Pokemon Gijinka RP. Darkrais Power.

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Which side would You (Not your characters) be on?

  1. Good (Arceus)

    2 vote(s)
  2. Bad (Darkrai)

    1 vote(s)
  3. Neutral (Mew)

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  1. See Out of Character thread

    Information about area:
    It's modern day Earth, except there are no humans. Just Pokemon Gijinkas, and the laws are like Pokemon laws. The legendaries are still around, and there are multiple, except for two; Arceus and Darkrai. Arceus stays in hiding, keeping quiet. Darkrai, he's on the uprising, he is gaining more and more power...
    You may have up to four characters. You can either side with Darkrai, or Arceus, good or bad. You choose.
    1) No killing of others characters.
    2) Pairing is able to be happening, but you must ask the user first,
    3) Respect all other characters and no swearing.
    ===================RP start=============================
    Kyioa walked along a forestry road with a huge smile. She hummed to herself, her mew ears twitching faintly as she moved, her deep blue jeans and t-shirt shining in the summer heat. Her tail ruffled slightly with a huge smile. She was hoping to find civilization soon, hoping to make a new team to help stop Darkrai, there was an uprising of his energy, she could feel it.

    Meanwhile, Bolt sat in a small cafe, drinking his drink. His shiny luxray ears twitching as he heard the sound of a nearby storm on its' way. He sighed slightly and continued watching. He wore a dark black tuxedo. He wrapped his hands over his coffee with a frown. He wanted adventure, he had enough of Darkrais men annoying the city.

    "Ei ei ei...." Manson grumbled to himself. He walked through the forest, his horn twitching. He fixed his white robe with a frown. "I HAVE to be an Absol at a time like this don't I? Augh... Damn Darkrai..." He yawned faintly, "Too many earthquakes, too many floods and Tornadoes..."
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  2. Flare a tall ninetails is seen walking down the street of a town close by the forest. She is wearing a black t-shirt along with some nice black jeans which allow her tails alot of freedom to move about. She sighhed lightly as she looked ahead of herself. She then noticed the coffee shop and walked in as she smiled at the cashier and orderd a espresso with alill bit of pecha berry flavoreing in it.
  3. Kazaru was sitting the back of the cafe his tail up behind his back, He was A Infernape. He smirked as he sipped on his Vanilla latte, feeling the immense pressure of Darkrai's power. He rubbed his nose of some steam and let a small yawn escape his mouth, His sharp teeth showing out as he did so. He looked at all the others in the Cafe and inspected the different types, He new in the near future some may be allies..and some may be Enemies. He had began doing that as soon as he picked up on the energies darkrai was emitting off himself.
  4. Flare smiled as she recieved her order and grabbed the cup and sniffed it before takeing a sip, she then walked over to a window seat and sat downa as she just stared out the window drinking her esspresso not minding the heat at all.
  5. His sight then pushed towards the Nine tails which sat at a table right in front of him near the windows, He smirked and inspected the tails and sometimes got a glimpse of her body through her moving tails. His tail rested on his shoulder before it started moving back and forth swaying a bit. He sipped on his vanilla latte again, His Crimson eyes slowly looking away from the nine-tails and looking out the window to. He wondered what she was staring at that became so interesting to her, He was a intrigued person and he had to find out what she was looking at.

    (sorry this is what he looks like ) : [​IMG]
  6. [​IMG]
    Flare was staring out to where she felt darkrais energy comeing from. She huffed as she then looked away from the window and then to the infernape sitting infront of her.
  7. His eyes looked from the window and caught her sight, His eyes locking onto hers he let a small smile escape. He said calmly " Hello there " His left hand running through his hair making sure it was down correctly, His other hand raised the latte to his mouth after he finished what he said.
  8. She smiled lightly. " Hi. " She said as she just set her cup down on the table her ember red eyes seeming as if they were smileing as well.
  9. " You from around this town? " He said as he sipped his Latte, Setting it down on the table he ran one of his hands over his other messing with the tuft of fur on his hands. His tail continuing to sway back and forth behind him, The steam from the latte still coming up to his face. Which he whipped off his nose were it always seemed to rest on him, But he adjusted his rolled up sleeves after he had finished whipping it off.
  10. " Actually no i just live out in the forest not to far from here. " She said with a smile as she got up and walked to the infernapes table and sat down.
  11. Ceb was flowing around playing with some animels. then it was time to go home but then she folted into a pokemon. she fall backwerds and looked up to the pokemon humen (like her) with her baby blue eyes. she bowd her haed in apolagey and got up. her green black short hair bounsed as she flew away trying to find somewhere to hide. she desnt know how to st she willing to try to learn. (celebi)
  12. His eyes locked with her's his mouth hung down a bit before he picked it back up with his jaw strength her buety just captured his mind, He smiled and said " Interesting i was just traveling...i don't really have a place to stay..i sort of just stay in the woods like you which is not bad " He chuckled a little. Sipping on some more of his latte which had cooled down more and stopped creating the steam that would try to constantly set on his nose tip, His crimson eyes looking from her to the window and them back at her.
  13. " Oh? A travler you say? " She said as she giggled lightly and smiled her large canines showing slightly.
  14. " Yes i like to explore, you know this world is a fascinating world filled with...beautiful..fascinating..things " He smiled at the end as his eyes still locked with her, He didnt know what is was. Maybe it was just his liking towards nine tails in general or was it her true personality and beuty
  15. Kyioas ears drooped as she felt another wave of power from Darkrai, she was becoming more and more frustrated with the dark legendary. She shook her head and continued onwards slowly.

    Bolts ears twitched as he glanced over and saw the two fire types conversing, he wondered what they were on about, but he stayed quiet. He didn't want to get involved with anything he didn't need to, but he would like someone to stop him from being so, alone...

    Manson uttered a couple words quietly to himself has his horn twitched, he frowned. "Earthquake in three... Two...." He umped as the ground shook slightly, landing on the ground with a small smirk.
  16. He then looked back at the luxray who was just sitting there alone, He smirked at him and said " Hello...did you feel that " He thought he was the only one who felt the shake so he decided to get a second opinion.
  17. Flare hald onto the table as she felt the ground start tio shake.
  18. He looked back at the flare and said " im guessing you felt it to? "
  19. She nodded. " Yup. "
  20. He looked out the window and rubbed his temple his head aching a bit due to the rising energy of Darkrai, He stands up and says " Do you want to go for a walk?... i dont feel safe in a building if the earth is shaking " A small smirk on his face his tail lowering and swaying to the front of him and then to the back.