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  1. Higher Quality one here, the offical one doesn't like being embed.
    So this seems to be getting announced now.
    Personally I love the idea, but I don't see it working.
    People tried similliar things with toys in the past, and they never sold well.
    However that was before cellphones were a thing, and Aps were unheard of.
    So this one does have the edge of Pokemon + Aps on Phones.

    Though, we still have the issue that visuals which will be lacking, which is what makes most of the epicness of the trailer. That and how much data will it use? This seems to be an AP and requires a lot of travel, which means wandering in and out of Wi-Fi constantly, requiring people to rely in built-in Internet plans, which for some people may not be feasible.​
  2. I'd definitely give it a try if I had a device that could do that kindof thing. I don't know enough about apps and cell phones and such to be able to give an opinion on how successful this will or wont be, but my inner fanboy is spazzing out at this concept, if that counts for anything xD
  3. I really hope it works out, but I'm skeptical for some of the reasons you mentioned. Also concerned with how goofy it may look throwing an invisible pokeball at thin air xD
  4. Like with Star Wars Episode 7, I am also hoping my predictions are false and that this turns out to be really good.

    But the mere nature of Mobile Aps combined with how I've seen similar things done in the past does leave me sceptical.
  5. I already rambled about this elsewhere cuz I was a silly Kaga and did not consider the likely possibility of this already having a thread in GC so um:

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  6. [​IMG]

    These things like this have been flooding my facebook. So, I'm starting to think this is definitely going to be a pretty big thing.
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  7. I'm also curious how the visuals are going to work; if it works using the phones camera and projects ap okemon on it (so that it's like you "see" the pokemon through the phone) that could be cool, but it seems more likely it'll just be a phone game that responds to travel; like ingress for pokemon, which is - obviously - significantly less exciting.
  8. I can only see this having a decent chance of working if they do add the 3DS sprites to the Camera feature.
  9. So at first I'm like OH SHIT A MOVIE?! and then it went to oh...just another thing for phones that I have no interest in, meh...and it became a is this video over? The hell is this shit? And was about to x out when it finally finished.

    I've got like no interest in this thing.
  10. I think it would work better as a movie rather than an app
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  11. Except, the whole reason why people are getting hyped about this is because it's as close as we can get to our childhood fantasies of going out and catching Pokemon in the real world, so... yeah, I really don't understand that argument. The appeal of this thing is living it. Whether or not the app lives up to the hype and what the trailer makes it out to be remains to be seen, though... But, if it does turn out to be everything we want from it? Then balls this is gonna be an epic experience. :D
  12. yeah the app can only get two result, either win big or lose big~
  13. Oh an AR game? remember how well those go? No? exactly.

    I'll still with Pokken Tournament, personally kthnx.
  14. Here's a funny conversation me and Mapelle had

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  15. It seems really interesting, and being a massive Pokemon nerd, I am probably going to get it.
  16. Having re-watched the video I am getting a stronger sense of Nostalgia now.
    I'm still unsure about it's likelihood of success though.
  17. It's gonna be a free to play game set in one of the most beloved game series of all time.

    The Pokemon Company will have swimming pools full of money by the first week.
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  18. [​IMG]
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  19. Last night I dreamt that the main gameplay of Pokemon GO was rather disappointing and that it didn't really have much AR built into it. But then there was this thing called "Safari Mode" where you could go out and catch Pokemon in real environments like we all wanted (and I caught a Luxray). Problem was that you could only play Safari Mode for a rather short amount of time each day without microtransactions.

    ...It's rare for me to have a dream that's so grounded in real-world concerns. XD
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  20. It's rare to have such a specific and accurate dream so founded on real world logic too. :/
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