Pokemon: Ginda's Mysteries (IC Thread)

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  1. OOC Thread

    Name: Gallade
    Human Age 24
    Image: http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb...attlesofhistory/images/f/f8/Anime_Gallade.jpg
    Level: 65
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Justified (Attack raises if struck with a Dark-type Attack)
    Moves: Power-Up Punch (Fighting, Phys), Psycho Cut (Psychic, Phys), Close Combat (Fighting, Phys), Zen Headbutt (Psychic, Phys)

    Gallade sighed, looking up from the mountaintop he was resting on. It overlooked Chesire Town and the Gijinka research facility. He always watched over the place, having nowhere else to go and nothing else to do. It was interested, watching the professor study his kind as well as giving out his distant relatives to new trainers. It was also fun to watch all the children and teenagers as they interacted with Pokemon for the first time.

    The best part were the new trainers, coming from other regions on the ferry. There weren't many, but they all seemed to think they were unbeatable. Then, they'd have their first battle with a Gijinka, himself. Gallade had yet to lose, and it was hilarious to him to watch the trainers, champions and masters in their home, be so completely crushed by losing to a wild Pokemon in their first ever battle.
  2. Rin Okumura (open)

    Name: Rin Okumura

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Height: 5' 3"

    Weight: 103 lb.



    Starting Region: Kanto


    Rin loves Pokemon, to the point that she frequently wears outfits based on various Pokemon. Thanks to that, it's common for people to mistake Rin as a Gijinka. To an extent, though, Rin does see herself as a Pokemon. She knows that society makes a distinction between Pokemon and humans, but Rin never really understood it. She's seen Pokemon that looks like humans and her family's Gijinka Ninetales also talks like a human. Rin herself can, to an extent, understand Pokemon simply from spending so much time with them. Rin may call the Pokemon that travel with her "her Pokemon" but only because society has dictated it to be the norm. Really, to her, the concept of owning a Pokemon is about as bizarre as owning a human--she considers them her companions, family, friends, and simply as sentient beings willing to travel with her.

    Her empathy for Pokemon, however, shouldn't be mistaken for pacifism. She grew up around Pokemon. She understands that for them, fighting is acceptable. At times, it's a sport. At other times, it's a means to an end. Sometimes, it's a way to declare one's intent and wishes to the world. Most of all, though, it's just something natural. She's tumbled with the Pokemon she's grown up with, suffering severe injuries at times because of it. Never, though, has she shied away from it. Rin, through her almost daily interaction with Pokemon, has grown into a small teenager who packs a punch. Beyond her small size and petite frame is a very agile girl who knows how to hit hard. She's nowhere near what a Pokemon can do, but it's exceptionally close despite her lack of formal training.

    Beyond her inability to understand why she needs to treat humans and Pokemon differently, though, Rin is a… No, she's still a very queer girl. Rin often thinks strangely, in a way that changes with every moment she's alive. She's always rather quiet because she knows people sometimes look at her weirdly if she says something she thinks is perfectly normal. After all, her sense of normal isn't usually the norm. She'll nickname anyone she encounters, wild Pokemon and human strangers alike. She's even nicknamed Aaron several times over, first giving him the nickname "Rin" and then adding whatever honorific she feels like to the end of it, creating names along the lines of "Rin-sama," "Rin-oppa," and "Rin-senpai." Her eyes almost always look bored, compounding with her silence to give her the illusion of being a very laid back person. Anyone who can see her mouth (inconveniently covered by the collar of her current outfit), though, will know otherwise. Unlike her eyes, Rin's mouth changes like normal. Those who have been around her long enough will definitely know she can be quite pushy and pully. She likes hanging around others, particularly those she like or even just know, and will drag them into whatever new thing she wants to explore or try. As long as she can tell that she's in no danger, Rin would even pull a thorn out of a Tyranitar's mouth. She's a girl of few words and lots of action… lots and lots of unexpected action.

    Rin's personality, though, isn't just the only thing making Rin's life exciting and weird. She seems to have the darndest sense of luck that works both ways. For instance, her shiny Eevee, amazingly bred on top of its unique coloration, was a stroke of ridiculously good luck. On the other hand, Rin has also been caught in too many of Gargle's explosion to remember (concussions do help in forgetting, though). Her luck sways back and forth from one end to the next, but it has the habit of working when least expected to make her life interesting. In fact, the extremities of her luck is so reliable that Rin herself has made a habit of referencing it and acting upon it, often comforting those worried for her, "Don't worry, it'll be interesting if I accomplish this so it'll all work out," even as she thinks, <Then again, me falling off the cliff and spraining a few bones could also lead to an interesting encounter in the hospital.>


    Rin was born in Viridian City as the only child to a professor mother who specialized in researching Pokemon stone evolutions and a father that selectively bred high quality Pokemon. She was raised near the outskirts of Viridian Forest, by both her human parents and their Pokemon. In particular, she was often left in the care of the male Ninetales gijinka her Ginda born and raised mother had inherited, a Pokemon that had been with the mother's side of Rin's extended family tree for as long as anyone alive could remember. Rin's father, like her mother, was also a Ginda native who had immigrated to Kanto, but he did not have a Gijinka.

    Raised by both Pokemon and humans with equal amounts of love, the young Rin had a difficult time differentiating between the two. It wasn't just a problem of the physical similarities between Gijinka and humans. She also did not understand the concept of treating her father's Talonflame any differently from, say, her father's brother. To the baby who was sung to sleep by a Blissey one day and then her mother the next, the toddler that was spoon fed baby mush by her father until halfway through the meal when he left the task to a Ditto because there was a work emergency, and the preschooler that didn't discriminate between asking her family's Nintales gijinka and her parents to read a book; there existed no line between humans and Pokemon.

