Pokemon Gijinkas: The Wrath of Arceus

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    Not too long ago, a human committed a foolish crime. The human managed to reach the Hall of Origin to carry out their cruel objective: capture the legendary so they could control the regions with Arceus' powers. The legendary however, would not let a mere human catch them with ease. The Pokemon without mercy attacked the human and bellowed these words to their mind, "Fool. I should've realized sooner how selfish the humans would become. You've become the prime example of their selfish and evil behavior. And now it will be you who will be the cause of their downfall."

    Arceus used all the powers they could from the other legendaries to bring forth a new world order of the Pokemon and humans. No longer were there humans, in their place were new Pokemon. The human race was now extinct.
    However, Arceus allowed one thing to be. The Pokemon of the previous order (including the legendaries) had become...human, almost. A few characteristics of their previous form remained in them making what would soon be known as Gijinkas. "If these Pokemon can convince the legendaries to allow humans again, then so it shall be. However they must get me to agree as well."

    What will you do? Help the other Gijinkas receive help from the legendaries? Be for the new order and stop those who want to return to the previous one? Or perhaps be a legendary yourself? Whichever you chose, the fate of the world of Pokemon lies in your hands...

    Rules (open)

    • Sign up and ooc are linked above as sign up
    • No GMing, PPing, or anything of the sort. The only character allowed to cause major events is Arceus
    • Reserve characters please. I'd prefer one of each Pokémon
    • Stay active or your character will be gone from the RP entirely
    • Any suggestions or questions for the plot are welcomed :>
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  2. The Aftermath
    It seemed like forever since the new order had commence. All seemed to be calm in the Sinnoh region before their arrival. It was then when they arrived to Earth. At the center of Lake Valor, a beam of light was shot down to its cavern and a figure stepped out from it. It was the ruler of all Pokemon, Arceus themself. This time, the legendary had taken the appearance of a woman, their favorite form they had created. The powerful being had a glance down at the lake below their feet.

    (Picture source)
    Arceus knew exactly what they needed to do. But their first course of action was reaching land across the lake. Using a splash plate to move the water felt unnecessary. Instead, they had a better idea. The eyes of the woman began to turn fully red and glowed as they gazed straight ahead to the path they were going to take. With a simple snap of their fingers, the water began to rumble. Now to get it to move. The water of the lake began to rise up into the air as Arceus tilted their head up inch by inch. Without any expression, they stepped down off the cavern's ledge and began their walk over to the lake's shore. Once Arceus reached the end they lifted themself back up to land with a simple thought.
    Now that they were back in Sinnoh, they needed to begin their search. As they entered one of the routes between the two cities they gazed around at the wild Pokemon staring at them with fear. They all had good reason to fear Arceus. Knowing how weak they all looked, they didn't even bother with the filthy former humans. However, Arceus knew a little speech to them would make them assist their search. They stomped their foot down and stared the former humans down with a fearsome glare.

    (Perfect character and theme for this moment :p)

    "I don't need an introduction to you feeble creatures! You all know what I've done and what I can do if you act up once more. NOW! If I may..." Arceus began, keeping a stern face at the Pokemon watching with fear, "I demand support from all of this land's Pokemon! You all should be aware of the last remaining magikarp. I need you all to assist me in finding them! They're the one's who made you the way you are now! MAKE THEM PAY FOR RUINING YOUR LIFE AND FORMER WAYS! For it is them who made me realized just how foolish and cruel you filthy humans are! You are all filled with greed, lust, and cruelty AND THESE TRAITS WILL ALWAYS BE WITH YOU!" Arceus pointed to the group of Pokemon, "Now go! Prove me wrong and assist me!"

    A distance away, another Gijinka hidden in a dark cloak began to hear the sky above rumble. She looked up, "They're here..." She spoke quietly. The woman got up from her spot and began to move quickly down the streets of Hearthome City.
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  3. From the edge of the Sky Pillar he would watch over his homeland of Hoenn, knees pulled in towards his chest and a million and one thoughts racing throughout his mind; this becoming an everyday happening for him now since Arceus' decision to revert the world as it is. The Sky Pillar proved to be the best vantage point in Hoenn for keeping an eye on the slumbering titans, Groudon and Kyogre, and at ground level he would not be able to determine where they would be if they were to awaken. Oddly, he wouldn't have to leave for sustenance; the changed humans seeming to recognize that this event would further inconvenience his purpose in Hoenn as they began bringing him whatever their new forms would allow, bringing him whatever he needed to live out his days here. The changed humans here were always kind to him and respected his territory before and he was truly grateful for this and all that they did for him now.

