Pokemon: Eeveelution Romance Sign-Up

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  1. Hello everyone! Before you decide to sign up, I'd like you to read the plot, rules, etc.

    First of all, only one eeveelution for each gender. EX: one male Umbreon and one female Umbreon. Simple as that. All of the characters that are in will be at the end of this post.

    Second, keep everything PG-13 and under. We don't want anything to be above that on our threads.

    PLOT: Each Eeveelution is from a Clan of only that evolution. All in which only have their children evolve into that specific type. But, when the Leader from the Clan of Espeon gets a prophecy, all must come together and start a Clan where all can live and live in harmony. But, not one Clan entirely believes the Espeon Clan, only agreeing to send in one male and one female of their Clan to go start this. After all have been sent and begin working together, the Clans are destroyed by an evil force that is unknown to our main characters. Once the evil force begins testing the new Clan, they must fight to save the rest of their species.


    RP Sample:


    Name: Shadow
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Eeveelution: Umbreon
    Personality: Shadow tends to be shy around those he doesn't know. To hide this, he acts rude and stubborn to keep those he doesn't know away from him. But, when you really get to know him he is extremely kind and open. He will act more nice to females just to be courteous. But no matter the gender, if he doesn't like them, he will push them away. He holds all feelings in, so he is difficult to get to open up. Once he does open up, he talk about anything.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Likes: being alone, darkness, violence, having someone he can trust
    Dislikes: large groups, light, stupidity
    RP Sample:
    Shadow blinked open his droopy eyes to the bright light of the moon. Since summer had just started, he began going into a nocturnal sleeping cycle. It was just too bright and hot for him to be outside. Yes, he may not see any of his friends or family by doing this, but he didn't care. He shook his pelt from the dew that formed. Droplets spread everywhere, sprinkling the cave with water. Slowly, the Umbreon stretched out his muscles along with letting out a large but silent yawn. He needed to hunt, his stomach feeling painfully empty. Once done stretching, he trotted outside. His light blue rings glowed stronger as they were exposed to the moonlight, making him wake up more. After trotting out in the long grassy field, he finally found a Rattatta scurrying around collecting the food it just dropped. Time to hunt. Shadow slipped into a crouch, slowly coming up behind the smaller Pokemon. With a sudden pounce and quick nip to the neck, he had killed it. Happily, Shadow took it in his jaws and ate it on the spot. Since he was outside, he might as well enjoy the life that inhabited the night.
  2. I would be interested in this! ^^