    Of course, once she started school, Rin soon learned. In fact, Rin started school a full year early because her parents were worried that waiting a year like other kids would be too late for Rin to learn to differentiate between humans and Pokemon. In school, Rin learned that society expected her to act differently between those of her species and those not of her species as her parents had hoped. She learned that, but she never truly felt that way. She had human friends, but played just as often with the young Pokemon in her father's nursery. She never felt like the only child because, to her, all the young Pokemon she came to know were her older or younger siblings. When elementary graduation came around, Rin cried because her family wasn't allowed to bring more than one Pokemon but everyone else was allowed to bring as many human siblings and relatives as they wanted.

    By the time Rin started middle school, she'd started to express her kinship Pokemon in the way she dressed. She began selecting clothing based on what made her look like a Pokemon. It started with just colors--color combinations and placements that resembled a certain Pokemon's coloration. Around this time, she also got to really know her cousin (father's side), Aaron Okumura. The two had met when younger, young enough for Rin to mess up Aaron's name into "Rin," which happened to stick from then on despite the fact that Rin's own name was Rin. Back then, Aaron and Rin lived near by to allow for frequent visits, but the laid back Aaron rarely bothered to try and interact with Rin. Rin, in turn, never bothered to try because she could always just play with the Pokemon.

    In the first year of middle school, though, the two were placed in the same class, their identical last name landing Aaron in a seat right in front of Rin. Rin, being shorter, tried to ask Aaron for a seat change, but the strict teacher refused even after Aaron's neutral acceptance. Stuck behind someone at least a head taller, Rin had trouble taking notes for obvious reasons. Forced to ask for notes, she did the easiest thing and asked not only the person she was most familiar with in her new school, but also the person sitting right in front of her: Aaron "Rin" Okumura. Not caring as usual, Aaron shared his notes… his incredibly messy notes. Unable to read them, the next thing Rin did was arrange study sessions with Aaron, which turned out to be incredibly useful for the girl. Not only could Aaron decipher his own handwriting, but he generally did better than Rin, who preferred to play than study, in every subject.

    Up until Aaron had to leave with his father, the two slowly built a friendship through studying and then Rin dragging Aaron into various (mis)adventures with Pokemon to show her "thanks." Then, after that, the two became pen pals. The first letters from Aaron required Rin to compare her notes with Aaron's notes to create some kind of reference to decipher her cousin's mess of writing, but she eventually learned to read Aaron's chicken scratch with ease. Rin lived a relatively peaceful life, and Aaron's letter about his and his father's adventures in Ginda spiced it up.

    By the time she entered high school, Rin had not only perfected the art of dressing up in a stylish Pokemon fashion but was also determined to leave on her own Pokemon journey in time. She already had a Gastly, Gargles, that she had begged from her father. He had given her what wasn't the best specimen but a noteworthy one nonetheless. More importantly, it was a Gastly that had been with Rin since she was born, a Pokemon she considered one of her many older sisters.

    However, even with Gargles, Rin did not feel ready to leave. She just felt that she needed something a little but more. Rin's eyes were set on her mother's shiny Eevee. She didn't plan to steal it, but the two had been nigh inseparable since the Eevee was born. The Eevee was Rin's closest sister, and her mother knew it. While it was officially Rin's mother's Pokemon, the mother never took it with her on her research travels. The Eevee, named Muse, was always left at home. Both parents had initially given Muse to the mother in order to keep it safe from any accidental transactions the father might have made with it. However, now they kept it in the mother's ownership in order to keep Rin from running off into a dangerous Pokemon journey before they thought her ready.

    Eventually, though, the parents agreed that Rin was ready. At the age of 16, she was given Muse as a present and given permission to leave. Although, even then, they stressed the importance of school. Rin simply smiled and nodded, understanding why her parents thought like that but also knowing that they would understand why she would need to disagree. School, with only humans, was no fun for Rin. She preferred being around the presence of both when possible. On a positive note, Rin left for her journey. She made a beeline for the Ginda region, undeterred by the many other, much more experienced trainers heading there with her. Before she left, she mailed Aaron one last letter, "I'll be seeing you."

    List of Pokemon

    Species: Gastly

    Name: Gargles

    Age: 23



    Level: 17

    Gender: Female

    Ability: Levitate

    Moves [Night Shade] [Hypnosis] [Trick] [Explosion]


    Gargles, despite her 23 years of life experience, is happy and innocent. It's probably because a good portion of those 23 years was spent fainted after getting too excited and blowing up with Explosion. Her large amount of time spent unconscious is also likely one part of the reason why Gargles is not as strong most Pokemon her age are expected to be--the other part of the reason being that Gargles could care less. Nevertheless, Gargles isn't the type to let such a thing bring her down. After all, ghost Pokemon live for much longer than puny human mortals do.

    As Rin's older sister figure (of sorts), Gargles often gets worried for his younger sister. She'll scout ahead without being told for Rin, fervently warning her if there's anything that seems to be dangerous. She can get extremely worried for Rin, and has been known to explode from sheer worry if Rin doesn't take her warnings seriously.

    While mostly cheery, Gargles does have a noticeably timid and indecisive side. She doesn't want to make others angry at her, so she'll more often than not seek permission to do something before going through it. She doesn't mind meeting new people, but it'll take a while for her to be comfortable with offering ideas to strangers.

    Gargle tends to explode whenever she's overly excited, whether it's being too happy, too scared, too sad, or anything else. Sometimes, she'll even randomly explode for seemingly no reason, but these cases are rare.


    Rin's father bred and raised Gargles. However, her various flaws prevented her from being given to any other trainer, so she became one of the many Pokemon that hung around Rin's home and helped care and play with the young human girl. From the moment Rin was born, Gargles was Rin's ditzy older sister, a bit careless and in need of lots of help but always well-meaning. When Rin heard that Aaron received a Haunter-turned-Gengar gijinka from his father, Rin demanded for her own Pokemon. She would have preferred Muse, but her parents did not feel they could trust that Rin wouldn't leave after receiving Muse. Therefore, they gave her Gargles instead, reasoning that it only made sense that Rin was given a Pokemon of the same evolutionary line as Gengar.

