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    • Welcome, to Theralune.

    • [​IMG]
      Theralune has long been a nation of relative peace. Civil war, rebellion, and crime plague its past, as for any nation, but no great calamities have tarnished its history. However, rumors have been spreading of curious experiments taking place on the northern island of Komiir, home of the ever-tinkering gnomes. They say they’ve been experimenting with genetic mutations in pokemon, working to create a powerful force to aid in the advancement of Theralune. Unfortunately, the gnomes were not prepared to control what they created and now, word spreads of a mighty beasts ravaging the lands, growing, feeding, and reproducing. It is not yet known what this creature is, but the king of the gnomes has summoned the greatest heroes from across the lands to combine their efforts into tracking it down, and defeating it. There’s loot in it for all, but more than that, the threat, if left unmanaged, could mean destruction for all.


      In an adventure of pokemon, high fantasy, and table-top feels, you and your team will work together to stop this mutated beast from overrunning the lands. Play as an elf, a dwarf, a human, or a gnome, and venture out into a world filled with pokemon to track down the mutant and talk some sense into the pesky, meddling royal gnome tinkerers. This isn't a gym-based story, nor is it a classic ten-year-old-on-a-journey tale. No, this is a grand, fantasic adventure. Our story begins, in a tavern, as all the best do.

    • [​IMG]

      Combat is based on a simple level system explained below:
      • Common pokemon can level up to level 10.
      • Rare pokemon can level up to level 15
      • Legendaries can level up to level 20
      • Type advantages add +2 levels to any pokemon, for that battle
      • Type disadvantages remove -2 levels from any pokemon for that battle
      Any pokemon can enter into a battle with a pokemon up to 1 level above it, once all calculations have been done. There are three tiers of battle: easy, medium, and hard. This will be explained using a lvl 5 fire type.
      • Easy: Pokemon BELOW your pokemon’s level (ex: =/<4, with advantage, =/<6)
      • Medium: Pokemon at an EQUAL level to your pokemon’s (ex: =5, with advantage =7)
      • Hard: Pokemon ONE LEVEL ABOVE your pokemon’s. (ex: =/>6, with advantage, =/>8)
      In each battle, the difficulty will indicate which roll you need to be successful. Required rolls are as follows:
      • Easy: =/>5 on d20
      • Medium: =/> 10 on d20
      • Hard: =/>15 on d20
      To go after pokemon of higher levels, such as legendaries, you will need to utilize a teamwork method called “Stacking.” This means you utilize numerous pokemon of the same level to gain additional levels for each. For example:
      • Facing a level 15 Legendary with a level 10, no advantage.
        • For each additional level 10, each pokemon gains 1 extra level
        • 1 x lvl 10 + 3 x lvl 10 = +3 levels to each = 4 x lvl 14 pokemon (DOABLE!)
      If numerous players take part in a battle, a loot roll will determine who the pokemon decides to trust. The loot roll will only be preformed by GM’s.


      When a GM requests a roll of you, you have a job to do the following:
      1. Post the relevant skill and stat (e.x. Stealth: 2) in it's own post.
      2. Roll a d20 using the built in dice system on iwaku. You must first post to access this, hence the individual post.

      You will immediately get a 0 on the roll and fail. No excuses. If you "accidentally roll twice" I don't care. Leave them both. Your GMs have eyes and can see the rolls and will use the first. If you roll a d19, by accident, RE-ROLL. WE HAVE EYES.

      Okay, now that that's over (no more bold red caps), I'm providing you with a simply reminder about rolls. If you have no points in a skill, you can still do a check, the crappy thing is that you need a 20 to succeed. So, good luck.
      1 SP means you need a 15+ to succeed.
      2 SP means you need a 10+ to succeed.
      3 SP means you need a 5+ to succeed.
      Nothing more to it. If you have an item that boosts your roll, you add it after you've rolled, and you must also post that item in your rolling post. [ex: Perception: 2, +2 from Glittering Pendant. . . . roll comes out to a 9. +2. Success at 11.]

    • [​IMG]
      +Don't be an ass. Love each other.
      +Do as your GMs say.
      +If we sense overpowered characters? We will end them. *evil laughter*
      +Maximum two characters
      +No, you can't have a shiny, a legendary, a three stage pokemon, or a higher-than-two-levels pokemon at the start
      +Posting requirements are one post per week, though we hope for more.
      +If you try to rebel and make your char evil and ruin the plot? Your char will die.
      +For all town/village creation, you must get the approval from a GM.
      +Don't be an ass.
      +Have Fun! <3​

    • Our Journey Begins in Kondumar, of Feldren. Realm of the humans.





      Dahlia'Ammum: [​IMG] Population: 193. A rather isolated village, the surrounding pokemon has made them follow a spiritual warrior culture, many going into the mountains to train their body and have a psychic pokemon or two to help them train their mind. Because of the rough ground around them they live off mostly from the fish in their coastal shore, farms being only a small help and as such a reason for their relative small number. Not wanting to disrupt the balance around them, they keep a very strict limit to the amount of villagers in the village. As a ritual/sacrifice, every few hundred years (just so happens to be when they get a sudden influx of new children or otherwise more population) they exile a single child to explore the lands and bring glory for the village.

