Pokémon Gjinka Mystery Dungeon: Heroes of Legend (IC)

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The Sky Pillar, Hoenn Region


"Alright, is everyone here?" asked Mew in her usual sweet tone, large blue eyes perked happily as she glanced around. Surrounding the open area of the Sky Pillar were legendary Pokémon from every region. Representing the Kanto region was Mew and her genderbent clone, Mewtwo. Representing Johto was the leader of the legendary dogs, Entei and lady Lugia. From Hoenn, came Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza. Leading the council and representing Sinnoh were the Masters of The Universe, Dialga, Palkia, Mesprit, Giratina, and Arceus. From Unova, hailed Reshiram and Zekrom. And last but certainly not least, Xerneas, Yvetal, and Hoopa all came from Kalos. Although the call had been sent out to many other of their comrades, these were the only responses. Whenever Arceus sent out a summons on this level, it was never a good sign. Especially when he explicitly requested they show up the exact moment when he decided the council should begin. Although the God of all Pokémon was supposed to be organized, it was only when he set very specific demands that the other legendaries knew something was wrong.

"Maybe we should take an attendance?" Mew chimed in, continuing to speak over the silence of the crowd. Quickly hovering into the air, the little girl suddenly produced a blank scroll and a freshly dipped ink pen out of nowhere. "Alright... Moltres? Nope, not here. Okay, Zapdos? Zappy, are you here? ... Okay, no Zapdos. How about Articuno? Arty, speak up girl... Alright then. What abo-"

"Oh spare us your incompetent babble, inferior!" groaned Mewtwo, his eyes glowing white as the writing utensils in Mew's hands were suddenly destroyed. "Whoever is in attendance will represent their region, there is no reason for taking our names! We are here, that is what matters. Ignore those who refused to show up!"

"Meanie." sighed Mew, crossing her arms as she sunk back into her seat with a 'harumph'.

"What I would like to know is why you have summoned us, oh Arceus." said Groudon, folding his clawed hands as he crossed his arms. "It is only on rare occasions that we actually get to see you in the flesh."

As he finished his sentence, Groudon was suddenly smacked in the back of the head by a wet fin. "Don't talk like that, Groudon! Show some respect you brimstone-smelling brute!" exclaimed Kyogre, mad that her brother had once again spoken out of line. "He created you! Show some common curtesy at least, unless you really don't know the meaning of the word 'polite'."

"Kyogre, you will silence yourself right away. You are acting as if you are a toddler." roared Rayquaza, his yellow eyes turning a dark shade of red momentarily as his primal rage boiled. Almost on his command, Kyogre lowered her gaze to the floor, sighing in frustration. Then, Groudon smacked her back. Without even having to glance at their adoptive father, Groudon cleared his throat and looked towards Arceus to avoid the legendary dragon's gaze. Even though his body was comprised of magma, Groudon could feel the heat as Rayquaza's angered gaze burned against his back.

"Please, everyone..." hummed Arceus, raising a calmed hand to try and quell the spirits of his comrades. "There is much to discuss. We do not need to begin arguing amongst ourselves, there is already too much at risk at the present time." These words hit the others hard as they were not prepared to hear something so unsettling. Turning his head lightly to the left, Arceus looked at Dialga, then to his right at Palkia before he asked "Palkia, Dialga, could you please report your findings to everyone?"

Nodding obediently at the same time, Dialga and Palkia each stepped forwards into the centre of the circle. Waving his hand, Palkia tore a small rift in the fabric of space; large enough for everyone to see into it, but small enough to not cause a disturbance with the universe. Leaning towards the rift, Dialga opened his mouth and let out a loud roar, forcing the rift to suddenly shift under the force of his time manipulation powers. Within the tear, an image began to form. Backing up, both Dialga and Palkia allowed the image to settle in before they began speaking.

"We have reason to believe that the Banished One is reawakening. The seals are coming undone by something we cannot stop, and by the time the first Autumn leaves fall, he will be free." explained Dialga, looking at the crowd with an emotionless expression.

"That is correct. As you all know, I am solely responsible for creating the dimension in which the Banished One currently resides. I can feel everything within that realm, and it matches what is happening exactly. Subtle movement where before there was none. Why the chance all of a sudden? Because he is waking up, his bonds are loosening." chimed in Palkia, putting his arms behind his back as he explained. Within the rift showed a live image feed of the parallel world. Within the ethereal cell bound by the Four Seals, was the Banished One, as the legendary Pokémon referred to him. They refused to call him by name, believing that only civilized and intelligent creatures should possess such things. The Banished One was not even as intelligent as a dog. It was all brute strength without a mind powering it. All that fear, anger and jealousy of the Pokémon world... Manifesting itself into the very form of the Banished One. It fed off negative emotions and the sorrow of others. Not even Darkrai, the eater of dreams, could derive nourishment from what the Banished One fed upon.