    Species: Eevee

    Name: Muse

    Age: 10



    Level: 15

    Gender: Female

    Ability: Anticipation

    Moves [Helping Hand] [Sing] [Wish] [Heal Bell]


    Muse is a very sensitive and careful Eevee. She's a scaredy cat and the younger sibling that Rin had always had to protect, even when playing with other Pokemon. Not one for fighting, Muse was always the one licking everyone's wounds whenever the play-fighing turned too rough. Always in the back, Muse always had a knack for noticing the details most others missed and she's clever enough to use that information for the benefit of herself and those she cares for. She, like most other Pokemon, accepts battles as a natural course of events. She simply prefers taking the support role in fights over a more aggressive position.

    Many would compare the shiny Eevee to a princess upon first meeting her. After all, she's protected, rarely goes into fights herself, and absolutely adores shinies. However, Muse isn't just weak and a crybaby. Despite her weak exterior, though, Muse is perhaps one of the most decisive and stubborn Pokemon one would ever meet. Just being a 15 year old Eevee bred and raised by humans is proof enough of Muse's stubbornness when most others of her kind and in her situation have long since evolved. Muse likes being small and easy to hide. She refuses to change herself to suit another's need, just as she refuses to follow the majority of other Pokemon and fight in battles with tooth and claw. She'd rather convince people to agree with her with tears rather than force. Just as her sister, Rin, is the type to drag people into danger and excitement, Muse is the one to persuade them to run away with her for their own safety.


    Muse was born when Rin was just a child, and since then, the two were always there for each other. The plan from the moment Muse was born as a shiny Eevee was to give her to Rin once she was of age. However, Rin being just a baby at the time, ownership of Muse was officially given to Rin's mother. The original plan was to give Muse to Rin the moment she was old enough to own her Pokemon. However, Rin's adventurous ways quickly changed that plan. Fearing that Rin would leave on her own adventure the moment she could bring her closest sister along, the parents held onto Muse. They wanted to give it to Rin after she had finished her schooling. However, Rin's persistence won and they officially gave Muse to Rin a year earlier than they planned.

    (OOC: Will make an actual ic post in my next post.)
  3. Character Sheet (open)

    Aria (Sylveon)

    Age: 19 (Human Years)

    Level: 54

    Gender: Female

    Ability: Pixilate: Increases the power of Normal-type moves by 30%. It then changes those moves to Fairy-type.

    Moves: Moonblast, Last Resort, Draining Kiss, Quick Attack

    The mischievous Sylveon slowly started to climb a tree, attempting to grab a Oran berry close to the top. As she made it about halfway she lost her grip and fell backwards into a bush on the forest floor. Aria got up before shaking her head around, getting the leaves and pins from the bush off of her. Life had been so much easier when she had a trainer to travel around the region with. Now she was made to fend for herself, eating berries and whatever she could find to survive. Her hands slapped her face before dragging them down in a lax manner, quite angry at herself for the way she was made.

    "If only I didn't have a human-like body, then this would be much easier. Man, I wish I was a Caterpie or something, then there would be no problem in climbing trees to get food..."

    The heartbroken Sylveon walked through the forest, looking around at the many bugs that crawled around within. Her eyes trailed around the forest before seeing another Pokemon at a nearby mountaintop. She squinted her eyes before realizing that the Pokemon she saw before her was a Gijinka like herself. Ecstatic, she ran quickly over to the Gallade. As she made it to the area behind him, she crept closer until she was at his back. Feeling rather awkward, she finally decided to take a seat by him.

  4. Today was Rin's first day in the Ginda region. She knew next to nothing about the place beyond what her cousin had written to her. She didn't bother studying about it because she figured she'd learn it all firsthand anyways. Therefore, it only made sense that she currently had no idea where she was. Dressed in the mega banette outfit she had chosen as her sole outfit for her first adventure, it was an unnecessary bother to carry any more clothes, the white-haired girl's amber eyes stared dully over her collar. She simply watched, not moving a single bit as she stood atop the rocky outcropping. Her red-gloved hands could barely be seen beneath the large, black sleeves that draped over them, but she held a folded map in the right hand. It wasn't being used, though, and had only been bought because her parents had nagged her into it via a phone call. Some people may have called Rin's current situation "being lost." However, Rin wasn't lost. She was simply exploring. Maps ruined the fun of a new place. Sure, using one might prevent her from having to spend a night out in the wild, but she had nothing against sleeping outside or backtracking.

    Actually, at the moment, backtracking looked like exactly what Rin would need to do. All she could see in front of her was more of mother nature. She didn't look it, but Rin actually enjoyed the scenery in front of her. Her eyes, always dull, did nothing to show the smile hidden by her raised collar. At this moment, Rin definitely wanted to dash down the surface of the mountain and explore up-close what she was looking at from afar, but she had business in the town behind her. She had only spent the last few hours climbing up the mountain because she had wanted to see what the region looked like from up there. She had done it, so now it was back to the business of finding her cousin. She had no clues about where he was, but she figured that knowing her luck, she'd find him if the meeting would be interesting enough. If meeting her cousin wasn't interesting enough for her luck, though, then tough luck for her.

    Deciding to go back to the city she had just left, Rin turned around and hopped off the rocky pedestal that had been her stage for the past few minutes. Her baggy clothes swayed with the jump and the impact, her hat's ridiculously long tail moving the most. The tail never got to settle because as soon as she was standing properly after the landing, Rin was off walking back the way she had come, the new movement causing more swaying in the hat. For someone without a single friendly Pokemon on her or within sight, the small 16 year old certainly walked past the occasional wild Pokemon quite casually. She didn't fear being attacked by them. After all, she had done nothing to provoke them.

