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  2. ( Im sorry for this but this is bothering the hell out of me. Can you possibly fix these spelling errors? )
  3. (no i cant becuse i dont know where the errors are -.- if you have ever read any of my post i probly have Erreors all over the place there too)
  4. ( Like i said im sorry but it bothers me alot. im not trying to be mean or anything )
  5. ( everyone just calm down its not that serious if you like I can fix your errors and repost what you said if it is that much of an issue )
  6. sure go foit but it not going to change after this im going to still have ereos and everything so i dont mind you fixing it)((i would like to add this stupid lagenw of engish and french))
  7. Purely Out of Character posts are not allowed in the In Character areas! Welcome to your fresh-out-of-the oven OOC thread. Please use this for all of your chatting and plot discussions.

    Please also try to keep civil, guys! Shaki, if you don't understand someone's post, you can always ask them politely to clarify. Grimm/Dreams Lights, please try not to get offended if people ask you about your spelling errors! You might want to look into running your posts through a SpellCheck program first. It's really handy!
  8. thank you Ozzie
  9. thanks Oz (if it ok to call you that) i think i will once i get a computer back i m using a kobo