"What is worse is the fact that I cannot see into the future to see wether or not the Banished One truly escapes. Something is preventing me from seeing clearly, something I suspect you all have been experiencing on a level of your own." added Dialga, looking around at the crowd as they watched the rift before them. "It is there, even if you do not want to admit it: that inevitable feeling of dread in the back of your minds. That is his power returning, slowly, but surely. I only fear that we do not know how much time is left, for even my earlier statement about Autumn was just an estimate based on the current rate of activity in that realm."

"If what you say is true," said Entei as he leaned his hands against his legs, "Then how should we act to prevent the Banished One's escape?"

"There is one act we might try." spoke up Giratina, who had been sitting quietly at the furthest side of Arceus' throne. Turning around, her black and red wings extending as she walked. The spiked heels of her boots clicked against the stone floor of the Sky Pillar's roof, echoing loudly within the silence of the crowd. "We might try to prevent its escape by entering the Void where the Banished One resides, and killing it."

"Are you insane, Giratina?" asked Zekrom, his eyes bulging with shock as the she-devil offered the second option. "You know just as well as the rest of us that we can't kill a legendary! It would disturb the balance too much! We all have our jobs... Even the Banished One."

"Sweetheart, I'm sure she knows that." cooed Reshiram, placing her hand delicately upon Zekrom's lap. Turning her head back to the crowd, Reshiram looked straight at Giratina and explained "But he has a point. We cannot simply kill the Banished One, regardless of the way we feel about him. It is not a safe solution. Perhaps we might look into rebinding the seals?"

"That could work!" exclaimed Lugia, the volume of her voice shocking the other legendaries. "We can go find the items, bring them back here, and help fortify the seal!"

"Alright, but I only have one question." chimed in Mesprit, her melodious voice forcing her to sound as if she were singing every word. "It has been so long since we hid the items which bind the seal... Does anyone remember where they are?"

All at once, the legendary Pokemon tilted their heads to the side and pondered the situation for a moment. Even Arceus, the almighty, all seeing God of the Pokémon, was befuddled. It had indeed been a long time since they sealed away the Banished One almost four thousand years ago. Even though many of the Pokémon gathered atop the Sky Pillar could use their powers to locate almost anything they desired, for some reason the objects they searched for were obscured. But once again, the silence was broken by an aggressive voice.


"Silence yourself before I decide to snap your wings off, you dull minded bird!" growled Mewtwo, his hands burning with the Aura. "But now that you have reminded the council of their request, it makes things much clearer..."

"Yes... Yes I remember now." explained Xerneas, her voice not louder then a whisper. "We used the objects to create the seal, then hid them away where no one could easily find them. To be sure of their safety, we all underwent a mind wipe curtesy of Mewtwo as to prevent revealing the location to anyone who might try to undo our hard work."

Rolling her eyes at the discussion, Hoopa fiddled with the rings on her horns and sighed. "Great, a mystery so perfect that even we can't figure it out. So what now? We can't just drop everything and go searching for the items. Might I remind you all that you have specific jobs to maintain?"

"You're one to talk, Missus "This isn't even my final form"... But she does have a point." added Mesprit, who casually leaned back on her tail while she hovered in the air. Floating over to Arceus, Mesprit unfolded her arms and shrugged. "We could always ask the Pokémon below for help. Don't they have some kind of guild specifically for this type of thing?"

"Hmm... It had not occurred to me that we might ask for their assistance. But, as Hoopa has pointed out, we, as Legendary Pokémon, all have positions to maintain or else we would let the world fall into disrepair. So be it. Mewtwo, I want you and Entei to commission the Adventure Guilds spread across the world to find the location of our missing artifacts. Tell them it is of utmost importance and that they must accomplish the deed before Autumn... Or else, prepare for a war in which they will not win."