    • "Welcome, welcome, young traveler! What wares have I for sale? Well a bit of this, a bit of that, of course. What else could a gnome sell?"
      Secret Key [500G]: "All I can tell you is that it's for a place in Feldren!" The key seems to have a sigil of a rattata on it. What could it be for?
      Town Map [20G]: "This is more than your basic town map. This one tells you where everything is. I've taken all the rumors of legendary pokemon and hidden treasure I've heard in my travels and stored it on this map!"
      Jade Tokens [150G]: A rare set of three jade tokens, to be used at the Jade Palace in Everia to gain entry to the Sacred Groves. The Sacred Groves are holy gardens with healing herbs galore! It's U-Pick, so bring a basket!
      Rare Pokemon Incense [150G]: If you light this incense, its scent will lure rare type pokemon to the area. Be prepared for an encounter! Some are stronger than others.
      Glittering Pendant [800G]: The luck instilled in this pendant by a specific legendary, wish-maker pokemon, grants the wearer +2 on any skill check roll. It lasts about 15 rolls.​

    • This section will be used for keeping track of character levels, experience, inventory, and skills.

    • Played by GM Soulserenity20
      Character Sheet
      EXP: 0/100
      Zorua EXP: 0/100
      Moves (4): Dig, Shadow Ball, Rest, Protect
      Eevee EXP: 0/100
      Moves (4): Dig, Quick Attack, Curse, Helping Hand

      Survival: 1
      Craft - Cooking: 1
      Knowledge (Nature): 1
      Pokediplomacy: 2

      5 x Rations
      5 x Pokefood
      2 x Potions
      1 x Revive
      Traveler's Robes
      Oak Staff
      Pokemon Brush

    • Played by Red Crow
      Character Sheet
      EXP: 0/100
      Skiddo EXP: 0/100
      Moves (4): Vine whip, Synthesis, Take down, Horn attack
      Munchlax EXP: 0/100
      Moves (4): Lick, Screech, Body slam, Natural gift

      Knowledge (nature):1

      Father's axe
      Foresting outfit (Caped hood, gloves, boots, leather vest and pants.)
      Flint and steel
      Drink horn(Shed from Skiddo)
      Tome of Tongues: Understand what all pokemon are saying for a full day.​

    • Played by GM Mowkie
      Character Sheet
      EXP: 0/100
      Absol EXP: 0/100
      Moves (4): Detect, Night Slash, Pursuit, Swords Dance
      Eevee EXP: 0/100
      Moves (4): Charm, Helping Hand, Refresh, Quick Attack

      Diplomacy [1]
      Intimidate [1]
      Knowledge – History [1]
      Sense Motive [1]
      Survival [1]

      Simple Clothing [white tunic, black pants & belt, and thick, worn leather boots]
      Leather Armor [see here]
      Simple Cloak [see here]
      King’s Army Broadsword [on left hip]
      Pouch of Poffins
      3 Small Waterskins

    • Played by RestlessComfort
      Character Sheet
      EXP: 0/100
      Pikachu EXP: 0/100
      Moves (4): Thunderbolt, Bolt Tackle, Grass Knot, and Agility
      Buizel EXP: 0/100
      Moves (4): Quick Attack, Ice Beam, Water Gun, Aqua Tail

      Pokediplomacy: 1
      Craft (smithing): 1
      Survival: 1
      Perception: 1
      Acrobatics: 1

      Golden Elvish Plate Armor
      Set of Lockpicks
      2 Short Swords
      Handmade Longbow
      Quiver + 60 arrows
      Tinder Box
      Flint and Steel

    • Played by Atenthirtyone
      Character Sheet
      EXP: 0/100
      Misreavous EXP: 0/100
      Moves (4): Will-o-Wisp, Hex, Thunderwave, Pain Split
      Riolu EXP: 0/100
      Moves (4): Extreme Speed, Close Combat, Iron Tail, Iron Punch

      Acrobatics - 1
      Bluff - 1
      Sleight of Hand - 2
      Stealth - 1

      Traveling Clothes /w a lot of hidden pockets
      Set of Lockpicks
      50 feet of Silk Rope
      Pocket Sand
      Forged Papers of Various Identifications
      Smoking Pipe & Tin of Tobacco​

    • Played by Ailucia
      Character Sheet
      EXP: 0/100
      Tyrogue EXP: 0/100
      Moves (4): Foresight, Rock Smash, Brick Break, Strength
      Ponyta EXP: 0/100
      Moves (4): Flame Wheel, Sunny Day, Agility, Bounce

      Acrobatics - 1
      Pokediplomacy - 1
      Knowledge (Nature) - 1
      Survival - 1
      Riding - 1

      Short Spear
      Quiver + 70 arrows
      Skinning Knife
      Carving Knife
      Tightly woven straw sack
      Flint and Tinder
      30 feet of hemp rope
      2 Throwing Spears
      Leaf Stone

    • Played by Requiem
      Character Sheet
      EXP: 0/100
      Murkrow EXP: 0/100
      Moves (4): Shadow Claw, Night Slash, Snarl, Steel Wing
      Sableye EXP: 0/100
      Moves (4): Shadow Claw, Night Slash, Shadow Ball, Poison Jab

      Acrobatics: 1
      Perception: 1
      Stealth: 2
      Bluff: 1

      Rope Dart
      Twin Swords
      Gambler's Kit
      Mysterious Ring
      Water Purifier
      Pocket Watch
      Climbing Claws​

    • Played by Silver
      Character Sheet
      EXP: 0/100
      Teddiursa EXP: 0/100
      Moves (4): Baby Doll Eyes, Scratch, Lick, Fury Swipes
      Spritzee EXP: 0/100
      Moves (4): Fairy Wind, Sweet Scent, Draining Kiss, Wish

      Appraise [1]
      Craft- Potion Making [1]
      Diplomacy [1]
      Engineering [1]
      Heal [1]

      An outfit that seems to be a cross between adventuring clothes and lab wear
      Travel Potion making kit
      A set of tinkering tools
      Two first Aid Kits: one human and one Pokemon
      Rations, enough for her and each Pokemon for three days
      A water skin
      3 Bowls
      Jar of Honey
      Sleeping bag
      Field Journal and pen/pencil​

    Our adventure begins in a tavern, as all the best do. You arrived by your own means, of your own accord, after hearing that the barkeep here had a letter from a noble in the Gnomish Tinkerers District in Tartyri. It's said this letter contains information about the mutant pokemon that have broken free of the gnomish labs and crossed over the Silver Straight, spreading out across the mainland. The leaders of Theralune have all summoned forth heroes of every nation and race to assist in this now international terror. Despite the terror that has ensued, with rumors of forest fires, mass pokemon deaths, village destruction, and even abduction and murder, few know what they are facing. Few have ever caught a glimpse of the horrifying mutant pokemon.