    Although, it wasn't like Rin didn't have any Pokemon. She had brought two that were like her sisters, but they were off somewhere else doing their own thing. Rin wasn't too sure what, but she knew that they would all be able to find each other when they wanted to one way or another.

    Suddenly, while walking alongside a rock wall, Rin stopped and looked up. She thought she had heard a voice coming from the top of the wall, female judging from the pitch but she had been unable to make out the words. Curious, the small trainer continued staring up, waiting for either confirmation that she was right or a silence that would prove her wrong.
  5. Show Spoiler

    Name: Elizabeth
    Species: Espeon
    Age: 18 (human years)

    Level: 65
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Synchronize
    Moves (Four only): Last Resort, Psychic, Future Sight, Psybeam
    History: Elizabeth has an unknown background, but was caught by Arai only to be released immediately after getting a nickname. She follows the woman simply because she has food.

    Name: Arai Seki
    Age: 29
    Gender: Female
    Starting Region: Hoenn
    What you are researching: How gijinkas came to be, Pokémon origins.
    History: An avid student when she was studying, Arai was excited to learn that her first assignment as a real researcher was in the Ginda region. Her first task, find an assistant. When she found an espeon, a wild gijinka at that, she had to catch it. So, she caught the Espeon, gave it the name of her old roommate, Elizabeth. She then released the gijinka, wanting to study it outside of the pokeball. She uses her home-made pokemon food to try and coax the animal to stay with her. She was glad it was a success.​

    It was a frustrating day for Arai Seki, unlike most days. She stared at the yard behind the research center, waiting patiently for her latest subject-she hated calling her that, but it was what the others had told her to call her-to appear. This had been their routine for four years since she came to this land and managed to catch the espeon. The poor gijinka was not happy to be captured, only to be released after being given a stupid name, which she still kept by the way, by this crazy scientist lady. Arai was not so easily deterred though. She tried to make friends without confining the espeon, which had worked somewhat. The espeon, Elizabeth as she had named her, had finally started to talk to her within the last few months, making her start to ask more than just the normal yes or no questions. She was finally making a breakthrough!

    But now, here she sat. Arai frowned. This was completely unlike Elizabeth. She had never skipped out on their meetings before. At least, after she figured out that Arai didn't want to force her to attack her own kind that was. For some reason, Elizabeth seemed to hate the idea of trainers. It was very confusing, but Arai was getting to the bottom of it, slowly but surely. She frowned more as she waited. First, Aidan wasn't there this morning so she couldn't try and annoy him, then her coffee machine broke, and now Elizabeth wasn't showing up! This day was just growing worse and worse by the moment for the professor. She was tempted to go bug someone else, but she didn't want to miss Elizabeth. If she didn't show up, then the professor would just have to go to Aidan's house and beg for his help.

    Meanwhile, the espeon gijinka was trying to find a place to hide. There were trainers coming today. She knew it. She could tell from the rumblings in the forest and the gossip of the townsfolk. She normally would be meeting with Arai, but she would rather not risk being captured by a stupid trainer at the research facility. If it came down to it, she would use her psychic abilities on the trainer. She was not going to get captured again. Not after seeing what trainers did to their pokemon. She sighed as her stomach rumbled, complaining about not getting the food Arai gave her. A shiver ran down her back as she felt another new presence step onto Ginda soil. This was a frustrating day for Elizabeth.
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    Name: None (wild)
    Age: 15
    Show Spoiler


    Level: 37
    Gender: Female
    Ability: No Guard
    Moves (Four only)

    Swords dance, shadow sneak, aerial ace, slash

    This gijinka Doublade loves to battle. She is a bit rash and fiery in personality, and will sometimes pull pranks on innocent passers-by, but in the end she's all about having fun. She roams the region looking for fights, and someone worthy enough for her to call that person master. She is also very proud and noble, meaning she will finish what she's started and will keep every promise. She has learnt to speak human through her travels, as she has come across many trainers. She yearns to grow stronger and stronger every day.

    Doublade was walking along a forest path. She had been doing so for quite some time. It was what she did most every day, walk around aimlessly, hoping that she would eventually come across a trainer or a city. However, she had not seen glimpse of any of that for about a week, and was starting to get bored. She began humming, very quietly at first. She then changed tunes, to a more rhythmic song. Her step became synchronized with the beat of her melody, and she started singing. Her tone grew louder and louder, and she unsheathed her blades which she swung around, chopping down branches of trees and bushes around her. She was now almost screaming, dancing around violently.

    "Yo ho ho ho, the life of a sailor is rough indeeeed! Many a brilliant deeds, but ne'er much moneeeeey! The only wee comfort for a sailor like meeeee, is drinking the bottle, yes chugging the loooooot!"