"Aye, it will be done, my liege." proudly exclaimed Entei, bowing his head towards the God of all Pokémon. *sigh* "If I must..." groaned Mewtwo in his usual droll tone. Waving a hand towards Entei, Mewtwo ordered him to come close. Once the two were standing side by side, Mewtwo closed his eyes and raised his hand skywards, levitating himself and Entei into the air. After a few seconds, the two of them disappeared in a sudden blink of purple light, warping themselves to their first destination.
Turning to his fellow Legendary Pokémon, Arceus bid them farewell, remaining atop the Sky Pillar with his advisors, Dialga and Palkia, until all the others had left. When they were alone, Arceus waved his hand and opened an ethereal gateway, leading to the realm from which he had emerged. Slowly, he and his advisors entered, praying that they could stop the Banished One's return before it was too late.


Littleroot Valley, Kanto Region



As the morning sun rose once more, sunlight gently flooded into the dimly lit bedroom through a single window. The soft summer winds blew into the room following the sunlight, sweetly brushing through the Eevee's hair while he continued to sleep. Shifting slightly in his bed, Maxwell smiled contently and kept his eyes shut. Within his dreams were visions of peaceful meadows affirmed with flowers. Standing amidst the rainbow coloured rows was a beautiful maiden with long pointed ears, wearing a brown and beige-striped dress. Her fluffy tail gently blew back and forth with the breeze while she lightly bounced in place. Upon her face was a playful smile and she winked at Maxwell in a flirty manner. The female Furret then pointed her finger towards Maxwell, wagging it towards herself as if to beckon him forwards. But, just as he was about to walk, Maxwell was awoken by the rough sounding voice of his brother.


"MAX! MAXWELL, WAKE UP!" commanded Sparky as he stared down at the peaceful face of his little brother.

"MAXWELL!" Sparky shouted before he grabbed one of the Eevee's pillows and smacked him in the face with it.

"Uhnn..." Maxwell groaned, a shroud of misery slowly descending on him as he was disturbed from his sleep. "Sparky... Please go away..." whimpered the young Eevee as he rolled over in his bed, trying to reclaim the image of the beautiful Furret from his dreams.

"Absolutely not, Log Master! The Song-Bird wants us up and prepared for another inspection. I get the feeling that the Chatot doesn't really like us."

"Oh, I see. Maybe it has something to do with the fact you got him the most uncomfortable birthday gift ever."

"Hey, a private show at Machamp's was a great gift!"

"It's not when the dancer was a Muk."

"Whatever, Max. Just get up and dressed. I'm going to go wake up the rest of the team." growled Sparky, growing impatient towards his younger brother. Before he turned around and walked out of the room, Sparky tore the blankets off of Maxwell and hit him again with the pillow. Once the Pikachu was out of his room, Maxwell let out a rather heavy sigh and slowly sat up on the edge of his bed. Running a hand along his face, Maxwell yawned. Then, he crawled to the floor, got on his hands and feet and stretched out his body until he felt loose. Standing up, Maxwell's tail swung over to the wall-rack beside his bed and grabbed a towel. "Alright, Maxie: bath time." mumbled the Eevee as he walked over to the bathroom. Maxwell never really did like baths, but he loved being clean so he always had to take them.

Meanwhile, Sparky entered the central area of the team base and moved over to the room belonging to his two co-captains. Slamming his fist against the door, Sparky called out "HEY! SAMUEL, KASARI! WAKE UP! We've got an inspection today, we need to get prepared!" Walking away from the door after he heard movement from within the room, Sparky walked over to a nearby intercom and plugged his tail into the electrical socket. Sending a bit of electricity through the socket to power the intercom, Sparky cleared his throat and began to speak to the rest of his team.

"ATTENTION TEAM STORM PHOENIX! Guildmaster Melissa is coming over later for an inspection, so I need everyone to be fully prepared and ready for the day! NO EXCEPTIONS! If any of you aren't out of bed in ten minutes, then I'm cancelling the trip to Pokétopia!"
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Calypso Major


Ayako opened one eye due to the loud ring of an intercom. While she wasn't asleep, she was meditating, which simply trained her spirit while heightening her senses, therefore making the underlying buzz that came with her leader's voice all the more louder. The Froakie covered her ears, slightly muffling the sound as she listened to the message. The minute the Pikachu mentioned canceling the trip to Poketopia though, she was up on her feet, grabbing her clothes and shoving herself into them as quickly as possible, brushing her short mess of light blue hair to where it was presentable directly afterward. She knew that the trip to Poketopia was supposed to be fun, and since she had never been there before, it would provide a great experience for the teen.

