locking it behind him. Luckily he'd never had to deal with a roommate before, and hopefully this year wouldn't be any different. He stood silently in the third floor hallway, standing off to the side with Nova, making sure he wasn't in anyone's way. He pushed a button on the elevator, thinking he'd go to the main office to see if anyone needed any help. He waited silently for the elevator, his Ninetails remaining almost completely still, aside from the occasional movement of one of her tails.​
  8. Kara stwps out of the elevator when it stops at the 3rd floor. "Nice talkjng with ya I guess." She was feeling uncomfortable and jeaded down ths hallway. She notices that you could have one pokemon out and called lu out her lucario. Shes had him since she was five they were always together even when she didnt have pokeballs. He had saved her when she almost fell off a cliff and killed herself. She came to a dodm room and used her key to get in. When she looked around she noticed guy stuff all through the room she immediatly freaked out.
  9. Nova started nervously pawing at Daniel's shin. This kind of bothered him, so as opposed to going onto the elevator, he decided to see what was up. His Ninetails rarely ever got this worried. "What's up girl?" He bent down a bit to look at Nova. She lifted her front right paw and pointed it towards the room a bit down towards the hallway in which he'd just left. "My room?" Daniel bit onto his lip and let out a small sigh. Guess I have a new room mate. Should probably introduce myself... He casually walked back down to his room and opened the door, noticing a lucario and a girl. "Uhm. I don't know how to say this. But uh. Are you my room mate by chance?" He blinked rapidly and nervously.
  10. She turned around headphones around her neck. "I belive so" her lucario protectively stood in front of her making it seem as though it was her brother. She looked around the room her teal eyes calculating everything.
  11. Kyo walked out of the elevator waving his good byes to her. He had not got a chance to answer her question, but he knew he would be seeing her again. Jin made his way to his room and let out a side when he opened the door to find it empty. 'Great..I am a loner....just great'. He threw his bags down on jis bed and laid back. He wanted to start unpacking, but then again he wanted to explore the school as well. Jin jumped up from his bed and grabbed his pokemon balls. Then he walked out of the room and roamed the halls.
  12. Rora realized once she had her breath that she forgot to let out, Rocket. She got out her poke ball and let Rocket out. "There now don't be mad you know how the first day usually goes." She then motioned for her raichu to get on her shoulder and Rocket did. Rora then stepped into her homeroom and went toward the back right corner near the window. She then got out one of her art books and began to draw a sketch of Rocket.
  13. "Well it's nice meeting you, I suppose. I'm Daniel. This is Nova." He pointed down to his Ninetails and smiled politely. "Is this your first year?" He said with a questioning tone as he stuck out his right hand to be shook.
  14. "Y-yes" for some reason this boy made you nervous. "Isnt it supposed to be same gender dorms?" She looked around her new room and set her eyes on a small wordrobe. You silently went over unpacking lucario backing awah eyeing the boy.
  15. "Not exactly. They try to make it like that, but certain exceptions have to be made. Anyway.... Is there anything I can help you with? If not I'll be leaving you alone then. I'm making it a point to help out the newer kids today." Daniel leaned back against the wall, Nova stood beside him, swishing her tails around.
  16. "Go ahead ill just move in" she began to unpack putting her clothes away. "Probably take a nap" she sighed and lucario went to her aid. He seemed ti know everything about her and what to do at the right time. Lucario started patting you while giving the boy a death glare.
  17. Daniel left the room and Nova followed behind him. He shut the door in the same way that he left; quietly. There was little to no sound with whatever he did, it was kind of strange actually, almost like he'd never really even been there in the first place. Daniel stared around the hallway, looking for anyone in particular who looked confused.
  18. She looked around and ploped her suit case down jumping on a small bed. Lucario looked at her " might as well sleep I am on a record of 5 days." She gave a weak smile as she drifted off into the world of endless nightmares. The first one she was pushed in the ocean and couldnt move. She looked in the cold darkness around her fasping for breath. It was as if she was choking in real life and she fell to the floor creating a large bang.
  19. Rora looked up from her work and looked at Rocket. "So what do you think?" "Ra. Raichu." "Good I'm glad you like it." She glanced around. 'Hmm... Not to many have ariaved to homeroom. Maybe there new here. And I'm sure some our helping those who are lost. And some maybe are just wasting time. Typical.' She looked back down at her sketch. She then looked in her bag and got out some colored pencils to shade in and give her work some color.
  20. Daniel found a few people he recognized and greeted them. After a bit of helping a few people, he finally came back up to his room. There was going to be a meeting soon in the homeroom of every student. This is where they'll learn the rules and guidelines of the school. It generally only lasts 30 minutes, but can go on longer depending on the teacher. Daniel went over to his room mate and shook her gently to wake her up. "Get up. Meeting in homeroom in 20 minutes."