    But still.

    It was disheartening in a way, having to be so stationary as his ability to fly freely was seemingly stripped from him, choosing to hold his ground here until he was truly needed. He was accustomed to soaring the skies, his location from the two having no affect on his duties as the master of the weather trio. But alas, if Arceus deemed it fit to curse him with this form, then so be it. He was still a force to be reckoned with. Still he could feel his connection with the forces of nature. He was still Rayquaza. Just different.
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  4. Mo-Mo smiled as the wind hit his face as he played Plus And Minus's favorite song. The two where tucked firmly in the pouch he made for them. "So guys what are some good berries here in Kanto hmmm." The two look up from the pouch. "Well Big brother Mo-Mo I like Oran's!!" Plusle chimed happily. "And I like Sitrus's!!" Tuned in Minum.

    " And I like leppa or enigma but I can never find either. So I'll eat what ever okay." He countied to soar though the air looking for some nice berry trees. He shivered Arceus is on the move. "We can't stay for long little ones. They are on the move I can feel it their power..."
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  5. Rama moved about as a shadow, a living shadow of nightmares. He stood alone in Jublife City, once the hubub of Sinnoh, but now a simple deserted city after the works of his ruler. Somtimes, Rama thought about his purpose in life. What was it? Was it simply just wandering around the world, making those who tried to attack him go to a deep sleep? But now, thanks to Arceus, he had found one. Cresselia, his polar opposite. The one who undid all of his work. Rama didn't know why but he had to find her and make him his - absorb her - in a way.

    He stood on top of the old GTS and watched for signs of her, he had heard runors that she had became a wanderer as well. Spotting nothing, he hopped down and snaked down the route to Floroma Town.
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  6. Serena
    The mighty beast pokémon awoke from her slumber in a cave hidden behind a majestic waterfall. Her mighty head lifted up from her hands as she stretched her long limber arms up and out as she yawned. 'Lovely morning' She thought to herself as she got up and brushed herself off. Her long blue and purple hair flowed behind her, much like her tail used to.. Oh how she missed her tail.. and her four long legs that allowed her to run so much faster. But those were the good old days and now she was.. well stuck. But she made the best out of it, as she walked under the waterfall, the water falling off of her like the tears of the gone human race. She looked up at the sky, hoping to see Ho-Oh, but alas, her mighty savior was no where to be seen. "Perhaps I should try and find the others of my legendary trio.. Then I wouldn't be so lonely.." She whispered to herself as the northern winds rushed through the trees...

    From the top of the Dragonspiral Tower sat Raine, her rather clumsy human legs draped over one another in an elegant fashion as she inspected the view. Not much to be seen on such a foggy day, but still lovely in her mind. The humbled legendary pokémon sat there, alone, as she always did. For only pokémon that seek out the truth can find her. For she knew all there was to know, except that one thing. That one thing that would keep her up until the end of time and space.. Would the humans ever return?

    As she stood up, she contemplated this question, again and again. She, like many others heard Arceus' degree to rid the world of the humans. But still, Raine knew the truth, she knew that humans were fragile little things, filled with greed and hatred. But they could also be filled with compassion, love, light, and kindness. So why the hasty transformation. Was it meant to punish the humans or the pokémon. It was sad to see Arceus, a dear friend of Raine's, so utterly disappointed that she completely destroyed the world as they knew it. "So many more truths to be discovered.. Best not to waste the day away.." She said aloud, though no one could here her over the sound of the ringing bells.
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  7. Yuber glanzed up at the sky from where he was sitting next to a river close to town, closte to here he had slept for the night and now he was just taking it easy for a moment. However he was quite sure he felt something very unusual in the distance, and soon enough the Pichu leaped to up on his arm and then to his head to look around. "...you feel to?... Yes, theres something going on in the city" Yuber said and got up. He looked to the Pichu who held onto him and then nodded slightly as he rushed in towards town, Yuber was actually not especially found of human cities... but after the change he would have discovered that some humans or well whatever they were now was actually quite nice. However he soon noticed a being in the distance, one he couldn't take his eyes of as he felt the sheer senseof danger emmiting from it.