    Normaly you would only hear this song around the rough parts of harbour cities, where drunken sailors gathered to serenade their woes, but Doublade had learnt it on one of her escapades and found it quite amusing. She kept on singing and dancing until she came to a sudden stop. "This... This smell. I recognize it. It's the smell of... A TOWN!" Excited, Doublade sprinted through the thick foliage, following the distinct aroma of exhaust fumes and frying oil. Most people and Pokémon would probably not have picked up on it, unless they had a very well developed sense of smell, but for Doublade, these scents meant she was going to have a fun time, and she could distinguish them even if there was only the slightest trace of it. With a wide smile on her face, she parted a bush to stand on a cliff overlooking her target. The smile on her face quickly turned into a disappointed frown. She fell down on her knees in hopelessness, and shouted up at the sky. "Cheshire Town!? Are you kidding me!? Out of all the places I could've walked into it had to be this boring little hole!" Doublade, as one might notice, didn't care for Cheshire Town at all. She found it extremely boring, as it lacked any trainers mos of the time and only housed that awful research facility. Doublade absolutely despised the thought of being imprisoned, only to have strange experiments be carried out on her. She was now rolling around on the ground, kicking and screaming like a little child throwing a tantrum. Having cried for a while, she wiped her tears and sat up. "Hey, maybe it's not as bad as I think..." She thought. "If I'm lucky, there might be some rookie trainers around that I can show off in front of." The only part about Cheshire Town that Doublade found interesting at all, was the fact that it served as a hub for beginner trainers in the region. But that stupid Gallade was always in the way of her fun, as if he owned the place... She sighed, and was about to stand up, but instead fell back onto the ground. Her tantrum had tired her out, and the warm rays of the sun were quite soothing. She fell asleep on the spot, snoring slightly.
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    Name: Kharn.
    Species: Kangaskhan.
    Age: 24.
    Image:[​IMG]Level: 78.
    Gender: Male.
    Ability: Scrappy-Makes Normal- and Fighting-type moves hit Ghost-type Pokémon.
    Moves: Outrage,Earthquake,Mega Punch,Reversal.
    Past: Kharn used to have a trainer, a old lady who lived by the edge of a town. The old lady had found him when he was little and had just stayed with her allowing himself to be caught, he was teached how to cook, clean and most kinds of work that is used on a farm or in a house. She in the end got sick so housework fell to him even more and even went shopping on his own from time to time, but he had no big problems with that as he had learned how to speak the human language fluently. As winter came he was given a tm that learned him how to use Earthquake so that he could easier cut down trees which they used for warming up the house. But in the end the old lady was to weak to take care of him so she released him into the wild and had to move away to her relatives who would help her get better.

    Kharn having grown up with a human had been teached that everything in life could be solved if one were calm and used their head in the right way, of course this mean that even tough he was a wild pokemon at the moment he almost never attacked trainers at a random instead he would give them a berry or two if he stumbled uppon one. As one could understand many trainers did try to catch him with being a Gijinka and all, or it might be becuse he is a male Kangaskhan as they are quite frankly rare to find out in the world. Kharn was at the moment out in the forest trying to gather berries that he could use for dinner later on, as he walked he noticed something peculiar. There was a trail of bushes and branches that had been cut down, finding this interesting he decided to follow it. He knew that one of the nearby towns had many trainers who were going to start their journey but he did not think that a beginner trainer would blaze a trail right through the woods, and it did not take long until Kharn found the reason for the *Assulted* branches and bushes. A seemingly sleeping gijinka was on the ground. The sight and the realisation of the situation made Kharn chuckle as he knelt down besides the sleeping Gijinka and placed a berry on her forehead beore standing up and turned around to gather more berries.
  8. Doublade, who was having a pleasant dream about a fight against a Charmeleon she had once, was woken by the sudden, if ever so slight pressure against her forehead. She was despite being very courageous, a scaredy cat, and was easily caught off guard. She jumped up and pulled her swords, facing what she believed was an attacker. "You want a piece of me!? Well come and get it, then!" The sudden flailing made her lose her footing, and she stumbled backwards. With a scream, she fell off the cliff into the forest below.
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  9. Kharn who had turned around to look at the Gijinka was absoloutly dumbfounded when he saw her pull out her swords and even began to shout at him, his confused expression was turned into one of supprise when she suddenly fell backwars and down from the cliff. Not having time to think about what he should do to help her he simply ran over to the edge and jumped after her. He tried to catch her or rather grabb hold of her hand before using his tail to grasp onto one of the trees, he didn't manage to compleatly stop their fall but did slow it down so they only fell to the ground with a light thud. Once they were on the ground he grumbled. "What the heck was that about?"
  10. Doublade was slightly dizzy after the sudden fall, and her eyes were rolling around a bit. She then rubbed her head and looked at the gijinka Kangaskhan. "Sorry for that, I thought you were going to attack me... Thanks for rescuing me, by the way. You're not hurt, are you?" She was regretting having jumped to such a conclusion, as she saw that it had led to risking her own life as well as the life of a very kind stranger. "Is there, um, any way for me to make it up to you? I'm really, really so-sorry..." Her eyes were beginning to tear up, and her voice was shaking.
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  11. Kharn sat up and looked around, it seemed as if he had lost his hat during the fall. Not that he was angry over it infact he was more glad over the fact that none of the two seemed to be hurt, when he turned to look at her he noticed how her eyes seemed slightly red and was looking as if she was going to start crying soon. He was silent for a moment before giving the younger Gijinka a smile, he stood up and offered his hand to help her up, he then said. "Now, now as you can see i am not hurt anywhere. Instead i should ask you the same, is there anywhere you are hurt little lady?" As she started to ask if there was any way she could repay him he simply waved the comments of and said. "Isn't it natural to help others?"
  12. Doublade looked with big, glossy eyes at her rescuer. She was not only literally looking up to him, as he was quite a bit taller than her, but she also considered him a role model already. He was so cool, acting like a superhero, rescuing others in need. That was the kind of person she wanted to be, as well. To be frank, she was even a bit infatuated. She quickly wiped her eyes, and then jumped up with a smug grin on her face. "Nope, not a scratch!" She twirled around, showing her relatively unscathed body. She did have a bruise on her arm, but she didn't seem to notice. "I'm a steel-type, the toughest type there is! I can take any and all hits without even flinching..." She stopped her twirling, and remembered all the times she had been beaten up by stronger Pokémon than her. "Well, almost any, at least. Anyway, you really must let me do something in return. I never let myself owe anything to anyone without paying them back, I insist. Mind telling me what you're doing or where you're going? If you need an escort service to transport you safely anywhere, I'm more than willing to help! It's sort of my thing, you see." She the proceeded to show of her skills by swinging around her swords, and hitting imaginary targets in the air.
  13. Kharn let out a slight sigh of relief when the girl seemingly forgot about being sad and was currently jumping around with as much energy than ever before, but seeing her this way is much better than having her sad or crying so he just kept on smiling before answering to her questions. "I don't think i need a escort, after all i was simply out gathering berries for lunch but if you are set on paying me back then i guess you could help me find my way back home? Is that a good deal?" He asked her, he noticed the small bruise on her arm but didn't pay any mind to it for now after all he didn't carry any Oran Berries with him or some kind of cloth and thus it had to wait untill later on. Now that he was able to actualy look at her he noticed that she seemed several years younger than him and adding the energetic personality he coudn't help but to look at her as if she was a younger sibling or something similar. "Oh and my name is Kharn, i am a Kangaskhan and thus a normal type." He bowed slightly as he introduced himself to the younger of the two.
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  17. Amii/Umbreon (open)