About two minutes later, the bluenette was focusing on her homely cell, quickly making her small cot and putting whatever knickknacks she had up on the single shelf she installed. By the time all was said and done, she had about five minutes left, according to her intuition. Checking her room one more time to make sure it was alright, the young girl gave a quick nod of her head, before exiting and heading towards the area where everybody would meet up.​

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Jared walked out of his room, fully dressed in his best and went to go find some food. As he walked, he passed by other rooms and heard the shuffling of many sheets as his team mates woke up and began to get ready for inspection. He had to admit, maybe their fearless captain may not have had the best idea when giving the irritable bird the tickets to Machamp's, but he didn't make it any better when he literally had to pay through the nose with his own money to make them have the dancer be a Muk. Not like he would tell anyone on the team that, of course. He just let a small smile play on his lips and passed it off as him having a lovely morning. Spotting the pikachu, she gave the young man a wave and closed his eyes. "Good morning Sparky. Are you purrpared fur the inspection this morning?" He asked, playing the kind, almost brother-like card on the pikachu.
Psyche groaned and tried to go back to sleep, but the message forced her to get up and get ready for the day. Removing the eye-mask she wore and rubbing her eyes, the espeon realised quickly that she was not alone in her room. Opening one eye, she was met with a head of pink hair and a pair of pink furry ears. Sighing a bit, Psyche sat up a bit and looked down at the young boy who had, again, snuck into her room in the middle of the night.​
Smiling at the sight of the sleeping boy, Psyche knew that she had to wake him up and get him ready for inspection. She also knew that she probably had to help him clean his room again so that their team does not get docked down for cleanliness. Placing a hand on his head, Psyche ruffled his hair and scratched a bit behind his ears, knowing that he loved waking up like that.

"Reece..." She spoke softly, gently shaking him awake. "Time to wake up, skitty-kitty."

Reece groaned a bit and looked up at Psyche, rubbing his eyes. He liked the way she woke him up, kind of like a mother or an older sister. Smiling a bit, he purred and nuzzled his head under her chin in greeting. "Nyah~ Good morning, onee-chan~" He greeted his teammate happily.

"Good morning." She greeted, patting his head and moving him away so that she could stretch. "Let's get ready. We have inspection this morning."

"Aw~ do we hafta?" He whined flopping back down onto the bed, wanting to go back to sleep. Just as he was about to, the espeon poked him in the head, a small bit of her power shocking him a bit. "Nyah!"

Psyche smirked a bit at the skitty's reaction to her little shock and got off the bed, her silk night dress stopping at her knees when she stood at her full height. Turning to see the boy still scratching at the place where he was shocked, she rolled her eyes and turned back, going to her dresser. "I will help you clean your room so that you are ready." She states, hearing a happy gasp as well as movement from the bed to the floor and the young boy was out in a flash. She giggled and got dressed in her normal outfit before following the pink-haired pokemon to his room. She braced herself for the wreckage that was only known as Reece's room.​


Kasari was awake before Sparky’s fist ever met the door, her ears twitching excitedly as she leapt from the bed… Or at least tried to anyway. Her foot had entangled itself in her sheets as she slept, resulting in a rather audible face-plant and string of muffled curses. Pushing herself up to a sitting position, Kasari began working on freeing herself from her nightly prison, raising her voice as she called over her shoulder. "Sam! Sam get up. We’re having an inspection.” Her voice increased in pitch as she fell over, finally free from the sheets. Quickly rising to her feet, Kasari passed by Sam’s bed and pulled the covers off of him, leaving him exposed to the open air. She then made a beeline for her clothes and changed in the corner, not at all bashful considering her time spent with the boys in her hometown. Changing clothes took less than a minute, leaving her plenty of time to assist Sparky with making sure the team quarters were in check. Pulling her hair up into a messy ponytail, Kasari made her bed before slipping out the door. “C’MON PEOPLE, LET’S GO!” She shouted, having little need for the intercom to get her point across. Spotting Sparky she approach with a smile. “Good morning Team Leader, sleep well?” Kasari might have wanted his position as leader but she was rather fond of the Pikachu. Looking around she was pleased to see some of her teammates already exiting their rooms, some more sluggishly than others but it was a pleasant start. “Anything I can assist you with?” She asked, tails wagging about merrily.

