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    The Heart and Soul of Pokémon Roleplaying.
    Based on the highly regarded remakes.


    Hi, I'm Joey and I'm a member of the Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver Roleplaying site. If you sign up, please say that you were referred by me. Here is some information about our ever-growing site:

    Roleplay in the classic towns of Johto and Kanto. Travel alone or with other members as you make your way from New Bark Town to Mt. Silver.

    There will be many challenges along the way. You may have to help trainers with their Pokémon, rescue Pokémon from a number of places or fight off villains as they try to take over areas around the map. Capture Pokémon at special events at different times throughout the years - some which will not be available again for a long time. Make choices throughout your adventure that could have significance later on.

    Leave your Pokémon at the Day Care to raise or breed them. Win coins at the Game Corner and buy special prizes. Raise enough money to buy your own building and fill it with some of your favourite Pokémon for other trainers to battle and capture. Create your own shop to sell off some of your old items.


    Getting Started

    1. Register.
    2. Create your own Character.
    3. Visit Prof. Oak's Lab for instructions on how to receive your first Pokémon and enjoy the roleplaying fun.

    To access the forums please visit here: Click