    At least, those on the outside know little. Those on the inside, however, might have a clue as to what Theralune faces. The letter was bought from a friend of a friend of a thief who may or may not have intercepted the information from a courier heading south from the Silver Straight. The barkeep has decided to open up his heart (and his coinpurse) to the heroes of Theralune who wish to read its contents. But he needs convincing. The sun is beginning to set and the night is long, you've plenty of time to try and convince the old dwarf, Hogrin, to part with the information. You look around and see that there are at least a handful of others who seem to have arrived for the purpose of reading the letter. Perhaps you can all work together?

    SETTING (open)

    All around you there are people of all races. Elves, dwarves, humans, even a gnome or two (likely a pair of merchants, since gnomes rarely leave their precious island for reasons of leisure). The barkeep is a thick, burly dwarf with a beard dragging lightly on the ground, painted a charcoal black like his hair. Both masses are braided intricately, but with a level of carelessness that tells you the braider has been doing it for several decades. He makes his way on his rounds through the bar, checking on his dainty, brunette barwench and the numerous long-legged servers, before heading back to a slightly more isolated round table near the entrance of the bar where he sips his ale and counts his gold.

    The barwench, apparently named Tanera, from what you've heard around the bar, is dressed in a short, pale green dress with lacy frills at the end of the skirt and on the sleeves. Clearly human, she has well tanned skin and brown eyes, tired as can be. She doesn't seem to look impressed with the crowding of the bar on a Tuesday night, but what can she really do? She needs the coin.

    Throughout the bar are three servers, one with curly brown hair, one with a thick mass of black hair, pulled back into a bun, and a single elf with long blonde hair tied back into a pony tail. Their names are unclear but they certainly seem a lot perkier than Tanera over there.

    In the corner, a jolly, fat dwarf jangles and jams away on the piano, playing uplifting, traditional dwarven music which stands as a hallmark of "The Tuneful Tankard." The pair of gnomes sit close to the piano, lounging in colorful chairs by the hearth and chattering quietly to each other. A large group of men take up three or four of the more central tables and numerous other groups of individuals take up most the other center tables. The border tables seem clear for the most part, save a few quite couples enjoying an evening date. The bar is filled with drunk soliders, off the clock, of course, and numerous older men that seem to be dedicated patrons to the bar, minding their business while having drinks regularly sent their way by Tanera.

    The kitchens are emitting a delightful smell and if you peek in the doors, you'll see a young human male moving about and working alongside another dwarf, who seems to know what he's doing. The bar is loud, but luckily, not too much to handle.
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  2. [​IMG]
    The trip had been a long one. She'd spent nearly three weeks travelling around the Maea Vourn Bay, knowing the woods to the east of Myria were filled with dangerous pokemon and she couldn't afford the pricey tolls of the boatsmen on the eastern shores. Instead, she ventured out through the Vyrian woods, past the great marshes of the capital, and headed north into the land of the humans. At first she had felt uncomfortable treading into the unfamiliar territory, especially after what had happened in recent decades in the war between the elves and the humans. Many of her kind had died in the battles and the humans certainly weren't on her list of most-trusted individuals, but she had a duty to her family, and the others on her homestead, to investigate the lead she had received from a friend of a friend of the family's. An elf that had spent some time in the human nation was visiting in Everia while the matriarch of one of the neighboring families was making a sales trip and soon enough, word had met Evelyn's ears that there was a man in an inn in the human city of Kondumar with information that may help her on her quest. She had been told that heroes from all across the land had been through the bar, some claiming there was nothing to be learned and that the whole thing was just a way to put The Tuneful Tankard on the map. If this was truly the case, it certainly seemed to be working.

    It was nearly 7:15 in the evening on a Tuesday, not exactly the peak hour for a local, run down tavern, and yet the place seemed to be bustling. A stocky, old dwarf sat in the corner, counting piles of gold and she could only have assumed he was the owner of the tavern.

    Evelyn, sat quietly at a table near the kitchens, staring past a green, potted plant, as she watched the chaos around her. Most of the patrons were humans, which made a fair bit of sense considering the territory she was in. There was an elf server moving about the floor in revealing clothing, seeming very much at home, despite looking completely out of place to Evelyn. On her lap sat a small Zorua, one she had come to call Xyrn and on the seat beside her lay her beloved companion, an eevee named Faera. As Faera slept, Xyrn was alert and had his eyes trained on every new bit of movement that occurred before him, his gaze darting all about the room. She could tell he was itching to prank someone. The little thing was a rascal by nature and seemed to enjoy playing tricks on other people, especially on their pokemon.

    "You behave, Xyrn. I don't need any trouble here. I only need to find a way to approach the owner and inquire about the letter he has. If you get me kicked out I won't be able to do a thing!" She gave the small critter a gentle pat before leaning forward and taking a bite of her food. She had ordered the simple meal when she arrived, hoping she wouldn't look so out of place. The wine here wasn't the best, but she didn't want to simply sit without a thing before her. That was shady, wasn't it? She had little knowledge of how she was supposed to act in a tavern, but from her knowledge, strangers sitting in corners without a drink or meal, simply staring out, were the troublemakers and she certainly didn't want a title of those sorts.

