Pokemon Gijinka Romance?

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  1. I have a severe craving for an equal parts Action and Romance RP. Specifically I want to do a Pokemon Gijinka RP. I welcome any and all ideas pertaining to this.

    Here are a few things to know about what I'm looking for:

    - I'm looking for a female partner. I pretty much always play males, and I keep my characters heterosexual.
    - I like to work together with my partner. I ain't got a clue as to what I want for a plot right now, so I'm counting on some teamwork!
    - I like characters to have love and care put into them. Take the time to write a nice description for me, pretty please!
    - If you think this is a good idea, please take the time to read my Profile Information beforehand. Some people may find my attitude abrasive, and I'm okay with that. Just please don't be mean. I'm a sensitive soul...
    - Sometimes, I'm a grammar nazi. I can deal with some things, but if you don't use consistent punctuation and proper word usage, I won't be pleased.
    - I think I mentioned it in my Profile Info, but I write at least four lines (a small paragraph) minimum, and I expect the same of my partner.
    - I play tennis with opinions, not volleyball. I pass 'em back and forth, not spike them to the dirt and laugh at your face. Big BIG difference there. :P
    - I won't respond to more than one person at a time. I don't have room for more than one more RP(s) in my schedule, so please don't take offense if I don't message you.
    - Lastly, I only work in OCs. Characters, locations, and events from canonical universes don't settle well with me, so we will be making a toootally original everything. On a side note, I can be pretty darn flexible, so don't be afraid to ask something!

    As I said above, I want to discuss plot with my partner, so if you are an "agrees with what I want" person, we won't be too compatible. I want someone who has ideas, or is willing to think some up, because I'm clueless right now. I will ask many questions, and I will expect to receive some as well. So keep that in mind. ;)
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  2. This sounds like it has potential. I would be willing to do a Pokemon one with you, if you're still looking.
  3. Well, it looks like you already have someone looking, however if you would still like another one I could do either pokemon or the gijinkas. I never really played too much of Halo.
  4. Thank you both for your interest, but I am afraid to say that the Pokemon plot has been recently snatched up. I will edit/have edited the post as a result. Sorry for wasting your time. :'(
  5. No problem whatsoever.
  6. Made some changes to my request...
  7. Bah, I've been ditched once more... So I guess I'm still open for this.