Pokemon Go sucks and Niantic is a dog turd

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  1. Not actually a hate thread.

    But more just a place for us to discuss the current bugs, issues and problems people are having/experiencing with Pokemon GO since the original thread owner wasn't appreciating it.

    Anyways. I'll start this off with my last post on the matter:


    I was starting to play Pokemon GO less and less (minus ConBravo) for a while now. Leveling up more seems to punish you more than anything (Less likely to get balls at stops compared to potions, pokemon run away more etc). However, I was thinking "Ok, Niantic clearly got over eager. They rushed a game, I'll wait for some updates".

    But these "bug fixes" are only making the game worse, which will only delay the updates the game desperately needs because these bugs will need to be actually fixed first. And on top of that, the longer updates take, the more players will get impatient and quit, which makes Niantic less likely to update the game. And all these "bug fixes" compound that, in both the updates being slowed testing more players patience and that many people will quit just over the bugs alone.

    (Quoting Kaga's post here cause it's relevant)
    Now I understand that Niantic is a small company, but they were NOT planning for a small game. They knew fully well Pokemon GO was going to be a hit, not at the level it ended up being but big enough they should have certainly gotten themselves a bigger team BEFORE releasing the game. The fact their now overwhelmed is basically on them (well, Niantics head. The rest of workers probably have it pretty awful right now).

    And really, this games main hype? The thing that keeps it alive? It's two things (because let's be honest, the gameplay is non-existent).

    1. Nostalgia
    Which slowly wares off over time. They NEED the above mentioned updates to keep this audience in or else eventually they'll see the game for what it is and drop it.

    2. Socialisation
    Which honestly is very circumstantial. City folks will see this a lot, Sub-Urban folks not as much, and Rural people have practically no chance. And this is even assuming the people that you do find are social, and aren't one of those drones who simply camp at poke lures, or in their car at a Gym to constantly retake it. And for those who do actually benefit from this, they're going to get it less and less the more people leave due to "Bug Fixes" or simply due to a lack of updates. And the more that happens the more players you'll find leaving just cause it ceases to be social.

    So yea... Unless if Niantic get's their act together, like now, I foresee Pokemon GO dying out very quickly. Like, it will be seen as an ancient relic by September quickly.

    And personally I'm already one of those players who could be seen as leaving. Cause I don't really intend to put any more time into this game until something new comes out. Not fixes, but something new.

    The complete lack of awareness/common decency some people who use Pokemon GO have astounds me. o_o

    Like, people complaining about Pokemon GO in say a memorial or museum? I can maybe get that, it's seen as offensive or disrespectful to some people. But in truth people likely use their phones at such places all the time.
    But Hospitals? Where people are actually working? Where it's already crowded? Where the work literally determines peoples lives!?

    How the hell did ANYONE not have the ability to stop for a second and go "You know what... Maybe I shouldn't disrupt these people over a video game".

    This might sound a bit rude/cold. With cases like this I'm willing to bet a number of the people that swarmed Pokemon and love the social aspect so much were those who lacked any sort of social life otherwise, and as a result probably lacked the common sense or knowledge to realise such things to begin with (and I know I'm likely shitting a ton of fellow Autistic people here... But Hospitals? Really!?).
    Seemed like? :P
    Unlikely. If these people are low/clueless/idiotic enough to be complaining about such places wanting to be able to keep functioning. They're not going to listen when explained reality, they're going to plug their ears and cry because the business isn't giving in to what they want.
    This is honestly something that won't just be nice, but NEEDS to happen.

    For two reasons.

    1. Sub-Urban and Rural areas. They might have nearly as many people are cities per instance, but overall they'll make up a rather large portion of Pokemon GO's user base. These people are going to be the first to go cause of a lack of Gyms and Poke Stops (and by extension, Pokemon) to keep the game engaging for them.

    2. The anger at those we do have being removed, that's going to send people away right then and there if they don't get other, more legitimate stops to make up for it.
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  2. yeah, I more or less stopped playing when I was asked to update the app

    and then when I tried, the update button wasn't easily available

    so I just stopped playing
  3. Niantic are killing their own game and it sucks. Pokemon go motivated me to go on long walks and visit places of stockholm I hardly ever been to.
  4. I don't have much that I want to say here but to say that, in my opinion, it's absurd to blame Pokemon Go for people being impolite douchecanoes.
    They were probably going to demonstrate a lack of common decency somewhere, in some fashion, as they are probably douchecanoes prior to obtaining Pokemon Go.
    It's just easier to pinpoint the cause in this scenario and maybe gives them an extra avenue (trespassing) that they hadn't previously considered.
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  5. I agree.
    I just found it shocking that "Let's crowd places like hospitals for fun!" came across anyone's brain as a good idea in the first place. :/
  6. You all just failed to be a masters!
  7. A Master knows patience, and which battles are worth fighting. :P
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  8. I've believed from the start that the hype would only last so long. No one was going to maintain their walking habits for such shallow gameplay.
  9. That's where I was hoping updates would fix it.
    But instead we got bugs and removed features.

    And yet, cause it's pokemon every single critique is seen as starting trouble, and every little flaw is overlooked... Because Pokemon. And no way Nintendo could ever get lazy or unoriginal with Pokemon.
  10. Fun unexpected message to Niantic from Game Theory. :3

    1:00 to 1:42

  11. *Checks out the game briefly*
    *Finds a weak Ratata*
    *Took 6 Balls with tiny circles + Berry to catch*

    Yea... Hard to catch pokemon was a "Bug", sure.

    Niantic totally isn't trying to force players to use microtransacrions. >.<
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