    She continued to nibble on her food, occasionally glancing over at the dark-haired dwarf at the other end of the room. She needed to speak with him, but truthfully, she was a bit scared. She didn't know how dwarves carried themselves and she was incredibly uncomfortable in this giant human city, alone, save for her two companions. If only she had brought a more urban-savvy friend. For the time being, she would mind her own business and see if she could find a better opportunity than to simply approach the man while he counted his gold and say "Hey! I'm a hero! Can I see the letter you have?"

    As if he would believe that anyways.​
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  3. Biron used his feet to open the door, as his hands were too busy playing his flute. He drew a few confused, annoyed, and joyous looks as he danced ridiculously up to the bar. He took a seat and smiled dreamily as a server approached him with a very tired look in her eyes.
    "What can I get ya, sir?"
    "My good Madame, is this tavern not run by a dwarf itself? Yet you see one of his kinsmen approach and not think 'O, I had best get some ale for this fellow?' Ale and some roast, my good Madame, and perhaps, if it is not so much, your hand!"
    "And perhaps you wouldn't mind if I asked for your head first?"
    "Only if I get your name as well!"
    A few men at the bar gave him deep chuckles and a few nudges to the shoulder as the woman took his handful of coins and meandered off to prepare his order begrudgingly. He played a merry tune for his new friends until the woman came back with his meal. Biron ate vigorously, sharing some roast with a particularly fat Munchlax and allowing a nearby Skiddo a few sips of ale, both of which had followed him into the tavern.
    There he sat, telling jokes, playing songs, and eating happily until he saw a dwarf nearly alone at a table, being talked at by an elven woman. He jaunted over to the dwarf excitedly, walking around the young woman and reaching one of his arms around his kin's shoulder.

    "Pray, my kinsman, a song or two with me?"
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  4. Arrival
    Kira reached up and pulled on the door to get into the building, careful to avoid clonking herself on the head. Again. These mainlanders sure did have such tall things. Was it reallllyyy necessary for everything to be about forehead height? The blonde gnome rubbed at her forehead in remembrance of a hard bump from the night prior. The small woman held the door open before ushering her two companions in. She wasn't sure if they were allowed to be out of their balls, but she'd found that she was teased less when Luna walked beside her; and of course it wasn't fair that Luna go to be out and not Spra. So now her two companions followed her on foot. The trio ducked into the tavern after the two pokemon and looked around. Giant. They were all giants to the woman. Kira used a finger to adjust her spectacles before walking further in. They were a merry bunch and not many noticed her entrance. As she walked around a table, her eyes landed on two other figures of small stature. Brethren! More gnomes in the land of giants! Although she didn't move to speak with the two strangers, she felt better that there were two other gnomes in the building.

    Kira made a beeline for the counter. Coming to a stop beside the bar stool, she sighed before adjusting the straps of her bags and beginning her climb to plop into the seat. In her new vantage point, the assistant had a much better view of the room and she began turning this way and that she took in the entirety of the scene from a new perspective. After her observations of the room was over, she turned back to sit correct before ushering a barkeep over with a bright smile and another adjustment of her glasses.

    "Good evening! Might I get a, oh. What should I get?" Kira frowned a little bit, her face scrunching to one side as it twisted a little bit as her mind sought something to actually order. "An ale! Yes, that'll do. And to eat, something small with chicken if you have it." She personally preferred the wine her aunt made, but she doubted any wine from the main land would compare to the stuff her aunt made. The woman gave her a dubious look before voicing her concerns about Kira's age. Said gnome felt her temper almost fizzle instantly. "I am of age." She sighed as she pulled out her ID badge from the labs and showed her. That was another thing. She hated it when these giants called her a child. Ohhhh! It just ground her gears.

    "Ursa?" Kira looked down at the small bear creature looking up at her. A smile quickly over taking the scowl on her face as she turned back to the barkeep.

    "And a tankard of honey if you would please." She said before pulling the appropriate amount of money from her pocket to set on the counter.

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  5. Daisuke Kobayashi

    Daisuke looked at tavern entrance cautiously from across the street. It was located in the Gnomish Tinkers District of the city. The tavern didn't look or feel any different than most taverns Daisuke had seen before. The sign of the tavern looked inviting enough as it banged itself after the tavern's building from random gusts of wind. There had been rumors of a potential job offered by a gnomish noble. Daisuke chuckled as his mind combined those last two words. Gnomes were fairly rare on the mainland, and nearly all of them that Daisuke had met were tinkers. They repaired complex mechanical objects for people, as well as spend weeks in their workshops trying to come up with the next big invention.

    Gnomes were truly a strange bunch of people. It wasn't like Daisuke disliked gnomes or any other non-human races. Daisuke could probably name hundreds of humans he knew that didn't like the other races for one reason or another. Sure, in the past, misunderstandings between the races had escalated in conflict. But all of that was nonsense to Daisuke. They were in current times of peace and prosperity.

    And peace and prosperity brought great opportunity for wealth, thought Daisuke with a slight wolfish grin. His name was Daisuke Kobayashi, a full-fledged rank and member of Kondumar's Thieves Guild. And I am better than the lot of those old geezers. Daisuke's mind angrily flashed at his last job. It was a simple burglary job. Too simple in fact. Daisuke barely had to try to break in that merchant's home and 'acquire' some silver jewelry. So simple that his pay for the job was awful. And it was the fifth one this season. At this rate, he won't be able to afford his favorite Halfling farmed tobacco. That or die of boredom.