    Name: Amii L Benson
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Starting Region: Johto
    History: Amii is the youngest of three brother's all of which have gone off and had there own adventure. Wanting nothing more than to be just like them she ended up heading out when she was old enough to get her own Pokemon who was one none other than her fire type. She had spent some more time gathering badges and pokemon along the way making friends. When she was finally told about the new region opening up once more she wasted no time going there and it was there that she meet her first Gijinka and her soon to be best friend Umbreon. While he is a bit on the short fused and rather harsh tongue type they have been there for each other.

    Pokemon Name: Cyndaquil
    Level: 70
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Flash Fire: Activates when user is hit by a damaging Fire-type move (including Fire-type Hidden Power). Once activated, user’s Fire-type moves deal 1.5 times damage. While this ability is in effect, this Pokémon is immune to damage from Fire-type attacks and Fire-type Hidden Power (accuracy and effect from these moves are ignored). For Fire-type Pokémon with this ability, Will-O-Wisp activates this ability without having an effect. If a non-Fire-type Pokémon has this ability, Will-O-Wisp will activate the ability and will have an effect.
    Moves (Four only):
    Flame Charge, Fire Blast, Flame Wheel, Lava Plum

    Pokemon Name: Meowstic
    Level: 65
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Competitive (Female): Raises Sp. Atk stat by two stages whenever a stat is lowered
    Moves (Four only):

    Psybeam, Psysshock,Miracle Eye,Psychic
    Pokemon Name: Lapras
    Level: 68
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Water Absorb: The Pokémon heals up to 1/4 of it’s maximum Hit Points when hit with Water-type moves.
    Moves (Four only):
    Ice Beam, Ice Shard, Hydro Pump, Sheer Cold
    Pokemon Name: Ampharos
    Level: 70
    Gender: male
    Ability: Static: the opponent has a 30% chance of being induced with PARALYZE when using an attack, that requires physical contact, against this Pokémon.
    Moves (Four only):
    Thunder, Zap Canon, Rain dance, Dragon pulse

    Name: Umbreon
    Age: 16 (Human years)
    Level: 72
    Gender: Male
    When this Pokémon becomes POISON, PARALYZE, or BURN, so does the opponent. However, Fire-type and Water Veil ability Pokémon cannot be burned. Poison-type and Steel-type and Immunity ability Pokémon cannot be poisoned, and Limber ability Pokémon cannot be Paralyzed.
    Moves (Four only)

    Shadow Ball, Bite, Moonlight, Foul Play

    Amii took a small step forward and then gave a wide grin. She had come here on the day it had been open and it was that very same day that she had meet the grumpy male behind her who the entire timed seemed to be complaining that they where going in the wrong direction. The fact that he was mostly human despite his dark raven hair and the dark ears that held the small blue rings, which signaled to her that not only was he a gijinka but he was a rare gijinka! Though it had taken some time she had quickly become friends with him not that he had complained far to much, though he never really seemed to talk unless she started the conversation.

    She turned to the male and gave a wide grin throwing her arms up. "So, Umbreon I wonder what type of adventure we will have today! Do you think we will meet people? Other pokemon" She clapped her hands together and spun around her dark brown strands flowing with her as she began to march toward the forest.While she sort of knew her way around she was still trying to figured out other things. She knew a few of the towns and what certain forest where called and places but she was far from knowing where everything was so it was a good thing that she had Umbreon with her.

    The male followed how he had gotten caught up with this female trainer who was more hyper than not was beyond him. He ran a hand through his hair and scoffed. "How am I suppose to know? Do I look like a damn physic. Amii" He said but he followed truth be told he was rather pleased that he had come across Amii. She was odd a bit hyper and some times annoying but at the same time she was sweet and cared about all of her pokemon even him. "If you keep bouncing around like that we are going to get into some type of trouble, warning all the other pokemon we are here" He said though his tone was clam and held no threat or annoyance to it.
  18. Show Spoiler
    Name: Walter Gulyas
    Age: 17
    : [​IMG]Starting Region: Kanto
    History: Born in Kanto, Walter started his pokemon journey fairly late, at age 14. The reason for this was because he had devoted time to helping his mother maintain the house. Walter used to be a member of Team Rocket in order to support his mother, but now that is no longer the case. While he failed to beat the Champion of the regions, he was able to defeat the Elite Four, yet refuses a spot on the Elite Four, as he prefers to travel and explore. Walter still keeps his Rocket Uniform in case he needs to infiltrate an area, yet sometimes this gets him in trouble with authorities who think he is a Rocket spy. For three years, Walter had been travelling the regions, until he hears of the mysterious Legendary of Ginda, and plans to find it.
    Reason for coming to Ginda: Walter seeks to find the mysterious Legendary pokemon of the region, and has devoted absurd amounts of time making sure he got on the boat.

