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  1. I'm bored,have nothing to do,and want to rp.xp Setting:A village in the middle of a forest.There is a city outside of the forest.Describe your character as best as you can.
    Appearance:just look at my picture cx
    Personality:Quirky,Funny,brave,She a little over confident,She's also a tease.
  2. Name: Boris
    Age: 7 years old
    Apperance: Boris has green hair and has black colored eyes. He wears a red short sleeve shirt, a purple vest, and white shorts. He also wears orange and black shoes.
    Personality: Boris has a kind personality and will make an effort to be polite, nice, and respectful to everyone. He is most of the time cheerful with others, but can become serious in a split second when he needs to be.
    Background: Boris is a 7 year old boy. He hasn't yet reached the age where he can officially become a pokemon trainer, but he has with him an Eevee, in which he rescued Eevee from a group of poachers who all attacked Eevee's home and captured all of its family a friends. Eevee had been injured pretty bad in the attack, but somehow managed to escape and found its way to Boris just hours after the attack before it collapsed infront of him from its injuries. Boris who was 5 at the time picked eevee up as gently as possible and rushed it to the pokemon center. While Nurse Joy worked on Eevee, Boris saw the news and heard the announcement about the poachers, and about how they have been striking one pokemon type's territory after another. After Eevee gets healed, Boris decides due to Eevee being all alone, to care for Eevee. Over the next couple of years he's spent with his Eevee, up until the present day, Boris had gotten to where he became friends with quite a few of the wild pokemon in an area nearby. He became friends with a small group of wild Cubchu, and also a small group of wild Joltik, and then later Boris got on good terms with the wild Beartic and the wild Galvantula, with the assistance of their young. Boris and Eevee sense then also made good pals with a wild Braviary as well.
    Regaurding Boris' family, he has one older brother, N, whom at the time is constantly on the move with their 2 older adopted sisters, Anthea and Concordia. His older brother and their older adopted sisters, like him, are rescuing as many pokemon as they possibly can and doing their best, just as Boris is, not to let the pokemon get captured or harmed in anyway by poachers. N, Concordia, and Anthea, are currently unaware of Boris' existence, but Boris has knowledge of the three of them, and Boris also has knowledge of Team Plasma and of Ghetsis, and the way Ghetsis and the rest of team plasma treated N, Concordia, and Anthea, and Boris knows the way Ghetsis and team plasma treat pokemon as well.
  3. Name: Revan
    Show Spoiler
    He wears jeans and a dark blue hoody.
    Personality: He's not a very social person but he isn't completely quiet. He loves Pokemon. He's nice, and kind to others and he is very loving to all Pokemon. he's really intelligent and likes to strategies moves for games like chess, and different ways to use Pokemon moves.
    Bio: When he was five his dad brought home a Pichu and gave it to Revan for his first Pokemon to train when he got old enough. He named the Pichu Rocket. And they have grown in friendship ever since. He has been in many small battles with Rocket against many of his friends who also got Pokemon before they were old enough for a team and to go to become a Pokemon trainer. When Revan turned ten he had a battle with his friend David. David had an Meowth that he had found injured and brought back to health. And during there battle Rocket turned into a Pikachu. Now that he is old enough to began his journey to become a Pokemon Trainer he hopes him and Rocket can make new friends, and maybe get Rocket to become a Raichu.
  4. Name: Crow
    Age: 14
    Appearance: [With mask]
    Show Spoiler

    Bio: Crow was six when he came across the Poke'mon that would eventually begin his journey as a Poke'mon trainer. One day an Infernape was draped over a branch like a wet towel left to dry. Crow decided leaving the animal there would not be such a good idea and brought it to his barn. His father agreed until the Poke'mon started accidentally burning the barn down. Crow was forced to take it to the Poke'mon Center to be taken care of. A year later a seven year old Crow took the Infernape out of the center. When they got back to the farm they tried to release the Poke'mon, but it refused to leave. After a while the Infernape began following Crow, It would wait for him outside of the house each day. When he was 11 he decided to take it to a gym to train it. By the time he was fourteen he left his parents house to journey the world to collect fire type Poke'mon. His adventure starts in Unova, on a hillside cabin. Crow walks out of his cabin, next to the cabin is a tree surrounded by a platform that is connected to the cabin. Crow runs up and calls for his Infernape. "Infernape! Infernape where are ya?!" The Infernape somersaulted down to the platform. "Come on I'm hungry!" Infernape squeed out of joy. They walked down to the Unova Poke'mon park. Crow sat on a bench as Infernape ran around in the trees.
  5. Name: Nate
    Age: 16
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: Nate is very quiet, sarcastic and keeps to himself. When you first meet him, he will act mean, cold hearted and just down right rude but if you get to know him you will find he is actually a kind, caring, funny teen that cares for the safety of his pokemon. He is also very protective of his friends and would hate to see them hurt in any way. This 16 year old isn't very social as he tends to stay away from social actives but he stills goes to them if he must.
  6. Name: Alice
    Age: 15

    Personality: Alice is abit shy and withdrawn until shes in the heat of battle. Shes especially nervous around attractive guys. Shes somewhat intelligent and very compassionate