    Thankfully, Daisuke had heard about this job about some job at the gnome island. Daisuke had started to wander his mind when he had a high pitch and child-like crackle. He tilted his head up, and spotted Merry. Merry was a Misdreavus, a Ghost Pokemon, and more importantly his first Pokemon. He had won her loyalty, no. Respect? Definitely not. Obsession and curiosity was probably better words to describe Merry's interest in Daisuke. She had willingly left her home and agreed to partner up with him. Daisuke guess he considered himself lucky. Most Thieves would pay a horse's weight in coin to gain access to a Ghost Pokemon. The amount of things a thief could do with a Ghost Pokemon were limitless.

    "So we're not being followed by anyone from the guild?" asked Daisuke quietly to the levitating Ghost Pokemon. Merry shook her head with a smile and gave him a cutesy in the air. Daisuke didn't think he was being shadowed, but he didn't only want to rely his own senses. Frankly, Pokemon were more in tuned with their senses than people. "Alright. It's clear. Lucius, you can stop whining. Let's head in."

    A blue gray bipedal canine Pokemon snorted as it leaped off a bunch of crates that it had been sitting on. It was Lucius, a Riolu. Unlike Merry, Lucius often disagreed with Daisuke's way of operating things. Lucius always prefered direct approaches to things, and hated skulking in the shadows. Typical of Fighting Pokemon. They were straight forward creatures that wanted to solve everything by 'fairness' and personal strength. Lucius sent an emotional aura of disapproval to Daisuke in the form of a Hmmph. Daisuke shrugged and smiled at his shorter and furrier companion. Like Merry, Daisuke acquired Lucius as a companion. And Daisuke did not mind the uptight Fighting Pokemon's attitude. Fighting Pokemon generally had supernatural strength and speed that far exceeded that of not only people, but also most Pokemon. And those traits are great on a bodyguard.

    Daisuke re-focused his thoughts, and began to casually across the street and opened the door of the tavern. As the door opened, his nose were assaulted by the typical odors that belonged in a tavern. Roasted meat, some sort of heart stew being heated by a fire, and the unmistakable smell of alcohol. Flanked by his two Pokemon at sides, Daisuke strolled into the tavern, found an empty table, and sat down.

    The young thief looked around the tavern, and noted the patrons of interest inside. There was young... probably young elf woman with two Pokemon of her own. Daisuke was never good with the ages of elves, and was definitely never a good idea to ask a female her age. Especially not one whom aged far slower than humans. He also saw a dwarf male. Probably. Daisuke never recalled seeing a female dwarf with a beard. The dwarf was eating a heart roast meal with his two Pokemon, one of which was a Munchlax.

    Daisuke turned his head back to the front of the bar and spotted a female gnome struggling to sit on a bar stool. She also had two Pokemon with her. The girl was in the middle of paying the bartender, mostly likely for a meal and drink. So, there were at least three other adventurers here that possessed Pokemon. Well, rumors did say that the job paid really well and the problem was dire. Well, chances were that he might be working with at least some of these individuals. He might as well approach one of them now.

    With that thought, Daisuke got up and walked towards the gnome girl, easily the most friendly looking of the three.
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  6. The green haired elf walked up to the front of the tavern, her two pokemon Ponyta and Tyrogue by her side. She tried her best to read the sign letter-by-letter to in fact make sure it was indeed a tavern this time, her last try ending up with her walking into a brothel on accident. She noticed a boy entering it, the opening of the tavern door sending a very welcoming food-filled welcome to her, not that she had any money on her to actually buy any of it. Her last job got her money sure, but she ran into a group of heavily cloaked men who said if she gave them her money, they would triple it next time they met! She couldn't say no to such an obviously helpful offer and gave every last piece of copper she had before departing here. Now that she thought about it though, she never did get his name. Another deep whiff of the food inside broke her train of though, reminding her she should go inside to at least get warm.

    "Alright, this has to be the place... or it isn't and we're screwed once again." She said in her tribal language, an elven language with so heavy a dialect that to even the common elf it would be hard to grasp exactly what is being said. She took her rope from her straw sack, lightly wrapping it around the Ponyta's head and the leg of the tavern so people would know it belonged to someone. "You, you're staying here because the last time I let you in a building you caused a whole mess and ruined our reward! But you'll stay right here for me right you handsome little horse~?" She nuzzled the horse pokemon's head in a display of sickeningly fake cuteness. The Ponyta in question attempted a small resistance involving hitting her in the face with his nose, only causing the elf to tighten the rope. He was a wild one who Itotia practically had to wrestle to earn it's obedience, or at least what little obedience it would give to its owner. "Fine then, no cuteness. You're staying here whether you like it or not though." She looked over to her Tyrogue, her little buddy she was given as part of her journey. "You're watching over this one, make sure he doesn't get into any trouble and that no one tries anything funny. Let me know first thing okay?" The Tyrogue gave a nod, climbing up onto the other pokemon's back, warming itself onto the open flames of the Ponyta.

    The elf in question was a young girl, especially by elven standards, who went by the name Itotia. She's gotten used to doing very simple odd jobs around cities and towns now, and got rewarded with things as paltry as the jobs themselves. One of them happened to be information about a tavern in this city. She couldn't understand most of what they said, but she knew she heard the words "Need", "Heroes", and "Noble", meaning it had to be something big and lucrative.

    She spent enough time just standing outside of the tavern though, it was time to go in and figure out what she could. With a few bold steps she slammed open the tavern doors and walked inside. So many different types of small ear'd humans and elves around here... and short bearded humans... even shorter short humans! Her journey leading up to here consisted of only meeting elves and humans, and even then she believed humans to just be short eared elves until about two months ago. These two new races for now were under her "strange human" category, although she was tempted to also put the gnomes in her "possibly a pokemon" category.

