Pokemon, Harry Potter, Avatar Last Air Bender, and Ouran High School Host Club

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  1. Hey! I'm looking for some more male (or at least male character) roleplay partners for some ideas that I have. If you see someone else has responded to one idea already, don't worry I'm most likely open to doing a few of the same plot. I generally post at least once a day, if not every other day. Life does happen sometimes and I'll only be able to check on my phone but I prefer responding on my laptop. I'd like a partner that can do the same. Other then that I'm usually busy Sunday and Wednesday nights. Romance is pretty much a must, so bring it on. I'm cool with our character's having sex but I prefer fading to black after clothes start coming off.

    * - Very interested
    X - Not taking anymore partner's for this plot

    *Ouran High School Host Club
    Please have a very good understanding of this show before asking to do this one. This one also requires being able to balance multiple characters at once.
    After all of the original host club has graduated a new king has arisen to take Tamaki's place. He has gathered together four of his friends to continue the club. Everything is going smoothly even though there's a new group of boys running the club that is more popular than ever. But have you heard of the term history repeats it's self? When an unpopular girl of lower class standing then most of the students at Ouran finally decides to look in on this mysterious host club she accidentally causes something to break/ be ruined and is now in the host clubs dept. Will they dress her up as a boy and make her a host like Haruhi? Will she be the first female host? or will she just be the maid?
    This isn't meant to play out just like the show. The boys can and should have different characteristics then the previous hosts, though some 'types' (cool, mischievous, ect) can stay but not all. I would play the girl and two of the other host's and you would play the other three. We'd also both have to play customers, other students, parents, ect.

    Avatar Last Air Bender
    Neither of us are the Avatar, just for fairness.
    The hundred year war has just ended, Zuko is the new fire lord, and Aang is beginning his task to bring the fire nation colonies into the United Republic. Many of the fire nations followers are still at large in other parts of the Earth Kingdom.

    That's all I have on this one. It needs more collaboration with whomever would want to partner with me to do this one as to how our characters would meet, who the main villain is, ect.

    We all wanna be the very best don't we? Well to these two it seems like they are the ones who want it more than anyone could every want it. Their dedication clashes when during a stadium battle these two go head to head and the battle ends in a draw. When meeting after the battle they both discover they heading in the same direction and they have quite a few similarities. They decide to travel together for the next while, which turns out to be longer then they expected when they're attacked and their supplies are stolen. Will their friendship and rivalry start a spark? Or drive them apart?
    Harry Potter
    This idea is pretty open ended, feel free to add on!
    Did the wizarding world really think that just because Voldemort is gone that all of dark magic was too? Such fools. A new unnamed wizard is attacking witches and wizards without warning or seemingly any motive. The only conclusion that has been drawn is that he is making his way towards Hogwarts.
    PM me or comment below if you're interested!
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  2. I'd be totally down for the pokemon one.
  3. Awesome! shoot me PM and we'll talk about it.
  4. I will do an Avatar roleplay with you ^-^
  5. Sounds good! PM me and we can talk about the details!
  6. Hello! I'm interested in doing the host club one with you!
  7. Any interest in the Host Club plot with me? ^.^
  8. I'd be up for the Harry Potter one
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