    Pokemon Name: Hayyim
    Level: 63
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Tinted Lenses (Power of not very effective moves is doubled, effectively makes all NVE moves normally effective)
    Moves: Zen Headbutt, Poison Fang, Sleep Powder, Double Team
    Background: Venonat was found by Walter at Cerulean, where Walter named him Hayyim. Walter uses Hayyim the most out of his pokemon. Hayyim, for whatever reason, refuses to evolve, and insists on staying as a Venonat. Hayyim has been with Walter through all, if not most of his journeys. Together, Walter and Hayyim had already taken on and beaten the gym challenge in all of the originial regions.

    Pokemon Name: Batista
    Level: 29
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Intimidate (Halves attack of enemy pokemon when sent into battle)
    Moves: Swagger, Roar, Spark, Bite

    Background: When travelling through Sinnoh, Walter found the Luxio, then a Shinx, fighting off groups of wild pokemon at once, as if eager to make his impression. Impressed, Walter caught the Shinx and named him Batista, and trained him up to be a Luxio. However, upon seeing Hayyim's refusal to evolve, Batista has shook his head at becoming a Luxray, instead focusing on his potential as a Luxio. Batista was used by Walter to complete some Sinnoh gyms, however, Walter primarily still used Hayyim, making Batista unfocused and jealous at times over lack of attention.

    Pokemon Name: Delia
    Level: 25
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Early Bird (Turns asleep reduced by half)
    Moves: Reflect, Light Screen, Supersonic, Silver Wind
    Background: Caught when Walter was travelling through Johto, Delia has proven time and time again to be essential to the team. With the moves Reflect and Light Screen, Delia has often proven her place on the team as a support

    Finally, he got off the boat. Normally, he would follow the other trainers, and go to Chesire Town. Unfortunately, he wasn't really interested in the town at all, including the Gallade that had supposedly been unbeatable. Of course he was. Most of the trainers who came here were cocky, over reliant on their own skills, and on their knowledge of pokemon. They haven't fought a gijinka. Walter guessed that they held back on a psychological impulse on not wanting to hurt a human that conflicted with their desire for victory and battle. Even the slightest change in their mindset made it possible for the Gallade to win every single battle. Of course, that didn't mean Walter thought he could win. Shamefully, he DID admit that his team was a bit weak. Hayyim was his only hard hitter, yet he was a stage one pokemon and he refused to evolve, even though Venomoths had tinted lenses as well.

    Of course, he still wasn't interested in a wanton battle. If the gallade only accepted one on one challenges Walter would be screwed. Hayyim couldn't deal with a Gallade, even if he was a Venomoth, the thing would decimate him in a fight. His mother, among quite a few of his friends, disapproved of his battle style. Walter made sacrifices to ensure victory, and while his pokemon have been with him long enough that he wishes the best for them, other people have demanded that he release his pokemon. Team Plasma was one team who had attempted. They failed. Most people regarded Team Rocket with laughter and incompetence, being defeated by a ten year old boy. But the Rockets were smart. Giovanni was just a figurehead. Honestly, he didn't even know about the Rockets strength until he realized their plan. He could thank most of his strategy and analytical thinking to the Rockets, really. Their entire plan WAS to get defeated, so everyone would laugh, forget about them, and have them fade away from memory. This gave people false assurance. Team Rocket faded away to obscurity, so they could continue their underground operations.

    Of course, Walter didn't admire Team Rocket in the slightest. While they helped his analytical mind, they had also taught him about cruelty. Needless to say, he didn't enjoy the "lessons". One day, a pair of grunts brought in two Gijinkas, brother and sister. The brother was the Leafeon, and the sister was the Glaceon. Rocket scientists were interested in knowing the genomes for gijinka evolution, and moreso with the evolution pokemon itself, Eevee. He winced through the torture process, and through the exams. He regarded the screams with a somber face. Walter always regarded Gijinkas with indifference. Sometimes, they acted just like humans. However, at other times they were just like pokemon. A near perfect hybrid of pokemon and human. He had to wonder himself how such a hybrid occurred. Was it in a Rocket lab? Or perhaps made by a legendary? Of course, he really couldn't theorize, he was a trainer, not a scientist! Either way, capturing a Gijinka would be interesting, however he heard that they were rare. Finally, he reached the beach, away from the dock. He took out three pokeballs, and threw them up into the air. A Venonat, a Luxio, and a Ledyba materialized. He handed out two notebooks and pencils. One to his Venonat, Hayyim, and the other to his Ledyba, Delia.

    "Delia, mark out the left side of the island, see if you can find anything interesting." He gave his command, and the Ledyba was off, searching and writing. "Hayyim, mark out the middle and cover the interior. You're the fastest, so go. If you have time, scout out the towns , and the mountain that the Gallade lives on." The Venonat was off, bounding through the forest. "Batista, you're with me, you can't write, so you'll be guarding me while we scout out the right side of the island. Let's go." And the two were off, through the right side of the island.
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  19. Rina and Team (open)

    Name: Rina Joyce
    Age: 15
    Starting Region: Hoenn
    History: For as long as she could remember, Rina was born to become a Pokemon Trainer. While a lot of children back in grade school simply enjoyed the cartoons, Rina loved watching the yearly Pokemon battle tournaments on her TV. Her parents refused to allow her to leave when she came of the average age to begin her journey, however, since they are too afraid of the danger that follows. Instead, they wished for her to be a simple breeder or daycare employee of some sort. Rina knew that wasn't for her and one day finally convinced them to finally let her go, and so she was off. It wasn't long until she had captured a Zigzagoon who became her closest friend even up until now as she has battled gyms furiously and been successful with each one. It's her dream to travel each region and defeat each selected Elite Four, but also potientially see the world of Pokemon and all it has to offer. Rina is a kind and fiery young woman, passionate in everything she does. Whenever someone needs a hand, she very easily offers her out. Her favorite Pokemon type is fire which she chooses to resemble with her outfit which is mainly clad in red. Her closest friend is her Zizagoon who has now evolved into a Linoone.