{Interactions: Sparky}

Maura and Xander
Maura hadn’t slept at all that night, an overwhelming sense of dread washing over her as she stared out the window at the stars. Throughout the night she had done some pacing, reading and even tried a few times to fall asleep but eventually she gave up and continued to watch the sleeping world outside. She was almost relieved when morning came, bringing along the chipper voice of her leader, Sparky. Cute fellow, but she couldn’t figure out what made him so happy all the time. “Inspection huh? Maybe that’s why I’m so worked up.” She pondered out loud, shaking her head doubtfully. Her room was always kept in pristine condition and she had already been dressed for hours leaving only one task left, wake Xander. She knew that with such a short time-frame to work with success was dismally low, but she was Maura and that was what she did for a living. Sighing heavily, Maura tried to shake her bad feeling as approached the second bed in the room. Sleeping soundly was the tiny form of 14 year-old Xander, a small smile tugging at the corners of her lips. He was one of the few people that truly didn’t fear her kind, others of the guild were usually respectful enough to keep their thoughts to themselves but she could sense their hesitation. Regardless, she and Xander were a package deal and this is where he wanted to be so there she stood trying to wake the child so he could still take his trip to Pokétopia. “Come on Xander, you have to wake up now. Sparky’s going to cancel the trip if you don’t hurry.

Those were the keywords, Xander was up out of his bed and swiftly into his clothes. He rushed to the bathroom to brush his teeth while Maura fixed the only mess ever present in their room; his bed. Once they were both ready, they exited the room together, gathering in the main meeting hall with all of their other teammates. Maura was excellent at waiting patiently, but Xander was a little more anxious than most to move about and go on adventures. “I’m hungry, when do we get to eat?” He began shuffling in place, swaying side to side as his question went unanswered. “Why do we have to have inspections? When’s our next trip? Can I go outside?” He chirped, throwing question after question in his normal fashion, without pause for breath or answer. Maura sighed internally but maintained her cool composure, simply shifting her gaze down at him authoritatively. Taking her hint, Xander clasped his hands in front of him and looked towards the ground like a scolded puppy.



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[bg=#404040][fieldbox="Lucario and Darkrai, Black, solid"]
40793837b5a31dbca9243f7d1a3b74cf.jpg tumblr_n11uwb9t6I1s96dmto1_1280.jpg
"Big bro, big bro we gotta go" The young darkrai girl said while shaking a sleeping lucario nervously. "Ok, ok I'm getting up now" Lucario said looking at his adoptive younger sister. She still wasn't used to men yet in fact they still frighten her to the point if she were to be touched she would pass out. "So, what is it this time?" "I don't know" she said nervously. "The captain suddenly called us all for a meeting" "All right then lets go" lucario said about to walk outside when there was a tug at his shirt. "Um..., ano?" "Fine, fine here" lucario said crouching down to let her on his back. Once on Axel started to walk outside to the groups usual meeting spot.[/fieldbox][/bg]​
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[fieldbox="Nura and Flan @ Their bedroom in Littleroot Valley - Kanto Region, violet, solid"]

[spacer]"Uhhhhhhg'morn," Flan let out something between a groan and a greeting as she pushed her body into a sitting position. Her eyes were still unfocused and the desire to plop right back down was strong. She was in an intense battle with herself for a good three minutes before her rumbling stomach convinced her over the sleep. Finally focusing her eyes, she gazed towards the other side of the room where her life-long partner and guardian would be... and froze at the sight of water.[/spacer][spacer]"N-N-N-Nura!" Flan screamed her remaining sleep-bubbles away, jumping in fright to the furthest point from the pool of water in the room. There was a sizzle as a glop of lava sprayed her bed from the mounds of her head but Flan was too preoccupied in not getting wet to notice. [/spacer]
[spacer]"Flan~" Came the happy and slurred response from the Frillish who had magnificently drenched his bed in water, as his body had let out the excess water in his system while he was asleep. [/spacer][spacer]"I told you not to drink before going to bed," Flan retorted with a whimper. "I told you to keep it to just a few bottles..."[/spacer][spacer]
"Ooh, sorry."[/spacer][spacer]"Just... clean it up please."[/spacer][spacer]"Okay!" Nura replied with his usual happy face. He observed his surroundings, especially the places on the floor where the water was pooling, and placed his hand on them one by one. With his touch, the liquid were sucked into the pores of his body. As he did so, his skin gradually became semi-transparent but the room was definitely getting drier.[/spacer][spacer]With a relieved sigh, Flan went to make up her bed. That was when she realized the ugly black scorch marks and holes on her sheets, an aftermath from the sprays of lava. There were wisps of smoke still blowing and it was a miracle in itself that no fire had erupted from it until now. [/spacer][spacer]"N-Nura, quick quick, the bed's on fire!"[/spacer][spacer]"Ohh?"[/spacer][spacer]"NO DON'T DRENCH IT I mean yeah that does get rid of the smokes and- ARGH NOT ON ME."[/spacer][spacer]"Ah, got a drop on you. But look, the bed is not on fire now!" Nura's smile was bigger. Flan had a lot of things she wanted to say to the Frillish, but he was right and she just wished to get out of here as quick as possible. The Camerupt gave a sigh and got ready for the day while doing her best to avoid any wet places. She instructed Nura to suck out as much water out of their room as possible and to throw it outside as she went ahead to meeting up with the other members, not knowing that she would later regret this decision; she was too sleep-induced to make sense of what Sparky had said earlier, and she didn't realize an inspection was coming up.[/spacer][/fieldbox]
CS | Flan - proceeding to meet up with the team | Nura - heading outside to throw out water, then joining up with Flan
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tumblr_luwxd6rkRR1r4e6sio1_400.png tumblr_lr6t2rN2YC1qerfvxo1_400.jpg
Asterisk & Pandora

