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  1. You see my name? Yes? Okay then. What I want to do, what I've been itching to do, is a Gijinka(human Pokemon)/Trainer roleplay. I would be the Gijinka, of course if you've looked at my name, and you would be the trainer. This could turn into a romance, and it probably will, and if we get to a sexy time, we'll just fade to black. For Pokeballs, let's just say that the world developed new ones for the gijinka population that began to grow. My gijinka can be any Pokemon, and I ask that you name two or three of your favorites.

    Now, two ideas for how this could start:
    ~Bad Note: Your trainer captures my gijinka after a harsh battle, ending with her glaring up at him as she's pulled into the JinkaBall(crafty name). This would start them up on a bad relationship of her disobeying him as often as possible, though it creates character background and development a lot.

    ~Childhood: Your trainer find my gijinka hiding away in a city, weak and obviously having been chased to that point and occasionally caught up to by the bruises and glass cuts. He takes her in and takes care of her, leading to her evolution upon recovery(if not an evolver, than I'll just use a fanmade pre-evolution in the beginning). This is the start of a good relationship, built upon trust. If you want drama, I have an idea of how to make it, but I'm not gonna say it unless it's asked for.
  2. Y'Know, I made a pokemon trainer character not too long ago for a future story. Something like this would get me used to writting about him.
  3. Well, then, your favorite Pokemon or multiple favorites?
  4. I has no set favorites but Typhlosion, Jolteon, Secptile and Lucario are close.
  5. Well, I have a Jolteon I could develope.
    Jolteon Woman.jpg
  6. Aw man... this sounds awesome! Wist I'd gotten to it earlier! Darn you Gicofokami! lol. Jk. But still, this seems like a cool idea!
  7. Awesome, lets go with that.
  8. Childhood or Enemy scenario?
  9. How bout childhood?
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