    Name: Charizard
    Level: 56
    Gender: Male

    Ability: "Blaze" - Powers up Fire-type moves when the Pokémon is in trouble
    Solar Beam, Flamethrower, Dragon Pulse, Roost
    Name: Vaporeon
    Level: 55
    Gender: Female

    Ability: "Water Absorb" - The Pokemon heals up to 1/4 of its Maximum HP when hit with water-type moves.
    Toxic, Scald, Acid Armor, Ice Beam
    Name: Gengar
    Level: 58
    Gender: Male

    Ability: "Levitate" - Ground attacks have no effect.
    Energy Ball, Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb, Hypnosis
    Name: Raichu
    Level: 53
    Gender: Male

    Ability: "Static" - The opponent has a 30% chance of being induced with PARALYZE when using an attack, that requires physical contact against the Pokemon.
    Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Light Screen, Grass Knot
    Name: Tyranitar
    Level: 60
    Gender: Male

    Ability: "Sand Stream" - Sandstorm blows when the Pokemon enters battle. As of X & Y, this lasts 5 turns.
    Earthquake, Stone Edge, Crunch, Iron Tail


    Name: Linoone
    Age: 16 (Human Years)
    Level: 65
    Gender: Male

    "Quick Feet" - Speed is increased is by 50% when induced with a status (Burn, Poison, Sleep, Frozen & Paralysis). If Paralyzed, the speed drop is ignored.
    Play Rough, Return, Shadow Claw, Dig

    From the moment her parents had finally released her to be free, Rina had indulged in the life as a full-fledged trainer. Only at the age of 15, she had already succeeded so much yet her journey had only just began. However, all plans were put on hold once the Ginda region opened its gate to the public once more. Not only did everything in her called to this island, but was the birth place of someone very precious to her that he could hardly recall anymore. And the sight of this world he had missed for so long had definitely made him happy, which made her happy in return. But right now, her focus was on one thing and one thing only -- the pair that were ahead of her in the open field. The girl's eyes narrowed as she shifted about in the tree, crouching in the shadows and ready to make her dramatic introduction to who had to be a trainer.

    "Okay, Lin. Are you ready?" Came the whisper as she positioned herself, going slowly out into the open space of the branch in the tree where she would no longer shadowed.

    "I guess..." Was the soft, but unsure reply that came less focused from above her. "I still don't see why we have to do this..."

    "Shh! You're going to blow our cover. Okay, ready and... one... two... THREE!" Suddenly, the young girl thrusted herself out to stand out in the clear of the tree practically above the other young woman and her own gijinka. It seemed to be a shiny Umbreon of some sort. With a confident look on her face, she began her entrance speech with one hand on her hip and the other pointing directly at them. "YOU THERE! My name is Rina Joyce and I challenge you to a ba-HA... AH!"

    After losing her footing, the trainer wobbled and fell out of the tree unimpressively and landing on her butt with a thump. Her long blonde hair was matted with twigs and leaves, the red cap crooked on her head that matched the rest of her outfit. "Oww..." She complained.

    Once it was clear that her challenge suddenly turned into an act of embarrassment, a gijinka that had been hidden in the tree with far more expertise than herself jumped down and landed on his feet. The young Linoone male stood beside the young girl with a puzzled look.
    "Well, that didn't go as planned... As usual." He mumbled.
  20. Show Spoiler

    Name - None, she is a wild pokemon
    Species: Pumpkaboo
    Age - 17
    Image - [​IMG]
    Level - 37
    Gender - Female
    Ability - Pickup
    Moves (Four only) -
    Shadow Ball
    Razor leaf
    Leech Seed
    Other - She is holding a miracle seed.

    Pumpkaboo let out a whoop as she followed her herd as it trampled through the tall grass. She was having the time of her life, surrounded by the people who had took her in and treated her as one of their very own. They had been hopping along in this fashion for a few miles already, leaving flattened grass and plants in their wake. Suddenly, they stopped. They had reached their destination. She clutched the miracle seed that she had fashioned into a necklace from some woven plant fibers, and stared in awe at all the food she saw in front of her.

    It was an entire orchard made up of delicious Perfect Apple trees. She drooled slightly and then shook her head vigorously, she had to concentrate if she wanted a delicious treat. She saw one of her friends in her herd fixate in an especially red Perfect Apple. Her friend stared the apple down before making a well aimed shot of bullet seed at it's stem. It landed with a thump and her friend started to dig in.

    Pumpkaboo grinned, it was her turn to show off to the herd. She may have forgotten how to use bullet seed, but she had mastered the move shadow ball. She concentrated on the spiritual energies around her and formed them into a dark compressed ball that was semi-opaque. She thrust it at the tree and hit it with a loud boom. Many Perfect Apples fell from the tree and she let out a happy shout. She immediately started to dig in, and other pumpkaboos stopped what they were doing to eat from the pile of Perfect Apples that fell from the tree that she hit.

    Suddenly she heard shouting and swearing, and a man ran towards her. "Damn pumpkaboos!" The man shouted angrily. "Stop stealing from my orchard!" He produced two pokeballs from his belt and tossed them into the air. They landed with a thud and two arcanines came out. Pumpkaboo knew that they were a way higher level than her; so she started to run away as fast as her legs could carry her. Her herd followed. "Arcanine, torch these pumpkaboos with flamethrower!" The man shouted. The arcanines obeyed, and they opened their jaws to release a great scorching fire. She could feels the fire lapping at her heels.

    She finally managed to shake off the arcanines, but not before she had taken a hit by the flamethrower. Not all the other pumpkaboos in her herd had made it. She mourned because whenever they lost Pumpkaboos in the orchard, they usually didn't see them again. She hoped for their safety. "Surely," She thought to herself. "The man wouldn't KILL them...would he?" She shivered.

    She heard buzzing above her, so she looked up. Her eyes widened as she saw a ledyba...with a note book and pencil? Her jaw dropped slightly as she stared at it, confused.
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