Asterisk was sitting in her room, floating up and down now and then. She was usually going out to steal some food, treasure, and may or may not have been wasting some money on her own 'personal' needs. She also enjoyed pranking other normal types, causing them to loathe her, despite her usual good intentions. "Oi. Wake up Pandora. If you don't wake up, you'll start yelling at how I never bother to wake you up, and then you'll complain about not having whatever beauty time, and you'll be even more ugly than you already are." The Shuppet whined, floating down to the Feebas. The Shuppet was unusually kind to the ugly water type, maybe because Shuppet felt bad? Or maybe because she liked bullying the poor thing? Either was a possibility. After the Feebas ignored the wake up call, the shuppet smiled and grabbed her little sneak scarf, slipping out of the room with ease.

It wasn't until half an hour later when the actual announcement was called, where Pandora only woke up a few minutes later. "Shoot!" She panicked, scrambling to grab her bag and run out. Even if she had time to get herself prepped, she was still as ugly as ever, so no one would be able to tell whether or not she actually took the time or not. "Why didn't Asterisk wake me up?!" She complained, even though the ghost type had already attempted. Pandora quickly went as fast as her fins and body would take her, eventually reaching the meeting spot, panting. "I... Swear... I'm gonna hurt her.." She panted, practically out of breath.

As for Asterisk, she was giggling to herself as poor Pandora had struggled.



"Everyone seems to be lively this morning!" Teminite smiled, stretching up and adjusting the flowers in her long, green hair. She was careful as to comb it early this morning, as it might get fruzzy (Frizzy + Fuzzy). Teminite was usually a pretty damn good early bird, so she was awake a while earlier than the morning call. However, she did return to the usual meeting spot so that she wouldn't be late. She was still a little anxious about working with Poison types, despite working with them for a little while now. Just the thought of it sent a shiver up her spine.

Gods, that scared her.

Well, it was another day, another adventure. With that, she grabbed her gracidea flower, and head out.

Prince Noctis

[fieldbox="Mack, goldenrod, dashed"]

Mack stretched, slowly pushing himself out of bed. I wonder what I'm supposed to be doing right now..? He thought to himself. Having always been a heavy sleeper, he never heard anything while he was having what he liked to call a 'light nap'. But it always caused him to miss out on very important things. Quickly raising out of bed, Mack searched around for his lucky necklace. He always wore it to sleep, and now he was having a hard time remembering where he put it. He leaned forward, searching under his bed and all throughout the room. "Wh-where is it? I have to find it!" He panicked, accidentally knocking things over in the process. "Ah, if only my memory wasn't so bad..." He mumbled to himself.[/fieldbox]

[fieldbox="Zero, crimson, dashed"]

Zero glanced out the window. It was rather lively today, and he couldn't tell why. Sheathing his sword, as he had just finished the last round of sword thrusts, he followed the noise to his friend. Being the older of the two, he was about to scold him, when he noticed the toothed necklace dangling about around the Mightyena's neck. Really, Mack!? He sighed, calling out to his klutzy friend. "The necklace is still on your neck! You never took it off in the first place.." Mack was one of the many reasons he could barely stand making friends. He was such a careless guy, and had a pathetic excuse for a brain at times. But regardless, the Zoroark always put up with him. He always would. They had been friends for many years now, and that wasn't about to stop. Even if he was afraid that the Mightyena would doom him to some terrible fate. He could imagine it easily. But Mack, with his small intellect, would walk into a pit of lava, standing there for a few minutes, before he realized what he had done! Zero sighed again. He had to put up with him, because without him, Mack would've had nobody. His mind flashed with images of that day. A day the poor Mightyena would never forget.[/fieldbox]​
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