    With what she saw, the elf figured she would feel more at home with another elf by her side as the first person she talks to in here. She quickly paced over to where Evelyn was seating herself. Itotia slammed her hand on the girl's table, pointing at herself with her thumb using her other hand. She wasn't TRYING to be rude, but could definitely come across as so. As far as this elf was concerned getting right down to it would be the best way to figure out how to get what she wanted.

    "Name, Itotia." She spoke out in a common language most people in here would know, sadly Itotia herself was horrible at it. "I powerful elf... could call... hero?" She looked up momentarily, thinking of the best way to ask her next question. "I looking for noble hero letter."

    Even though she probably didn't come across as a brave hero, she was sure this elf would believe her!

  7. [​IMG]
    Hogrin looked up from his pile of gold, a grinning kinsmen had staggered over and interrupted his order. "Hold on a minute, lass." He looked to the fiery haired dwarf with the munchlax and the gogoat. "I haven't time for such games, boy. Why don't you move yer merry-making to the hearth. Grimfel at the piano would surely be happy to oblige ya. Off ya go now." He turned back to the waitress, continuing his very specific order for roast mareep, it was clear the man was very specific about his tastes.

    The sudden approach and assault on her table by the green haired elf certainly startled her. It wasn't so much the approach, after all, distant cousins or not, it was nice to see another elf in the human city, rather the loud collision of her fist and the wooden table startled her. Once she opened her mouth, however, she became even more startled. What on earth was wrong with the poor girl? She spoke the common tongue like a savage. How unusual. As Evelyn looked at the other elf, examining her features, and quickly concluding that she was a southern woodland elf, just like Evelyn. However, it was shocking to her that she didn't speak the common tongue. After all, Myria and Feldren were so close together.

    "Itotia...? Is it?" Faera had woken from her slumbers and was sitting up on her seat, staring directly at the green-haired elf, a look of distrust in her eyes after having been woken by such a harsh, noisy individual. Noble... hero letter..? "Oh! Yes, of course." She leaned out from her table a little and point at the black haired dwarf who was currently speaking to another, orange haired dwarf while gesturing towards the hearth of the tavern. "I believe that is the man you're looking for. I, too, am here for the letter." She paused, certain her common tongue wasn't going to do the elf much good. She instead spoke once more in her native tongue, Elvish. "That man, the dwarf. He has the letter. I seek the letter, too." She was sure the elf would understand basic elvish, she couldn't be that oblivious, could she?
  8. "Games?!" Biron said in astonishment. "Fantastic bellows to tradition! Merry making is made for the un-merry! and you sit counting your gold, tell me when you count the minutes you could've spent hiking, or drinking, or with a companion! It fits as well though, if it is the request of this great father of ale, I'll be off to play a tune with the merry man on the organ."
    Then, before the older black haired dwarf could respond, Biron danced off, flute in hand, to the piano. The dwarf playing wildly at the large instrument barely gave Biron a look as he began to join in with the mad tune.
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  9. [​IMG]

    Kondumar was by no means a small city. Its mighty walls rose up with great splendor only towered by the mountains that surrounded it. Many would say it was the mightiest city in all of Feldran, while others believed it to be a massive prison that happened to have a castle at its center. It was a city that was controlled and filled mostly by humans, but there were other areas that had a fine melting pot of races, particularly elves and dwarves. Some were dirtier than others, the streets clogged with filth and bile and possibly a body or two. Of course, the closer to the castle one got, the less of such things would be seen. This was not a place one would see wild pokemon, save the bird type every now and then singings a sad song on the roof of a building looking over a particularly filthy pile. But it was a city one would see travelers with their own mighty companions wandering in and out in search of their next big journey or adventure.

    It was in a particularly less-filthy melting pot district of Kondumar that the surprisingly large Tuneful Tankard, run by the old dwarf, Hogrin, stood out from other somewhat rundown buildings on the cobblestone square. Being quite far from the castle and the city center, this tavern was a perfect spot to feel at home in an otherwise prison-like situation for the second prince of Feldran. Having been one of his favorite spots for many years to come, he had only just recently begun coming back after getting home from a trip to the camps in the eastern mountains. Hogrin only knew him as Val, a particularly wealthy patron who always asked for the table at the far back corner. Despite it being a booth for large, wealthy parties, the old dwarf always obliged his request, knowing he would be back the next night over to fill his coinpurse with more lovely pieces of gold.

    Few knew the face of the second prince, for he was the ghost of war who never went to the parties of the nobility unless ordered directly by the king. He never courted women, nor would he parade through the city on the back of what was known to be his mighty warhorse, a Rapidash whose mane and tail were of brilliant blue flames and whose eyes were said to light the night sky. Every parade made by the royal family showed the faces of the king and queen, as well as their three noble sons and the steed of their battleborn prince. Never would the ghostly Prince Judas attend, for he always disappeared before his father came to force him into it. No one had seen the prince’s face since he was a boy of sixteen.

    So, he sat with a mop of curls upon his head, a brown cloak covering the royal seal that was branded into his armor, a hood pulled forth over his face. Silent as the night, at the very back of the tavern, he sat and watched all that played out before him. A particularly nimble-looking Eevee sat in the booth beside him, head resting upon the wooden table with an empty plate in front of him. The meal had already been paid for, of course, as well as drinks enough to last the night. On the stone floor in front of the table lay a surprisingly large Absol, whose body appeared somewhat relaxed despite a gaze that was always scanning the room.

