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  1. It was a bright morning in Floren City as Kyo began preparing for Pokémon journey. He was 14 years old and studied hard on Pokémon thank to the help of Professor Kirk. It felt like he waited an eternity for this opportunity. He was going to be a Pokémon Trainer and Professor Kirk said that he was to give him his first Pokémon today, he could wait. Kyo ran a hand down his long silver hair, then followed by putting it in a ponytail, his bright blue eyes gazing out his window as more excitement grew. Finally the wait was over, as it was time to head to the Professor's lab.

    The Kasun Region did things a little different than the other regions. It was similar to the Orange Islands, to where Pokémon battle were most tag battles. Kasun focuses on two vs two battling. Even the gyms and the Pokémon Kasun league is dependent on tag matches. So trainers would get together and train their pokemon in hope of becoming Tag Team Champions.

    Kyo didn't know who would be his partner in this but the Professor had told him, he already made arrangements, so he didn't brother worrying. He wondered who his partner would be. Hopefully this partner had talent, because he wanted to go all the way to the top. Grabbing what he needed he headed down to the living room to say goodbye to his mother before heading to the lab.

    His mother wasn't present in the house and he didn't know why, but he didn't pay it any mind and just left. He needed to go and he had time to say his goodbyes later. While running his fingers through his hair, which was a habit, he left, heading for the lab.
  2. Aliza had been preparing for this moment her whole life! She had never been outside of Floren City before, but of course, always dreamed of traveling around Kasun Region. There was so much to do considering it was a purely tag region. She was getting her first pokemon today, and nothing could match her level of excitement. She was nearly bouncing off the walls. Her parents, who had dealt with her energy and quirkiness her entire life just laughed at her.

    She ate a quick breakfast and went up the stairs to get dressed. She wore the same thing she always did, a pair of jeans that had been ripped at the knees and a light blue t-shirt, that looked too big. She slipped on a pair of ruby red sneakers and ran a brush through her bright red hair.

    A piece of her mind wondered who her partner would be, and hoped that they were nice. Aliza shouted a quick goodbye to her parents, her mother drawing her in for a bone-crushing hug before she made it out the door. She darted down the path towards Professor Kirk's Lab, checking the blue watch on her wrist, showing her she was late.

    It wasn't unusual for Aliza to show up late, though she hoped this once she would be on time. She burst through the lab doors, breathing heavily, but grinning as always. Her light green eyes scanned the room for her partner, and the Professor. She made up her mind that she would choose a fire type if the choice was given.
  3. Kyo went from walking to running, realizing that he was running late. He was sure Professor Kirk was giving his speech by now. On his way there, he was constantly stopped by friends of the family. One being the owner of a small shop where they sold his favorite snacks and another being a Pokémon Teacher. Knowing now he was going to be late he went from running to dashing as fast as he could. He looked at his watch to check the time. When he got to the lab he spotted Professor Kirk making his way out the door along with a few trainer holding pokeballs.

    When Professor Kirk spotted Kyo, he shook his head and sighed. When Kyo reached him, Professor Kirk chopped Kyo in the head. "I'm disappointed in you Kyo," Kirk said "Out of all day to be tardy you choose today."

    "I'm sorry Professor."

    "I wonder about that."

    After seeing how bad Kyo felt about being late, he sighed again and pointed for the door. Before he took a step back to the lab door he turned back to Kyo. "I almost forgot that I was missing another people. Now where can she be? Quite interesting that you two out of everyone were late. Kyo didn't know what he meant, but he just wanted his Pokémon.
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