    Bio: Ever since she was a child Alice had an obsession with dragon pokemon. Her father was a master dragon trainer and she strived to be one as well. When she was only 5 her father gave her a mysterious egg. Out of it hatched a baby riolu. After many experiences and intense battles it evolved into a strong healthy lucario. Alice is now looking to face even stronger trainers, gather more dragon types and become a master dragon tamer
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  10. His adventure starts in Unova, on a hillside cabin. Crow walks out of his cabin, next to the cabin is a tree surrounded by a platform that is connected to the cabin. Crow runs up and calls for his Infernape. "Infernape! Infernape where are ya?!" The Infernape somersaulted down to the platform. "Come on I'm hungry!" Infernape squeed out of joy. They walked down to the Unova Poke'mon park. Crow sat on a bench as Infernape ran around in the trees.
  11. In the nearby forests Alice and Lucario were training. " Luca! Use close combat! " On command the Lucario sent devastating punches at a nearby tree causing it to fall almost immediately. "Good job Luca." She said as she pets Lucario. Suddenly Luca sharply turned its head and started to run as if something was calling it. " Luca! Where are you going?! " Alice realized that Luca must have sensed a strong trainer or pokemon and began to follow after it.
    Eventually Lucario stops in the Unova poke park a few feet infront a young hooded trainer. "U-Umm.." She muttered as Lucarios eyes were focused on the infernape in the trees
  12. Revan walked out of his house to begin his journey on becoming a Pokemon trainer. He looked to his shoulder. "Ready pal?" "Picka picka." "Okay me too. Lets go make some new Poke friends." He began headed to the park of Unova. Then he spotted two trainers. And then rocket hopped of his shoulder and ran up to the two. "Hey Rocket. Wait up." he ran and caught Rocket right before bumping into one of the trainers. Once he picked his Pikachu up he looked at the two trainers. "Sorry."
  13. Infernape jumps down from the tree to confront a Lucario. Crow was fast asleep and didn't realize what was going on, his head just bobbed back with a gas mask over his face. Infenape's howls are what brought Crow to reality. Crow stretched and turned over lazily to face the crowd with an empty "Hello... I'm Crow." Infenspe lost interest seeing his trainer and went back to the trees. Crow grabbed it by the neck collar and dragged him back to the group. "This is Infernape, I'm a fire type trainer it's all I train." He gave a big smile.
  14. name: Absol
    age: Unknown looks like a teen
    Appearance: download (8).jpg Pokemon: download (9).jpg Mega absol human: download (6).jpg Mega absol: download (7).jpg
    Background: Absol was a pokemon who was tested on two things happened, Mega absol and human version of absol. When absol wants to she can turn human she is about 14-15 and is very violent at times.
    Pokemon absol ran through the forest trying to escape a bunch of greedy pokemon hunters when she reaches the border of unova town she starts running towards the poke'park. Absols were rare in this part of the region so a bunch of the trainers were staring in awe most where whispering " Whos pokemon is that?" Absul ran past 3 trainers over towards a small pipe like pokemon toy, She goes in and hides at the end of the tunnel as two men and two women come running after her.
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  15. Revan noticed Rocket was trying to get lose from his grip. "Fire types are cool. I haven't decided if I'm going to do a certain type though. If I was it would be electric." He moved Rocket a little to have a better grip on him. "I'm just starting to become a trainer. And sorry again for almost bumping into you guys." Rocket had began to calm down noticing that Revan was talking to the other trainer so he began to look at the Infernape with curiosity.
  16. Absol backed into the tube as the hunters started to shoot nets inside the tube, but they missed due to the small area between the walls. They were making quite a ruckus and alerting people but the trainers just thought it was their pokemon. Absol sat in the back of the tube moping looking out seeing they were still there God why cant I change. She understood that the tube was to small for her human body and mega body so she couldnt escape no matter what.
  17. Lucario's gaze never left infernape as it stood silent. Alice gave the group a nervous smile. " H-Hi. I'm Alice and this is my partner Luca." She said as she gestured towards Lucario. " I'm an aspiring dragon tamer " She said with another nervous smile. Alice really wasn't good with people.
    She glanced at the other boy's infernape and thought ' God Luca wants to attack so badly '. Lucario was always raring for battle.
  18. [​IMG]At that point absol jumped out and made a run for it towards the bathrooms, When she got there she turned human and fixed her short hair. She quickly scampered out of the bathroom leaving the hunters looking around confused trying to find her and capture her. She took the point on her head and it shifted into a knife, Just for the sake of not being noticed much although she was in strange clothing and had strange features. She passed the lucario and the other 3 trainers while on her way out standing there for a minute to tie her army boot back up.
  19. Crow's Infernape noticed the woman in front of him and began sniffing her. He tried his hardest to draw Crow's attention to her. Finally Crow turned to see the woman. "What is it?"
  20. At this same time, Boris and his Eevee are on flight from their headquarters to the nearest pokemon center at a fast speed with the assistance of the wild Braviary that Boris and Eevee had befriended. They had that morning fought off several poachers who were trying to capture as well as harm a lot of wild pokemon that lived near to them, many that Boris and Eevee had befriended, the parent pokemon as well as their young. During the crossfire, two each of the wild Cubchu and Joltik that Boris and Eevee were good friends with, as well as two wild Dwebble and three wild Roggenrola whom Boris and Eevee had also befriended, were injured in the poachers' attack before the wild Beartic, Garvantula, Crustle, and Gigalith could drive the poachers out of their areas with Boris and Eevee's assistance. Boris flies over the park area, Eevee on his shoulder, but now flying slower and also nearer to the ground where they wouldn't be spotted as easily, sense the park is more open than the area of Boris and Eevee's living headquarters and the pokemon that are in his and Eevee's care are very injured from that morning's attack. He and Eevee a few minutes later as they get closer to them, see Crow and his Infernape, Alice and her Lucario, and Raven and his Pikachu up ahead.
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