    Tonight was different than other nights, however. Judas had heard about the rumors, and his need to get out of the city only fueled his curiosity about this letter in Hogrin’s pocket. The king had been sending scouting missions out to search for these rumored mutant pokemon, and from what had been mentioned by some of the soldiers who trained with the prince, there were some diplomatic issues when attempting to bring the four countries together in order to save the peoples from the rampant attacks. Then again, no one really liked the humans. The prince could only guess as to why…many wars were started by his father, and only he has been able to end the last couple. But now, others were starting to put prices on the rumored mutants’ heads, and bounties were filling up the boards around the cities. It would only be a matter of time before something worse than war began. And the only way to stop it before it started was to find the beasts himself and take them out.

    Of course, the prince was not completely stupid. He knew this was not something he could accomplish alone. Had it not been for the fact that General Dumont was within the castle walls making excuses as to why Jude was not home, he no doubt would have asked the man to come along. And he would never steal away soldiers from the King’s Army, as that was treason in and of itself. So, instead, he would watch and wait to see if there were others who desired the letter in the old dwarf’s pocket. And when others showed signs would be when he would make his move.

    He should have gone ahead and grabbed rations…for both himself and his pokemon. A dark, rum-colored gaze looked down at the white fur of his companion. She knew how to hunt and gather. This, he knew and understood. They had both been in situations where that was the only way to get food. But the Eevee at his side knew little about such things. And he was used to being with many men who had more experience than himself at surviving in the wilderness with nothing more than the clothes on their backs. But alas, there was nothing he could do about this now.

    His gaze rose to the entrance of various others. An elf maiden of particular beauty, her own stocky Eevee at her side followed by a Zorua. Soran perked up at the other Eevee’s entrance, and a small whine emanated from him as his tail wagged slightly. Their gazes watched the elf and her companions seat themselves, looking towards the dwarf almost longingly. With a mild smirk, he patted the male at his side and chuckled.

    The doors continued to swing open and closed as moment passed, and many others entered and went about their business. Drinking the mead in his tankard slowly, every now and then asking the kind waitress to bring him his other round, he watched and waited. Almost making his move when a redheaded dwarf came forward towards Horgin, he realized quickly it was not about the letter, but about a song. Once more, the prince relaxed and continued to wait.

    Upon the entrance of an elf of odd green hair, Jude watched idly as she walked towards the redheaded female whose Eevee had completely stolen the attentions of Soran. He listened through the music, picking up on a couple of words at the end of her broken sentence. Hero letter.


    Leaning forward idly, he focused the entirety of his attention on this pair. Still, he could only make out a couple of words. Once more, the letter was mentioned. So, perhaps this beautiful elf maiden was exactly what he was searching for. Though…would a woman truly be of aid on this mission? Or would she only hold him back. Huffing to himself, Judas shook his head, thinking to himself of the ridiculous nonsense he just thought about. Any help was still help, even from a maiden.

    All there was to do now was to wait and see if she was ready to confront the old dwarf. When she was, he would make his move. And perhaps then, Soran would stop his whining.
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  10. As the heroes enter the tavern, one by one, they slowly become more and more aware of their surroundings. The establishment is lively and loud and offers many possibilities to the weary or bored traveler.
    • The barwench, Tanera, certainly looks as if she could use some company, or at least someone to hate the world with.
    • Grimfel, the lively pianist dwarf looks to be cheerfully awaiting anyone who dares come sing or play their merry instruments alongside his delightful tunes.
    • A pair of gnomes, seemingly out of place in the tavern, look like they might offer some interesting conversation, perhaps even a game of words or two.
    • A large group of men have taken up a space in the middle of the bar and from the looks of it, one of them is quite the gambler. Regularly, amidst the loud music, the men shout and holler as one of them loses yet another fortune.
    There is much to see, and much to do. What you choose, is up to you....
  11. As the song came to an end, Biron let out a massive breath followed by hearty laughter that lasted seconds. Biron was so engulfed in his chuckling that he was forced to keel over, grabbing the pianist dwarfs shoulder for support.
    "My goodness what a song! Another, I say, we must play another! It has been too long since I have met a kin of such brevity and cheer to play such a tune, we must play again! But I do suppose introductions are an important of sorts," He composed himself and, with a tone that mocked dwarven nobility, introduced himself. "I am sir Biron of the forests and mountains of Vrend, and you my good sir?"
    He bowed as he addressed the cheerful dwarf at the piano, looking up with a playful grin.
  12. As the other elf pointed towards the dwarf and spoke common, Itotia could only tilt her head in confusion, only understanding the main subjects of her sentences, but unable to piece them together. A worry began to grow in the green elf's mind that this elf might only be able to speak common, if she was actually an elf and not some weird long eared human.

    Suddenly she began to speak Evlish, something she was able to understand much easier. "Ah! The words of the elves are spoken also by you? Wonderful, yes?" In what was an effort to speak in a way nicer and more understandable to Evelyn instead came out rather weird and possibly confusing. "Oh screw it, I'm sure this is good enough for you to understand most of what I mean, yes?" She didn't sound it, but she was happy for once in this short eared human region to finally speak her native tongue to, although it still probably sounded weird to the elf in question. "Oh but back to the main deal. The... dvorf? Is that the stocky, bearded little human's name, yes? Thank you for the advice! I shall go investigate these people further, yes?" She left rather quickly, knowing who her target was now.