    [Yuber's Theme]

    Suddenly Yuber's senses went sharp, he felt his fangs gritting and soon enough his mood grew very serious. "Stay back..." he said to the Pichu and left him on a firepost before suddenly dashing forth towards Arceus. He didn't know why, but just seeing her made him feel angry, she was dangerous and somewhat he felt protective of the Pichu and everyone else. He roared as he jumped forth and skidded across the sidewalk "And what makes you think all are happy like this?... It's not our fault " he snarled and charged the Arceus, he didn't really know why... but he wanted to at least make a difference... make it see that there was those suffering because of the power of this legendary pokémon, thus he burned with a Giga Impact as he ran towards her.
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  8. Arti and Zac felf the presence as well. "Zac did you feel that?" She looked in the distance she notice Yuber. Then the presence became clear. Zac chimed in before Arti could say a word. "No kid stop they'll murder you! Arti I'll get the boy and his pichu. You use sheer cold to make us a wall or something. Just something to deter them. So we can escape." Arti sigh at Zac's half thought through plan. But they didn't have time to debate this was there only shot. So she agreed.

    "Alright I've got it just save those too.." Zac then darted towards yuber and the pichu he gently grabbed the pichu first. The he tried to pick up yuber. "Come on guy please don't try to fight this. We have a plan for arceus but its not ready yet."

    While Zac was trying to get Yuber Arti with a sigh began to charge up for Sheer cold once she had gathered the energy. She released it into a small area in front of her. The area she did this to became inhabitable a moment this wasn't a big area but hopefully it was enough to slow down arceus. Anything that moved through this area would most like freeze soild. "Alright let's go we don't have time this is it!"
    Zac would try to fly off with Yuber and pichu while arti wait it in the sky.
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  9. Arceus turned towards those who were headed straight towards them. The other Gijinkas were acting as if they were a monster who needed to be killed. Anger grew across the face of their woman form and with their powers, they stopped all those who were headed towards them to fly in the opposite direction. Their temper worsened as they did this, "WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?!" They screamed.

    "You all are acting as if I murdered the humans! I would do no such thing to any inhabitant of this world! For even I have some mercy." They scowled.

    They turned to the legendary birds, who were apart of the group trying to get to them. Other legendaries were trying to get rid of them...? They had a hard time such an idea. Had they forgotten about the bargain of the legendaries to the other gijinkas? "What are you two doing here?! I suppose you're out to get me as well?!" Arceus felt both furious and sadden. Why would those who were once their ally want them gone?
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  10. Arti sighed as she sadly looked to arceus. "Don't make us do this.. We always loved and respected you arceus. But you took it to far this time and you've made yourself a villan." Arti looked to Zac he needed more time so Articuno made a bold move. She darted to arceus.

    She summoned her ice staff and pointed it at arceus a tear streamed down her face and froze.
    "At this exact moment Arceus you have three choices. One You can change everything back. Two you can let me and the others go. Three fight me!!"
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  11. Arceus was shocked to hear what Arti had to say about them. They were the villain? They had never felt so many mixed, horrible human emotions all at once. It was sicking to learn how it felt. Their emotions began to take over, causing the legendary to phase between their female form and original Pokemon form.

    "How...how..." They began, "How dare you call me such a thing! I've seen humans and their nature for ages!"

    Arceus stared down Arti as they continued to phase between their forms, "If there truly is a villain to this world it's them." With these final words, the ruler of all legendaries finally phased away to a distant location.
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  12. Yuber was surprised when his Pichu friend suddenly squeaked in surprise as someone grabbed him. With a gasp and feeling fo almost being stabbed in the back Yuber was soon also grabbed making him struggle and growl as he was taken away, he didn't really know hiw it happened but somehow someone else stopped him from battling with the Arceus and now he was confused. "Hey.. Let him go..."[/colorhe said and growled slightly as he tried to save his Pichu friend fro mthis other legendary.
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  13. Arti sighed with relieve as she seen Zac Get Yuber and his cute Pichu. "Phew you pushed it Zac but we didit." Arti chimed in with relief. "Have a little faith I had this. Also My man and little electric mouse. Your save okay you almost made a bad desicion. If Arti and I had not noticed you. You'd be a pile of ashes. Arti nice move going all whose your Daddy on Arceus. Zac let the pichu go to Yuber just making sure he didn't fall. Arti rubbed her face at Zac's stupid medafor. Secretly not trying to laugh. Then she thought to herself the pain in Arceus's eyes. If only they'd take this back this could all end smoothly. They wouldn't have to get the other birds in on this.
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  14. [​IMG]Fire. Fire everywhere.

