Pokemon Gijinka RP Request

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  1. Hiya everyone, I'm looking for a RP partner for a plot I have.

    Plot: ______ is a love-lorn gijinka who trying to follow her dreams of having a successful life. ------ is a legendary Pokemon gijinka who finds amusement in the "common" gijinkas. What happens when their paths cross?


    -looking for a Male RPer

    -one else must be a common Pokemon type (one must be catchable in the wild of any Pokemon game) and one must be a Legendary Pokemon (I.e One one found in game)

    -this is a romantic RP that requires character development. No one liners please.

    -I frequently RP everyday but I understand life can get in the way so if anything happens, they can inform me
  2. This can either a M x M RP or a M x F RP
  3. Still looking
  4. Gijinkas :3! Gotta love em all ^^
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  5. Still looking
  6. Pick me ^^ I'm in the wiggling pokéball over here!...

    I promise I'm better than the other two choices!
  7. Still looking
  8. I think you did but that doesn't mean that anyone else wouldn't wanna try right?