    Still before she went to the big guy, it might just be a little better to go for whoever works under him to know what he's like. Itotia scanned the room and found Tanera, her overall posture called out to the elf that she must be the alpha female of the barwenches in the tavern. She walked over to the human, dumb smile on her face with an attempt at a greeting. "Halooo!" She got close to the lady, but hopefully not too close. Now was the time for operation smooth talking. "How you? Doing fine great?" She would try her best to speak to this human, hopefully getting some nice information in return.
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  13. The thick, jolly dwarf wiped a tear from his eye, having crumpled in laughter with his brother of the mountains. What a brilliant tune they had offered up to the tavern, at first by sheet and then by imagination, it had taken them to a tuneful place of bliss, indeed. It was nights like this that made him miss his home in the Garnha Mountains. "Aye, 'tis a pleasure indeed, Sir Biron! Ma called me Grimfel at birth and so I've called myself the same from the day! You've quite the skill on that flute you've got there. But I wonder... might ye know a old tune from an older time of our kind? One, "Heart of the Stony Maiden?" He looked at the dwarf with excitement, but uncertainty if the young man would know such an old, folk song. "If by chance you do, I've a gift in exchange for a companion to play the sweet chords with. I've longed for the song but only a flute and a piano can do it as it deserves!"


    When the leafy haired elf approached, Tanera's brow furrowed. She didn't much like elves, in fact most got on her nerves. They were always so dainty and pristine, never making a mistake, never having a flaw. Perfect little tree-huggers they were. He sighed and looked at the woman, trying her best not to seem so... unimpressed. When the elf began speaking her mouth dropped. What kind of a brutish creature was this? Elves were supposed to be perfect! She could hardly even speak! How silly this was. Suddenly, the bar keep didn't feel so bored, in fact, the elf's ridiculous attempts to speak the common tongue were amusing as could be!

    "Yes!" She said with light sarcasm, "I doing fine great." A giggled emitted from her throat as she leaned back, gesturing to the drinks that lined the bar behind her. "You drink?" She was having far too much fun teasing the poor elf, but on her thirteenth night shift in a row, tired and bored, she could care less about anything else. The elf was entertaining her.
  14. Biron's traditional song knowledge
    Red crow threw 20-faced die for: Knowing a Dwarven song Total: 10 $dice
  15. "Well of course I do!" Biron said without hesitation. "A fine song to share, and you're right about the piano and flute, might I add, such harmony for the notes! Shall he play?" As he spoke, Biron rose his flute in excitement. He, too, had been hoping to hear the song, and it seemed that luck was on his side today!
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  16. With a bright cheer, Grimfel took off playing his part. The pair played and played a most melodious tune, one of tales of the mining of the mountain and the finding and breaking of the Heart of the Stone Maiden, also known as the goddess of the mountain heart. This was a substantial part of the heritage of the dwarves and while many of the younger generations had forgotten the tunes of the olden days, it was clear this young dwarf had not. The melody met the heart of Grimsfel and when the sweet notes came to an end, he wiped a tear, this time of pure joy, and of memories of his days as a wee dwarfling.

    "Yer not a bad young dwarf, Biron. Not a bad young dwarf at all. I thank ya from the bottom of me heart. Here, take this as a token. May the mountains carry you where your heart wishes to go and may this help you on your way."

    "Tome of Tongues: Understand what all pokemon are saying for a full day."

  17. Success. She got the girl to smile, not knowing exactly why she began to giggle. "That is good yes? Wonderful day for tavern."

    "Drink?" Well, she definitely drank the juices of fruits and water to survive, so she could call herself an avid drinker. "Itotia drink many thing." She brought her hands up and began to count the things she has drank before on her fingers, at least the items she new in common. "Water, grape, strawberry, papaya, many more." She innocently answered the human, not understanding the fun that was being poked at her. She's never actually touched alcohol before, and had no idea what disastrous effect it would probably have on her.
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  18. Biron took the tome with a more serious bow, his smile a bit more solemn and respectful. He rose from his gesture with a shimmer in his eyes.
    "Thank you, sir, you're brilliant yourself. A lovely tune from the younger days, and strike to my own heart. Now the bar is calling me again, there is ale to be had and jokes and to tell, pray you a good evening, good kin."
    His final words to the pianist were spoken in dwarven, though not many of his kind in this land still spoke it, he was sure Grimfel would understand. He jaunted off to the bar and ordered another pint, the men welcoming him before he launched into a new story, his eyes slowly beginning to drift to a group of men in the center of the tavern.
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  19. The woman stared at the green-haired elf for a moment, honestly considering the idea that the creature had never had alcohol before. After all, she was in a tavern. What else would they sell? The juices they had were only for mix! It was then, as she gazed at the innocent, oblivious look on Itotia's face, that she had an idea to entertain herself to no end.

    "You like strawberry? Papaya? Ya! I get you. And hey! You drink ALL the drink and I give you prize! Yeah?" She giggled as she turned around and began mixing one of her strongest alcoholic drinks, flavored with papaya juice and strawberry flavored liquor. She hated the damn things, too sugary and sweet for her, but the she-elf sounded like sweets were her thing. After she mixed up a half a litre of the stuff, she turned and placed the large glass on the counter. "Drink it all and I give you gift! On you go!" She grinned, waiting to see how the entertainment turned out.

  20. Company
    Kiras fingers found Spira's feathers and began to stroke down the creatures spine as Luna pulled herself up to sit in a chair next to the gnome she'd befriended. Kira thanked the woman who brought her the ale and took a sip at it, her nose immediately crinkling at the taste. It was disgusting. As she calmly set the tankard down, she startled some as a shadow cast over it and bars surface next to her. Kira found herself twisting in her chair once again looking back and up into a human face. Big blue eyes blinked up at him as she tried to fathom a reason the man would be approaching her, before a sunny smile slid across her features.

    "Hello!" She greeted and paused, "I'm sorry, did I take your spot by accident? I didn't see anyone sitting here so I thought it was free." She chirped up at him, not knowing why else a stranger would approach her. "I can move if you like." The pink birdlike creature twisted its head up at the man, a sweet scent drifting from her feathers.
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