    Ho-oh looks around in panic and confusion as fire infested the Brass Tower. Ho-oh looks on in angst as she desperately searches for her sibling guardian, Lugia. Flaming pieces of bark and Ecruteak wood all collapse onto the ground with a furious toll. Pokémon after Pokémon flees the building right into the hands of the attacking humans as they call and scream out for the two Legendary winged guardians. Ho-oh gazes from atop the Tin Tower at the pestering humans, with their eyes just as fiery as the Brass Tower.

    Humans: "Come down Ho-oh! Lugia! You can't hide forever! Your power is great, and will be used for a glorious cause!"

    Ho-oh: "......Wanna Bet?"

    Ho-oh shoots from the Tin Tower and slams its wings down to the ground upon landing with a force that knocks both man and mon to the dirt of Ecruteak province. They all look in revered fear as the Legendary's powers of lore were no longer myth, now they would see firsthand the power of the Rainbow Legendary in full form. Ho-oh uses Extrasensory to lift and toss the humans about the land, but not with enough force to kill them.

    Ho-oh: "Lugia...where are you sibling!? Speak to me--"

    Ho-oh's link to Lugia is cut short by the humans by the Brass Tower now focusing their fire torches and attacks on the Rainbow Pokémon. They throw the torches at Ho-oh and then proceed to summon chains and nets to attempt to capture Ho-oh. Grave mistake.

    Ho-oh: "Fire? Really? Amusing."

    One swift flurry of its wings sends a heatwave of Sacred Fire among the ground to send the humans scurrying away from the incomprehensible heat.

    Ho-oh: "LUGIA!!!!?"

    Time slows down. The humans all scurry about as does the Pokemon. Lugia is nowhere to be found. The Brass tower burns and falls with extreme prejudice. If Legendaries could feel emotion, Ho-oh would definitely be afraid and saddened at this moment. Little does it know...a plan would go into motion that would change the Pokémon world forever. Ho-oh locks eyes with one particular human, who seems to be smiling at Ho-oh for some reason. He holds up something that makes Ho-oh's blood boil. That made the Legendary go red with blind rage. With a screech of a horrendous and terrifying implication, Ho-oh wails through the smoky and harsh air, and summons flames from its wings once more. The humans all freeze with fear, the Pokémon run for the wilderness and never looks back. And then....

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------PRESENT DAY------------------------------------------------------

    Hoo wakes up from her flashback of a nightmare. A dream that she had lived over and over again for days she could no longer count. She stretches and awakes on a cloud high in the sky, overlooking the entire world. No rainbows for a long long time. Everyday Hoo felt the presence of other Pokémon, and other hybrids...a physical state that she herself had underwent. A gift? A curse? She didn't know yet, all she knew was that she was lost, empty, bitter, and angry....but somehow so humbled and at peace. As if this new order was somehow long overdue. She could feel her leader, Arceus out there somewhere. She could literally feel the aura of all Pokemon in the air currents. These human emotions gained with this form, it wasn't difficult to comprehend at all to her. She understood them, she embraced them, but she didn't welcome the darker emotions the humans displayed what seems like eons ago. Before, all Pokémon had were spiritual connections, bonds on a higher plane than human emotion. But now it was different...there was a mix of both. And ever since this entire regime has begun, Hoo hasn't left the very cloud she rests upon. Everyday she remains in the past, thinking of her sister.

    Hoo: "Lu..."

    She remembers flying the skies together, bumping wings in flight. Everytime Lugia would fly to the sea, Hoo would always be so afraid to touch the water because of her fire element, but Lugia reminded her that it was all just nature. Lugia was her other half, her companion, and the humans took her away. Apart of her wants to believe that Lu is alive somewhere out there since she never seen Lugia from that fateful day on. Hoo did ferocious things to the humans that day, and had Arceus and a few other Legendaries not come to Ecruteak province to rescue and assist, Hoo probably would have done more harm than good. In her Ho-oh state she was crushed, Pokémon died....Lugia....gone. Even three Legendary casualties. Three. Not one or two. Ho-oh managed to use resurrection to restore the three Legendary beasts back to life, where they were grateful to Ho-oh, but Ho-oh simply flew away, and never returned. @Adira

    And then one day a bright light infested the land, and all humans were gone. There were only mon and hybrid. Hoo knew it was Arceus, but she was too isolated to even ask or care for the reason behind the new order. She remained atop the highest cloud in the world. Alone and isolated. Distant from the world.

    Until now. Hoo knew where she had to go, what she had to do. She spreads her wings and drops from the sky down towards the ground, breaking the sound barrier as she darts towards the last place she dwelled... @A Wild Sav

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